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Barge Admin

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
July 30, 2020

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Barge Administrator/Personnel Logistics Cordinator


Place Of Birth: Ramgarh Cantt, India Date Of Birth: 02.03.1968 Passport No: Z2753212 Place Of Issue: Ranchi,India Date Of Issue: 07.04.2014 Date Of Expiry: 06.04.2024 Beliz CDC No :SB7459 Date Of Expiry:20.02.2017

Gibraltar CDC No 15-027 Date Of Expiry:27.07.2025


302 B, Lotus Appartment, Bariatu Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand- 834008 [India] Tel - +91-993**-***** [Cell], +91-829******* [Cell] E-mail:, QUALIFICATION

B.Sc. [Bachelor Of Science] [1986]

University Of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

Radio Telephony Operator’s Certificate

License No. 20219, Issued By Ministry Of Communication Govt. Of India. G.M.D.S.S General Operator’s Certificate

License No. GG 30034, Issued By Secretary Of State, United Kingdom. G.M.D.S.S General Operator’s Certificate

License No. OM 339845, Issued By Republic Of Panama.

[Cell- +91-993**-*****,+91-829*******] 302 B,Lotus Appt,Bariatu Road,Ranchi-834008, [Jharkhand] India. TRAINING SAFETY COURSES & CERTIFICATES

PSSR, PST, FPFF, EFA, Basic H2S,HLO, Helicopter Casualty [HUET],SSO,Bosiet all comply with STCW-95 convention.


Professionally qualified knowledge in marine communication equipments comprising of VHF, SSB & Aero VHF.

Professional experience in operating G.M.D.S.S equipments including Digital Selective Calling [DSC], & Sat A, B & C communication terminals.

Proven job knowledge and alacrity in marine/land/air-borne communication during distress situations.

Well versed with modern wireless communication channels like V-Sat, Internet and Local Area Network [LAN] technologies.

Good knowledge of computer applications – Windows 98, Office 2000, Multimedia Applications and Internet Protocol.

Well trained in preparing databank and back-office support for HRD, equipments inventory, Logistics, Oilfield Documentation and Shipping.

Participate and liaise in offshore supply activities like vessels movement, stowage and loading/unloading of cargoes; plan crew schedule, booking of chopper, air ticket, hotel reservation for off signers / on signers.

Prepare daily & weekly logistics report of fuel & water consumption. Coordinate and arrange bunker, store, and victuals for supply/stand by/ support vessels, rig and platform and follow up their dispatch and delivery. Supervise and coordinate daily activities for submission of reports. Review of documentations and handover to the client

Participate to ensure that safety and security procedures for the crew and equipments are being complied to, and are in compliance with the environmental protection measures and marine legislations. Follow and develop company’s safety, environment, and quality policies. Carry out duties and responsibilities related to documentation, policies, safety manual and other relevant documents.

[Cell- +91-993**-*****,+91-829******* ]

302 B,Lotus Appt,Bariatu Road,Ranchi-834008, [Jharkhand] India. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Since 20 th Oct 2010 to 16th Jan 2018

Barge Administrator on DP3 Accomodation Barge Jascon 28 in Angola,Nigeria & Brazil With Sea Truck Group,Sharjah. – On 6 weeks On/Off rotation.

Since 10 th Oct 2005 to 30th July 2009

Logistic Co Ordinator/Heli Admn on FPSO in Angola With Exxon Mobil Production Company(On Contract with Dietsmann) . – On 4 weeks On/Off Rotation.

Since 29th June 2004 to 05th Sept 2005

Rig Administrator/Radio Operator on board jack-up rig Alborz for Iranian Offshore Oil Company managed by Selective Marine Services,Dubai.

Since 06th Feburary 2004 to 06th April 2004

Rig Administrator/Radio Officer on board Drill Ship Energy Searcher of Jet Drilling ( S ) Pte Ltd, Singapore.

25th December 1997 to 10th March 2003

Rig Administrator/Radio Operator / HLO on board jack up rig Sagadril 1 of Sagadril inc,Dubai in various location of Iran offshore.

30th July 1997 to 09th December 1997

Rig Administrator/Radio Operator on board jack-up rig Transocean Jupiter of Transocean Offshore,Doha-Qatar.

10th October 1993 to 20th June 1997.

Radio Oprator in onshore rig BTEL 7 of Birla Techneftegas Exploration Limited, India.

14th December 1992 to 04th October 1993.

Radio Operatorr on board jack up rig Chichen Itza of M/S Reading & Bates Exploration at Bombay High, India.

11th November 1992 to 13th December 1992.

Radio Officer on board Survey Vessel Kaji 3 of M/S Dolphin Offshore India Private Limited at Bombay High, India.

01st January 1990 to 08th November 1992.

Radio Officer in various base stations ( Helibase / Supplybase ) with Oil & Natural Gas Comission, Krishna Godavari Project, India.

15th January 1989 to 10th July 1989.

Radio Operator at Geophysical Party no 4 with Oil & Natural Gas Comossion, Krishna Godavari Project, India.

10th June 1988 to 16th October 1988.

Radio Officer on board Horng Yuan of M/S Matsyika Exports Private Limited,India.

[Cell- +91-993**-*****,+91-829******* ] 302 B,Lotus Appt,Bariatu Road,Ranchi-834008, [Jharkhand]India. LANGUAGES KNOWN

English, Hindi [Read/Write/Speak]


Strong interpersonal communication and people management skill; commitment to team work and effective speaking in all situations..

Personally motivated, self-starter with a positive outlook and a sense of urgency.

Commitment to excellence and the implementation of best practices in all areas.

Politically astute, able to work effectively with a wide variety of people, commitment to diversity.


Rizk Achterberg[Rig Manager]

Jet Drilling,Singapore

Tel- +659*******


Cor Buckert [Senior Tool Pusher] Phillip Keith Birchall [SeniorTool Pusher] Tel- +317******** Tel- +441*********

E-mail: E-mail: David Buckland [Country Head,Malaysia] Phillip J Files [Country Head,Nigeria] Exxon Mobil Production Company Exxon Mobil Production Company E-mail: E-mail: Joe Brewer[Offshore Installation Manager] Sean Devlin[Project execution Manager] Exxon Mobil Production Company Exxon Mobil Development Company E-mail: Dominic Pinheiro(Crewing Manager)

Sea Trucks Geoup

[Cell- +91-993**-*****,+91-829*******] 302 B,Lotus Appt,Bariatu Road,Ranchi-834008, [Jharkhand] India.

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