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Civil Engineering Engineer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
July 29, 2020

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Sr. Geotechnical Engineer

Deep Foundations Institute of India

Mobile: +917********* CAREER OBJECTIVE

To strive for academic excellence and impart quality education with emphasis on Civil Engineering.

To establish myself in the field of education, and industry to utilize my skills and experience to help society to achieve high improvements in academics. EDUCATION

Program Institution CGPA/% Year of completion

M. Tech

(Geotechnical Engineering)

National Institute of Technology Rourkela 8.43 2018 B. Tech

(Civil Engineering)

G Pullareddy Engg. College, Kurnool

7.98 2013

Higher secondary

Sri Chaitanya Sai Bharathi Junior college,


94.20 2009

SSC A.P. Residential School, Lepakshi 93.33 2007


Numerical Modelling in Geotechnics

Interference of Footings

Soil Stabilization and Ground Improvemnent Techniques

Experimental Studies on various Geotechnical Problems

Site Investigation Studies

Soil-Reinforcement Interaction



Large Scale Direct Shear Apparatus, Standard Penetration Testing, Rock Core Sampling, Benkleman Deflectomter Apparatus, Axle Load Survey, Traffic Volume Study, Light Weight Deflectometer, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Sensors ( LVDT, Potentiometers and Load cells) and Data Acquisition system.

Analytical and Numerical Softwares

PLAXIS 2D, PLAXIS 3D, Auto CAD, Geo Studio, Mat lab and SEEP W. PROJECTS

Laboratory Study on the Stabilization of Haul Roads inside Open-Cast Mines Advisor: Prof. M.R. Madhav, Dr. B. Umashankar and Dr. Sireesh Saride Well designed and maintained haul roads are the key to minimizing truck haulage on-road hazards and costs, as well as increasing productivity. In practice however, designing and managing a haul road for optimal performance is often difficult to achieve, especially when resources assigned to design and construction are constrained. By adopting proper stabilization and construction methods, optimal performance can be achieved. An experimental program was taken up to evaluate the effect of the fly ash content on the plasticity, compaction characteristics, unconfined compressive strength, California bearing ratio and Atterberg’s limits of a lateritic soil which is supplied by Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd, India. Dosages of fly ash, lime and terrasil (zycosoil) were determined to yield optimum strength of soil. Also, a micro level investigation was carried out using XRF and SEM in order to develop the stabilization mechanism.

Restrained Earth Structures for Sustainable Infraustructure Advisor: Prof. M.R. Madhav, Dr. B. Umashankar

Reinforced earth structures have been widely used for earth-retention. Many studies are available in the literature on the performance of tall mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls (Stuedlein et al. 2010, Bloomfield et al. 2001, Garg 1998). Though there has been remarkable development in the retention systems since the last four decades, there is a need to develop technologies that are more economical and durable than the presently available methods especially those that can utilize less preferred back fill materials inclusive of waste materials. The present MSE technique relies on select backfill materials for mobilization of frictional resistance along the reinforcement. The technique proposed in this study- Restrained Earth Structures- select backfill materials are not needed as the resistance is mainly offered due to the passive resistance of the fill material that is retained between the two connected walls. Hence, less preferred backfill material (e.g., waste materials) can be used in the proposed technology leading to sustainable development.


Chemical Stabilization of Soils

A study is conducted to improve the engineering behaviour of locally available soils so that they can be directly utilized in the haul road stabilization. The optimum chemical content (Soil: Lime: Flyash: Zycosoil) was findout to minimize the dust genertion, to improve the engineering behaviour and to improve the durability of the haul roads.

Three Dimensional Analysis of Interference of Footings in Multi Layered Soils Using PLAXIS 3D As the homogeneity in the practice is a very big limitation for the applications of all inventions, there is a need of exploring the research on multilayerd soils. This research has been done to find out the interference effect on multi layered soils with the help of a finite element package called PLAXIS 3D. FIELD/WORKING EXPERIENCE

Worked as a Sr. Geotechnical Engineer at Deep Foundations Institute of India, Chennai from 09.July.2018 to 31.Aug.2019.

Worked as a Research Associate at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, from 01.Nov.2013 to 31.July.2015.

Executed the project of introducing the latest technology to India i.e “Continuous Flight Augered Piling Technology” in the field of geotechnical engineering which is supported by various private stakeholders like, Keller India, L&T etc. and Govt. supporters like, NPCIL Mumbai, Haryana through DFI India, a Non-Govt. Non-Profit Company.

Done internship for the project of “Prediction of OMC from index properties for fine grained soils” in S.S. Consultancies and constructions.

Worked as a site engineer in S.S. Consultancies and constructions for the project of railway double lining work under the supervision of Railway Vikas Nigam Ltd. Rajasthan (India). Numerical modelling

Plaxis 2D:

(a) Slope stability check for an open cast mining

(b) Modelling of Embankment Using Plaxis 2D (consolidation Analysis).

(c) Modelling of Shallow Foundations for Deformation Analysis Plaxis 3D:

(a) Three Dimensional Analysis of Interference of Footings in Multi-layered Soils PAPERS PUBLISHED

Sekhar, J. C., Sasmal, S. K., Behera, R. N., (2020) “Effect of interference on ultimate bearing capacity of strip footings resting over multi-layered-reinforced soil”, Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering.


Dr. B. Umashankar Dr. R N Behera

Associate Professor Assistant Professor

Dept. of Civil engg. Dept. of Civil engg.

IIT Hyderabad NIT Rourkela

Mail id: Mail id: I certify that the information given above is true, complete and correct to the best of my Knowledge and belief.

Date: 17/03/2020 (J CHANDRA SEKHAR)

Place: Hyderabad

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