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Mechanical Engineer Forklift Operator

Portland, OR
October 17, 2020

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Cumulative Vitae for W.A. Deuel January ****

Wesley A. Deuel


PORTLAND, OR. 97210 LinkedIn: Executive & Project Management, Inventor, Engineer, R&D Jedi, Expert in Multiple Fields Broad skillset includes: 25+ years experience High Tech IPOs, CRO & Project Consulting, Mechanical Engineer and Corporate Management. Sought after for developing Novel Strategies for a broad range of Start-ups, Businesses and Projects. Executive and Directorial positions held within Alternative Energies, Green Technologies, Environmental [Pollution, Waste] Management and IT Industries. Specialized in general Renewable Resource & Sustainability Projects with focus in Farm Biomass, Oil Crops and Waste Materials

(incl. Hemp, Rape, Wool, others) Conversion; including all aspects of Product Development (e.g. Conceptualizing, Funding Acquisition, R&D, Marketing [corporate I.D., roll-out, sales, positioning, distribution & strategies]). Founder of three companies with involvement at all stages incl. HR, financial, safety, product & service delivery. Experience leading multinational, multidisciplinary teams on a broad range of topics and methods employed in conducting research studies in environmental, human and plant health-related areas such as field & clinical trials, health promotion, disease prevention, complex care interventions and implementation of scientific method for health care delivery, Excellent computer, equipment and mechanical skills. Advanced grant writing, business planning, oral & written communication skills. Works published within peer-reviewed science & technical journals. Experience leading scientific manuscripts and presenting research results with interest in advancing systematic review methods. Excellent organizational, time and personnel management. Eagle-eyed visionary and inventor of Novel Technologies with US patents. Systems Science and Trouble-Shooting wizard prepared to solve any challenge encountered. Notable achievements include:

Business Integration. Led International organization diversification efforts to create new line of products from waste, developed and implemented strategies to promote sales, orchestrated clinical & field trials, product promotion tours, and developed a network of distribution. RESULTS: Discovered, developed and engineered novel active compounds from waste streams that created new revenue stream for clients in niche markets.

Innovative Project Management. Discovered and developed new uses for plant & wool byproducts, implemented value-added processing technologies and created a new line of organic fertilizers, pest control and pollution control materials. RESULTS: Wrote/filed patents and generated licensing royalties for multiple clients.

Contract Research Organization (CRO) Founder of first company of its kind providing support to the Oregon Ag Industry in the form of outsourced research services for smaller farms and farmer cooperatives; novel product development from farm waste, biologic R&D, commercialization, preclinical research & trials management, Orchestrated marketing, promotion, new product roll-out and multiple strategies for new line of biobased products. RESULTS: Saved farmers cooperatives thousands in Corporate ID costs in addition to reducing pollution and costs associated with waste material disposal.

Sales & Marketing Leadership. Identified and capitalized on high-value commodities and end-users that would generate significant revenue. Led cross-functional teams of product development, marketing, and distribution professionals. RESULTS: Generated new revenue stream for producers of meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) as utilized by largest Pacific Northwest nurseries (e.g. Monrovia, Hines, Glen Walters and Fisher Farms).

Customer Relationship Management. Developed key account relationships with major end-users throughout the Pacific Northwest including nursery, small fruit and organic crop industries. Implemented improved functionality, quality, productivity, and service standards of product lines to address the constantly changing demands and practices of the end-user. RESULTS: Consistently improved product recognition and acquired new business despite lack of product history. Discovered an untapped gold mine for future prospects.

Mr. Deuel's Core Values reflect how he manages his work, his relationships and self-awareness. He lives true to Core Values of people first, being exceptional every day in every way, embracing change, feeling empowered through knowledge and accountability. Core Values are the standards by which we conduct ourselves day in and day out, both internally and externally.


Cumulative Vitae for W.A. Deuel January 2020


- Masters (MS) graduate work in Plant Sciences and Biochemistry; Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

- Bachelors (BS) degree in Agricultural Sciences w/honors (Magna Cum Laud); Oregon State University

- Associate degree in Business Economics and Mathematics; Portland Community College, Portland, OR

- Associate degree in Pre-Medical and Core Medical Requirements; Clackamas Community College, OR Software:

- Strong Microsoft [All Office Programs], PowerPoint, Word, Excel skills,

- Knowledge and/or experience with GRC platforms, information governance software, ECM, records management software & similar technologies,

- Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint,

- Knowledge of database systems, software development lifecycle, plus various apps, programs and operations, Languages—Multilingual capabilities: English (mother tongue); German Learning: Japanese, Spanish NOTABLE SKILLS & ABILITIES

- Named as Inventor on multiple patents and patents pending (USPTO)

- Published Author on various scientific papers in peer-reviewed Scientific & Technical Journals

- Executive presence with the ability to act as primary contact on assigned engagements

- Ability to up-sell after the first engagement

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as presentation skills

- Strong analytical and advanced research skills related to industry trends, market competition and technology

- Highly skilled at operating complex equipment and analytical tools in a ESD environment.

- Excellent multi-tasking skills in non-standard and state-of-the-art processing equipment.

- Solid organizational skills, especially the ability to meet project deadlines with a focus on details

- Ability to successfully multi-task while working independently or within a group environment

- Ability to work in a deadline-driven environment, and handle multiple projects simultaneously

- Ability to interact effectively with people at all organizational levels any Firm and with clients

- Capacity to build and maintain strong relationships with internal and client personnel

- Ability to assemble team-building environment; contribute to professional development of assigned personnel BASICS & PERSONAL

An innovative and energetic leader, skilled scientist, and adept negotiator, Mr. Deuel is recognized as an independent visionary with proven ability to recognize new uses and product opportunities, develop business plans, implement strategies, and create growth opportunities, then introduce strategic and tactical solutions that improve functionality and competitive performance to increase sales and profits. Excellent presentation skills; strong mechanical aptitude and experience. Highly resourceful, creative, organized and effective in meeting the needs of company & clients. A fun and pleasant personality, Myer-Briggs Type ENFP: occurring in 5% of the population, referred to as "Champion" and the temperament called "Idealists". Serious interest in Artificial Reality, Digital/Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, Simulation Theory, Singularity and Time Slip/Travel concepts. Always pushing the envelope and looking for a "Challenge"An innovative and energetic leader, skilled scientist, and adept negotiator, Mr. Deuel is recognized as an independent visionary with proven ability to recognize & develop new uses from waste streams and product opportunities, develop business plans, implement strategies, and create growth opportunities, then introduce strategic and tactical solutions that improve functionality and competitive performance to increase sales and profits.


President—Whitewolf Consulting, CRO & Technical Development LLC (June 2001 to present) Engaged in worldwide projects providing consulting & contract research services or “CRO” services that provides support to the agricultural, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and environmental industries offering business or product development, commercialization, clinical research, clinical or field trials management, pharmacovigilance and planning/strategies. Very proficient in navigating regulatory processes and dealing with challenging/difficult individuals, groups and institutions. Specializing in Value-Added Productsrom Waste Streams and Agricultural Materials. Passionate about Our Mother Earth & Proper Stewardship for All Earthlings. Mr. Deuel has developed multiple concepts and inventions to improve humanity, clean or remediate the environment and counter negative effects of future catastrophes. Outlines are available by request and under agreement of confidentiality. 2

Cumulative Vitae for W.A. Deuel January 2020

Director of Research & Development - Clean Nature Solutions, S.L. (Aug 2012 – Oct. 2015) CNS is an Environmental Remediation company comprised of various experts & technologies from around the World. Our projects include Oil Spills (i.e. Deep Water Horizon) and Hazardous Materials Response and Clean up; Water Pollution, Prevention & Remediation; Radiation Exposure Reduction, Protection & Development of New Technologies that help to prevent cancer and other health issues associated with Nuclear & Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure (catastrophes, contamination, cell phone masts/towers, high power electrical lines, etc.). CNS also provided advisory and consulting in the fields of Alternative Energies including Biogas, Solar, Wind, Waste to Energy (WtE) and others. As Director of R&D, Wes held an upper management position responsible for identifying and/or developing new technologies to address situations that require attention; assembling response teams & project management Initiative Agency 11, Offices in Berlin, Germany and New York (Nov 2015 – Mar 2017) Founding Member; Innovative Technologies Consulting Services on an International scale. Assisted clients in transitioning their organizations from the old to New Paradigm by demonstrating to clients the vital importance of letting go of old mind-sets, structures and patterns while moving into a flow of new reality as powerful co-creators is one of many keys we offer to unlocking abundance and success for B2B or B2C organizations across the Globe. Offered consultation, education and guidance for clients in understanding the New Paradigm and how it applies directly to the Marketing of their Products and Services, their Business and Life in general; Digital Services - Business Development Strategies, Branding, Basic Consultation, Corporate Identity, Website Design & Development, Multimedia Strategies and various IT Services for a wide range of industries to the private, public and government sectors, Aerospace, Green Energies, Agriculture, Aqua & Hydroponics, Environmental Protection, Green Building, Health - Nutrition - Wellness, Novel Innovations, Multi-Media & Entertainment, Pollution Remediation, Waste Management and much more. Full Circle Environmental Technologies. Inc.- Beaverton, OR. (Oct 2001-March 2012) President and Developer of company that manufactures biobased environmental remedial products derived from agricultural waste streams. Manage projects from point of design completion through to the sale, manufacture and delivery of products. Program monitoring of work for technical and support personnel and implement principles and practices of company objectives and planning. Reading and writing of CAD drawings, plans, models and illustrations. Conduct analysis and evaluation of assigned programs, techniques, administrative and operational issues to reach sound, logical, fact-based conclusions to assign necessary directives. Implementation of Six Sigma techniques for company proficiency. Study of federal, state and local laws, regulations and court decisions applicable to environmental program administration with ability to interpret, explain and apply applicable policies. (i.e. National Pollution Discharge Elimination System-NPDES and the Endangered Species Act-ESA). Prepare technical design manuals, literature and other marketing tools. Create and maintain domain names, IP, tradenames and websites. Independent Ag Consultant – Full Circle Ag Inc. (June 1999 to present) Providing solution platforms of alternative revenue streams for various agriculture related entities including cooperatives, product manufacturers, distributors, and large wholesale nurseries. Consultation services also include field and lab testing, product improvement, and/or recommendations, marketing strategies and Intellectual Property development. Property assessments for government agency and non-profit organizations. Responsible for R&D of a product line of organic fertilizers, pest control and crop enhancement products including establishment of related markets. Extensive technical experience in protocol design, project oversight, statistical analysis, presentation of results and promotional tours. Technical and practical experience in all aspects of various crops and crop production. Successful funding and grant acquisitions for clients. Extensive domestic and international travel for development of new opportunities for clients. Inside and outside sales work. Oregon State University Graduate Research (May 1998 to June 2000) Director of R&D for farmer cooperative comprised of approximately 200 members in Oregon and New Zealand. Designed protocol and conducted research and development resulting in line of organic fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. Named inventor on two pending patents resulting from research activities. Assisted in writing and prosecution of patents and supporting materials. Responsible for all phases of product registration process at State and Federal levels. Coordination of project collaborations between farmers, other researchers at six separate academic institutions (domestic and internationally), and end- users. Technical writing and presentations of project findings and updates to various groups of interest. 3

Cumulative Vitae for W.A. Deuel January 2020

Designed packaging, product label and trade-name Limnax and subsequent tradenames/products: AlbaAide, AlbaGro, MarchOut . Assisted with product marketing strategies, business plan and private placement development. Successful funding/grant writing and acquisition. Work locations included 4 of Oregon's largest Nursery companies (e.g. Hines, Monrovia, others) in the Pacific Northwest, Salem, OR, OSU Campus, Corvallis, OR and OSU's North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Aurora, OR Oregon State University Research Assistant (Sept 1996 to May 1998) Conducted independent research using organic mulch on established blueberries. Designed and carried out experiment protocol for above research including statistical analysis, reporting, promotion. Assisted in R&D and field trial/testing in small fruit production including blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and kiwi. Work locations included various farms and orchards throughout the Pacific Northwest, the OSU Campus, Corvallis, OR and OSU's North Willamette Research and Extension Center, Aurora, OR CB Equipment Co., Clackamas, OR Sales/Service Rep (May 1992 to June 1993) Sales and Service Contracts for Forklifts & Related Equipment. Increased regional service sales from $25 K to

$75 K in 6 months. Managed 250 customer accounts in Pacific Northwest territory. Implemented training course for customer safety program.

Hampton Power Products, Portland, OR Mechanical Engineer, Sales & Marketing (1985 to 1995) Responsible for Inside Sales duties and Order Desk operations. Equipment Technician and Data Entry Specialist. Handled accounts for five regional sales persons. Technical adviser for specialized applications of mechanical and electrical equipment. Organized and conducted various training seminars. Prior duties include: Mechanical Engineer and Technical Specialist on Industrial Hardware, Speed Reducers, all sizes of Electric Motors, Converters & Inverters with responsibility for equipment modification, configuration, customer contacts, equipment delivery program, product development, technical support and training of sales team. Field Work, Forklift Operator, Warehouseman and Product Loading & Delivery. AWARDS & MERITS

Alpha Zeta National Honorary Fraternity Member

Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture Member Golden Key National Honor Society Member

Waldo-Cummings Outstanding Student Honoree, OSU 1998 Waldo-Cummings Outstanding Student Award, OSU 1997 OSU Dean’s List 1997-1998

OSU Honor Roll 5 consecutive terms

Oregon Association of Nurserymen Memorial Scholarship Award 1997 Ruth Rose Richardson Memorial Park Scholarship Award 1997 Yamhill & Wash. County Women for Agriculture Scholarship Award 1997 Oregon Association of Nurserymen Member since 1995 Volunteer at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, OHSU 1994-1995 Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Member since 1993 National Dean’s List Award Recipient 1994 & 1995


1998 Nursery Research Day. October 6, 1998. Wilsonville, Or. Title: Limnanthes (Meadowfoam) as a biocide in nursery production systems.

58th Annual PNW Insect Management Conference January 4, 1999 Portland, Or. Title: Limnanthes (Meadowfoam) seedmeal as a potential biocide.

Annual Western Conference on Vegetable Diseases, January 5, 1999 Portland, Or. Title: Limnathes seedmeal as a potential control of Plasmodiophora brassicae.

Western Conference on Diseases of Ornamentals and Turf, January 6, 1999 Portland, Or. Title: Phytotoxic effects of meadowfoam seedmeal on various ornamental taxa.

44th Annual North Willamette Horticulture Society Meeting, January 13, 1999 Portland, Or. Title: Meadowfoam (Limnanthes) seedmeal for the control of clubroot.


Cumulative Vitae for W.A. Deuel January 2020

Second World Congress on Allelopathy, Aug. 8-13, 1999, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada—Title: Reinventing the meal: A new model for allelochemical marketing. (Invited speaker) Deuel, W.A. and S.E. Svenson. 1999. Limnanthes (Meadowfoam) seedmeal as a potential biocide. Research Reports: 58th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference. Pp 51-54. Deuel, W.A. and S.E. Svenson. 1999. Control of clubroot on Chinese mustard and cauliflower using meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) seed meal or screenings. HortScience 34(3):473. Deuel, W.A. and S.E. Svenson. 1999. Limnanthes seedmeal efficacy on beneficial soil microorganisms and on fungus gnats. Report submitted to Oregon Department of Agriculture Nursery Research and Regulatory Committee. Deuel, W.A. and D.H. Leonard. 1999. Reinventing the meal: a new model for allelochemical marketing. Invited presentation at the Second World Congress on Allelopathy, Lakehead University, Canada, Aug. 13, 1999. Deuel, W.A., S.E. Svenson and B.J. McReynolds, 1999. Field evaluations of meadowfoam seedmeal to control clubroot disease

(Plasmodiophora brassicae) in cruciferous crops. Report submitted to Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission. Stanley, H. 2001. Mother knows best: Meadowfoam seedmeal shows promise as an organic alternative to fertilizers, pesticides. Digger, March, 2001.


Jim Huggins, Vineyard Management, Eola Hills Winery, Salem, OR 97304 503-***-**** Dr. Robert Linderman, Research Plant Pathologist, USDA Corvallis OR 97330 541-***-**** Dr. Bernadine Strik, Ext. Horticulturalist, OSU, Corvallis, OR 541-***-**** Dr. Gary Jolliff, OSU Crop & Soil Sciences, Corvallis, OR 541-***-**** Victor Sahakian, Monrovia Nursery, 503-***-****

James Anderson, Project Management, Fire Mgmt & Carpentry, San Diego, CA, 760-***-**** LaDawn Fronapel, Infinity Rehab, Regional Recruiter of Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) for over 200 skilled nursing facilities in 19 states. 971-***-****; email is: Joe Mansfield, Professional Artist & Illustrator, Grants Pass, OR 208-***-**** NOTE: Most recent references in bold type.


Wes Deuel

Autobiographic Digest

His family roots extend to relatives that include such names as Winston Churchel, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, US Presidents, are in the Pacific Northwest. As the son of a timber faller/wood products industry, he moved frequently until he began Junior High School in John Day, Oregon. He graduated from high school there in 1980. After High School, He married in 1990 but divorced after 10 years. He was married to a German woman who has two grown daughters and they reside in Berlin, Germany but most recently, he returned to the U.S. to look after his ailing mother and currently resides in Medford, Oregon. Wes has a daughter (26 yrs) and a son (23 yrs) who live in the US. From the age of 12, Wes is best described as a “Jack-Of-All-Trades” by working various blue-collar jobs beginning with paper delivery, shoveling snow during cold seasons, mowing lawns in warmer seasons and working as a grounds keeper for a hospital.

Due to an absent father, Mr. Deuel (eldest child of 4) was forced to delay his schooling temporarily and took a job with the US Forest Service to pile brush in the summer and burn brush piles in the winter to make ends meet for their family of 5, To make up for the absence, he worked extra school curriculum and squired his graduation degree from HS in 1980. Following HS, Mr. Deuel worked various blue-collar jobs including the wood products industry (mill work including Pulling Green Chain, Forklift Operator and Hog Feeder), road construction, installing city water systems (including heavy equipment operator (e.g. Front-end Loader, Grader, Dump truck & Flatbed Driver, other, setting and detonating explosive charges, etc.). He is also a musician who led a band as a frontman (guitar, vocals) and later joined a professional band in Portland, OR where they played various venues and a warm-up act for large front liners as a Hard Rock performance. Aside from the band, he worked as a warehouseman/shipping clerk, painting booth operator, forklift operator and semi- truck loader and eventually a Mechanical Engineer for a Pump Equipment company. He worked as Mechanical Engineer with speed reducers, electrical motors ( to 3000 hp), equipment assembly (pumps, speed reducers, electrical motors) and Electrical Inverters before promotion into an Inside Sales position in 1991. [See Hampton Power Products job references] As a “late bloomer” he returned to school, first attending Clackamas Community College with the intent of working towards a science or medical degree. He earned an Associate degree from Portland Community College in Mathematics and Business Economics before going on to attended Oregon State University where he completed a BS degree in Horticultural Sciences. During his undergraduate work, he pursued multiple opportunities to develop his analytical and product testing skills for traditional and alternative Agricultural products in multiple commodities and crop types. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1998 and was awarded numerous merits and honors. During his BS work, he approached the Oregon Meadowfoam Growers Association (OMG) with a proposal to develop their waste product (Seed meal) into a biobased pesticide for use in ornamental nursery crops. His idea was accepted by the organization who agreed to help fund some of his graduate work at OSU. His work quickly caught the attention of the nursery and other Ag groups. Field trials (conducted at OSU experiment stations and at “on-site” locations) were soon established in multiple commodities including nursery, small fruit and vegetables. Through various oral and written presentations of his findings, crop producers became increasingly interested in trials in their production systems to address problem beyond the initial theme of Wes’ thesis work. Novel discoveries and new uses for seedmeal products led to filing of two patents with OSU as assignee. For over three years, Wes has acted as Director of R&D for OMG with the additional function of handling all phases of marketing and sales for the farmer cooperative using his own company [Full Circle Ag Inc.]. During this period, he was introduced to the Oregon Sheep Growers cooperative where he was retained as an Agricultural Consultant to find use of their waste wool. Mr Deuel wrote a grant and was awarded funding to invent novel products using the wool to facilitate Pollution Remediation. This involved development of multiple devices designed to capture stormwater pollutants using waste wool fashioned into storm drain inserts. He implemented field studies & trials by enlisting the assistance of multiple organizations, cities and district's Public Works throughout the Pacific Northwest including Port of Portland, Multnomah and Washington County Water Districts; the Cities of Canby, Corvallis and Albany and Weyerhaeuser Lumber Company, Longview, WA. He achieved notoriety and success as the only, truly effective, biodegradable solution to storm water remediation with development of a “full circle,” sustainable solution using a replaceable storm drain insert that captures hydrocarbons (i.e. gasoline derivatives, oil, tire particles, etc.), cigarette butts 6

and other pollutants commonly found within storm water run-off; used inserts are changed out periodically with new inserts while used inserts are subjected to compost techniques involving use of hydrocarbon and other pollutant consuming organisms to break down into basic, inert compounds after which the nutrient rich compost material remains for use to benefit flowering plants, bushes and/or trees typically used for beautification in city parks, along highways, roadways or within traffic zone median projects. Furthermore, the inserts provide an additional farm-gate profit for wool producers while also reducing transfer and landfill costs once associated with waste-wool. This follows true for the meadowfoam seedmeal project.

Another chapter to Wes' experience began upon his move to Sedona, Arizona where he began work as Director of Marketing and worked into the position of Lab & Product Development at Ambaya Gold, a producer and distributor of liquid supplements. At this juncture, Wes' path took a peculiar turn following his introduction to Ambaya's silent partner: a traditional Native American medicine man called Medicine Wolf who took Wes as his apprentice and taught him the arcane methodology of alternative medicines (Medicinals) from naturally occurring compounds and ingredients (e.g. enzymes, minerals, probiotics, vitamins, others) that provide highly effective alternatives to cure most common diseases including Stage IV cancers. Wes was taught many secret “recipes” passed down only by way of a time-honored, oral, shamanic tradition; closely-guarded secrets that also involve subtle energies or “The Force” to obtain a truly effective and highly sought-after means of curing ailments common to the human and animal bodies where conventional methods would not compare. Wes and his wife built [from ground up] a brand new laboratory and office space for Medicine Wolf following a split in partnership relations with Ambaya Gold. Since then, Wes has gone on to be an Independent Consultant in various fields of industry (Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Green Industries, Pollution and Waste Management, State contracts, and even Global presence including Africa, Europe and New Zealand). Wes' more recent history includes International consulting projects based from Berlin, Germany involving the conceptualization, invention and development of various novel products and technologies include:

Seasteads and Very Large Flotation Structures for aquaculture, solar or wind farms made [in part] from recycled plastic pollution as a (partial) means of reclamation from recycled plastics that include ocean pollution (sourced from the large garbage gyers found in all five major oceans globally) while creating solutions for rising sea levels that are estimated to cause $14+ Trillion [annually] damage, loss of prime ocean real estate, infrastructure and displacing over 600 million people by 2100. This project is “ahead of the curve” and in dire need of development!

Additional products & technologies developed by Mr. Deuel include Functional/Wearable Products, Medicinals and Protective Creams & Balms to counter the high rate of radiation derived from the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters and the high levels of electronic pollution resulting from 5G microwaves and radiation emitted from cell towers.

His most recent exploits include development of Large Floating Structures (related to above) for the Gas, Oil and Alternative energies Industries (Solar, Wave, Wind and other novel technologies), Water Desalinization Systems in addition to Alternative Living Communities and Military Applications to counter rising sea levels and novel, new health technologies that include Medicinals.

Health Treatments & Technologies like Hydrogenated Water where cutting-edge, breakthrough products are in development with potential to cure over 66 different diseases, ailments and even StageIV cancers.

Desert Greening—Significantly sized project involving many moving pieces to turn desert areas around the countries of Jordon and Saudi

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