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Developer Office

Fairfax, VA, 22033
July 31, 2020

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Microsoft Office Suit – Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and VBA

Kenneth Reed

Phone: 410-***-****



Help companies leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Office and other technologies to streamline and automate their processes

Non-Subjective tasks - (Example: How old is someone) should be done by the computer.

Subjective Tasks – (Example: What is the birth date) Needs to be entered.

Access Databases

Normalization and Referential Integrity


Forms and Reports

Modules (VB and VBA)

Migration and linking to external data sources.

User Interface and Automation (ERP)

Integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and more

Excel Spreadsheets

Design and Structure

Calculation, Formulas and VBA Macros

Graphs and Forecasting

Linking to other discourses

Integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and more

Word Documents

Letters and

Calculation, Formulas and VBA

Graphs and Forecasting

Linking to other programs

Integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and more


Presentation and Slide Shows

Dynamic Content by use of VBA and linking to other systems.

Graphics and Forecasting

Linking to other systems

Integration with the entire Microsoft Office Suite and more

Team Developer

Engility - Fairfax, VA

Mainly was too enhance and fix issues with existing Access Database and .NET program. Also required on site visits to new Navy ships (Air Craft Carriers, Submarines, Battle ships, etc.). Job required a DOD-Navy Secrete Clearance

Lead Developer

Verizon Wireless

Responsible for the information system used to manage about 3,000 cell towers being built in DC, MD, VA and PA. Enhancements included an increase in speed of presses by a factor of 10. Migrated a legacy Access database system to a SQL Server database. Automated weekly vendor updates processed through emails and XML. Implemented an Ad hoc reporting system allowing all employees from administrative through management to build reports using self-developed wizards via GUI interface. The web based reporting system was developed using IIS, Windows Server 2013, ASP.NET (C# and VB) and SQL Server.


Harvard University, MA

Created a program to manage services. Program is used by management to assign security to network users.

API Developer

Rockwell Collins, MD

ARNI is a division tasked with airport security technologies. My Task was to implement passenger biometric recognition (iris scanning, face recognition, etc.) and to enhance the existing airport security systems. We utilized integration of hardware via hardware APIs. The system integration required development in a SCRUM/AGILE environment using .NET (ASP, C# and VB), SQL Server, MVC and nHibernate to name a few.

Lead Developer


On a contract with ITT and IBM I was responsible for updates to a program called EL-CID (Equipment Location Certification Information Database). I participated in meetings with the NTIA, DOD (all branches) IBM and ITT for development reviews and discussions of PCRs (Program Change Requests). I managed the development team environment certified as CMM Level 5. I then migrated the development server from LINUX to Windows. The systems design and development used VB6, Access, SQL Server, MYSQL, IIS, ASP.NET, ASP, LINUX, Apache, Bugzilla, VSS and Subversion – to name a few.


University of Maryland Medical Center

Budget and Finance

As the budget analyst, migrated their 1/2 billion dollar budget compilation program for 250 cost centers from Lotus 123 to an Access database program. The program automated communication between their accounting system and the new budget system and created comparative reports between budgeted amounts and actual numbers.

Shock Trauma Center

Produced data analysis of a 10+ million record database. Extracted data from a legacy server to show statistics of requested information

Owner Operator

Business Systems Process Enhancement Corporation

BSPEC was contracted to automate and enhance business processes. By utilizing the IT infrastructure to streamline the way companies accomplished their needs.

(Examples Include)

Switchboard - Network Management, Security Management and Program Management

This system was developed to manage network access to files and folders using GUI interface for users and network managers. The system was used by a wide range of businesses to simplify and secure their network assets.

IWASS (I Want a Simple Site)

This web service was designed to allow "non-programmers" to develop their own web sites. Through robust user interface developed in .NET technologies and being driven by utilizing MVC users are able to work on a web site as if they were working on an MS Word Document.

Reports in Time (RIT)

This system was developed to allow users to upload any ODBC database or XML data to the internet or intranet server then process the information to a database that enabled the end user to produce Ad hoc queries and reports utilizing GUI interface.

Home Building System (HBS)

Enhanced business processes by migrating existing processes to the Internet and Intranet. Because of this migration and streamlining of the processes they were able to accomplish the same tasks in a fraction of the time. It also was designed to centralize a multitude of information systems into one.

There are many more examples utilizing the skills listed above!

G.E.B.A. - Enhanced their benefits tracking system.

Medical Innovations Inc. - Inventory and financial tracking system.

American Foreign Investment in Real Estate - Meeting scheduling program.

MedForce - Implemented the supplemental staffing system and task automation.

Harvard University - Active Directory Management System.

ABTech - Data Mining.

Accelerate Media - Web site scheduling applets.

Albizodesign - Data Mining.

EEO - Migration from Baseline to MS Access - Web site screen scrapping XML, VB, Access

Budget & Management Advisory Services - Complex macros Excel, VBA

Chemstar - Upload Services ASP.NET, Excel, QuickBooks, Internet Site

Chesapeake Bay Communications - Web Site, ICW navigation and Web Master

University of Maryland - College Park, MD

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