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Training Technician

Veracruz, Mexico
August 03, 2020

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Name : Martin Garcia Torres

Age : **

Adress : Victoria No. 211 Fracc. Los Pinos, C.P. 91870 Veracruz, Mexico.

Phone number: +52-229-*-**-**-**.

E-mail :

Languaje : Spanish, English

Seamanbook: DGMM/0028454-D (Type: D Valid).

VISA B1/B2: 303123

PASSPORT : G12714687


NSS: 6511892247-8

Email :


I would like to get a good place as ROV pilot, and try to apply my knowleedge and my experience and comercial diving.



Veracruz, Ver.(2005-2008)


Senior technician in Industrial Diving


Instituto Tecnológico de Boca del Rio.

Boca del Rio, Veracruz. (2009-2012)

Technical Support and Maintenance of Computer Equipment

Computación G Pagés. Veracruz, Ver. (2009-2010)

Qstar Rov Training & Subsea Solutions.

ROV pilot technician grade II. (2016).

ROV Familiarization Basic Introductory Module.

Qstar 1001 Hydraulic, electronic, electricity, and higth


O&G Offshore environment familiarization.

ROV architectures and operations.

Electricity ano-technical systems.

Electronics, control and power semiconductors. FOTO

Fibre optics.

ROV maintenance procedures,skills.

ROV flying/ piloting(training pool).

ROV Simulator- VMAX.

ROV offshore training on board ATLANTIC EXPLORER.


Curses and Certifications

ROV Experience

(Professional Experience. Worked with ROV systems/spreads).

Perry Slingsby Triton XLX – work class, hydraulic, on-VMAX Simulator.

Ageotec Perseo – observation class + manipulator, Offshore/DSV, inspection, subsea rigging.

Ageotec Perseo, Sirius – observation class, Offshore/DSV, inspection.

VideoRay Gen 4 – inspection class, training pool, instrument navigation.

ROV-BUILDER RB10 – inspection class, training pool, weld inspection.

AC-ROV – inspection class, training pool, weld inspection.

ROV- Outland 1000 – Fiber Optic Cable installation.

ROV Seaeye Panther XT- Pipeline inspection, cathodic measurements,seabed mapping.

Excellent attitude and willingness to carry out the tasks entrusted, very good skills to perform construction work as well as ease and willingness to learn new working methods and skills, Experience in handling, support and maintenance of computer equipment, as well as knowledge and skill in electric arc welding; Professional, perseverance and motivation to continue learning.


Work Experience

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