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Drilling Engineer

Suleja, Niger, Nigeria
August 13, 2020

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My C.V

Personal Details:

Name: Chinedu Okeke

Home Address: 2A Dike Street

Inside Old Arizona


Via Port Harcourt Nigeria

Airport: MM Airport Lagos

Telephone/Mobiles: +234 (0-901*******(Home Nigeria)

+234(0) 803-***-**** (My Nigerian Mobile)

Alternative Telephone/Mobiles:

+234 (0-706******* (Wife’s Mobile)

Main Email:

Second email

Third email

Date of Birth: 19th July 1974

Marital Status: Married, four sons & two daughters

Education: University Of Port Harcourt 1994-1999

Federal University Of Technology 2009-2014,

University Of Texas, Austin 2015

Field Value Certification:

IWCF 1,2&3,4, Well cost estimate level 1 & 4,IADC Well control methods, Well Design level 1,2,3 & 4,Casing Design Level 1 & 2, Well Control BOP & Kill Line, Gas Operation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering

Major: Mechanical Engineering

PgD Power System Engineering

MSc Petroleum Engineering

Industry Institute: Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. Reg No G1649/94

Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Foreign Languages: Moderate to good French, Some basic Spanish/Portuguese

Fluent In English

Career Summary

Experience and result-oriented wellbore Engineer having undergone over 15 years work experience covering Principles of drilling, drilling fluids and rheology, drilling problems, drilling hydraulics, well control techniques and casing seat selection.and 23 years intensive training on wellsite operation & well control, safety values & risk management, equipment operation & maintenance, problem identification & resolution, training & development, regulatory compliance,communiation skills, assessing crew members competencies, reviewing & evaluating operations feasibility, wellbore suspension, unload & abandonment, equipment mechanism & maintenance plan during wellbore completion,workover and intervention program,gaining a good knowledge of well completion procedure,wellhead revamping and operations,wireline and coiledtubing/pumping/cementing/perforating/testing operation with appreciable knowledge of budgeting,contracting and procurement services.

Special Skills : A Safety Leader, with an Engineering degree, holding a valid Well Control certificate (Supervisor Level 4 - Surface), Fluency in written and spoken use of the English language, Excellent written, spoken, communication, presentation and report writing skills,Good understanding of industry normal practices associated with :

1. The drilling rig, terminology, drilling fluids; drilling problems and solutions

2. Wellbore hydraulics and design of circulation system

3. Casing design procedures; collapse, burst, tension

4. Abnormal pressures prediction, well control

5. Fracture gradient prediction

6. Design of primary and secondary cementing jobs

7. Liner cementing, setting of cement plugs*

8. Directional drilling, wellbore surveying techniques*

9. Horizontal drilling, coiled tubing drilling testing, work-over, wire-line and completion operations, Familiar with API & other recognised industry standards & recommended practices, Team player, Cultural empathy,Open and honest; integrity, Good communicator at all levels, and clear presentation and influencing skills.


Good Knowledge of Wellview, Wellplan,Landmark EDM, (StressCheck, Wellplan, CasingSeat&Wellcat)and Compass softwares

Conversant with quality, environment and safety management principles.

Good at Designing zonal isolation, tubing, packers, flow devices & equipment safety plan.

Competent with Drilling and Completion fluids selection/DIMS/Design/Drilling Operation/Evaluation/Case study.

Experienced on evaluating hydraulics, BHA, Bit heading &Optimization on offset well data/Documentation/tendering/costing/Budgeting/Testing and analysis for R&D support/ field analysis.

Can evaluate geological data, plan casing program, mud, torque/drag & hydraulics Program.

Experience in all phases of onsite drilling operationincluding MPD, ERD, HPHT wells

With Well Control certificate - Supervisor level, combined Surface and Subsea BOP Stack (Issued by an institution approved by IWCF)

Cyber base and Amphion drilling experience packages - from both Jack-up and deepwater background.

Secure bid for services from reputable subcontractors.

Possess offshore certificates including IWCF, BOSIET and medical certificates.

Personal Qualities

1) Work well in a team of a drilling managers,(wellsite supervisor,front-end loading team,engineers,geologists, associate drilling field technicians and contractors),hence willing to take initiatives.

2) Work well under pressure (remain calm), and be submissive to drilling manager, well supervisor & contractors on designing plans, techniques/procedures, & operation with the accepted norms.

3)Able to demonstrate sound critical thinking and decision making.

4) Flexible with regards to working on/offshore and outside normal working hours in support of the various well P&A activities.

5) Provide Emergency Response Support as a Core Team Member.


Experience in:

1 Designing and evaluating well drilling systems; identify and solve drilling problems for all well geometries.

2. Calculate the pressure requirement at every stage of the drilling operation from the pump to the bit and back to the surface based on rheological models and drilling hydraulics procedures and the API recommended practices.

3. Design casing, taking into consideration the pore pressure and the fracture gradient of the formation.

4. Establish a proper procedure for well control to ensure the safety of the personnel and to protect the environment.

5. Design a proper cementing procedure for cementing the casing or abandoning a well, taking into considerations the environmental and legal issues.

6. Solving wellsite drilling (hole) problem such as pipe sticking, loss circulation, hole deviation, drillpipe failure, borehole instability, mud contamination, formation damage, hole cleaning,H2S bearing zone, shallow gas zone, equipment related problem, personnel related problem & model wellkill procedure on an abnormal pressure (say 149psi) and abnormal temperature (say 300'F) wellbore drilling achieved by Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) using high temperature elastomeric seals in BOP & wellheads,

7 Preparing material standard for drilling equipment, properly modeling mud-gas separator in place of poorboy degasser with derrick vent line terminating above the crown & where flowrates,size & capacity were calculated,HP overboard “lowdown" lines from the buffer tank, effectively bypassing the mud/gas separator (4"/5" line pressure=5ksi/10ksi buffer) run straight overload to port & starboard, a system for monitoring/recording temperature particularly in subsea BOPs as well as pressure & temperature upstream/downstream of both hydraulic chokes.


Casing Design, Basic Drilling Fluids Technology, Basic Cementing Technology,Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Technology,Well Control, Blowout Prevention Equipment and Testing, Tubular Goods Inspection,Open hole and Cased Hole Logging,Directional Drilling,Bit Design and Hydraulics, Drill String Design, Drilling Problem Solving (Lost Returns, Stuck Pipe, Hole Instability), Operations and Well Integrity,Well Value Assurance Process, Risk Assessment,Sour Environment Operations, Fundamental Geology,Fundamental Reservoir Engineering, Technical Writing, Coil Tubing Technology, Stimulation Technology, Best Practices and Lessons Learned, Knowledge Management, Information and Database Management, Productivity Improvement,Performance Improvement, Well Control(BOP Equipment & Testing)Tubular Goods Inspection,OPenHole/Cased Hole Logging, Bit Design &Hydraulics Drilling Problem Solving(Lost Returns,Stuckpipe,Hole Instability),Operations& well integrity

Career History:

June 2019-Date

Position Held: Drilling/Completion Supervisor

Contracted to: Nigerian Agip Energy– A boh field (through Multitech)

Prepare data and information collected and correctly transfer

the prepared information.

Provide information to the Senior Drilling Completion

Rig Supervisor

immediately should there be any significant problem

, incident or

change to program,e.g. drill string washout/twist off unexplained pump pressure increase/decrease, major increase in gas levels, positive flow check/ “kick” or other well control situation, drilling fluid loss circulation, major tight hole/stuck pipe, any accidents/injuries etc

Assist in preparing such hydraulics, pre-kick calculations and other drilling parameter requirements as required.

Supervise drilling and completion operations carried out by Company's and Contractor's personnel at rigsite.

Supervise drilling and completion activities in accordance with drilling programme, specification, Company procedures and best practices

Prepare reports on the progress of operations on regular basis and send to the Senior Drilling Completion Rig Supervisor.

Prepare and deliver all the Company Forms: DDR, FB01, FB02, etc; as per eni Standards

Supervise drilling and completion operations and ensure they are carried out in safety, with good oilfield practice and in accordance with programme and all the relevant Company standards and HSEQ procedures.

Supervise the consumptions and stock of materials available at rigsite, and request personnel, materials, and services in due time in order to avoid any delay in the operations.

Ensure contractor personnel, services and material, are available at rigsite when required so as to avoid any delay in operations

Comply with the requirements of the different HSE policies of the Company, by applying the HSE Integrated Management System and the HSE Management System Guidelines and providing proper HSE conditions of work to everyone including Well Control Contingency Planning and Well Control Contingency Plan Response

• February 2018-June 2019

Position Held: Drilling Supervisor

Offshore Nigeria

Contracted to: Pacific Drilling– (through Total Support)

*Established guidelines for drilling & completion operation.

*Design material & equipment layout.

*Ensure compliance to HSE and well/pressure control (tripping,circulation and flow check)

*Ensure routine prompt kick dictation delegating active pit volume monitor, present of flow indicator on flow line,gas detector on flow line,and shale shaker,,that geolograph recorder is operated and recorded including mud balance and trip tank

*Provide oversight and guidance during tripping & fill up,coring,casing/cementing,slickline,logging,perforation and cementing*

Record daily operation prestting surface casing,fishing,shooting, perforating, acidizing,fracturing,surveying, testing among others Responsible for placement of rig equipment and rig up.

• Responsible for supervising implementation of all safety standards at well site.

• Responsible to ensure availability of all well Equipment (e.g. casing handling equipment, drilling jars, MWD etc), Well Materials (e.g. casings, liner hangers, wellheads, packers etc), and Well Consumables (e.g. bits, mud additives, cement additives etc), but not limited to the above, so that the well operations does not suffer.

Suggest company representative on issues related to day to day well operations based on the approved drilling program and amendments as required.

• Responsible for implementation of Emergency Response Plan as per bridging documents.

• Ensure all shallow tests on Motors, MWDs & LWDs are carried prior to running in hole and after pull-out-of-hole.

January 2016-February 2018 (2 year contract completed)

Position Held: Lead Drilling Supervisor

Offshore based, on Pacific Drilling Galveston Key& Trident IX Jack Ups, and Pacific Drilling J.P. Bussell jack up

Contracted to: NPDC - (through Petrodynamics -Nigeria)

Based offshore as a Senior/Lead Drilling Supervisor

Involved in planning and well requirements with onshore team

Liaised with the logistics personnel to arrange movement of equipment and personnel

Involved with multinational crew and national crew members, working and integrating well together as a team

Mentor local engineers

Using IDS web based reporting package

Involved in QHSE with all on board, encourage participation from all. Encourage Start/SOAR card, JRA,safety card participation, hazard hunt involvement and feedback, risk assessments and environment

Involved in all SIMOPS operations on live, commissioning platforms and MOPUs when attached

Involved in the planning and installation of an Petrofac combined designed Wellhead Support Structure (WSS) installed in sections from the jack up using DP3 vessel, ROVs and the rig to set and position. The topsides installed via a crane barge

Wells all deviated, some high angles, ERD, HTLP some proved difficult to drill, posing lots of mechanical and geological issues. Using RSS systems and annular monitoring

Involved in farm out on well for HESS E&P Malaysia – casing drilling for first 2 sections, conventional motor drilling in next 2 sections of well, logging as per requirements

I was involved in the rig move from Petrofac location, a spud can inspection in open water and then the move to Hess location and positioning of the rig

October 2015-January 2016

position Held: Night Drilling Supervisor (Rig site & Office)

Onshore, Nigeria

Contracted to: Calpex Petroleum Ltd – (through SparrowOil Warri)

Accountable for daily report preparation under Wellview software.

Supporting the Senior Drilling Supervisor during any phase of the operation requiring extra supervision (rig move, Conductor driving, Liner operations, Side tracking, landing etc).

Accountable to coordinate, during the night shift, the continuous work and maintenance of drilling related equipment, in accordance with procedures, to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Supporting the Senior Drilling Supervisor to take prompt action, in the event of an emergency within the drilling package, to safeguard life and minimise damage to properties and any detrimental effect on the environment.

Supporting the Senior Drilling Supervisor for achieving operations programme objectives.

Accountable to coordinate, during the night shift, the collection of all data to be transmitted back to the base office, and to ensure the correctness, content and quality of such data.

August 2013-October 2015 Position Held:

Night Toolpusher

Offshore (Nigeria)

Contracted to: TransOcean Nigeria

Supervise all drilling operational matters for Senior Tool Pusher and direct and assist the Driller during drilling at all times when designated to do so by the Tool Pusher.

Assist in organizing and supervising casing and cementing operations for the Tool Pusher and coordinate with Drilling Departments and the Operaton.

Assist in supervising out of the ordinary drilling operations such as coring, fishing, working stuck tools... etc.

Assist in ensuring that appropriate well control measures are taken including training of personnel in well control and ensuring all pertinent well data is maintained and reported. Ensure that BOP drills are scheduled and carried out.

Ensure that appropriate well control equipment is available, tested and ready for use. Assist in the direct application of preventive and planned maintenance programs.

Assist in keeping equipment and systems operational and ensure that repairs are carried out.

Assist in monitoring that rig equipment and systems are used as designated.

Assist in the supervision, testing and checking of equipment and per their respective test schedules and take corrective measures when required.

Secure the well in the emergency situation and ensure that the well is properly shut in.

Assist in directing kill operations and make recommendations to the Tool Pusher.

Direct crew in other emergencies.

Assess situation and evaluate how to most effectively direct and control the situation.

Take initial steps to stabilize the situation and inform the Tool Pusher and standby for orders and assist when needed.

Oversee the performance of the Tool Pusher's orders by checking on the progress of work and give guidance to crew in accomplishing planned work. Assist in the training of crews by ensuring that the Tool Pusher's personnel development plan is practiced.

Ensure that work is performed using safe practices and procedures.

Be prepared to act in the Senior Tool Pusher's absence.

Assist in evaluation of crew by performing evaluation on subordinates as designated by the Tool Pusher.

Supply feedback on daily basis to crew and report on personnel performance and behavior to the Tool Pusher.

Provide leadership in Tool Pusher's absence by using good judgment, demonstrating maturity.

Protect crews, environment, rig and the Operator's interests. Make recommendations for parts to be requested, equipment to be repaired and alternative procedures that may be helpful. Maintain good communication of information to update the Tool Pusher and prepare handover notes.

Coordinate with the departments to accomplish the planned work.

Assist Tool Pusher in ensuring maintenance of logs, records, reports, and work permit procedures.

Interpret and respond to down whole conditions and make decisions based on the available information.

Assist the Operator in efficient use of rig in conjunction of drilling program and knowledge of available equipment.

Sept 2011-August 2013

Position Held: Drilling & Workover Engineer / Asst OWE

Offshore and Office Based (UAE)

Contracted to: ZADCO Oil Company– (through ADCO Drilling Limited)

Use pass/fail criteria to determine BHA design fundamentals.

Generate Torque and Drag, Hydraulics, BHA static and vibration analysis interpretation and report.

Determine Jar Placement.

Calculate Non-Mag and spacing requirements.

Interpret Directional tendency and generate report.

Provide operational support and guidance on specific projects

Provide workshop and classroom seminars/training in Engineering software packages and work flows.

Assist Business Development and Marketing in the development of Technical Data Sheets, Brochures and Bidding Strategies.

Participate in technical seminars and writing technical papers,

Know, understand and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies.

Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.

March 2009 -Sept 2011 (contract completed)

Position Held: WellSite Drilling Engineer

Onshore, Nigeria

Contracted to:South Atlantic Petroleum Company

Review all of the available offset data (• Pore and Fracture Pressure Plots • Time Depth Curves • Daily Drilling Reports • Daily Mud Reports • Final Well Reports • Mud Logging Records • Bit Records • Casing and Cementing Reports • Survey Records) and regional data

Generate the following information • Provisional Trajectory • Casing Schematic • Provisional Mud Program, including mud types and weights • Provisional Cement Program, including tops of cements and slurry types • Torque and Drag Assessment • Budgetary Time Estimate • Budgetary Cost Estimate • Hazard Assessment

Present the various well design options at the peer review meeting, to ensure that all the requirements of the basis of design have been met by the various design options, that all hazards have been identified and to agree on a preferred option to carry forward to detailed design

Prepare Detailed well design involving Pore and Fracture Pressure Profiles • Temperature Profiles (HPHT wells) • Casing Design • Casing Running and Jewellery • Drilling Fluids • Hydraulics and Hole Cleaning • Cementing Design • Trajectory and Surveying • Torque and Drag • Drill String Design • Well Abandonment • Completion Design • Well Cost and Duration • Contingency Planning

Prepare and Submit An Authorisation For Expenditure (AFE) for the Rig • Mud engineering • Cementing .Directional drilling • Fishing • Wireline logging • Rental tools • Etc. • Consumables • Mud • Cement and additives • Casing and tubing • Welhead and xmas tree • Bits and nozzles • Fuel • Logistics • Helicopters • Supply boats • Transport • Supply base • Telecomms and IT • Support • Supervision • Well planning • Operator overhead

Perform Risk Analysis, Subject detailed Design to peer group review

Prepare Contingency Plan to ensure sufficient procedure,material and equipment is available

Confirm Contracts and Materials, Prepare Well Program, Prepare Environmental Impact Assessment

Prepare Emergency Response Plan, Prepare Bridging Document, Prepare HSE Plan Prepare Consent Documentation, Prepare Drilling Program,Drill Well On Paper Execute Well Program

Analyze and Improve Performance

January 2007-March 2009 Operator: Nigeria Agip Oil Co Ltd Santa Fe Techserv Well Engineering Group

Position Held: Drilling Junior Engineer-(HPHT Wells)

Rig: Santa Fe Jack Up Key Gibraltar


Design/supervise/verify/review/approve; Standard drilling practices (SOP),Torque& Drag,hydraulics,fluid program,mud logging,drillbit selection,directional drilling details,casing schedule,cementing,electric logging & liner job details to meet company requirement.

Develop detailed well design, engineering procurement, drilling& completion workscope.

Prepare slide mate on well performance & lesson learnt for technical committee meeting.

Implement new technologies in HPHT drilling, completion and intervention activities by adapting the latest technologies and experience in the project to ensure value creation is realized.

Assist drilling manager in preparing workplans,budget & set up/maintain cost control system, editing well cost,prognosis,contract invoice & cost allocation.

Develop and sustain Cost Estimating Framework (standard, methodology and system) for capital projects through benchmarking with industry's best practices and consistent reviews.

Prepare Bit header, DIMS parametric optimization, Procedures & Guidelines

Perform strategic conceptual studies

Develop and perform strategic conceptual studies for asset acquisition

Develop and perform project execution plan encompassing contracting strategy, scheduling and phasing, cost estimates and risk mitigation Study analysis and lesson learn to improve Unit Development Cost (UDC) in order to maximize revenue.

Develop the application of strategic low cost technologies (deepwater, unmanned platform, Wet Pipeline Scheme, marginal oil field and high CO2 gas field, Concrete Base Storage, Self Installed Platform, spars, floaters)

Participate in the pursuance in the development of technology advent to meet new challenges in project and operational requirement.

August 2005-January 2007

Position Held: Tool Pusher {auxillary}

Office Based in Port Harcourt .

Contracted to: Noble Drilling Energy Services – (through Grand Oilfield Ltd)


• Plan and monitor the progress of the drilling operation and control all associated work in a safe and efficient manner as defined in the drilling program.• Monitor adherence to standards, specifications and procedures and review performance of department staff.• Ensure that staff are provided with sufficient resources and training to achieve their safety objectives.• Check programmes and calculations supplied by the Operator.• Perform well control calculations as required.• Keep daily logs/reports in connection with drilling operations.• Agree and check monthly timesheets with Operator.• Responsible for ensuring the maintenance of all drilling equipment, including marine riser and drill string components.• Responsible for ensuring that all modifications, breakdowns and maintenance work (both scheduled and unscheduled) carried out on drilling equipment has been entered into the TAG system.• Control the budget within the drilling department.• Ensure the installation has adequate supplies for drilling and maintenance of drilling equipment.• Ensure the running and retrieving of all subsea equipment is adequately supervised.• Carry out periodic appraisals of drilling personnel.• Assess and monitor drilling department relief personnel.• Keep the Master/OIM informed in all matters of significance within the drilling department.• Ensures that the drills are properly conducted and recorded in the files.

August 2003-August 2005

(contract completed)

Position Held: Driller

Offshore and Office Based

Contracted to: Pacific Drilling Limited – (through Total Support Services)

Supervise and carry out the drilling and other work in connection with the drilling operations.

Inform the Senior Toolpusher or the Lead Driller and the Operator Representative if deviation from normal drilling routines occurs

Hold Pre Job Meetings with the drilling crew before any new or difficult operation,and perform "Safe Job Analyses".

Apply the Work Permit system when required Organise and increase the efficiency of the drill floor personnel to perform the different operational routines, i.e. on the job training

Check regularly the working environment for the drilling crew and endeavour improvement when possible.

Always ensure that clean and tidy work places are in place)

Check and maintain the drilling equipment in compliance with the procedures ofthe client.

Ensure periodic inspections of the derrick and all related equipment

Ensure that the drilling crew participate in regular emergency reparedness drills including required BOP related safety equipment, and that they receive training inusing the safetyequipment according to current procedures

Check operation of Slow Pump Rates in accordance with set procedures

During hoisting operations check the "Upper Limit"

Fill in report forms in accordance with the procedures and instructions in the management system.

Pay special attention to daily drilling report hand-over routines,the I.A.D.C. report forms or other approved report, the pump reports and logging of parameters and level changes of the drilling mud.

Utilize the available data and real time information, manpower and equipment in the planning and in the actual operation to maintain primary well control Ensure that all required tools/subs in relation to well control are prepared and readily available on the rig floor for the present andcoming operations

Instruct and prepare the drilling crew before initiating new operations in the procedures to follow in case primary wellcontrol is being lost

Receive and give handover at change between shifts including relevant observations with respect to well control

If primary well control is lost,use the available information,personnel and equipment by the safest practices to combat the kick in order to regain primary wellcontrol

Responsible when relieving in other positions according to the job description for the relieved person

Assist with other work, as instructed by the Senior Toolpusher or the Lead Driller Authority

Check and log everything that enters the drilling hole (well) according to current procedures

Pre-recorded well data sheet Bottom Hole Assembly sheet Trip sheet Drawings of tools before they enter the well Tally sheets Drillers Worksheet Hand-over reports.

August 2002-August 2003

Position Held: Assistant Driller

Offshore and Office Based

Contracted to: Pacific Drilling Ltd– (through Total Support)

Based on the Brent Bravo Platform (Shell)

In accordance with orders from the Driller :

supervise the work on the drill floor and other work in connection with the drilling operations

If required, participate in performing Safe Job Analyses (SJA)

Supervise the cleaning and housekeeping on the drill floor and other drilling related areas

Assist the Driller in checking and maintaining the drillingequipment in compliance with Pacific Drilling procedures, and in carrying out periodical inspections of the derrick and all relatedequipment

Carry out regular inspections of the derrick and derrick equipment.

Check the derrick for loose objects every time whenentering the derrick.

Assist the Rig Mechanic in the maintenance and lubrication of the derrick equipment and other drilling equipment

Co-operate with the DFO regarding the supervision in the mud processing areas

Supervise and inspect all threads and tightening areas on all inwell run equipment

Inspect and ensure that the choke manifold is at all times clear and ready for use

When required assist or relieve in other drilling related areas e.g.pump room

Participate with the drilling crew in the regular emergency preparedness drills,including kick drills Train the drilling crew in using the safety equipment in accordance with current Drilling procedures andinstructions

Assist the Driller in filling in reports and in other work as instructed by the Driller or his superiors

Inspect mud and mix pumps on a daily basis Inspect the derrick for loose objects after every visit. Read and record ton-miles Complete pump reports Complete mud data sheets Hand-over reports..

July 2001-August 2002 Sperry Drilling Systems.


Pumpman/Derrickman (Roughneck)

- : - Working in the mud pump room. - Assist work on the drill floor as a Roughneck when required.

- Perform routine maintenance on the mud pump and mud pit as required. Assists in preparation on the BOP.

- Assists in drill pipe or casing handling from monkey board while tripping into or out of hole.

- Assists on drill floor or pump room.

- Perform routine rig maintenance as required.

- Work on shale shaker.

July 2000-July 2001 Sperry( Halliburton) Drilling Systems.


Floorman (Roughneck) (African and Europe Operations)

Field trained

Duties: - Make up drilling component. - Run drill stem and string hole. - Assist derrickman and pumpman with monitoring shale shaker, pumps or other equipment, - Carry out duties as defined by driller to prepare, maintain and service drill floor equipment. - Perform routine

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