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New York City, NY
October 05, 2020

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Remberto Nunez

Sr. iOS Developer




Seaside, CA

B.S. Computer Science


Experienced and passionate professional with 5+ years of experience in the software development field.

Worked with both Swift and Objective C languages.

Worked with architectural patterns like MVC and MVVM using best practices and ensuring modularity.

Worked with design patterns like KVO, KVC, Delegation and Protocols, Notifications, Categories and Extensions to adhere to follow best development practices.

Experience consuming web services (JSON and XML) with NSURLSession, URLConnection, URLSession, Alamofire, and AFNetworking.

Experience in multithreaded environments with GCD and NSOperation with serial and concurrent queues.

Experience with third-party libraries using either Cocoapods or Carthage.

Experience on data persistence with Core Data, SQLite, User Defaults, File System, Plist files.

Implemented Authentication with Keychain, Touch ID and Oauth.

Find bugs using breakpoints, LLDB statements, and NSLogs.

Comprehension of iOS memory management with MRR and ARC.

Implemented UI with Storyboards, XIB, and programmatic code.

Experience with Location Management with Core Location, Mapkit and Google Maps.

Used Xcode server bots for continuous integration.

Worked with Push Notifications to enhance the user experience and relationship with the user.

Worked with SVN and Git.

Worked under SCRUM Agile environments with two-week sprints, daily standups, demo and retrospective meetings.

Handled media with AVFoundation, AVAudioPlayer, and HLS.

Worked on TDD environments with XCTest.


SR. IOS Mobile Engineer

Intuit, New York, NY / Mar 2020 – Present

App Name: Quickbooks, TurboTax, Mint




oWorked on first-party SDK that was used by all Intuit apps

oUsed XCTest to improved code coverage

oInclude codecov into the CI process so the code coverage could be seen in the pull request

oUtilized Postman to investigate network-related defects

oCreated a build script in Jenkins that will create a release of both of our application in one click

oCreated graphs in Splunk and AppDynamics to display widget’s performance metrics

oMentored intern on how to display information gathered into Splunk

oParticipated in SCRUM ceremonies, such as daily standup, sprint planning, and story grooming

oTeam consisted of 15 members in total: 5 iOS developers, 5 Android developers, 2 Interns, 2 team leaders one for the iOS development team and one for the Android development team, and one project manager


CLARITY MONEY, INC, Remote / Dec 2018 – Feb 2020

App Name: Clarity Money - Budget Manager

oCreated custom JSON Parsers through class extensions

o Created a Networking Manager wrapper class to handle calls to the API.

oConsumed Goldman Sachs API with Alamofire and used JSONSerialization to parse the returned data.

o Utilized Google Analytics to track user’s behavior.

oWorked on customizing animations for the UIViews using Core Animation.

oMade use of Cocoapods as the main package manager.

oWorked on a test-driven development environment, the approach using XCTest.

o Traced Memory leaks using Xcode's instruments tool.

o Implemented Crashlytics to analyze crash reports.

o Used GIT and the branching model for software version control.

oWorked under SCRUM agile project management framework.

oUsed Jira to view pending stories and tickets.

Keywords: Swift, Alamofire, Cocoapods, JSONSerialization, Core Animation, Keychain, UITableView, NIB, Core Location, JIRA, XCTest, TDD.


Quite Riddle Ventures LLC, Mountian View, CA / Oct 2017 – Nov 2018

App Name: Signal - Private Messenger

oImplemented new animation with animatedWithDuration and in conjunction with CGAffines and CoreAnimation.

o Fixed gestures recognizers to improved scrolling through images.

oImproved thumbnail generation using AVAssetImageGenerator for larger images.

oWorked independently to develop, test, and provide support for end-users.

oUsed instruments in XCode to allocated and fixed bugs in the app.

oImplemented FaceID and TouchID using LocalAuthentication.

oCached information using NSCache.

o Created Unit Tests using XCTest for functionality testing.

oUsed Jira to understand which tickets and stories were pending.

oWorked with continuous integration with Jenkins.

oVersion control was handled with GIT.

Keywords: Swift, UITableView, Core Animation, UIImagePickerController, Local Authentication, Jenkins, AGILE, GIT, XCTest, TDD, Xcode Instruments.


American Automobile Association, Heathrow, FL / Aug 2016 – Oct 2017

App Name: AAA Mobile

oAAA API Consumption with NSURLSession and data parsing into local NSDictionaries with NSJSONSerialization.

oUse of MapKit and CoreLocation to display the nearest gas station location and prices.

oCustom UIButtons to display in ListView hotels near the user.

oAdded authorization request “While in use” for users location services.

oDisplayed information in table views with custom cells created with nib and custom subclasses.

oAdded push notification for changed location and login success.

oMade use of Xcode instruments to profile the application and track bugso Made use of Core Data to ensure data persistence and reduce the amount of network calls on the user side.

oVersion control was handled with GIT.

oThe project was implemented using Scrum with 2-week sprints.

Keywords: Objective C, NSURLSession, Custom UIButton, Push Notifications, NSJSONSerialization, NSURLSession, Core Location, MapKit, GIT, SCRUM.


FlightAware, Houston, TX / Oct 2015 – Aug 2016

App Name: FlightAware Flight Tracker

oThe app was refactored to meet the iOS 9 minimalistic design guidelines.

oImproved UI layout for a better experience in landscape view using size classes and auto layout.

oImplementation of a pull to refresh functionality to the airport view using UIRefreshControl.

oImplementations of push notifications to touch or swipe down on the notification to view details about the notification.

oAdded UIButtons to enhance the user’s experience.

oJSON parsing using NSJSONSerialization to extract information into dictionaries.

oImproved search functionality using UISearchController.

oCreated United Test using XCTest for functionality testing.

oWorked with Agile methodologies using scrums.

oVersion control was implemented using GIT.

Keywords: Swift, Xcode, Agile, GIT, UISearchController, UIRefreshController, XCTest, JSON, Instruments, Push Notifications.


Bloomberg Finance LP, New York, NY / Nov 2014 – Oct 2015

App Name: Bloomberg: Business News

oUsed JSON parsing using NSJSONSerialization to extract information and add new categories.

oAdded videos and recent news to their homepage using Bloomberg’s API.

o Created new table view cells to display breaking news and featured videos.

oDisplayed videos using AVKit and AVFoundation.

oImprovements on the navigation between views using Segues and accessing directly the Navigation Controller.

oImplemented Facade design pattern with an MVC software architecture.

oUsed instruments to profile the application and track bugs.

oMade use of best practices and handled information with security standards.

oWorked with SCRUM methodology and Test Driven Development.

oUsed GIT as our version control.

Keywords: Swift, Xcode, GIT, Scrum, API, JSONSerialization, AVKit, AVFoundation, Instruments, Navigation Controller.

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