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Brewster, NY
October 16, 2020

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Accomplished Database Administrator

Career Overview

Background includes a variety of technical IT accomplishments, leadership, project management, professionalism and consistent operational performance specializing in database operations, administration, configuration, optimization, performance and project management. Skilled at working with Developers and End-Users on Query Performances. Always able to match team members to projects that best utilize their skills and where they can contribute immediately. Adept at new technology deployments, upgrades and inter-corporate communications. Specializes in providing stability while working in increasingly changing system environments and always able to provide direction and mentorship whereas to effectively lead teams and develop personnel when required. Highly proficient at physical database administration and performance tuning.

Core Competencies

· Database Administration

· Database Optimization

· Physical Data Administration

· Database Performance

· Upgrades

· Recovery Management

· High Availability

· Disaster Recovery

· Policy Administration

· Team-Building

· Personnel Mentoring

· Executive Presentation

Key Strengths

Proven track record and management "savvy" with the ability to take an honest, high integrity approach to maintaining subordinate, peer and professional relationships while working towards the betterment of the corporate culture by proactively and demonstrably bringing a positive attitude to each problem that arises. Dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to achieve excellence.


Senior DBA

BTG Pactual

Dates Employed Oct 2016 – Present

Location New York City/Stamford

Part of a Global Team which consist of Brazil London New York work with managing SQL Servers/Oracle environments within UAT Dev and Production. Migrations from On Premises to AWS/Azure Clouds creating Always ON SQL Server environments and Oracle Data Guard for HA Solutions Applying Upgrades to our SQL Server and Oracle environments. Automating processes via Power shell scripts implementing best practices with application team.

Associate Director/DBA

New Oak

Dates Employed Nov 2015 – Sep 2016

Location Danbury

Working with Cloud Services on Azure SQL Server 2012 Instances and Azure Storage

Supporting Open Risk Applications Advantage, OLS, FOF interfaces. Creating Best Security Practices for our SQL Server environment.

Berkley Reinsurance, Stamford, CT July 2015 to Present

SQL Server 2012 DBA working with SSAS SSIS and SSRS, involved in migrating over all Queries from Informix DW to SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse. Working with setting up all the Reporting on to Report Server creating OLAP Cubes onto SSAS trouble shooting performance tuning on cubes and using DTA on queries. Creating reports with Visual Studio 2012

BOTTOMLINE TECHNOLOGIES, Wilton, CT September 2012 to February 2015

A $250 million cloud-based company providing payment, invoice and banking solutions to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world employing over 1,200 people globally. Bottomline Technologies acquired Allegient Systems in 2011. Allegient Systems was a $25 million company providing Legal Spend Management services to more than 100 leading insurers in US and Canada.

Senior Database Administrator

· Provided technical expertise for all Hosting operations and project activities within a dynamic and challenging infrastructure environment across lines of business.

· Responsible for operating, administering, configuring and maintaining a variety of enterprise database environments including Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Informix, MYSQL, and DB2

· Defined and led the execution of database administration activities, optimizing database performance, improving processes, advanced problem diagnosis and facilitating upgrade projects.

Selected Accomplishments:

§ Successfully led the migration of the Business Banking Platform from Intuit to Bottomline

§ Experience working with SSRS, creating Custom Reports using SQL Queries to pull out data from certain tables using BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Tool) and using the Report Wizard

§ Have worked with Structured Query Language writing various queries for functions like “DML” for “INSERTS”,”UPDATES”,”DELETES” “CREATE VIEWS” using aggregated functions like AVG,COUNT, queries using JOIN and MERGE Operators.

§ Analyzing execution plans with the help of the query profiler from SSMS to detect bottlenecks in the performance of databases and improve the efficiency of the SQL queries.

§ Reviewing execution plans for issues like “Key Lookups”,” Index Seeks” being executed too many times and "Seek Predicates".

§ Started to test using SQL Server New Tracing Tool “Extended Events” on 2008 and 2012.

§ Using Database Engine Tuning Advisor to examine how queries are process on the Database.

§ Created the Baseline Infrastructure including the DBSPACES and “Skeleton Databases”

§ Developed FTP process for binary unloads from Intuit to BT on a nightly basis

§ Staged binary unloads up to the Skeleton Databases

§ Tested and verified Data Integrity by creating Exception Tables for error tracking.

§ Redesigned and developed "Best Practices" across all Database Landscapes

o Created “ROLES” within Table Privileges for Users

o Created Informix users via OS and then placed in a ROLE and monitored via Audit settings within the Informix Instance.

o SQL Server Users did not have access to the “SA” Account only DBA’s.

o Guest User Login was disabled.

o Users were given access based on ROLES. Depending on Processor Cores TEMPDB had multiple Data Files.

§ Implemented Audit Requirements across Database Landscapes

o This was performed on Informix 11.50FC9 Prod and PreProd and our SQL Server 2008 R2 environments.

o The Informix Prod Instance consists of 425 Databases and our Informix PreProd Instance consists of 225 Databases.

o On SQL Server this was implements on our Three Time zone ETZ, CTZ, PTZ Stacks environment which consists of about 150 Databases.

§ Implemented High Availability across various Database Landscapes

o On Informix implemented High Data Replication which including logs shipping of all transaction logs to the Secondary server and applied in ASYNC Mode.

o For our SQL Server environment implemented a Principal/Mirror Partner Pair all transaction logs are sent in ASYNC Mode and applied.

§ Configured and implemented various Maintenance Plans and SQL Server Agent Jobs

§ Configured and Implemented IDatagent client from Commvault to numerous Database Landscapes.

§ Adhered to SSAE 16 Type II audit requirements and other security compliance requirements

§ Interfaced with the business and product and development leadership to support company initiatives

TIME WARNER CABLE, New York, NY September 2010 - September 2012 (2 years 1 month)

Engineer Level 1:

· Built QAMS, MQAMS, GQAMS for Video Streaming MPEG HD SD files to DHCT.

· Worked with Cisco 9900 Digital Content Manager building MPEG Video Streams.

· Worked with Digital Broadcast Delivery Systems.

· Troubleshot complex systems using various tools, network management systems and error reporting systems to determine and resolve problems.

· Supported production systems within a 24/7 operations environment. Knowledge and experience using scripting languages.

· Provided Management with statistical data from our various VOD, MAS, DNCS, BMS, ARRIS Application Servers.

· Maintained video source mapping, content encryption, and channel lineups for digital services.

· Maintained Video on Demand and Pay Per View offers, including special event and special interest programming packages.

· Performed software upgrades to applications running on the above devices in a manner consistent with Time Warner Cable’s change-management procedures.

· Supported Scientific Atlanta DNCS, Application Server, TED Server, XOD Server, BIG QAM Modulator, QPSK Modulator/Demodulater, Explorer set top box, CableCARD devices.

UBS, New York, NY February 1999 - March 2009 (10 years 2 months)

Database Administrator Functions:

· Supported and maintained Informix, Oracle 9,10G MYSQL Databases and Servers for Business Streams within the Equities Division.

· Created and maintained tables, implemented and designed strategies for UNIX databases and servers.

· Responsible for backup and disaster recovery on Informix and Oracle Databases.

· Monitored system performance using networking management and data base tools.

· Set up and implemented Golden Gate Replications Software Binaries.

· Testing was done with GGSCI Interface Replicate Extract Pump Files between QA Sun Servers then Rollout onto Production Servers.

· Used Oracle Tools for exporting and importing data on various Schemas. Monitoring Performance by reviewing Snapshot Statistics from dbms_stats histograms, CBO parameter settings within the Init.Ora File, Utilizing tkprof to review trace files on SQL issues and utilizing DBV tool within a Shell script and using a dbv.cmd file and reviewing the output for any failures in (DATA,INDEXES,SEGMENTS).

· Implemented Data Guard Physical Standby Environments on various servers for different Business Streams within Equities Planned the Infrastructure and setup for Senior Management on Hardware and Database fail over Scenarios Projects Setup Informix HDR between Production and Secondary Server to insure High Availability Data Replication Veritas Setup of Volume resources, Volume Names, Storage Size Needed, Disk Groups, Mounted Resources and Mount Points, Planed and managed Various Informix Database Upgrades.

· Designed and Implemented Various Bridge Scripts that can be used by the 32 Bit Tools to access the 64 Bit Engine.

· Involved in Hardware Moves from one Data Center to another. Main Driver in IM2 to GIM2 Software Upgrade Unix Administration Functions Support, maintain and upgrade Unix Sun Solaris Systems, perform both software & hardware upgrades and patches.

· Supported the hedge fund application Global Investment Manager Portfolio Module residing on our Unix Servers.


Certifications (in lieu of a degree):

· Completed Cisco Digital Subscriber Network & Digital Broadband Delivery System Training

· 10775 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

· 10776 Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases


· Extensive experience managing a variety of technical Database Administration Landscapes (Oracle, DB2, Informix, SQL Server, MYSQL)

· Database Performance Analysis with Extended Events, Query Store, Index Optimization

· Designed & Implemented Business SLA’s, business requirements analysis

· Solid technical and analytical proficiency; special talent for software quality assurance, troubleshooting, and resolving hardware and software related problems

· Extensive knowledge of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity processes, procedures and best practices implementation

· Extensive knowledge and implementation of remote Enterprise monitoring solutions based on various tools like OEM, Solarwinds

· Linux/Unix, AIX,Solaris, Intel, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft Windows

· Databases: SQL Server 200*-****-**** 2014 2016,Informix 9, 10, 11 Oracle 9I,10G,11G MYSQL 5.1,5.5,5.6 DB2 V9.7

· Languages: Shell Script (including Korn, Bourne and C shell)

· Tools: Administration/Monitoring (Oracle Enterprise Manager - OEM, Solarwinds)

· Rubrik Backup Solution

· Commvault, Netbackup, ON-BAR-,ONTAPE,RMAN

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