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Security Officer Air Force

Canchipur, Manipur, India
October 15, 2020

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Name: Don Mukhiya

. *" AR Colony, Kanglatongbi, Imphal - West,

‘Address: Manipur - 795136

Email Id:

Mobile: +91-797*******, +91-916******* f }

‘Skype ID:

Indian CDC No. ‘MUM388621 Valid till 11/07/2029

Indian Passport No. 8419696 Valid till 08/03/2027

Personal Detail

Father's Name a Patrick Mukhiya

Nationality INDIAN:

Date of Birth 03" March 1982

Gender Male

Height 163cm

Weight 57kg

Marital Status Married

+ 10"from Roses English High School, Kanglatongbi, Manipur.

© Army Graduation

‘* Baggage Scanning and Image Interception Course


Course Name Certificate no. Date of Issue

1) Personal Survival Techniques 110**********-**" April 2019

2) Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting 101*********** 20" April 2019

3) Elementary First Aid 101*********** 20" April 2019

4) Personal Safety And Social Responsibilities 101**********-**" April 2019

5) a Traling For Seafarers with Designated [05 451 14g1g752 5% april 2019

6) Passenger ship Familiarization. 101**********-**" April 2019

7.) INDOS No. 19719455

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ARMY 2000-2017

1) Graduation Certificate

2) Trade Proficiency Certificate

3) Security Training Certificate

4) MR Certificate

5,) Testimonial Certificate

6) Military College of Tele Communication Certificate


uipment's & Weapons Knowled:

HHMD, WTMD, XRay, CCTV, Night Vision Binoculars, Walkie-Talkies, HF, VHF & UHF, Radio Set.

9mm Pistol, Imm CMG, 5.56mm M16 Assault Rifle, 5.56mm INSAS Rifles, 5.56mm INSAS LMG,

7.62mm AKT, 7.62mm SLR, 7.62mm LMG, 7.62mm DSR, 7.62mm MMG, Simm Mortar, 30mm AGL,

81mm Mortar, 40mm MGL, 84mm Rocket Launcher, 36 H/Grenade

Work Experiens

1. Currently working in In

Air Force (Defence Security Corps.) since September 2017 - til date.

Duties and Respon: 6 at Nagpur Airport Deployment:

1. Access control for aircraft/helicopters passengers, employees, visitors, and other persons to

guard and maintain security of premises.

2. Checking personal, baggage/belongings, 1D-card, vehicles, passes/permit and individuals.

3. Monitor and report suspicious activities to airport authority. Monitoring security 24/7

alternating day and night shifts. Performs regular safety rounds of public, crew and off-limit

areas of the airport. Presenting to the Chief/Deputy Security Officer the log of activities during

the night time hours.

4. Inspect passenger and crew documents validity such as; ids, licenses, passports, Visa for access

control to the fights.

5. Writing reports of daily activities and irregularities, such as equipment or property damage,

theft, any abuse of aircraft property, presence of unauthorized persons, or unusual


6 Performing random or scheduled crew checks and do alcohol and illegal drug tests as

directed by the Chief Security Officer or the staff captain.

7. Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of vehicles, cargo trucks and visitors.

8 In the case of a fire be able to access and control the situation properly until arrival of the

dedicated fire-fighting team,

9. Reporting to team leader/commander and taking briefing from him about our responsibility.

10. Adherence to safety measure as per government norms.

11. Participating in contingency drills which were held monthly/quarterly.

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2. The Indian Army (Gorkha Regiment) from 03" April 2000 to 30" April 2017 as Havildar.

During my service in Indian Army

Have a good experience on various field, peace and high altitude area.

Ability to work in a team of skill and professional.

Served in various counter insurgent ops. (2000 - 2002, 2005 - 2007).

Served in UN mission at Bhutan (2008 - 2011).

Served at High Altitude (Siachen Glacier) from 2012 - 2014.

Skill in handling different Arms and Weapons.

Knowledge in operating Tele Exchange Unit.

‘Attended mass military Tele communication course with certificate.

Attended weapons TRG course,

SPN aan

My Job Responsibilities;

Team Work.

Punctual, discipline and Hard Working,

Routine checking of equipment and responsible area of duty.

Taking part in all exercises and drill conduct as per schedule/government norms.

To maintain peace and harmony inside the organization.

To handle every situation with peace or calm mind,

To protect government/company property from lost or damage.

To maintain daily roster and handle our duties and responsibilities carefully.

oe ME RoE

Key Strengths:

Ambitious, Passionate, Positive Attitude, Result Oriented, Hard Working, Quick Learner, Energetic.


Football, Swimming and Singing

Language Known:

English, Hindi & Nepali

All the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief,


Place: Manipur Au

Don Mukhiya

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