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Engineer Power Plant

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
August 04, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Proposed Professional Staff


Intallation and Commissioning / Design & Project planning / Operation and Maintenance

1.Name of Staff: Selvakumar Chinnappan

2.Date of Birth: 01/06/1985

3.Nationality: Indian

4.Education: BE (ECE) & MBA

Name of institution

Degree(s) Obtained:

Date of Obtainment

Anna University, Chennai

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering


Alagappa University, Chidambaram

MBA in Production and operation management



●Course from CHEMIN C&I, Pondicherry on Programming of IIM in Instrumentation DCS (Yokogawa)/PLC (Allen-Bradley), and Process instruments.

●Training attended CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) by Infor EAM.

●Reliance refinery taining in HSE, Fire safety rules,PTW,Pneumatic Scheme and Scaffolding.














7.Countries of Work Experience: India, Kuwait & Bangladesh

8.Employment Record:

Professional Experience: 9 years since July, 2007 to 2012 (Trainee) & 2012 - Till Date

working as an Instrumentation Engineer


(Month/ Year)


(Month/ Year)



December 2019

Till date

O&M Solutions Bangladesh Limited (KPCL),Sylhet, Bangladesh

Manager - I&C (Maintenance)

February 2019

December 2019

Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar, Gujarat

I&C Engineer (Maintenance)

January 2015

October 2018

Al-Kharafi Construction & Kharafi National Co.LLC JV, Kuwait

I&C Engineer (Maintenance)

August 2012

December 2014

Sogex Oman India Pvt Ltd (ONGC Tripura Power, 726.6 MW CCPP, Tripura)

Assistant Manager - I&C (Maintenance)

July 2011

August 2012

CHEMIN C&I Pvt Ltd, Pondicherry

Instrument Engineer


9.Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Task Assigned

Name of assignment or project: I&C-Maintenance of KPCL under O&M Solutions Bangladesh Limited

Year: December 2019 to Till Date

Location: Bangladesh

Client: Kushiara Power Company Limited, Fenchuganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Main project features: 163MW CCPP 1+1+1 configuration GE Frame 9E of GE Mark VIe control system (DLN-1) fired with Natural gas & GE Steam Turbine SC2-26 with CMI HRSG of 110 TPH capacity and BOP.

Positions held: I&C Manager (Maintenance)

Activities performed:

●I&C maintenance of complete responsibility to lead & monitoring a team.

●Diagnostic Faults and solving the problems by ToolboxST(V05.00.00C) for GE Mark VIe Control system.

●Preparing detailed Annual schedule for Preventive Maintenance activities (GTG, STG, Heat recovery Boilers BOP and RO Water Treatment plant Systems).

●Executing the Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance/ troubleshooting jobs for DCS/PLC and plant field instruments.

●Familiar with Backup and restore graphics,trent control sheets and data base points for all the system.

●Calibration & repair of digital, analogue, pneumatic instruments and process analyzer.

●Familiar to adapt HSE procedure, general production of safety procedure during Maintenance works plant equipment with coordination of the team and Efficiency calculations & Running over

to client for successful Maintenance.

●Attending and participate the inter-disciplines, O&M project, client, OEM vendor, subcontractors and third parties meetings.

●Working with the Engineers and field supervisor in the development of mobile lifting equipment and Other specialized tooling required for the approved work scope.

●Reviewing scope with the appropriate respective Engineers & supervisors to understand safety,health and environmental considerations.

●Familiar with International codes like IEC 60079/IEC 61508/IEC 61511 Standards and recommended practices for SIL and selection of I&C.

●Planning and prepare turnaround work packages, which include the job steps, drawing and sketches, material, equipment, and tool requirements, testing procedures and manpower requirements.

●Providing orientation and training of the turnaround planning and control system to the field personnel.

●Preparing subcontractor work packages for the bid process and/or work execution.

●Supporting with logic interlocks, protection, wiring and instrument signals and drawings for both simple and combined cycle.

●Takes entire control system responsibility for the execution of detailed O&M and ensuring compliance with the plant specification.

Name of assignment or project: I&C Maintenance of SEZ- (Hydro Treating plant) –CFP (Clean Fuel Plant) under Reliance Industries Limited

Year: February 2019 to December 2019

Location: India

Client: Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Main project features:

SEZ- (Hydro Treating plant) -CFP(Clean Fuel Plant)

Positions held: I&C Engineer (Maintenance)

Activities performed:

●Looking after Instrument Maintenance activity of RGC compressor,MUG compressor and other rotary using MCMS system of Bentley Nevada, CCC System and Braun system.

●Work on simulation,FBD logic and Graphic of Foxboro & Honewell F&G DCS system.

●Instrument side Shutdown coordinator during DHDS-1 & 2 Plant revamps,LCO hydro-cracker, scan-finer and other supporting unit.

●Alarm rationalization using Exida software and SIL verification with SAP.

●Heater Pilot Gas Delink MOC implement in all 7 heater in CFP.

●Preparation of comments on various P&D’s hook up drawings, cable layout, circuit wiring drawings, PLC / DCS technical specification and execute various MOC.

●Experience knowledge of Foundation FieldBus and HART Systems Configuration of DCS,ESD and F&G system.

●Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Identification for safety Instrumented Functions of Hydrotreater.

●Calibration and maintenance of different control valve, transmitter and temperature / pressure element and loop test of instrumentation.

●Establishes and Develop in House Vendors for spares to ensure they meet original/required specifications. Ensure material availability for all types of outages to ensure reliability of plant operation.

●Field instrumentation erection and commissioning and maintenance work of Heater system & steam turbine and compressor.

●Experience to work with the different types of Analytic Instruments like O2 Analyser, O2-Co Analyser of Flue gas path,Conductivity analyser and pH Analyser, Silica Analyser, DO Analyser, Sodium Analyser of SWAS System, TSS Analyser, SOx,NOx and CO analyser of CEMS System.

●Preparing shedule for Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance, writing all SMP relevant I&C procedures.

●Supprting to the selection and procurement of critical spares,HAZOP study, engineering risk assessment of key systems, producing maintenance budget.

●Preparing punch list items and making warranty claims. In addition, also responsible for the execution of PM and CM related to instrumentation and Control equipment of the IWPP.

●Supporting the contract and followed up the project for compliance with specifications, codes, standards and safety activities.

●Supporting Lead Engineer in checking the Erection documents such as cable tray routing drawings, Cable & JB Schedule, Control Room Layout etc.

●Strong background in project engineering, erection, installation, commissioning & maintenance operations of wide range sophisticated instruments with proficiency in reducing downtime & enhancing operational effectiveness of equipment.

●Spare management and spare requirement identification & Spare consuption statergy analysis

For the rquired resourses to ensure the availiblity for all outage to carring out the jobs without any interferances/relablity of the plant.

Name of assignment or project: Shuiba Co-Combined Cycle Power Plant under Al-Kharafi Construction & Operation and Maintenance of Kharafi National Co.LLC JV, Kuwait

Year: January 2015 to October 2018

Location: Kuwait

Client: Al-Kharafi Construction & TNB REMACO Kharafi National Co.LLC JV, Kuwait

Main project features:

O&M of Shuaiba North Co-Generation Power & Distillation Plant CCPP, Kuwait.

862 MW (45 MIGD Water) 3+3+1 configuration GE Gas Turbine 231.39MW (Model: Frame9FA.

DLN-2+) fired with Dual supply Natural gas & fuel & Toshiba STGs with Hyundai HRSGs and BOP.

UDC - Sulaibiya Wastewater Treatment plant -Expansion.

Positions held: I&C Engineer

Activities performed:

●Work on simulation FBD logic and Graphic of Siemens S7-400,Emerson(Ovation 3.0.4)

GE Mark VI & Yokogawa DCS system.

●Planning and implementing the maintenance CCPP Unit (3-GTs, 3- HRSGs, and 1-ST).

●Hands on Maintenance Experience in GE Mark VI Toolbox ST(V06.02.02C) DCS(Emerson Ovation3.0.4, Siemens S7-400) DM Plant (GE Fanuc PLC), PT Plant (PLC:Allen Bradly Rockwell Automation), Chlorination Plant,CO2 &Gas Booster and Air Compressors (Atlas Copco) & BOP.

●Organising and managing DCS & PLC for BOP areas (Allen Bradley 500 series,ABB 800XA &GE Fanuc(Rx3i) PLC) modification and grapical configarations.

●Working on troubleshooting of various control valves,actuators,positioners,Field Instruments, Analyzers,etc.

●Preparation and submission of as-built mark up drawings/Loop folders after completion of the job.

●Actively involved in the Combustion Inspection for Gas Turbine GE Frame 9FA Reduced downtime by 8% through measures such as strict implementation of predictive maintenance schedules, Positioners during annual maintenance.

●Providing technical support to conduct investigate the root cause for the incident of instrumentation equipment. Make recommendations and report to leader how to repair/how to solve the problem.

●Looking after the Project control and Planning, Monitoring, proper scheduling and Implementation of all construction activities.

●Assisting to establish and monitor programs for critical equipment analysis and condition monitoring.

●Assisting instrument team to monitor and evaluate the plant control systems for anomalies and deficiencies, and make recommendations to repair or upgrade as needed.

●Prepararing the Instrumentation datasheet Specifications,Control Philosophies,Check Lists, Material Requisitions,calculations,Planning schedules and supporting drawings for procurement and installations / commissioning.

●Assisting instrument lead to select, coordinate and supervise maintenance contractors for additional support service when required.

●Assisting instrument lead to establish structure of maintenance procedure in order to cover all instrument maintenance activities.

●Assisting instrument lead to establish RCM maintenance plan, review RCM maintenance plan periodically and improve it.

●Assisting instrument lead to set up the maintenance philosophy for control systems and critical instrument and then making decision for necessary outsourcing maintenance services.

●Assisting instrument lead to manage and assign suitable person for the specific work and to

follow up and monitor the maintenance activities in instrument team.

●Recommending to instrument lead to adjust the work method or the management method in

order to improve the work quality and work efficiency.

●Assisting instrument lead to take lead in major breakdown maintenance.To cooperate with

related persons in discipline, in maintenance division and in refinery to investigate the root cause.

●Recommending the solution and perform together instrument team the rectification work.

●Assisting instrument lead to set up the maintenance activities and prepare the necessary plans

for control systems and instrument equipment during minor turnaround and major turnaround.

●Assisting instrument lead to cooperate with other refineries or other oil & gas companies to

learn and exchange the experience for maintenance activities and equipment management.

●Escalated Overall Operating Efficiency(OEE) by 3% through maintaining accuracy of transmitters at precise level thereby having improved control over loops, revising mass low calculations matching with existing conditions.

●Got appreciation for increasing in-plant capability by 7% (for unit 3) through effective maintenance.

●Liaising with other departments, clients, vendor, subcontractors, third parties and approving authority.

●Ensuring, as far as practically possible, that all assigned work is carring out in compliance with agreed budget and schedule.

●Pivotal in streamlining processes through measures such as planned approach for opportunities

in plant maintenance, developing SMP’s for tasks.

Name of assignment or project: ONGC Tripura Power Operation and Maintenance of Combined Cycle Power Project under Sogex Oman India Pvt Ltd

Year: August 2012 to December 2014

Location: India

Client: Sogex Oman India Pvt Ltd

Main project features:

726MW GE Frame 9FA (U.S.A) 2x232.39MW (Model: Frame9FA. DLN-2+) fired with Natural gas fuel from NG boosting station & 2 STGs (BHEL of 2X128 MW) METSO maxDNA Control system with BHEL HRSG of 2X 362 TPH capacity and BOP (GE Fanuc (RX3i) PLC) & Allen Bradley PLC.

Positions held: Assistant Manager - I&C

Activities performed:

●I&C maintenance engineer to lead & monitoring a team.

●Diagnostic Faults and solving the problems by tool box for Mark VI, METSO.

●Involves on DCS /PLC Panels power up and healthiness checking of all I/O cards and its power supply units and field termination units.

●Performing Preventive Maintenance and troubleshooting for the plant MAX-DNA (Metso) DCS system.

●Preventive maintenance measures like Database Backups, diagnostics & Error Messages checking, trouble shooting (software & hardware) and solving to prevent future occurrences thereby ensuring reliable operation of the DCS.

●Backup and restore graphics, control sheets and data base points for system.

●Taking PTW and Doing maintenance through the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Infor EAM & Maximo.

●Performing Instrumentation engineering review activities on documents/drawings produced out

by other Engineers/ designers.

●Planning and preparing turnaround work packages, which include the job steps, Drawing and sketches, material, equipment, and tool requirements, testing procedures and manpower requirements.

●Informing the HSE Supervisors of work involving asbestos insulation, lead-based paint, sandblasting, benzene, etc.

●Working with operations personnel to incorporate detailed plans for the unit shutdown,turnaround and startup in the overall turnaround schedules.

●Planning the added work requests during the turnaround verifying the justification and Approval signatures on all additional work requests before entering the added scope into the plan.

●Participating in turnaround review meeting and provide input about all planning Concerns and recommendations for future turnarounds.

●Providing professional advice to peers in Instrumentation engineering related to (DED) detailed engineering & Front End Engineering design (FEED.

●Leading I&C design engineering responsibility and supervising the work done by technicians Installation and Testing during project execution.

Name of assignment or project:

CHEMIN C&I Pvt Ltd, Pondicherry

Year: July 2011 to August 2012

Location: India

Client: CHEMIN C&I Pvt Ltd, Pondicherry

Main project features: (Two Projects)

●GSPC (Gujarat State Petro Net Corporation, Pipavav, Gujarat.)

700MW Two units consist of the GE Gas Turbine 221 MW (Model: Frame9FA. DLN-2+) fired with Natural gas fuel from NG boosting station & 2 STGs (BHEL of 2X121 MW) METSO maxDNA Control system with BHEL HRSG of 2X 362 TPH capacity and BOP.

Positions held: Instrument Engineer (Installation & Commissioning)

Activities performed:

●Planning and execution of commissioning activities with all field instruments, DCS-PLC Panels & all UPS.

●Commissioning, Calibration of All process Instruments related to Temp., Pressure, Level, Flow, Position, etc. Such as Electronic Transmitters. Modification and trouble-shooting of logics and HMI of DCS and PLC.

●Responsible to analyse the trends, alarms or Events of parameters to short-out the root cause of any issue.

●Studying riewing of Instrumentation drawings like location drawings, interconnection drawings, cable termination drawings, cable tray route drawings, cable block diagrams, control system block diagrams, shutdown logic diagrams, function block logic diagrams, hook-up drawings for various instruments, FAR layout drawings, junction box termination drawings, level coordination sketches).

●Responsible for maintaining records, reports, events, history, trends of operational parameters.

●Preparing the scope of work, man hours and cost estimations for proposals.

●Taking initiatives in Modification work of already commissioned instruments.

●Spare Management for achieving best availability of equipment.

●Review and tagging of P& ID.

●Experience in supervising of Fitters, Electricians and Technicians in Instrument fitting works, Cable tray works, Erection of Remote I/O panels, DCS Panels, Gas turbine auxiliary panels, calibration and Installation of Transmitters & Handled loop checking from field to DCS screen.

●Experience in calibrations of different pressure gauges, temperature gauges, RTD, Thermocouple, pressure switch, temperature switch, PH meter, Conductivity meter and flow– level – pressure transmitters (Yokogawa & Rosemount) (Emerson Rosemount HART-275, 375).

●Experience in the various control valves and also in periodic calibration activities.

10.Personal Details:

Permanent Adress:

536, Dr.Ambedkar street,


Panruti Taluk,

Cuddalore Dist. Tamil Nadu- India

Pin: 607805

Passport Number: J6630364


I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this CV correctly describes myself, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any wilful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismissal, if engaged.


[Signature of Selvakumar Chinnappan] Day/Month/Year

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