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MD Rahman - Android Developer

Mountain View, CA
September 02, 2020

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Md Sohanur Rahman

Senior Android Consultant



* ***** ** ********** ** Android Mobile development.

* ***** ** ********** ** I.T./Software Development


Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, CO

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics 3.49 GPA

Android Projects


The Weather Channel

Spirit Airlines

Little Ceasar’s Pizza


Florida State University

Infuses the team with positive leadership and support, providing code design, code reviews, and mentoring.

Performed Espresso, JUnit, Mockito and simulated design patterns in Android to test and develop applications.

Strong knowledge in Agile development environments.

Experience with MVP and MVVM

Familiar with Data Binding using JetPack as well as other methods and decoupling with Dependency Injection (Butter Knife, Dagger)

Able to select and utilize the best new mobile app developments per need, environment and use case.

Hands-on experience with dependency injection in Android mobile apps using Dagger 1, Dagger 2, RoboGuice, Butter Knife, and Android Annotations.

Expertise in building source code, troubleshooting build/configuration/integration issues, communicating, and resolving source code related issues between various teams of the project.

Expert in the interaction between various devices and different versions of Android.

Use of multiple MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a service) and cloud integration tools like Parse, Firebase, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services.

Configured and initialized multiple cloud integration services including Parse, Firebase and Google Cloud Messaging on Android apps.

Practical implementation of Android Life Cycle, Fragments, Intents, and threads on Android; binding services, implicit and explicit Intents, background processes, sync adapters, activity, activities for Result, WebView, ImageView, TextView, RecyclerView, ListView, and Object-Oriented design and programming.

Experience working with web Services design and consumption with a RESTful architecture.

Expert in Android SDK, as well as testing and profiling with Android development tools using Android Studio.

UI Implementation:

Android Adapter Views, Listview, Gridview, Gallery, Customized List views, Gallery widgets, Floating Action Button

Programming Languages:

Java, Kotlin


Android Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans

Project Related:

Agile, Scrum, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Confluence, Javadoc, JIRA

Quality & Testing:

Jenkins, Hudson, or Travis CI and Test-Driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Mockito, JUnit, Robolectric

Automated Testing:

Espresso, Robotium, MonkeyRunner, Crashlytics, Leak Canary, Bluetooth Low Energy, TestFairy

Data Management:

SQLite, Room, Keychain, Parse, Firebase, greenDAO, Shared Preferences

Dependency Injection:

Dagger 1, Dagger 2, Butter Knife, RoboGuice, Android Annotations.

RESTful Web Services:



Retrofit, RxJava, RxAndroid, Firebase, Loopers, Loaders, Volley, AsyncTask


Universal Image Loader, Picasso, Glide, MediaPlayer, ExoPlayer, YouTube


EventBus, Google Maps, Google Cloud Messaging, NineOldAndroids, SpongyCastle, Content Providers, Job Scheduler, JetPack

Senior Android Developer

Sep 2019 – Present


Los Angeles, CA


As the 2nd person to join the Android team, I helped update everything on the application, starting from simple UI/UX improvements to eventually working myself up to major feature development.

Worked in a team of 2 Android developers coordinating with various teams of 2 iOS developers, 2 web portal developers, 2 backend developers and 4 QA members. 1 project manager, 1 product owner and 1 engineering manager.

Coded new features in different product flavors using Kotlin language features like null safety, sealed classes, extension functions, coroutines with MVVM being the main architectural component

Configured Bitrise CI/CD and effectively manage white label builds

Worked on third Party tools and libraries with QR scanning, custom dialog boxes and progress bars, as well as various API’s to help calculating travel (such as Google’s Distance Matrix API) and Braintree Payment Processing to ensure safe transactions.

Set up the Braintree API to handle checkout process and with personal financial information was asked from individual drivers – all that was handled through Braintree Payments.

Set up Firebase Analytics to analyze various events, including frequently used features, rate of new customers, transaction amounts and crashes.

Created a QR scanner to help users get charging much faster

Configured the Firebase console to send notifications to the application about various events such as the charging status of a vehicle

Created a screen that allows users to manage their favorite and recently visited stations

Improved performance of the Map to more accurately retrieve user’s location and provide distance information.

Created a screen allowing users to report any issue with a charge station, incorporating the phone Camera and Gallery.

Incorporated SonarQube static analysis for automated code review and manage Pull requests and code merges done using Bitbucket.

Made all API calls done thru retrofit and okHttpClient including setting up a mock API service for unit testing.

Using various components of Android’s navigation controller, created smoothness navigation between various pages, allowing users to effortlessly modify their payment methods, filter for certain plans and subscribe and unsubscribe with ease.

Sprint’s lasting 2 weeks, with a daily scrum meeting, bug scrub 2x weekly, backlog grooming with the Product owner once a week, and a thorough sprint planning and retrospective.

Senior Android Developer

July 2018 – August 2019


Atlanta, GA

The Weather Channel:

Worked on feature enhancements, updates and improvements to the Android app focusing on UI performance while transitioning the Android mobile app architecture from MVP to MVVM.

Leveraged beautiful cleaner interface, plus design changes using Android material designs tools like CardView, Toolbar, RecyclerView, animations properties and support libraries for this Android mobile app.

Refactored code in transition to MVVM architecture and refactored some Java code to Kotlin to convert Java arrays to mutable and ummutable to reduce code overhead and provide consistency.

Developed rich UI for the most of the modules in the application using RecyclerView, ViewPager and Navigation Drawer.

Implemented Data Binding with Jetpack, and used Data Binding to communicate between ViewModels and UI components. (99% of cases for Data Binding)

Used LiveData to simplify and ensure current data presentation through lifecycle and configurational changes.

Upgraded Google location maps API location services in the Android app. Maintained interface guidelines and implemented search view. Implemented RxJava to get the server response.

Used Leak Canary to manage, trace and fix memory leaks issue within the Android app.

Optimized Android geo-location-based features, user location tracing, navigation, Geocoding.

Used GIT for code repository and maintaining current and historical versions of the Android app source code.

Integrated Google Cloud Messaging for sending notifications to registered users about weather events on the Android weather app.

Used Retrofit to make a parent Callback Interface to automatically handle the error function, caching, and pagination to API.

Recommended and implemented switch from Picasso to Glide for more efficient memory management in the Android app.

Bug-tracking the application using JIRA to organize, prioritize and assign issues as they arise.

Incorporated Google Analytics for efficient track of the application crash and error reporting.

Lead the Android app team in debugging critical application issues such as crashes, memory leaks, and concurrency problems.

Android Developer

June 2017 – July 2018


Miramar, FL

Coded in Java with Jenkins CI server for continuous integration.

Participated in daily Scrum sessions and bi-weekly Sprints, helping organize Sprint planning and handling the backlog.

Tracked tasks, user stories, and epics in JIRA.

Developed Android applications in Java and Kotlin

Used HipChat for team communication.

Consumed REST services using Retrofit and OkHttp.

Gathered JSON data and parsed it using the GSON library.

Enhanced Android features to minimize usage based on authorization and authentication tokens.

Profiling, tuning, and optimizing Android apps and branching, pushing and merging codes with Git repository.

Used GIT for code repository and version control.

Worked closely with the UX designers on mobile app designing and feasibility.

Introduced Custom UI widgets for project summary.

Input suitable code to capture button and text field events.

Implemented a desired action for each of the widgets.

Delivered Functional Requirements document after detailed sessions with Business unit.

Involved in branching, pushing & merging codes with Git repository.

Followed Test-Driven-Development (TDD) and used Mockito PowerMock and Espresso for our default testing frameworks.

Created custom Espresso matcher class to help test RecyclerViews and RecyclerView scrolling functionality.

Provided releases which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

Contributed in production release deployment, certifying release features, monitoring production logs and fixing production issues on demand.

Contributed to the design and implementation of the UI, classes, and activities of the mobile application.

Android Developer

May 2016 – June 2017


Detroit, MI

Little Ceasar’s:

Coding in the Android application in Java/ using Android Studio.

Used Android Studio, Java, AsyncTasks, Google Maps, RESTful, JSON, SQLite, Servlets, Tomcat, MySQL, SVN, 9Patch.

Used native and third-party technologies to optimize the app functionality including Android Studio, Java, Android Pay, Android Wear, Crashlytics, TestFairy, Espresso, Picasso, Custom Views, Facebook API, Twitter API, Google Maps API, SQLite, Urban Airship, Dagger, ButterKnife.

Collaborated with various teams to quickly comprehend existing Android application architecture, functionality, features and issues and how these affect new project requirement.

Provided subsequent releases which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

As part of the Android development team provided Object-Oriented implementation of architecture and design using Java coding, Kotlin coding and both native Android and third-party frameworks.

Made a distinction between development and production versions of the app each with their distinct credentials and settings in the backend using Urban Airship.

I was involved in the design and implementation of the UI, classes, architecture and activities of the mobile application.

Worked in different phases of the project cycle like design, development and testing.

Worked with Custom Frameworks and Custom Templates for building this application.

Contributed in production release deployment by certifying release features, monitoring production logs and fixing production issues on demand.

Utilized Android and third-party frameworks to use the multithreading capabilities of the physical devices: AsyncTasks, IntentServices, Handlers, Threads, RXJava instances.

A key resource for layout and UI work utilizing XML, Views, WebView, List View, Menu Item, Activities, Fragments Animations, Notifications, Push Notifications, Async Task, etc.

Implemented Robolectric to speed-up unit testing.

Tested the application for relevant bugs, fixed the leaks and deployed on different Android device to validate the application stability.

Used GIT for code repository and maintaining current and historical versions of the Android app source code.

Worked with Jenkins CI for Continuous Integration, used Test-Driven Development, and worked in an Agile Scrum environment.

Android Developer

Aug 2015 – May 2016


Sioux, SD


Used Android and third-party frameworks to use the multithreading capabilities of the physical devices: AsyncTasks, IntentServices, Handlers, Runnables, EventBus, Threads, RXJava instances.

Created an exported Content Provider to share color findings with other applications.

Implemented navigation bar menu for quick access to different activities in the application.

Added Glide to Improved Image loading.

Developed application using components like Activities, Fragments, Broadcast Receivers and Services in Android.

Closely worked with the UI/UX team to follow the guidelines as accurately as possible.

Liaison with the project team and delivering projects as per scheduled milestones.

Performed extensive application testing with the Robolectric unit test framework.

Connected to the camera with implicit intent.

Experience developing highly efficient Java code and view layouts and the ability to diagnose performance bottleneck.

Refactored code to change a previous MVC implementation to an MVP design pattern.

Provided support for users with the use of the software.

Used SharedPreferences to store custom key-value pairs.

Conducted interviews and meetings with stakeholders, users, and the technical team.

Implemented Google Messaging services for Push Notifications.

Used intent services for HTTP requests.

Followed an Agile methodology to handle the software development cycle, and attended daily SCRUM meetings to track app development progress.

Junior Android Developer May 2013 – Aug 2015


Tallahassee, FL

Florida State:

Worked on real-time bus tracking, campus maps, library hours, dining locations, laundry timers focusing on events and timers in features.

Received XML responses and parsed using SAX parser to get the required output.

Implemented local data storage using SQLite to synchronize data between the server and the database.

Used lazy loading of heavy resources; caching images on LRU cache as well as files on worker threads for performance.

Involved in working with Location Manager and Restful Web service with JSON.

Used ADB (Android Debug Bridge), DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Service), LogCat to view system debug output.

Developed the XML Layout with Android MapView to display the location tracking on the map.

Incorporated Google AdMob Ads banners in the application to display advertisements to users.

Involved in post-production support and maintenance process to fix the bugs.

Involved in working with Location Manager and Restful Web service with JSON.

Worked with the Android SDK, and implemented Android Bluetooth and Location Connectivity components.

Participated in the quality assurance of the app including, testing of the User Interface and testing the app on different mobile devices.

Followed up by testing user interface, errors with all possible inputs, debugging app.

Used logcat, DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server) and trace view for debugging and detecting memory leaks.

Used Crashlytics to detect and fix bugs.

Used Espresso and Mockito for testing the UI and app functionalities; writing unit tests in JUnit.

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