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Maintenance Manager

Mexico City, Mexico
July 22, 2020

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Personal Mobiles +1-503-****-****

+1 52-55-852*-****

Workplace Phone (55) 47777710 Ext 223

Personal Email:

Business Email:

Nationality: Salvadorean

Aviation Licenses: USA FAA A&P # 002588886 (“Torres” appears in the register as Last Name) El Salvador Technician License: TMA # 136 Airframe and Powerplant Education Background

1998-2000 ISEADE/FEPADE ( Master Degree in Business Administration.

1989-1994 Universidad Don Bosco ( ) Mechanical Engineer Degree.

1992-1994 FEPADE ( )Auto Repair Technician degree.

Scope of Current Employment:

The Maintenance and Engineering Director of Aerounion (Aero Transporte de Cargo Union d/b/a “Aerounion”, a Mexican Cargo Air-Carrier freighter), reports to the Aerounion General Director (Managing Director) at Mexico headquarters and to the Corporate Technical Director based at Bogota (Colombia) in Avianca Holding Airlines. The Aerounion Engineering Director based in Mexico, directs all maintenance, shops, inspection, quality control, warehouse and supply chain functions (repairs and purchases) on principal maintenance bases at Ciudad de Mexico, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Merida within Mexico and line stations at Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cincinnati within the United States and Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica at Central America as well as Medellin and Bogota within Colombia. As a Maintenance and Engineering Director, I am also responsible for ensuring the continuous airworthiness and safety of the company s aircrafts (wide body Airbus A300-600 and Boeing B767-200 fleet), engines and components and the approval for return to service after maintenance, preventive maintenance, minor and major repairs and alterations as well as the functions related to technical services as Engineering, Planning, Production Control, Warehouse, Material Inventory Planning, Purchasing and Repairs, Maintenance Control Center, Support Backshops, Base Maintenance and Line Maintenance Activities as well as Ground Support Equipment and automotive mechanical shop. I am also responsible to assure that the airline AOC is always in compliance with affected national and international applicable regulations according to ICAO rules and company policies and procedures for both the airline maintenance side and the Maintenance Repair Station. Working in current projects:

• Separation on both MRO and Maintenance Airline side at Aerounion including post- holders and all maintenance functions and responsibilities in both areas. Currently Aerounion is one single entity covering all Maintenance functions.

• Mapping of processes at Aerounion in both MRO and Airline Maintenance side in order to increase productivity and efficiencies.

• Homologation and standardization process in all Maintenance activities at Aerounion regarding Avianca Holding standard processes.

• Look for synergies among Aerounion and all Avianca Holding companies all over America where Avianca currently operates.

• Starting the implementation process of a new Maintenance Software at Aerounion

(AMOS from Swiss trade mark).

• New Operations routes to China (PVG, NKG, GNZ) developed and also to Lima, Peru and Quito, Ecuador at South America.

Scope of Last Employment:

The TACA International Airlines Maintenance and Quality Control Manager reported to both the Corporate Quality Director and Technical Corporate Director based at Bogota (Colombia) for all Avianca Holding Airlines and manages all maintenance, inspection and quality control activities on principal maintenance bases at Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and rest of international outstations in which TACA flies in the entire network (North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean). I was also responsible for ensuring the continuous airworthiness and safety of the company s aircrafts, engines and components and the approval for return to service of major repairs and alterations. I was also responsible to assure that the airlines are always in compliance with affected national and international applicable regulations according to ICAO rules and company policies and procedures. I was also the official liaison with the FAA representatives and Civil Aviation Authorities for any maintenance issue that could arise. Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assuring Maintenance and Quality processes implementation on both restructuring processes.

• Airworthiness-related matters with FAA and being the liaison with such foreign and local Authorities.

• Local and international bases and outstations Authority Delegation and Authority Roster management and approval; “Short Term Escalation” Program management, control and approval; Special flight permission coordination and approval (Verification flights, test flights, ferry flights, etc.); “MEL Deferred Defect Management Program” control and approval.

• “Electronic Record Keeping for Training Records” Program control and management.

• Coordinate and give directions to assigned staff planes for maintenance, workshop, and non-destructing inspection activities, by monitoring established goals and operating priorities to each maintenance and inspection activities by recommending strategies and bringing out the proper actions to accomplish them.

• Assure company planes, motors, parts for continuous airworthiness and safety by local and foreign authority regulations and internal company standards policies and procedures.

• Direct and control maintenance and inspector’s performance through authority delegation and only to qualified staff according to requirements. This includes trainings, licenses, certifications and qualifications.

• Establish and manage required maintenance and inspection item programs on own and customer’s airplanes.

• Provide maintenance and inspection services to correct maintenance, repairs, airplanes modifications, engine, parts and instruments.

• Approve major repairs, changes or modifications through certifying process accomplishment by qualified personnel.

• Manage an inspection receiving program about all airplane spare parts and materials received by the company.

• Monitoring through Hangar and Line Maintenance staff, including Inspectors and Inspection s Engineers to all maintenance activities under the responsibility of maintenance supervisors, lead mechanics, etc. in order to overcome any obstacles that could might arise.

Relevant Personal Traits:

• Experience managing people that seeks company s objectives through team building competence.

• Adaptable to changing environments including new processes and company merging situations.

• Multicultural skills dealing with people.

• Maintenance and Quality Control experience and/or in Quality Systems.

• Liaison experience with local and foreign Civil Aviation Authorities.

Professional Experience:


Aeromantenimiento S.A./ TACA International Airlines S.A./ Avianca (As part of Avianca Holding)

From September 18, 1995 up to November 2018 (now 24.5 years in Aviation Industry)

Such experience is below detailed:

1. Company: Aerounion (Aero Transporte de Carga Union S.A. de C.V (doing business as Aerounion):

From December 2018 until now.

Position: Maintenance and Engineering Director for Mexico Main Base and Line Stations within Mexico, United States of America, Central America and Colombia. Assigned Staff: People from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, USA and Colombia. Achievements:

• Implementation of Avianca s holding standardization processes related to main maintenance functions for both Repair Station environment and Aerounion airline side.

2. Company: TACA International Airlines S.A. (doing business as Avianca): From January 2013 until December 2018:

Position: Maintenance and Quality Control Manager for Central America (Corporate Position for Avianca Holding) and TACA International Quality Control Manager for local and FAA Authority.

Assigned Staff: People from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Achievements:

• Completion of Avianca s holding standardization processes related to main maintenance processes held at El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras bases regarding TACA International, Aviateca and Isleña Airlines respectively.

• Implementation at such maintenance and line maintenance bases, of AMOS software systems including functions related to the responsibilities held.

• Split or separation of functions as MRO and Airlines in Maintenance including new organizational structure, in all functions and maintenance related activities.

3. Company: TACA International Airlines S.A. (As part of Avianca Holding) From April 2008 until December 2012.

Position: Training Manager for El Salvador, Costa Rica and Peru and Quality Control Manager for TACA International and 145 CRS FAA “Technical and Training Services” (TTS) Assigned Staff: People from El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru. Achievements:

• Aeromantenimiento (Known as AEROMAN) successful transition of TACA maintenance division after separation of Aeromantenimiento due to the merging process of TACA International with Avianca. Creation of Technical and Training Services as part of TACA International Airlines.

• Basic TACA s capabilities training to maintain previous civilian aviation authority regulations (FAA, EASA, AAC, DGAC CR and DGAC PE).

• “In house” development of an internet version for “Record of Aviation Trainings”, also known as “iRATs”.

• New e-learning platform (TACA-Online) courses approval for local and foreign and related authorities.

• Maintenance SMS Manager Approval for TACA International Airlines by the Salvadoran civil aviation authority (AAC).

• Dangerous Goods Program at Bases and Outstations Approval for TACA International Airlines by the Salvadoran civilian aviation authority (AAC).

• TACA RAC 147 Maintenance Instruction Center Certification (July 2012), that allows training program standardization process along with Avianca.

• Taking part in all Avianca Synergy Processes, specially maintenance, common maintenance providers, trainings, etc.

4. Company: Aeromantenimiento S.A. (AEROMAN).

From January 2001 until March 2008.

Position: Aeroman 145 CRS FAA Quality Control Manager and TACA Chief Inspector (Former Aeroman s Inspections Manager).


• Inspections Department to Quality Control Department successful transition achieved.

• TACA International Airlines second certification as an Air Carrier achieved on 2007.

• Grupo TACA maintenance consortium LRC, TAI and TPU standardization processes.

• Development of a robust and new “In house” training system for the management and control of trainings. That also works with technical personnel authorization modules

(Records of Aviation Training or RATs System).

• ISO 9001 Certification achieved by taking part of a dedicated company team.

• TACA International Airlines Certification achieved under new regulations and new Civilian Aviation Authority on 2002 and 2007.

• Level III ANST/ ANSI Non-destructive test Inspectors were stablished.

• Tracking Systems established for receiving parts and at the same time process homologation for all Grupo TACA. Besides, many specialized repairs and NDT processes

(Shelf life, receiving, quarantine, etc.) were automatized.

• As a 2002-year objective, it was planned a productivity increasing by a 5% rate for NDT. Widely, at the year’s end, we got a 7%. Altogether, it got a 42% additional productivity growth rate between 1999-2002.

• Developing new NDT ratings as well as new facilities for some existing ratings.

• Being part on successful transition from a previous Quality Control department to an Inspections department to focus the efforts on parts, airplanes and engine inspections due to some quality escapes discovered internally within the organization.

• Developed “Hangar Company Designated Inspectors” (CDI’s) capabilities that was a Quality Control Dedicated Inspection Team.

• It was possible to establish a unique inspection standard at Aeroman 145 FAA repair station that works independently of production hangar s production bays.

• It was possible acquire other advantages by improving TAT (Turn Around Time) about 25% of the scheduled/planned time on ground regarding INSPECTIONS matters.

• As Hangar Quality Control Chief, being part of successful implementation of Hangar equipment that carried out a 10% total TAT (Turn Around Time) decrease and to reduce company maintenance costs by 15%.

5. Company: Aeromantenimiento S.A. (AEROMAN).

From September 1995 until December 2000.

Position: Hangar Quality Control Engineer (Maintenance), Production Lead and then Quality Control Supervisor.


• Group coordination as a Lead Mechanics, Lead Inspector and later as Quality Control Supervisor.

• Project Leader for production Teams.

• Quality Control projects as production team managing.

• Maintenance and quality control specifications established for on-going maintenance processes and continuous improvement of many others, using quality well known tools.

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