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Registered Nurse 30 plus years experience in various specialties leads

Berkeley, CA
August 27, 2020

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Stefὰn J. Christenberry, RN


Seeking an RN position in any adaptable role involving leadership, education, management or any other needed specialties that I have incorporated in my nursing career utilizing my 30 years plus of nursing, talent, strengths, and strategies for developing client inclusiveness. Representing my company with the highest regard, as I will continue to conduct compassionate patient centered care for this community that we serve.

Professional Experience AHF-Aids Health Care Foundation July 2019 to October 2019 RN Nurse Manager-San Francisco/Oakland, Ca

•Building two Healthcare Center as a Wellness Center with HIV/AIDS Clients, and Non-Infected Patients PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis)

•PREP clients being seen and evaluated, Medical Assistant, Office Administrator, and Medical Director

•Providing a welcoming professional atmosphere from a global facility known worldwide

•Nurse Case Management, Ryan White Funding, Insurance, Benefit Counseling, ADAP

•Future planning for Clinical Trials, for continued “cutting edge” outlooks

•Strong Communicative Skills, HIV/AIDS Education-Medication/side effects. Standardized Documentation

•Educating Medical Assistant/Lab Draws, Formal Training with LabCorp, Formal Training with Quest Diagnostics, and New Techniques. Training/Supervising with Phlebotomist Skills, (Monitoring & Assisting), Specific Lab Tests, Appropriate Vials and Processing, Directing/Supervising All Injections, & Techniques. Provided, (VIS) Vaccine Information (All Oral Medications, along with side effects, and efficacy, accuracy with needles size)

• Knowledge Base of all Maintenance Health Record, and Boosters. Vaccine Information Sheets with each sheet distributed w/ each injection given per patient carried out through the CDC.

•Communicated with all Departments of Public Health throughout all counties, reporting treatments given or not for STI’s. If patient was notified and/or it’s partners, of any exposures, follow-ups, or if exposed patient had been seen in the system, and was specifically treated, for any outbreaks at any facility in the state. Completed paperwork is mandatory in a timely manner once information was verified or obtained.

•Making sure appearance of each health center was appropriately presentable from previous homeless sleepers, with their accoutrements, and extended paraphernalia was disposed accordingly, (Interior, and exterior)

•Managed and worked with entire staff, and was responsible for the hiring and interview process, in addition to having the Medical Director, accompany the “RN Nurse Manager” on each interview, with own professional input, working cohesively

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center - Martinez, CA February 2016 to July 2019 (Lead RN of the Perioperative Medicine Clinic Program) -Received “Outstanding Excellence Award” from Breast Oncologist Dr. Charlene Lee, MD (4/2019)

•Facilitate and construct the Perioperative Team consisting of FNP's MD's, RN's and LVN's.

•Working in the following specialties: General Surgery, Orthopedics, HIV/ AIDS, Plastics, GYN, Uro-Gyn, Ophthalmology, Urology, ENT.

•Coordinating with the surgeons, and "OR Team": PACU, "OR" Scheduler, and communicating specifically with my Care Coordinator. Implemented Daily Reports with “OR” Charge Nurse for Continuity, Safety, and Knowledge for Consents, Informed Consents, Co-signer of Family, or Conservatorship with State Law

•Assessing patients that are needing clearance for surgery in a safe and controlled environment. High-Risk and low risk patients.

•Teaching RN's, LVN's and entire ancillary teams the workflow of all three Health Centers/ facilities, and how to streamline all individuals in a professional manner.

•Providing expert education and following hospital protocols, creating updated policy and procedures according to state regulations, and Joint Commission.

Lifelong Medical Care/ BPC- Innovations Program - Berkeley, CA-Federally Funded March 2014 to April 2015

RN Care Management

•RNCM assesses/coordinates, triages acute concerns, with prioritization.

•Assisted clients’ management of “complex chronic conditions”

•Interfaced with d/c planners, resourcing development, DME, SNF-evals.

•Addressed Mental Health Issues in acute setting. Handled Medical Complexities with sensitivity.

•Followed the 5150 protocol per policy & procedure.

•Developed new strategies with team weekly

•Home visits, Shelters, and medication reconciliation per each discharge.

•Providing a spectrum and platform integrating with outside professionals.

APEB- Aids Project of the East Bay - Oakland, CA May 2013 to October 2013

RN Consultant-RN Nurse Case Manager for Medi-Cal Waiver Program

•Reaching out to the marginalized client’s with triple diagnoses- HIV/AIDS/Mental Health/Substance Abuse Issues.

•Inquire regularly on status of “Medi-Cal eligibility” ongoing.

•Providing a comprehensive “holistic approach” to benefitting those in challenging situations of their lives advocating support, guidance, & resources for individuals in this capacity, and represent them as a whole.

•Interfacing with hospitals, clinics, d/c planners and providers, homelessness, and locating with outreach workers to locate clients

•Home Visits made with MSW’s/RN Team

•Multi-Disciplinary Team: MSW’s, RN’s, PT’s; RD’s; & MFT’s staff involved in Wellness Center Floating through clinic weekly/bi-weekly, drawing HIV/AIDS assays w/ comprehensive panels.

Horizon Home Healthcare - Orinda, CA April 2011 to May 2013

RN Nurse Case Manager

•Supervision to LVN’s & CCHA’s

•Collaborating with a Multi-Disciplinary Team: MSW’s; OT’s; PT’s: ST’s & RN’s

•Strong IV Skill’s Tech; Port-A Cath’s; PICC Lines; Phlebotomy; Admission’s; Discharges’; Oasis Charting; Wound Care; DM Teaching; Detailed Documentation Skill’s

•Weekly Multidisciplinary Teams, and/or Presentations

•Worked every Weekend x’s 1/year Specifically IV Team- VIP Clients and Challenging (per diem)-2013-2014

•State Regulatory Safety Check’s on Compliancy and Accuracy, with Tracking All Current and Past Clients

St. Francis Career College, Daughters of Charity - San Jose, CA May 2009 to September 2011 Didactic Theory Instructor/Clinical

•Instructed ESL students criteria needed in the LVN scope of practice, preparing for NCLEX state board exams.

•Subjects: Med/Surg, Peds, OB, A&P, Medical Abbreviation, Pharmacology, creating exams, grades, criteria for syllabus.

•Instructed/supervised students in acute hospital clinical rotations.

•Trained students on Pyxis. (medication dispensing machine via pharmacy)

Mom's Pharmacy/Allion Healthcare - Bay Area, CA May 2008 to December 2008 Clinical Nurse Specialist HIV/AIDS

•Provided pharmacy Services to HIV Community.

•Provided education to HIV support groups in hospitals and ASOs.

•Created a curriculum for monolingual Spanish-speaking clients & all other ethnicities, with topics, and presentations.

•Established a curriculum for Community Resource Center, in San Francisco, planning with Operations Management.

•HIV Grand Rounds- Weekly; San Francisco General Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine Hospital/Mark Zuckerberg, General Hospital-San Francisco

•Topics: Infectious and Other Complications of Immunologic Agents Used by HIV Individuals- Peter Chin-Chong, MD

UCSF Medical Center - San Francisco, CA October 2006 to January 2007 Clinical Research Coordinator/RN II

•Clinical Trials on 2 HIV Studies

Tenderloin Health and Baker Places - San Francisco, CA July 2006 to October 2006 HIV/AIDS Healthcare Nurse Case Manager Consultant

Treated homeless clients Consulted for MSW RN-Case Managers, Outreach workers, for HIV/AIDS Team. (Dual/Tripled Diagnosed clients, (HIV/AIDS/Substance Abuse/Mental Health Issues/Supplemental)

Maxim Healthcare - San Francisco, CA January 2006 to July 2006 HIV/Clinical Nurse Specialist-Market Specialist for Roche Pharmaceuticals

•Key Person for HIV Team-providing education to Sales Rep's. Liaison with MDs.

•Delivered presentations regarding drug benefits & risks. Evidence Based Medicine.

•Educated clients, families, support systems, from Sacramento to Monterey counties, including San Francisco & Alameda counties, prescribed on Fuzeon. Washington State Patient’s enrolled into “Roche Pharmaceutical Fuzeon Program”

•Spokesperson for Roche Pharmaceutical Speakers’ Bureau (1 out of 2 RN’s chosen for the state of California).

•Territories: California & Washington State

EBAC (East Bay AIDS Center) - Berkeley/Oakland, CA Alta -Bates Summit Medical Center June 2003 to January 2006 Lead RN-HIV/Hep-C, Co-Infection Coordinator Leader

•Triage and clinic nurse for over 1,200 HIV clients.

•Started IV's, obtained labs, ordered diagnostic studies through client's providers and admitted clients for hospitalization via providers.

•Taught the administration of Fuzeon (HIV), Pegasys/Co-Pegasys (Hep-C Treatment) and facilitated support groups.


WGU-Western Governor’s University, Missouri

Bachelor Science of Nursing (RN to BSN) 1 semester

Anticipated Graduating Date: 12/2020

Argosy University - San Francisco, CA- Graduated-6/2015

Psychology & Behavioral Science Program -Bachelor’s Degree

Long Beach City College – Long Beach, CA=Graduated-12/1990

Accelerated RN Program-AS in Nursing

Northeastern University - Boston, MA-Completion-6/1982

EMT Program

Brown University – Providence, RI-Completion-8/1980

LEAP (Laboratory Educational Advancement Program)

(Scholarship for individuals considering (Pre-Med) 3-Summer Semesters


•IV Certification/Phlebotomy-trifuses, CAD Access Programs, Port-A Cath’s, TPN, PICC lines & drips & Pumps, Huber Needles

•Certification in Substance Abuse, knowing S/Sax’s of Depression, Treatment/12-Step Programs

•Certification in Advanced AIDS/Care

•Certification in Excellence in Clinical Instruction

•Certification in Blobject (Needle-less System)

•Certification in Principles of Teaching Adult Learners

•Certification in Excellence in Nursing Education: Moving Forward for Student Success

•Certification in AHA-BLS- 7/2021, ACLS-8/2021

•Certification in AHA-PALS-1/2022

Educator Experience

•Developed series of classes to educate staff about HIV/AIDS, Co-Founder, “New Patient Clinic” Harbor-UCLA Medical Center”, Torrance, Ca

•Provided specific criteria for nursing students, from private sector to public nursing schools at appropriate levels within their nursing programs.

•Participated in education with Infectious Disease, Allergy/Immunology to medical students, residents, and fellows.

•Designed a protocol for a well renowned Colo-Rectal surgeon Dr Michael Gynn, MD (ERAS Program) Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

•Participated on TB/Investigation Committee for 2/years 1993-1995 for the entire Medical Center

Research & Development

•Participated in development of Clinical Trial Protocols for HIV/AIDS.

•Continued and concentrated on Research Studies for clients that could benefit from different disease progressions.

•Functioned as Clinical Research Coordinator/RN II, on the Esprit & Smart Trials. Worked with the top Medical Team of Physicians in HIV/AIDS Development during “Aids Epidemic Crisis”-1995-1999

State Licenses

California RN # 461973

Washington State RN. RN # 61045732 exp-8/2021

Computer Skills:

-EPIC EHR, Gensure HER

HIPPA Compliance

Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook

Strong Communication Platform & Documentation

Transformational Leadership Styles (4) TYPES: TIMIC

Time Management, Flexibility, Virtual Interviews

Providing Clinical Direction, certifying compliant growth &

Profitability of the agency. M/S, Home Health

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