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Legal Civil

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
August 03, 2020

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SOLANGE KRAYEM, Attorney at Law


Masters in Private Law (2010 - 2012)

Sagesse University Lebanon – Faculty of Law - Lebanon

Bachelor of Law (2001- 2005)

Sagesse University Lebanon – Faculty of Law – Lebanon

Lebanese baccalaureate (1999-2000)

Zahret El Ihsan College, Lebanon

Fluent in Arabic, English and French .


Legal Counsel January 2020 till Present

Al Marri & Elhage Law Firm

Corporate Legal Counsel with consistent results in legal areas of commercial contracts, compliance and risk management. Corporate Counsel who excels at issue spotting, evaluating risks, drafting, understanding operations and legal requirements. Extensive experience drafting all kind of agreements including without limitation franchise agreement, distributor agreement, consignment agreement, lease agreement, sale share agreement, JV, and drafting policies and handbooks, statements of works, pleadings, responses, developing legal strategies and conducting research .

Conducted legal research, drafted briefs, drafted and admitted submissions, conclusions, appeals, injunctions, discharges, releases and amicable settlements in the following fields: civil law, real estate law, commercial law, brokerage and commission commercial representation, corporate partner’s disputes, indemnity and compensation for abusive termination of exclusive distribution agreements.

Negotiated, drafted and reviewed all types of agreements, including but not limited to, real estate agreements (e.g. purchase agreement, mortgage agreement and lease agreement, construction agreement), as well as corporate agreements (e.g. MOUs, joint ventures, term sheets, share purchase and transfer agreements, shareholder agreements).

Drafted and reviewed contracts including intellectual property, non-compete and non-disclosure, employment, service, and lease agreements.

Extensive knowledge and experience in company establishment, drafting of corporate documents including company’s articles of associations and relevant board resolutions and other incorporation documents. Advising on standard terms and conditions for a wide range of banking products

Drafting, Reviewing and advising on M&A advisory related documentation, including engagement letters and confidentiality agreements …..

Preparing and Reviewing Limited Partnership Agreements, Loan Agreements, Subscription Agreements; and others .

Establishment of companies and Draft of all corporate by-laws, resolutions, and minutes .

Extensive knowledge and experience of non-profit organization establishment, drafting of registration documents including the bylaws and standing rules.

Worked on several litigation and corporate cases including commercial representation, corporate partners’ disputes, indemnity and compensation for abusive termination of exclusive distribution agreements.

Represented and handled all procedures and formalities before the courts.

Trialed numerous cases to judgment/award, routinely having primary counsel responsibility for the defense of commercial claims and real estate disputes.

Provided legal advice on matters related to day-to-day business to all kind of institutions .

Provide interpretation and translation of the legal documents from and to English language.

Handled cases of unfair dismissal and all types of employment disputes.

Drafted employment contracts for various local and international companies and employees.

Provided legal consultations and advice regarding various employment law issues, as well as internal employment regulations for different local and international companies.

Advised executives regarding legal rights, opportunities and obligations.

Conducting research and reviewing all kind of transactions performed.

Analysis existing legal documents for conformance with policies and procedures and regulatory requirements.

Senior Legal Counsel

Jaidah Group, Doha - Qatar June 2013 till October 2019

Corporate legal counsel specializes in broad franchise, sale, service, joint venture, distributorship and all kind of agreements, providing legal and compliance counseling from a legal and business perspective.

Accountable for managing the legal risks associated with the business and effectively partnering with the business to understand its issues and produce viable and tangible solutions for over 30 companies. And ability to work independently or as a part of a team in an organized manner.

Drafted and negotiated a wide range of agreements (including without limitation joint venture agreement, sale share agreement, MOU, NDA, lease agreement, supply agreement …etc) and overseeing the maintenance and administration of contracts with a view to maximising the company’s overall interest.

Lead the company’s due diligence process and coordinate with external counsels, shareholders and all department of the company .

Licensing, franchising and distribution, transfer, acquisition and sale, sales representation and agency agreements, joint venture, and other commercial agreements.

Reviewed and negotiated contracts for the procurement of goods and services in support of day-to-day operations .

Assist in negotiating contracts and deals with customers, suppliers and third parties.

Advising on standard terms and conditions for a wide range of banking products; advising on the structuring and execution of non-standard transactions (which might combine derivative aspects).

Review and negotiate all bank agreements and documents including without limitation Bank guarantee, facility loan agreement, murabaha and others

Attend meetings with Board Members, Directors … and ensuring compliance with global regulatory requirements and adherence to regulatory policies and processes .

Providing advice to senior managers and colleagues on legal and administrative matters

Providing legal advice on all legal issues including without limitation local and international agreements relating to business operations, Intellectual property (registration of trademark, copyright…) .

Establishing companies with all agreements related (shareholders agreement, articles of association, General Assembly ) and following all the process related .

Manage the various litigation and dispute settlements to ensure a positive outcome for the company.

Analysis existing legal documents for conformance to the Company's policies and procedures and regulatory requirements.

Assist, finalize and implement procedures relating to tenders, bid, contracts.

Reporting in a timely and accurate manner on company procedures and development .

Provide opinion and advice on the legal aspects of claims related to different commercial matters with a view to recover the company’s rights, minimize liability and reach amicable settlements.

Define and implement process for various legal issues in relation to the company’s projects and its subsidiaries in order to ensure that all relevant legal and regulatory requirements are fulfilled to minimize the risk of litigation and disputes.

Identify the legal risks in order to avoid or minimize their impact.

Develop and oversee implementation of guidelines and standard.

Manage and Coordinate with external counsels before courts, arbitration tribunals and dispute resolution form in all pending litigations and claims related to the company and its subsidiaries.

Manage the research, analysis for legal issues.

Attorney at Law

Raphael & associates Law Firm, Lebanon Aug 2008 till May 2011

Raphael & associates is a law firm composed of different departments with a numerous Lebanese lawyers covering all areas of law. The Law firm is the representative of several Banks in Lebanon (BLF Bank & Credit Bank & SGBL Bank).

Attend courts on behalf of the Bank on various legal matters.

Prepare the legal recourse in the courts

Provide Legal advice and legal conclusions.

Represent clients in mediations and settlement negotiations.

Develop and implement litigation, discovery, settlement and trial strategies in commercial, penal, civil matters.

Handling a diverse civil litigation caseload under the Lebanese jurisdiction.

Prepare and Draft and review all kinds of Contracts and Agreements.

Corporate structuring including establishment of many and different sort of companies from inception until operation.

Research and studies in Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Labor etc.

Attorney at Law

Adwan Law Firm, Lebanon Mar 2007 till Aug 2008

Adwan is a law firm composed of different departments with a numerous Lebanese lawyers covering all areas of law. The Law firm is also the representative of SGBL Bank in Lebanon and many nationals and Internationals companies as MEA, Air France, Fattal, MCCI & Capelec (contracting) in Lebanon .

Attorney at Law

Naiim Kalaani Law Firm, Lebanon Feb 2006 till March 2007

References upon request.

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