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Delphi Developer

Davao City, Davao, Philippines
July 27, 2020

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Domingo E. Sion, Jr.

Delphi Developer

Personal Details:

Name: Domingo E. Sion, Jr.

Age: 55 years

Weight : 60 kg

Birthday: July 2, 1963

Birth Place: Cagayan de Oro City

Sex: Male

Status: Single

Height: 1.63 m

Religion: Roman Catholic

Citizenship: Filipino

City Address: Daisy Rd., Guiwan, Zamboanga City, Philippines 7000

Provincial Address: 285 Earth St., GSIS Hgts., Matina, Davao City

Father's Name: Domingo S. Sion, Sr. Occupation: Retired Gov't.Empl./Deceased

Mother's Name: Petronila E. Sion Occupation: Housewife

Languages or Dialects speak or write: Bisaya, Tagalog, Ilonggo, English, Chavacano

Contact Phone: Mobile: (63-949-******* Home: --



Elementary 1970-76 Matina Elem. Sch. Davao City

High School 1976-80 Davao City High Sch., Davao City

College 1980-84 University of Mindanao, Davao City BS Civil Engineering

Computer 11/9/87-1/22/88 Digital Interface, Davao City Modern Computer

Programming Concepts

2/6/88-4/13/88 Digital Interface, Davao City Introduction to dBase III

6/22/88-8/88 Digital Interface, Davao City BASIC Programming

Seminar & Training:

Title Conductor Date/Location

1. Infrastructure Project for Davao City & Phil. Institute of Civil 4/27/85, Davao City

Implementation of P.D. 1096: The National Bldg. Engineers (PICE)


2. The Davao City Water Supply System: Briefing PICE 7/29/85, Davao City


3. Construction Management PICE 7/587, Davao City

4. Fundamentals of Unix NCC 6/20/92, Zamboanga City

5. Seven Habits of Highly Effective Person Mar Fishing Co., Inc. 1994, Zamboanga City

6. Information Exchange Using Electronic Bulletin National Computer 6/1995, Zamboanga City

Board System Center (NCC)

7. FACT: Real-Time Accounting System NCC 6/1995, Zamboanga City

8. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) NCC 6/1996, Zamboanga City

9. Infrastructure Management and Design Analysis PICE,Inc. Zamboanga 2/26-27/98 Zamboanga

Chapter City

Government Examination:

Description Date/Place Rating

1. Career Service Sub-professional Jul. 17,1983, Davao City 72.75%


2. Career Service Professional Exam. Jul. 28,1985, Davao City 74.72%

3. Civil Engineer Licensure Exam. May 30-31,1985, Manila 77.70%

Work Experience:

Designation Company/Office,Industry Responsibility

Jul. 1986 - Oct. 1987 City Engineer's Office Implement government infrastructure projects,

Civil Engineering Aide Davao City Planning and Programming Division


Jul. 1988 - Sep. 1988 Magsaysay & Sons Co., Inc., Responsible for the development of various

Programmer Trainee DACON Group, Davao City Application Systems in Dbase

(Logging, Manufacturing)

Sep. 1988 - Nov. 1990 JCA Rubber Development Corp. Responsible for the development of Production

Computer Programmer DACON Group System and various Management Information

Bayugan, Agusan del Sur Systems in Clipper 87. Awarded “Employee of the

(Agricultural, Manufacturing) Year”. The production system is developed to

support the daily operation of a 1000hec. rubber

plantation and processing plant.

Nov. 1990 - Jul. 1991 South Davao Development Co., Responsible for the development of various

Computer Programmer Inc., DACON Group Application Systems in Clipper 87, installation and

Davao City maintenance of computer software and hardware.

(Agricultural, Livestock, Food


Jul. 1991 - Nov. 30, 1998 Mar Fishing Co., Inc. Responsible for the development & enhancement

Senior Programmer/ Recodo, Zamboanga City (multi- of Integrated Accounting-Stockroom-Purchasing

Systems Dept. Head national company engage in System, Payroll System, Finish Goods Inventory,

Manufacturing, Deep sea fishing, Quality Control Database, Fresh Fish Control and

Food processing, Export) Inventory, and other various sub-systems;

Supervises Junior Programmer, Control Network

Security, Conversion to Y2K, enabling of

application for Remote Data Communication,

Design the complex Integrated Production System

from floor production up to shipping of Finish

Products. Clipper 5.2e. Novell Netware Network


Apr. 1999-To Jan. 2007 Technical Partner Internet City, Co. –Internet café, ISP, hands-on

technical partner. Installed/maintain linux servers

as DNS, HTTP, FTP, Gateway, Dial-In Radius,

developed Prepaid card system.

1995-To present Developed: Experience in Delphi, Object Pascal, Firebird,

IT freelancer. Silverbuck (a pawnshop operation Appmethod, RAD Studio, LAN/WAN/WDN, data

system, 33 branches), collection, Zebra PL, GSM AT command, SMS,

Charm (for jewelry chain of stores, Serial port, ReportBuilder (Digital Metaphors), long

30 branches/3 offices), range wireless network bridges, multi-tier app,

Saints-IN (sales & inventory system Android/IOS/OSX, REST, JSON. Writes

for hardware store, 7 branches/ maintainable OOP codes. AWS EC2 hands on

warehouses), experience, graphic images manipulations.

TEssSMS (component to enable

app to send/receive SMS


Gio (Firebird SQL DB replicator),

Keto App (IOS/Android diet advisor


ShirtVisualizer (provide quick

preview of graphic images on

various t-shirt colors).


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