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Web Developer Manager

Shenyang, Liaoning, China
$6000 per month
October 16, 2020

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Jason Jin*


I am a full stack developer with 5+ years’ experience in React, Redux, Vue, Django, Ruby on Rails, Express and have been developing several websites both for large corporations and startups. I specialize in full-stack web development in Django/DRF, Ruby on Rails, Express, JavaScript, JQuery, React.js, Redux, React Native, Vue, HTML, CSS and etc.

While I'm comfortable working with the full-stack, I am particularly passionate about building back-end, database and front-end applications. My strong theoretical and practical background in IT, business consulting, and project management makes me extremely capable on projects of any size. I'm flexible with my working hours and am happy to work closely with any existing freelancers you work with. I have always provided the high quality and there is no problem for me to learn new technologies. Love long-term relationship! Please don't hesitate to hire me. Thank you!


Quibb, Full Stack Web Developer


I had developed various projects such as Real Estate, eCommerce, Booking, Social using React, Redux, React Native, Django, Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS, GraphQL. 1. CHAP

This project is hybrid mobile app to detect automatically horse's age using mobile in the business like Rodeo.

- Skills & Experiences

React Native, Redux, JavaScript, ECMAScript, Lodash, JWT, SCSS, Django, Django Rest Framework, Tesoflow, Stripe, AWS, Vimeo, Jira, Bitbucket 2. Medarta

This project is web project that can be used in healthcare business. There are two roles called the doctor and the facility.

The facility posts any careers and the doctors applies to the jobs associated with oneself. I worked as FrontEnd developer. Backend skill was Node/Express using Typescript.

- Skills & Experiences

Jason Jin


React, Redux, JavaScript, ECMAScript, Lodash, JWT, HTML5, SCSS, Material UI, Intercom, ButterCMS, Trello, GitHub, Circle CI/CD, Docker, Slack

3. Company Internal Dashboard.

This project is Dashboard to manage whole data sources of the company internal. It was to build the features such as Authentication, Account Manager, Client, Consultant, Contract, Project, Project Type, Project Status, Project Manager, Relationship Manager, and Provider.

- Skills & Experiences.

React, Redux, JavaScript, ECMAScript, Lodash, HTML5, SCSS, Ant Design, OneLogin, JWT, Django, Django Rest Framework, Gitlab, Trello, Docker, Slack 4. Bootcamps

This project is online LMS project. It consists of 5 features such as the user's role has 4 roles (student, mentor, company, and admin),

mentor can post Bootcamps and workshop, company can post the jobs, admin manages whole project's contents & resources, and payment & meeting services. The mentors can post Bootcamps & workshop/classes associated with his skills including video. The students can apply to the Bootcamps & workshop

and see live or pre-recorded the videos after verify with his payment or email code.

- Skills & Experiences

React, Redux, React Native JavaScript, ECMAScript, Lodash, Module SCSS, JWT, Ruby on Rails, WebSocket, ElasticSearch, GitHub, Slack, Avocode, Basecamp, Docker, Heroku, AWS S3

5. Video & Voice Stream Project.

This project is the project to provide the services like zoom or google meet using Twilio services.

- Skill & Experiences

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, ElasticSearch, Twilio, Stripe, GitHub, Heroku 6. Railroad Flagging APP

Jason Jin


- Skill & Experiences

Node/Express, React Native, Redux, Sendgrid, Google MAP API, OneSignal, Heroku, Cron Jobs for daily reporting and send notification.

Sunnytrail, Senior Web Developer


Had developed the websites for Harvey Nichols, Tutor Matching Service, Ticket Spice, and My Life’s Legacy companies., React, React Native, ExpressJS, Django, Django Rest Framework, ExpressJS Omnicom, Web Developer/Individual Development


Had developed various websites and provided the service for a long time.,

Designed and implemented the User Interface

Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework Local Company, Web Developer


I have built web app using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Education

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Bachelor’s Degree Computer Software Engineering Web App Development Team. About

What I DO

Develop the front-end/back-end web platforms with my full stack web skills. Solve complex problems.

Build blazing fast applications for the internet.

Learn perpetually.

Jason Jin



Launched 8 websites successfully in the last 8 years. Got 8 years of record of 100% client satisfaction.

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