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Engineer Mechanical

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
October 16, 2020

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C.V. of Bernabe Paul N Torres

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Curriculum Vitae of

Bernabe Paul N. Torres

Contact Number: 009****-*******




College: B.S. Electronics and

Communications Engineering

University of Santo Tomas

(Oldest Catholic University)

Manila, Philippines

Secondary: Marist School

(Branch of Notre Dame U.S.A.)

Marikina, Philippines

Vocational: Refrigeration and


Dualtech Training Center

(Hanns Seidel of Germany)

Mandaluyong, Philippines

PC Assembly and Networking

Phillipine Embassy

Dubai, UAE



• Birth: 28th December, 1963, Philippines

• Nationality : Filipino

• Driver’s License : U.A.E. / Philippines

• Started to tinker with electronics and

electromechanical at an early age as a hobby.

• Non smoker and Non drinker.


• Project management of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, i.e., Project planning & execution, Drawings/Load Schedules, Fire protection, Piping layouts, HVAC + BMS, Methodology and BOQ’s.

• Conversant with NFPA codes, ADDC/DEWA codes, BS 7671, AD Building/Water supply code.

• 4M project management, Man/Material/Machine/Methods + Strategy to achieve GANTT compliance.

• Refrigeration and Air condition Design verification(thumbs rule/HAP), installation and maintenance.

• Verification of Electrical, HVAC, Fire protection systems via software, i.e., ETAP, Fire Acad.

• Specialized in Electromechanical, Automation & Instrumentation (MEP Engineer cum Automation Engineer). Knowledge of fabrication/manufacturing procedures in machining/sheet metal/plastic.

• Project management of Instrumentation, Control and Automation including Mechatronics and CNC.

• Design of Electricals, Electronics, Electromechanical & Automation including industrial hydraulics and pneumatics. Design of modular automation including multi-axis positioning plus motion control.

• Assemble, configure, troubleshoot computers + design/execute LANs used in SCADA/Automation.

• Configure, install and program PLCs, DCS instrumentation, transducers and output end devices.

• Material takeoffs, projects execution/supervision. Definition of steps, phases, materials/manpower.

• Materiology for fabrication, i.e., CuSn, Al, Plastic, Rubber, SS, Steel alloy hardness/heat treatment.

• Commission, service, modification/program and maintain CNC machines.

• Redesign of machines for attaining reliability/better throughput. Relay control conversion to PLC.

• Good understanding of P&ID, Electronic, Electromechanical, Plumbing, Firefighting, Civil, Control, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Refrigeration and Automotive diagrams. Familiar with Material characteristics.

• Burner, Boiler, Spray dryers, Generators, and Desalination erection and commissioning.

• Autocad 2D & 3D. Trained in Microstation and Mastercam. Use of ETAP & HAP for verification.

• Sized, Configured, Installed and started up inverters and servo-drives.

• Structured/executed training programs. ILO Trained in DACUM & Trainor’s Training Program.

• Project management of Batch type and Continuous process plant erection and commissioning.

• HSE prerequisites, permit to work, clearance for operation, segregation, 2 hand switch, interlock, etc.

• Actual commissioning of electromechanical/instrumentation including dynamic/static/loop check.

• Facility management/supervision of craftsmen, premises repairs/cleaning/maintenance.

• Ability to troubleshoot simple automotive problems. C.V. of Bernabe Paul N Torres

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• Baniyas Trial Court for Musanada, Abu Dhabi

• Midfield Terminal Complex New Airport, Abu Dhabi

• Residential Tower, 23 Floors + G + 3B, Plot C38, Sector E-40 Danet Abu Dhabi

• 107 Villas + Private Villa for Sh. Falah, Sector E-48, Plot 99

• Palm Jumeirah District Cooling Project, Dubai

• Discovery Gardens District Cooling Project, Dubai

• Union Insurance G + 8 Building, Dubai

• 408 Villa project, Motor Sports City Complex, Dubai

• 13 schools Dubai Municipality Project, Dubai

• Erection, installation, commissioning and initial run of Modern Ceramics plant 5

• Design, installation, commission & training for CNC Tool & Die and water jet Plant.

• Erection, installation, commissioning & training for Touch up/decoration plant in Philippines.

• Design, Erection, installation & commissioning of Plastic injection & sheet metal forming plants located in Caloocan and Cavite EPZA.

• Project Management of Automation and Machine/Equipment Fabrication/Modification. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Jan 2018 to Sr. MEP Project Engineer

Present Consolidated Consultants Group, U.A.E.

Duties: - Review and approve submittals by Contractor. Recommend solutions for problems.

- Inspect work of Contractor, issue NCR/Site Memo, Inspection Request Approval.

- Inspect Materials to be in compliance with approvals and specifications.

- Countercheck submittals including calculations for compliance.

- Monitor site work versus KPIs, specifications, project plan and approvals.

- Attend meetings and site walks, make inspections of site daily.

- Advises contractor remedies and actions to meet quality and progress.

- Assurance of coordination of project interfaces with other packages. Dec 2014 to MEP Project Engineer

Dec 2017 Hill International Inc., Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Duties: - Review and approve submittals by Contractor. Recommend solutions for problems.

- Inspect work of Contractor, issue NCR/Site Memo, Inspection Request Approval.

- Countercheck submittals including calculations for compliance.

- Monitor site work versus KPIs, specifications, project plan.

- Attend meetings and site walks, make inspections of site daily.

- Represent client for HSE audits and raise concerns for safety.

- Interfaces between Contractor and different sections/packages/contractors.

- Monitor progress in accordance to timeline and schedule.

- Advises contractor remedies and actions to meet quality and progress.

- Assurance of coordination of project interfaces with other airport packages. Feb 2008 to MEP COORDINATOR

Nov 2014 S. Mokbel & Partners, Middle East, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Duties: - Oversee, coordinate and control activities of MEP Department.

- Monitor and coordinate inspection requests, submittals & drawings.

- Oversee Site Electrical Power, AC and Plumbing particulars.

- Coordination of installation including architectural structural and civil coordination.

- Represent the company for critical inspections/ensure preparations prior.

- Designs and mark-ups drawings & Supervise drafting of design, shop and as-built drawings. Checks design/calculations by contractor and also drafts calculations.

- Checks Shop drawings for problems and interferences of different disciplines.

- Troubleshoots problems in drawings and in site, raise RFI’s if necessary.

- Supervise project site progress and coordinate with subcontractors.

- Counterchecks and approves progress billing of subcontractors. C.V. of Bernabe Paul N Torres

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Jan 2008 Shinryo Corporation, Middle East, Llc., Dubai Duties: - Prepare/check Load Schedules/layouts/schematics for plant & Building.

- BOQ & methodology formulation. Supervise procurement/Technical Submittals.

- Calculations/design verification. Use ETAP & other software. Check discrimination.

- Inspection of electromechanical & instrumentation installation in critical situation.

- Design/mark-up drawings & Supervise drafting of shop and as-built drawings.

- Supervise project site progress and coordinate with subcontractors. May 2003 to ELECTRICAL-MECHANICAL ENGINEER (MEP Engineer) April 2006 Bureau Veritas, Dubai

Duties: - Inspection of Electrical works versus standards and specifications.

- Coordinate activities and monitor project progress/quality.

- Generate Bill of Quantities and methodologies.

- Assess and Estimate costs as per project in tender of bids and for other projects.

- Attend progress meetings and highlight project problems then suggest solutions.

- Clarification of Project deficiencies and clearing of snags.

- Inspection of new and existing electromechanical & instrumentation installation for various clients (Oil & Gas, buildings, & etc.) versus drawing, specifications and standards, i.e. DEWA regulations or IEC, explosion category compliance.

- Inspection/certification of mechanical equipment i.e., boilers and pressure vessels.

- Supervision/witnessing of pressure testing of pressure vessels.

- Inspection of lifts, Escalators, travellators as per EN81, JIS 4302 or EN115.

- Inspection of lifting appliances as per EN Standards. Certification of O&G skids. May 2000 to ELECTROMECHANICAL & WATERJET SECTION CHIEF ENGINEER April 2003: RAK Ceramics Inc., Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. Duties: - Supervised electromechanical erection and installation concerns.

- Oversaw electromechanical maintenance of the plant including hands-on repair of critical equipment while training technicians.

- Forecasted, requisitioned and assured the delivery of required materials for the installation of equipment/machines to ensure project phase as per schedule timeline.

- Trained in Italy on waterjet cutting machines. Erection/Start up of waterjet Section.

- Trained in Taiwan for maintenance and calibration of SUPERMAX CNC milling machines and lathes. Further trained in MASTERCAM.

- Consulted by other departments on electromechanical & instrumentation difficulties. Sept 1998 to SENIOR INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER, E&I

April 2000: Fluor Daniel, Philippines

Duties: - Allocates/budget manpower designation per project.

- Sub planning of project design stages.

- Reviews and proofreads designs versus client specifications.

- Helps in the execution of the project both physical and document wise.

- Troubleshoots problems in the design stages. Design verification thru software.

- Facilitates coordination of relevant issues with all units concerned.

- Sub assigns, Supervises, Follow-up and Review project design, execution & details.

- Assists in 3D walk through of Plant layout.

Jan 1995 to MANAGER, EQUIPMENT FABRICATION & MAINTENANCE Aug 1998: Dai-Ichi Group of Companies, Pasig & Cavite, Philippines Duties: - Directed, controlled and oversaw operations regarding equipment fabrication and maintenance including budgetary concerns, machine design and development up to actual fabrication, testing and improvement.

C.V. of Bernabe Paul N Torres

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- Conceived, conceptualized and designed various automated and electromechanical systems as needed by the production department to improve throughput, product quality and/or lessen operational costs. This includes mechatronic automation.

- Recommended and justified the needed manpower for the department.

- Trained personnel on maintenance and fabrication whenever qualified. Arranged specific training required for subordinates.

March 1990 to INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL SUPERINTENDENT Dec 1994: Mariwasa Manufacturing Inc., Bo. Rosario, Pasig, Philippines Duties: - Planned, scheduled and directed maintenance of instrumentations and equipment assigned, i.e., Spray dryers, Generators, ATS, UPS, CNC’s, EPABX, Payload shovels, Computerized Systems, Furnaces and computerized automated ovens.

- Designed and redesigned systems to boost performance, quality, reliability & safety.

- Project management of revival of dead/non operational machinery/equipment, ie,, CNC EDM, Centrifugal separator, T&D equipment, Centrifuge and Spray Drier.

- Supervised installation and commissioning of equipment.

- Project supervision of automation modification/inclusion and add-ons.

- Trains personnel on instrumentation, pneumatics, electromechanical, electronics etc.

- Assisted sister companies for technical problems irresolvable by other internal units.

- Erected, & started-up daughter company respective of technical operations.

- Provided mentoring assistance to Motor section for Heavy Equipment for Hydraulic and Electronic concerns (Modern Heavy Equipment are electronically controlled). Aug 1986 to MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT HEAD

Feb 1990: S&J Industries/Carparts Manufacturing Group of Companies, Quezon City, Philippines Duties: - Planned, scheduled, directed and oversaw maintenance of assets and machinery including production equipment, ie., Plastic Injection, Sheet metal bending/punching, CNC punching, Tool & Die/CNC machines.

- Directed refurbishment of dead and idle, or otherwise scrapped machinery.

- Supervision of installation, start-up and commissioning of acquired machineries whether old or new, with or without manuals. Goes hands on as required.

- Implemented the revitalization of old manuals and diagrams.

- Supervision of conversion of Relay controls to PLC controls including programming.

- Spearheaded the Human Resource Bank.

- Attended training courses and then trained maintenance personnel.

- Designed and supervised execution of Electromechanical, Electronics, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Refrigeration systems.

- Devising injection machine picking machine plus Core-in/out add ons.

- Facility Management of premises/factory including craftsmen/cleaners/helpers. June 1985 to BIOMEDICAL SERVICE ENGINEER

July 1986: Electromedics Inc., Mandaluyong, Philippines Duties: - Repaired and refurbished biomedical equipment and laboratory instruments i.e. Blood chemistry analyzer, Packard Scintillation counter, Packard Gas chromatographs, Mennen ECG monitors, H.P. ECGs, Birtcher Defibrilators etc.

- Performed routine inspection and calibration of biomedical equipment.

- Interfaced with clients regarding their needs and particular requirements. 1978 to 1988 Handled own business.

- Working Student

- Buy and Sale of Printed supplies

- Run own small shop for Appliance repair.

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