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Data Analyst or Software Engineer Intern

San Francisco, CA
July 30, 2020

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San Francisco, CA 94158

(916) 467- 2211

Objective Organized, detail-oriented individual with a strong statistics background and excellent analytical and communication skills.

Skills Summary

• 1-year experience in Java

• 1-year experience in C++

• 1-year experience in R

• 1-year experience in SAS

• Quickly learn and master new technologies; great working in both team and independent settings

• Github

Projects Software Development / Expression Evaluator Project Using software development tools and object-oriented programing to create an object that evaluates mathematical expressions.

Programming Methodology / Dictionary Project

Used enum objects, object-oriented programing, and user interface to create an interactive dictionary. Up-Coming Projects Software Development / Term Project

Using software development tools and object-oriented programing for my term project in Software Development. I will be designing and implementing the Tank Wars game in Java. Education San Francisco State University, Class of 2021

Major: Mathematical Statistics; Minor: Computer Science CSC 210: Introduction to Computer Programing

o Learned how to code in Java

CSC 230: Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science o Learned the connection between Mathematics and its applications to Computer Science Math 338: Introduction to SAS

o Briefly covered the basics of SAS

CSC 220: Data Structures

o Learned linear and nonlinear structures in Java

CSC 256: Machine Structures

o Learned digital logic circuits, data representation and assembly language programing CSC 340: Programing Methodology

o Advanced data structures and algorithms for manipulation in C++ CSC 413: Software Development

o Modern software application, object-oriented techniques, software design, debugging Math 400: Numerical Analysis

o Learned numerical solutions of algebra and calculus problems, interpolation and approximations. CSC 510: Analysis of Algorithms I

o Learning notions of main algorithms design methods, measures of algorithm complexity in space and time and algorithms of classic problems.

Experience Tutoring Club

Tutor / 2016-2020

Taught and helped students in various levels of math, science, language arts and standardized test preparation.

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