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Medical Care

Fresno, CA
July 30, 2020

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Tracy Reeve

Er Tech

Patient-focused Emt with ** years of experience. Expert in all elements of patient care and successful in working as part of team to treat wide range of medical conditions. Skilled in prioritizing patients' needs within high-stress environments. Skills

Measuring and monitoring vitals


Drawing blood

Basic patient care

Orthopedic splint application

12-lead EKG monitoring

Cardiac monitoring

Wound Care

Collecting medical samples

Emergency vehicle operation

Patient Assessments


Patient Management

Direct Patient Care

Work History

2019-12 - Current ER Technician

Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, Bullhead City, AZ Carried out phlebotomy procedures, including preparing patients, finding viable veins.

Assisted patients with limited mobility in dressing and undressing, bathing and other day-to-day needs.

Worked with nurses to assess patients and prepare for tests and procedures. Assisted doctors with examinations of patients by taking vital signs, including Needles, CA, 92363


blood pressure, height, weight and drawing blood.

Facilitated transfer of patients throughout medical facility and between departments.

Monitored patients' comfort and safety during examinations and tests to alert physicians of abnormalities and changes in patient response. Received direction and assignments from physicians and nurses, providing efficient technical support to optimize patient care. Inserted peripheral IVs and administered non-medication IV fluids. Assisted with resuscitation, CPR and emergency airway procedures. Measured vital statistics, collected specimens for lab analysis and recorded data in appropriate medical records.

Administered first aid treatment and life support to care for sick or injured individuals.

Assisted in obtaining and documenting vital signs and placement of oxygen saturation, cardiac monitoring and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring systems.

Decontaminated and sanitized all equipment, instruments and supplies. Measured and fit crutches and canes, instructing patients on proper use of support devices.

Collected basic samples such as blood, urine and stool, labeling specimens properly and transferring to laboratory for testing. Applied orthopedic devices like traction and OCL splints. Utilized hospital beds and wheelchairs to transport patients throughout hospital.

Followed all hospital policies and procedures and complied with local, state and federal agency and accrediting body guidelines. Safely transported patients by wheelchair, stretcher or bed to other units. Cleaned, maintained and restocked treatment areas. Liaised between nurses, physicians, patients, and visitors. Quickly responded to codes and cardiac monitor alarms. Continuously monitored patients and reported changes to head nurses and physicians.

Used Software to maintain records of patient care, condition and progress and reported and discussed observations with Job title. 2007-06 - Current Emergency Medical Technician

Baker Ambulance, Needles, CA

Conducted equipment and vehicle checks to maintain continuous and safe operation.

Communicated with lucid patients to gather incident and medical history information.

Evaluated patient vital signs and status to determine care needs using pulse oximeters and electronic vital sign machines. Developed and maintained rapport with coworkers and local hospital staff to facilitate efficient patient care.

Restocked ambulance with proper equipment such as vents, ET tubes, medication and IV pump tubing to maintain optimum inventory. Trained Number EMTs in basic life support skills, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, oxygen therapy, wound care, patient history elicitation and splinting.

Communicated with patients about pain, comfort and needs during transportation and preliminary medical care.

Triaged patients in emergency situations based on life-threatening needs and delegated tasks to better provide treatment to maximum patients at once.

Maintained levelheadedness and efficiency in high-pressure situations, effectively prioritizing tasks to save lives and provide medical care. Maintained excellent attendance record, consistently arriving to work on time.

Drove operational improvements which resulted in savings and improved profit margins.

Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.

Executed emergency diagnostic procedures to treat patients, including stomach suction, airway management and heart monitoring. Education

1994-08 - 1998-06 Diploma: General Studies

Tulare Union High School - Tulare, CA

2007-06 - 2007-12 Emt Basic: Emergency Medical Technology Palo Verde College - Blythe, CA

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