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Senior GIS Manager

Keller, TX
October 17, 2020

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Senior GIS Manager with over 20 years of professional experience utilizing and supporting GIS software and tools in multiple industries such as oil and gas, exploration, land and development, etc. Skills include researching, managing and integrating geo-spatial data and then creating maps for geoscience professionals for Oil & Gas, exploration, utilities, marketing and supporting land and facilities management teams. Due to my extensive experience in multiple GIS fields I have an incredibly strong knowledge of the true potential of GIS as a full Enterprise level geospatial data solution.


Senior GIS Manager - Cognizant March 2020 – Present

Managed multiple GIS development projects for Cognizant in the utility sector for several clients

Created workflows and documentation tracking.

Managed deployment priorities for multi stage development projects often using Agile management program.

Interviews and hiring practices for onboarding new talent

E-Solutions on contract to Wipro (contract) January 2020 – February 2020

Updated GIS databases streamlining workflows.

Created data load tools in FME Workbench for vendor data.

Built out metadata for existing data as well as updating metadata for older data models.

Worked in Agile work environment inputting to scrum master.

Cushman and Wakefield (contract) July 2019 – January 2020

GIS Specialist

Worked in the GIS Division with ticket system for GIS requests

Gathered business requirements for each stage of process improvements and worked with business line managers to tailor solutions to requirements.

Worked in Agile environment setting 2-week sprint goals and quarterly deliverables based on lead design requirements.

Worked on developing workflows in web-based systems computing for protocols for developing web-based applications

Worked with multiple groups to create ad hoc workflows to create limited run tools for individual processes.

Worked extensively with Python and Oracle to build out data models for individual projects and to automate those processes.

Worked with ArcGIS Online and with ArcGIS Pro extensively allow with ESRI webservices and ArcPortal and ArcServer

JML Design Inc January 2019 – July 2019

GIS Manager

Managed GIS projects for multiple clients.

Managed employee expectations and service evaluations

QA/QC’ed work for delivery to clients

Liaisoned with clients to create custom workflows for future projects.

Marathon Petroleum June 2018 – January 2019

GIS Analyst

Completed Ad-Hoc projects for support groups.

Worked on existing tickets for GIS support

Built extensive work flows in FME Workbench and administrated them in FME Server

Wrote up Business Documentation for existing and new workflows.

TRC Solutions Inc. January 2018 – June 2018

GIS Analyst

Designed Fiber Optic layouts for client’s distribution network for high speed data lines

Automated data processes to allow for versioned data bases.

Tuned Databases for optimization of multiple user access with least amount of latency.

Created web based applications for access of clients data from remote tools.

Jupiter Group on contract to EOG Resources March 2017 – June 2017

GIS Specialist

Created Webhosted application for provisional data hosting for pipeline data events.

Set metadata standards for newly created data tables from hosted views of PODS data tables.

The FerVID Group on Contract to Anadarko July 2017 – September 2017

GIS Specialist

Developed workflows for GIS data implementation in cloud-based environments.

Worked with different departments to assure all aspects of cloud data were represented.

Created automations to translate data from one schema to another and validated data process for vendor data as well as individual work groups data.

Verizon Wireless (contract) January 2017 - March 2017

GIS Specialist

Worked in the GIS IT services division doing data mining and development for fiber routing tool.

Gathered business requirements to formulate best case solutions.

Worked in Agile environment setting 2-week sprint goals and quarterly deliverables based on lead design requirements.

Worked with data vendors to find solutions for specific data needs for new application and worked to create best practices for data loading and conversion procedures.

Worked extensively with Python and PostGRESQL as well as QGIS to administer GIS resources for Verizon’s GIS IT services division.

Drawings via automation created with python scripts and Model Builder.

Supported G&G group incorporating Petra data into GIS exhibits and 3D models for geological data.

Oncor Energy (contract) September 2015 - January 2016

Senior GIS Analyst

Administrator charged with setting up a new server street I installed Oracle 12c and set up the SDE environment as well as imported the existing databased over and set up the connections for SDE.

Gathered business requirements for each stage of server migration progress working hand in hand with existing IT infrastructure time to set expectations for each stage of process.

Created several web services and integrated existing geospatial data for services to support revised applications for the new GIS server environment.

Baker Hughes (contract) June 2015 - September 2015

Senior GIS Analyst

Administrator charged with completing a server migration due to outside hosting concerns.

Gathered Business Requirements pertaining to the migration of data and the technical requirements of the new server environment to present recommendations to the IT team.

Upgraded all the ESRI environments from ArcMap 9.2 to arc 10.1 including upgrading Oracle from 10g to 11g.

Facilitated and set up the SDE environments and loaded Arc Server and updated the existing services to Arc Server 10.1.

Created python tools to convert geospatial data loads provided by vendors from there Geodatabase format into .xml’s in order to load them into SDE as an automated process to be run every week.

Debugged java scripts to insure proper conductivity with existing applications.

Developed new web services for existing geospatial data that was supported by older ESRI web services and prepared for new ArcPortal installation to be done at a future time.

Williams Energy (contract) October 2014 - February 2015

Senior GIS Analyst

Researched and collected geospatial data to be utilized in a new application that was created to pre-route new pipelines to automate the pipeline routing preliminary process.

Created Business Requirements for the different data sources and the process needed to acquire those data sources for the development team.

Administrated the creation of documentation on the geospatial data collection procedures and training processes to educate interns. The next step was creating web services from these geospatial data sets in ArcMap for the new center line plotting product and having them validated by the project manager.

Spectra Energy (contract) February 2014 - October 2014

GIS Specialist

Gathered business needs as a technical writer for a project converting the existing PODS database into the new ESRI linear data model for ArcMap.

Created a piece of software that would not only allow us to validate the incoming geospatial data and verify it was formatted correctly for the ESRI system but we also incorporated a quality check on existing geospatial data that was conducted by an outside vendor.

Created new Arc Server web services based on the new geospatial data for existing in house applications.

ExxonMobil (contract) June 2013 - November 2013

GIS Specialist

Gathered business requirements to provide administrative support for vendors to the GIS Pipeline group in diagnosing issue’s related to integrating software in Exxon’s security environment and maintaining integrity in Exxon’s complicated network environment.

Validated alignment sheets using both AutoCAD and ArcMap.

Set parameters for security exceptions and detailed documentation to create business rules for needed exemptions to existing protocols.

Provided database support for P.O.D.S. RDMS system and created new views per individual user requests.

PIKA International Inc. (Full Time Role) February 2013 to June 2013

GIS Analyst

Provided support to multiple teams of engineers engaged in several projects supporting multiple engineering disciplines mainly related to ordinance disposal and hazardous material clean up and disposal. Created exhibits detailing land use, survey areas and projected volumes of material recovered and redistributed.

Tasked with expanding the geospatial data structures to more efficiently utilize GIS tools in day to day operations such as modeling web based browsers for viewing current project geospatial data remotely as well as other features allowing for a more diversified portfolio of products to offer the client and increase the overall value of service.

Designed a new geospatial data management system to create standardized data naming schemes to create data filing efficiency and organizational preparedness for future projects that would be effective for the next 10 years.

Created a tracking system to coordinate allocation and ownership for all GPS units and survey equipment and completed full inventory of all mobile GPS systems.

Talisman Energy (contract) June 2012 - October 2012

GIS Analyst

Administrated the loading and verification of geospatial data in SQL, ArcMap and SDE environments as well as pull reports and data for work processes from SQL databases.

Utilized FME for data conversions such as converting CAD files from the .drg format over to Arc .shp files utilizing the tools in FME to remove extemporaneous data and set proper projection on the new geospatial data being imported from pipeline alignment sheets and facilities.

At BNSF Railroad (contract) June 2011 - February 2012

GIS Analyst

Worked on a project based on a DOT federal mandate to upgrade the existing automated braking systems for BNSF rail road transportation model. This project utilized LiDar data as well as standard GIS technologies and 3D applications to take geospatial graphic representation points of objects in the linear reference space and properly identify and translate those items to a geospatial database for the new system’s automation functions.

BP (contract) June 2010 - October 2010

GIS Deployment Specialist

Supervised the set up and operation of the field GIS teams for the BP cleanup of the gulf coast oil spill.

Assigned field duties to GIS Analysts at forward operating bases;

Administered the collection of data and created meta-data utilizing SDE, ArcMap, Oracle, and Access as well as pushing the geospatial data remotely into an SDE database based in Houston.

Created python scripts to automate geospatial data validation rules for data integration for web based API’s for inter-web applications.

AT&T (contract) March 2008 - May 2010

GIS Analyst

Administered data load processes for new application that was created for the Direct TV division to discern user location with raster elevation data and HEAT mapping data for structures and obstructions.

AGC, River City Engineering and other Engineering groups June 2005 – Present

GIS Analyst

Worked with several clients’ civil engineering firms such as AGC and River City Engineering providing GIS support including creating exhibits for case studies for civil projects ranging from watershed studies to land survey projects.

GIS analysis also includes creating D.E.M. for water flow directional analysis.

Land use analysis based on acreage percentages in rehabilitate areas of study.

Created new shape files from .dwg files native to AutoCAD and exported GIS .shp files to AutoCAD for use by engineer in native platforms

Tobin International May 2001 – October 2004

GIS Analyst

Tasked to provide individualized support to field clients in oil and gas exploration projects as a direct client liaison on site for seismic exploration teams.

Created detailed digital maps based off plat maps and metes and bounds legal descriptions and also created new mapping projects on request, delivering digital map documents and geospatialdata files for large oil and gas exploration projects.

Updated and maintained company geospatial oil and gas databases to facilitate integration into an SDE environment.

Worked on pipeline project scanning and edge mapping pipeline alignment sheets and reviewing the scanned images to link the feature geospatialdata to cartographic maps for survey projects.

Collaboratively worked with the GIS and Operations groups to develop and maintain processes for handling pipeline geospatialdata

All maps were created utilizing versions of Arc and using Access and SDE databases.

Analytical Surveys Inc. November 1997 – April 2000

GIS Analyst/QC Technician

Worked on a pipeline project creating pipeline and facility features from GPS field data collection for Oil and Gas clients.

Responsible for work quality for a team of 15 GIS Technicians.

Led the technicians who were using alignment sheets for reference and digitizing the materials, individual lengths, fittings, pumping station details, depths for buried pipeline, and all other attributes associated with pipelines including right of way details.

Evaluated the performance guidelines for members of my team in order to facilitate the raise review process and provide positive feedback for process improvement.

Utilized Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Point and Outlook programs daily and created presentations for quarterly progress meetings using Microsoft Power Point.


University of Phoenix: Currently pursuing B.S. in Computer Science with focus on big data structures.


Arc GIS up to version 10 - 16Yrs

Experience working with every version of the ESRI GIS suite since 2001 and have worked with multiple other GIS platforms including SmallWorld, MapInfo, Gnome and others.

ArcPro 1 yr

ArcGIS Online 2 yrs

Arc Portal 5 yrs

Arc Server 6 yrs

FME - 6Yr

SQL - 10Yrs

Visual Basic - 5 Yr

Python - 6Yrs

Vision Systems GIS software- 3 Yrs

MapInfo - 2 Yrs

TeleAtlas - 2 Yrs

Petra – 3 yrs

Petrel & Studio

Trimble GPS Devices & software - 4Yrs

Utilities, AM/FM, Cadastral Mapping - 4Yrs

C# - 1 yr

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