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Software Developer Engineering

Irvine, CA
July 26, 2020

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ROMIT SHAH Irvine, California +1-657-***-**** EDUCATION

University of California, Irvine September 2019 - Present Candidate for Masters of Science (MS) in Computer Science (CGPA 3.94/4) Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Parallel and Distributed Systems Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, India August 2015 - May 2019 Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Distinction (CGPA 3.92/4) TECHNICAL SKILLS

● Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Golang, Kotlin

● Web Technologies: NodeJS, AngularJS, SQL, PHP, Django, React, React Native, HTTP, HTML, ReST, CSS

● Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB

● Software and Tools: Anaconda, Git, Eclipse, WordPress, AWS, GCP, Android Studio, Docker, Kubernetes PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Trustworthy Systems Lab (TrussLab), University of California Irvine June 2020 – Present Research Assistant

• Developing a secure electronic contract platform using React in collaboration with Microsoft Research.

• Re-engineering the existing application using React Native and hosted on Samsung Knox. peAR Technologies, India May 2019 - September 2019 Machine Learning Intern

• Developed a Residual Network based GAN model for super resolution of images captured from the frames of videos of lower quality.

• Combined the perpetual loss with generative loss and applied sub-pixel convolution for upsampling to generate photo realistic super-resolved image.

Checkapp, Mumbai, India May 2018 - August 2018

Software Developer Intern

● Developed a micro-service checkbox detection that determines the position of checkbox and the text link to the checkbox in any type of prescription using image processing and optical character recognition.

● Designed a self-learning chat-bot which takes voice input from the doctor, converts the speech to text, applies concepts of natural language processing and automatically generates a prescription using NodeJS.

● Re-engineered various web functionalities such as login page for doctors and UI for prescription generator. ACADEMIC PROJECTS AND RESEARCH

Machine Comprehension using Deep Learning: Pytorch, Keras, Python, Javascript, Falcon

• Implemented and analyzed the performance of Neural Networks (BERT and QANet) for the purpose of Question Answering on SQuaD 1.1 dataset.

• Deployed the project using a minimalist Bootstrap and JavaScript front-end with a Falcon back-end hosted using Gunicorn WSGI HTTP server.

• Fine-tuned BERT for Question Answering and managed to achieve 89.2 EM and 92.7 F1 scores

(Human Performance - 82.3 EM, 91.2 F1).

Library Management System using Machine Learning and Internet of Things: Python, PostgreSQL, Django

● Developed a robot to help the librarian arrange the books in their respective shelf and pick up the books lying on the table using object detection.

● Programmed it to avoid obstacles in its way and place the books in their designated shelfs using sequential patterns and classification algorithms.

● Authored a research paper, “Design and Implementation of Library Shelf Management (LiBOT) using Machine Learning” which is accepted by the Springer Book series “Algorithm for Intelligent Systems (AIS)” with ISSN-2524- 7565.

Cloud Based Custom File system: Angular 8, Django, Golang, Celery, Mongodb, Elastic search

• Designed a highly customizable and a platform agnostic file browsing system for a private, secure and scalable portal.

• Implemented indexed ranking feature with help of elastic search for effective browsing and data fetching. Money split application: React, Mongodb, Node.js

• Developed an application to help users to keep a track of expenses, balance payments and balance owed by others.

• Incorporated features like transaction history logs, money defaulter push notifications and three way balance settlement facility.

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