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Manager Marketing

Alexandria, Egypt
August 23, 2020

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Ameer AbdelMageed Aboulkheir

Personal Information


Date of Birth : 15 / 3 / 1984

Place of Birth : Kuwait

Nationality : Egyptian

Military service : Exempted

Marital status : Married

1st Address : 4 AbdelGaleel Saad Street-Loran-Alexandria-Egypt. 2nd Address : 11 Jaume Balmes Street-Palma-Mallorca-Spain. 1st Mobile Number: 002*********** (Egypt)

2nd Mobile Number: 003********** (Spain)

3rd Mobile Number: 002*********** (Egypt)

Email : (Willing to Relocate) Objective

(Cover letter)

I am seriously motivated to work in a good job in a multinational Hotel, I have the ability to be a member in a team work with a hardworking nature, dynamic, flexible, positive attitude towards change, decision making skills, leadership capabilities, comfortable dealing with figures, customer driven and I'm ready to devote myself to the Hotel I work for. On the other hand, I have more than 13 years of working experience, great achievements, remarkable certificates and advanced skills in the field of Marketing, Sales, International & National Bus. & Product Development. In addition to my well-known knowledge of 3 different languages plus my MBA certificate.

Education 1- University: UIB

University of Balearic Islands

Department of Tourism.

Studies from Oct.2018 till Now- Mallorca-Spain.


Major in Tourism Marketing.

English Section – Pending – Full Time & Online Program. 2- University: AAST

Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Business Administration.

Graduated from Sep.2012 - Alexandria-Egypt.


Major in International Business.

English Section - Grade: Very Good – Full Time Program. 3- University: AAST

Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Business Administration.

Graduated from Feb.2007 - Alexandria-Egypt.


Major in Marketing & International Business.

English Section - Grade: Very Good – Full Time Program. 4- High School: JPS

AL-Jameel Private School

Graduated from June 2002 - Kuwait City-Kuwait.

English Section - Grade: Excellent – Full Time Program. Work experience

Current Employer:

Blue Sea Company

Starting From Sep.2018 Till Now.

Address: Sultan Hussein-Alexandria-Egypt.

Grade/Title: Director.

Position: Marketing & Sales Director.

Department: Marketing & Sales.

Industry: Logistics, Shipping, Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding. Job Functions: Strategy, Planning, Implementation, Distribution Channels, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Advertising, Promotion, Social Media, Events, Sponsorship, Public Relations, Feasibility Studies, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Operations, Budget, Pricing, Coaching, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Productivity KPI’s, Negotiation

& Contracting, B2B, B2C, Supply Chain, International Business, Management Demand & Supply & Material Resources, Logistics, Statistics, Compliance, Control, Corporate & Individual Deals, Microsoft, Project, Export & Import. Top Achievement/Certificate: Best Performance & Results Award in 2019. Previous Title: Manager, Senior Manager.

Previous Position: Int. Marketing & Sales Manager – Senior Marketing & Sales Manager. Previous Locations: Work at Business “ Barcelona – Mallorca – Valencia “ 1- Previous Employer:

QATAR NATIONAL BANK (QNB) + National Societie Generale Bank (NSGB) Starting From Nov.2007 Till Sep.2018.

Address: Roushdy Branch-Alexandria-Egypt.

Grade/Title: Assistant Manager.

Position: Relationship Executive/Manager - Safwa/Wealth Portfolio Manager. Department: Retail & Private Activities Network.

Industry: Banking, Insurance, Investment and Financial Services. Job Functions: Marketing, Sales, Branding, Credit, Risk, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Operations, Compliance, Treasury, Insurance, Legal, Investments, Business Development, Promotion, CRM, Payroll, Planning, Strategy, Product Management, Collections, Incoming & Outgoing Transfers, LGs/LCs, KYC/AML, B2B, B2C E-Banking/commerce, Trade Finance, Negotiation & Contracting, Microsoft office applications, Oracle, POS, Retail, Consumer & Personal Banking, Private Banking, SME’s

& Corporate Banking, Cash Management, Real Estate, Consumer Behavior, Learning & Development, Quality & Assurance, Money Laundry, Mortgage Finance, Customer Service & Retention, After Sale Service, Budget Control, Productivity KPIs, Events, Sponsorships, Commercial Contracts. Top Achievements / Certificates:

A) 1st Place in Alexandria Region ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ In Recognition of Valuable Achievement during 2017 in Credit Facilities & Deposits. B) 1st Place in Alexandria city and 3rd rank in Egypt ‘Certificate of Merit’ In Recognition of the Outstanding Achievement during Benchmark 2015-Best Performance & Production in the Retail activities network. C) 1st Place in Roushdy Group ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ In Recognition of Valuable Contributions during 2014 in Banky Packages Competition. D) 8th Place in Retail Branches Network ‘Certificate of a Great Participant in Branch’ In Recognition of the Outstanding Branch Achievement during 2011- Remarkable & Outstanding Efforts-Best Performance & Results. Previous Titles: Graduate, Senior Graduate, Supervisor, Section Head. Previous Positions: Account Officer, Customer Advisor, Operations Officer, Relationship Executive, Relationship Manager, Customer Service Manager. Previous Branches Kafr Abdo Branch, Miami Branch, Sporting Branch. Extra QNB Sessions: Business Etiquette, Leadership, Professionalism, Money Makers, Time & Crisis Management, Quality & Assurance, FATCA, Anti-Money Laundry, Performance & Productivity, Safety & Security Systems. 2- Previous Employer:

ALEXANDRIA for DETERGENTS & CHEMICALS COMPANY (ADCO) Starting From Feb.2007 Till Nov.2007.

Address: Salaheldin-Alexandria-Egypt.

Position: Assistant Marketing Manager.

Department: Marketing.

Industry: Detergents and Chemicals Products.

Job Functions: Marketing, Sales, Business Dev., Product Dev. Management, Advertising & Promotion, Planning, Strategy, Feasibility Studies, Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Microsoft applications, Oracle, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Sponsorships, Branding, B2B, B2C, Consumer Behavior, After Sale Service, Events, Negotiation, Contracts, Customer Service & Retention. Top Achievement: Succeeded to double sales & net profit of the company at the big show room festival of Cairo in 2007 than the previous year. Previous Positions: Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Supervisor. Training/Working Experience During University:-


Summer training in 2006 at Alexandria-Egypt

Department: Marketing.


Summer training in 2005 at Alexandria-Egypt.

Department: Collections.


Summer training in 2004 at Alexandria-Egypt.

Department: Operations.


Summer training in 2003 at Alexandria-Egypt.

Department: Customer Service.


Advanced Personal Skills: Communication & Presentation skills, Negotiation & Contracting skills, Problem Solving skills, Strong Leadership & Analytical skills, Public Relations skills, Decision Making skills, Hyper Pro-Active, Highly motivated & innovative, Creative thinking & Ability to provide out of the box solutions, Energetic & Positive team player, Credit & Risk Analyst, CRM skills, International Business skills, Banking (Retail-SME’S-Corporate), Financial Controller, Insurance Specialist, Direct & Tele Sales skills, Target Driven, Actuarial,

(Managerial + Financial + Cost + Company+ Zakat) Accountant, Economist, Statistician, Big Data Analytics, Money Laundry & Fraud Analytics, Strategy & Planning skills, Real Estate & Investments Analyst, International Marketing & Sales skills, Export & Import skills, Distribution Channels, Logistics & Supply Chain Management skills, Advertising & Promotion skills, Time Management skills, Fully Bilingual skills, B2B & B2C Management skills, Change & Crisis Management skills, Budgeting & Performance skills, Monitoring & Evaluation skills, Operations skills, Full Awareness of Islamic Banking, Legal, Advanced HR, Compliance, KYC/AML, Taxation, Audit, Compensation & benefit skills, Feasibility Studies, Marketing & Finance Consultant, Demand & Supply & Implementation & Procurement skills, Business Management Consultant, Learning & Development skills, Productivity KPIs, Business

& Product Development Management skills, Customer Experience, Service & Retention skills, After Sale skills, Business Etiquette, Professionalism skills, Money Makers, Quality & Assurance skills, Tourism & Hospitality skills, Project Management, Cash Management. Advanced Computer Skills: Windows & Microsoft Office Applications, Cisco & Oracle & CRM & Jupiter & Transact Systems. Others: Valid ‘International Driving license’.




Arabic :Native Level.

English :Advanced Level.

Spanish :Middle Level.

Membership at Alexandria Sporting Club (Egypt)

Membership at Alittihad Sporting Club (Egypt)

Membership at Smouha Sporting Club (Egypt)

Membership at Balearic Islands University Club (Spain) Hobbies


Travelling & Photography.

Swimming & Playing Football.

Vocals & Playing Piano.

Reading & Writing Novels.

1- Miss. Manal wahby

HR Director-Blue Sea Co.

Contact No.002***********

2- Mr. Ahmed Anany

Sporting-Branch Manager-QNB

Contact No.002***********

3-Mr. George Nashed

Manshia-Branch Manager-QNB

4-Mrs. Rehab Lofty

Roushdy Group-Retail Head-QNB

Contact No.002***********

5-Mr. Karim Taher

Alexandria Group-Regional Head-QNB

Contact No.002***********

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