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Houston, TX
July 31, 2020

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Stephanie Alber


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I would love to be a part of your company and I have a great attitude good smiling friendly face I come with honesty.

Southwest Academy

3.9 Finish Date June 4,2013 high school diploma

Smile. You always want to have a friendly face no matter what mood you’re in. When a customer approaches you and discovers a smile on your face, their brain automatically tells them that worker is friendly and very approachable. Not only that, but it can be noticed the minute someone enters the building, it’s just that effective. How do I know this? Well, every office building or place I visit, I monitor my surroundings from the minute I step into the door until the very moment I departure. What I notice is the workers with a smile on their face, held the longest conversations. They invite the customer in kindly, and tend to get work done much faster because they’re in tune with their specific customer. This is the first step, which draws in the customer, like bait.

(M) Make eye contact. When I was in undergrad I took a course in communications labeled as public speaking. The most important thing I learned was when you have someone’s attention, you make eye contact with them and really stare them into the eyes. However, every customer is different, and may not like being starred at like some creep. So you have to pay close attention and provide complete transparency. Also, when helping a customer and they ask a question, the very moment you look away, you start to lose credibility. Not only will they not believe you, but you will feel less confident in your answer. This is the second step, where you grab the customer by their attention.

(I) Initiate greetings. Now that you have their attention, greet them pleasantly. You must never skip this step, because without this step, the customer may never know you are trying to assist them. Always ask how they are doing and how may I help. This really can make a person’s day. For instance, a customer could be experiencing a terrible day and nothing has been going their way. Every person before entering the organization could have been rude and ugly towards the customer. The very instance he walks into the organization he is greeted respectively and his face begins to glow. That sense of care can brighten his day, and make it go from a bad one to a great one, just because someone actually cares. This is the third step, this is what makes the customer return and you gain their loyalty.

(L) Listen carefully. This step is very critical. You must pay close attention and hear every word the customer is trying to say. Never feel like you have to cut the customer off in order to get your words out. Listen carefully and make sure you understand everything they are asking you. If you have to ask questions back to fully comprehend, then ask away. No one likes repeating themselves, so getting it right the first time will make a great impression. This step shows the customer that you are here to help and you are not going anywhere until his request is satisfied.

(E) Execute. Once you have their request, you have a reputation to uphold. Make no mistake, and satisfy their demand accordingly. Also, remember time is not on your side. Good time management is key here. No customer likes to wait any longer than they have to. Complete the task quickly and efficiently, you have other customers waiting. Once finished, ask if you can help with anything else and kindly say, “thank you” and wish them a happy day.

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