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Manager Engineer

Mentor, OH
July 29, 2020

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**** **** ***** ****. • Mentor, OH 44060 • 440-***-****

I thrive on the challenge of value improvement and I look forward to new opportunities to drive implementation every day.

My background highlights are:

B.S, Engineering – Michigan State; MBA - Kent State

Passionate about VA/VE, Lean and Continuous Improvement Implementation

Certifications in Value Engineering, 6 Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Demand Flow.

Trainer and Author of Training Programs, Policies and Procedures in Lean and Continuous Improvement

Leader of Lean Transitions, SMED, and VA/VE Projects at numerous sites

Mathematical modeling of site operations, development of algorithms for planning parameter optimized settings for flow, and expert systems development

Plant layout, Work Center Layout, Process Development, and Manufacturing Engineering

10+ years’ experience using SAP

Project Implementation Manager of ERP / MRP / Pull Systems at numerous sties

Development of Dashboard Performance Metrics and Monitoring Systems

Capital Equipment Development, Justification, and Project Implementation

Equipment, Tooling, and Fixture Design for Optimization of Direct to Indirect Ratios

Hands on with direct involvement at multiple organizational levels and settings

Supervision experience in multiple roles

Forecasting, material planning and control, purchasing, and warehouse operations experience

Experienced with Non-Union, Union, and Piece Work Operations

As I am currently employed, my search is confidential.

The best way to contact me is via email or text.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Bruce Roberts

9055 Lake Shore Blvd.

Mentor, OH 44060



9055 Lake Shore Blvd. • Mentor, OH 44060 • 440-***-****


Multifaceted and in-depth experience in manufacturing, project management, ERP systems installation, lean and continuous improvement methods, inventory control, value engineering, plant layout to achieve improved value stream, equipment and fixture design improvement, and supervision of staff and hourly personnel in multiple roles. Enjoys creating economic value with others in a team effort at all levels. Proficient in the coordination of design, project and process improvement programs. Creative idea generator with exceptional problem solving and analytical skills. Able to quickly adapt new methods, processes, and technologies.


Kent State University, Kent, OH – Masters of Business Administration

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI – Bachelor of Science Engineering

With additional coursework in Operations & Materials Management


6-Sigma Black Belt – Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc.

Lean Demand Flow Technology (DFT) – High Impact Coaching & Strategies, Inc.

Value Analysis – Value Analysis, Inc.



QAD, SAP, Epicor


MS Excel, Lotus 123


MS Access, SAP Data Warehouse


MS Word, Corel Draw, Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley Micro Station


MS PowerPoint


• Attained a 90% reduction in design cycle time while requiring 55% fewer man hours.

• Implemented lean method changes that reduced manufacturing cycle time by 75% and implemented single unit mixed model flow

• Redesigned work centers, routings, and bills of materials for use in a new enterprise computing system while concurrently implementing Lean Manufacturing methods.

• Led the implementation of a Set Up Time Reduction Program that reduced average set up times by 75%.

Bruce Roberts Page Two


Systems Selection

Project Management

Design for Automation

Systems Integration

Lean Manufacturing

Personnel Supervision

6-Sigma Black Belt

Set-Up Time Reduction

Inventory Optimization

Equipment Justification

Process Flow Balancing

Training & Development

Value Engineering CVS

Thru-put Time Reduction

Plant Layout


Lincoln Electric Company, Inc. Euclid, OH 1998 – Present

Project Manager – Assembly 2013 - Present

Designed dynamic kanban sizing program to determine kanban planning parameters.

oApplies algorithms in Microsoft Excel Macros for end user specified on demand reporting.

oCreates report of suggested planning parameter settings for selected parts on Kanban formatted for upload into SAP System

oTakes into consideration, Customer by Day Demand History, Lead Time Performance, and Container Constraints.

oAuthored System Maintenance and End User Work Instructions

Developed database programs to monitor and report on lean metrics.

oDesigned Work Center Dashboard for end user on demand report development for any of 150 Work Centers, individually or grouped.

oApplication uses Microsoft Excel Macros for end user on demand report development creating and displaying: Scatter Diagrams, Box Plots, Bar Charts, X Bar Charts, and Normal Distribution Graphs on performance metrics.

oPartnered with IT to configure data collection for storage and extraction from SAP Data Warehouse for application in the Excel Workbook.

oAuthored System Maintenance and End User Work Instructions

Design Change Planning Manager 2006 - 2013

Led the creation of a new operating group through defining responsibilities, developing standardized operating procedures, setting goals, encouraging autonomy, and motivating performance.

Established the change planning function by leading design change implementations and model changeovers while maintaining continuous production, identifying barriers to flow, developing administrative processes, and action plans to eliminate down time and minimize material loss resulting in $10+ million savings annually.

Coordinated $20 million Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) match out by substituting 2500 noncompliant components and 10,000 drawing changes across 26 production machines.

oAchieved through a cross disciplinary.

Created engineering change project tracking system to coordinate actions of 300+ participants. Brought process under control through establishing standardized expectations, creating status visibility and progress accountability.

oAchieved through cross departmental coordination.

oSystem provides standardized milestone and lead time status for each department’s contribution on individual projects. Visibility is attained through multiple user access to an Excel Workbook with restricted rights to make entries. The workbook contains a listing of all projects, their milestones and status.

oThe system provides a database for process time analysis.

Bruce Roberts Page Three

Forecast and Inventory Manager 2001- 2006

Generated forecast models and included field feedback to prepare $50 million monthly sales forecasts that covered over 2500 finished products.

oDeveloped and applied algorithm models for the trending and seasonal patterns.

Managed WIP and RAW warehouse operations with 37 employees. The new warehouse was set up to maintain an inventory of 11,000 part numbers preparatory to plant layout changes.

oEstablished new operating procedures and training

oApplied: Gemba Walks, 5S, daily 10 minute employee exchange meetings; addressing startup issues and procedure improvements

oDeveloped a database for identifying the multiple part locations for each part and applied to it 11,000 parts. The use of this database was expanded and is now used for all 40,000 WIP and RAW parts.

Manufacturing Engineer 1998 - 2001

Developed and executed capital project plans, equipment justifications, plant layouts, equipment and fixture design specifications.

Temporary assignment to ERP System (SAP) start up. Managed the only line that didn’t go down for want of parts during the start up.

Yuasa/Exide, Hertner Division Cleveland, OH 1997 – 1998

Manufacturing Engineer

Implemented lean manufacturing that enabled single unit mixed model production.

Introduced Kanban replenishment system, while applying Lean, Kaizen, and 5S to reduce floor inventory by 80%, labor hours by 25%, and manufacturing cycle time by 75%.

Cleveland Range Inc. Cleveland, OH 1993 – 1996

Manufacturing Engineering Manager 1994 - 1996

Led Lean Transition.

Project manager for installation of the Division’s first ERP System (Epicor) in the US and Canadian operations.

Redesigned and simplified cost centers, work centers, routings, and bills of materials utilizing group technology aligned with value stream operations and reduce lot sizes, inventory, and posting requirements.

Executed Group Technology, Value Stream Mapping and TAKT time calculation, operating procedures, parameters, and work instructions along with updating equipment, fixtures, and layouts to reduce floor inventory by 75%, labor hours by 19%, and manufacturing cycle time by 80%

Manufacturing Engineer 1993 - 1994

Generated plant layouts, equipment and fixture design specifications, and work instructions.

Negotiated contracts with equipment suppliers, engineers, component suppliers, and contracting companies to fulfill design requirements and project expectations.

Bruce Roberts Page Four

TRW, Valve Division Cleveland, OH 1988 – 1992

Process and Industrial Engineering Supervisor 1990 - 1992

Supervised engineering and drafting personnel to balance work flow after a 55% work force reduction.

oCreated a value stream map, line balanced engineering processing roles through cross training and reassignments. Reduced cycle time from weeks to days and backlog reduced from months to days.

Developed an expert system that incorporated processing knowledge into a rule based query program and eliminated 80% design process cycle time. Reduce processing time from days to hours.

Member of the ERP System selection committee resulting purchase of QAD

Member of Implementation Team, headed up Master Data Development for manufacturing operations.

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer 1988 - 1990

Developed and Managed Set-Up Time Reduction program at 3 plants by training and facilitating Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) methods, achieved 75% set up time decreases.

oThe Cross-Functional Team training materials included: Goal Setting, SMED techniques (i.e. internal vs. internal set up), 5S, Brainstorming, Cause and Effect Diagramming, Action Register.

Supervised mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers, machine builders, and contract suppliers to recondition and automate production grinding equipment for production of close tolerance parts. Reduced setup time from hours to minutes. Achieved 6-Sigma performance, automation and autonomation.

Project manager for interplant production line transfers.

Using AutoCAD designed indicator plate reducing Seat Face Grinder setup time from 3 hours to 15 minutes

Sheller Globe, Leece-Neville Div. Manufacturing Engineer 1984 – 1988

Recommended, justified negotiated and managed the purchase and installation of capital equipment :

oRemoved and replaced the paint line reducing cycle time threefold: incorporated air assisted electrostatic spray equipment mounted on reciprocators, modified conveyor system route to reduce material handling.

oInstalled harmonic rotor balancing equipment to reduce runtime by 60% and set up time by 90%

oInstalled robot for loading and unloading horizontal lathe and loading onto electrical component varnishing system conveyor eliminating the dedicated operator.

oEvaluated underperforming automation equipment using AutoCAD to demonstrate and resolve stack tolerance issues enabling equipment use and further automation.

oUsed AutoCAD to analyze and modify critical features of Slip Ring Design enabling the replacement of the asbestos filled phenolic and part redesign for automation.

oUsed AutoCAD to redesign work holding fixture of 60 lb. rotating armature, reduced set up time from 3 hours to 3 min and eliminated need for setup man.

Bruce Roberts Page Five

Parker Hannifin, (Headquarters) Productivity Improvement Programs Mgr. 1981 – 1984

Cost Reduction Program

oSavings improved $11.9 million to $64.3 million 22.6% increase

Increased the goal

Increased program support and participation

Established criteria for annual awards selection

Value Analysis/Engineering Program

oSecond-year savings increased by 166%, in addition to market share improvement through product repositioning.

Revised policies and procedures, training materials and organizational support structure

Created manuals for facilitator, leader, and member training

Increased number of team projects

Emphasized implementation

Quality Circle Program

oParticipation rose to 15 divisions 20 plant locations 111 teams and 833 participants

Revised policies and procedures, training materials and organizational support structure

Created manuals for facilitator, leader, and member training

Set Up Time Reduction

oTreated as a trade secret at the time, the first effort was setup time reduction of Acme Gridley Multiple Spindle Screw Machines. SMED techniques were applied and special set up gauge tooling was developed. The method was documented and disseminated for implementation throughout the corporation.


9055 Lake Shore Blvd. • Mentor, OH 44060 • 440-***-****

Bruce is extremely results-oriented, with a sense of urgency to complete

projects quickly. He prefers an environment with variety and change. He is at

his best when many projects are underway at once. Many people see him as a

self-starter dedicated to achieving results. He is forward-looking, aggressive

and competitive. His vision for results is one of his positive strengths. Bruce

embraces visions not always seen by others. Bruce's creative mind allows him

to see the "big picture." He is goal-oriented and driven by results. He is the team

member who will try to keep the others on task. He is a goal-oriented individual

who believes in harnessing people to help him achieve his goals. He needs

people with other strengths on his team.

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