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Electrical Engineer Engineering

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
August 02, 2020

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Name : Mukesh Thakur

Discipline : Electrical Engineer

Mobile No. : +971-********* & +91-932*******

E-mail :

Personal Detail

Marital status : Married

Languages Known : English and Hindi

Current place : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Permanent place : Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra


B-Tech in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Silchar with 6.59 CGPA in 2008

Intermediate from Kendriya Vidyalaya II, Kochi, C.B.S.E. Board with 75.6 % in 2003

High School from Kendriya Vidyalaya I, Mumbai, C.B.S.E. Board with 75.0 % in 2001

Organisational Purview

I am an astute electrical engineering professional with 12 years of rich & diverse experience in the field of oil/gas/power industry with functionality in feed preparation, detail engineering, dealings with Clients, PMCs & vendors, thereby implementing complex projects with ambitious schedule, cost effective and to clients satisfaction. I am approved Lead Electrical Engineer for ADNOC onshore projects.

I.Currently I am associated with China petroleum Pipeline Engineering (CPPE-AD) as Electrical Engineer for multiple project & Bid evaluation work (11 months).

II.Previously I was associated with China petroleum engineering (CPE) as Electrical Engineer for BIFP project in BAB fields for ADNOC (9 months).

III.Previously I was associated with Dodsal Engineering & Construction PTE Ltd, Dubai as Sr Electrical Engineer for Separation & Gas Centre (CSC) south HGA project, Algeria (9 months).

IV.Previously I was associated with Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Company, Kuwait as Sr Electrical Engineer successfully completing Debottlenecking of GC-17 for KOC (2.5 years).

V.Previously I was associated with Leighton India, Mumbai as Sr Electrical Engineer, thereby successfully completing multiple 11kV & 6.6kV AIS switchboard extension, EPC-2 & EPC-3 Power distribution & Integrated Balance work for Cairn India at MPT terminal (3 years).

VI.Initially I was associated with Reliance Energy, Mumbai as an Assistant Manager thereby successfully completing 2400MW Combined Cycle Gas Based Power Project (2 years) & 2X300MW Coal based thermal Power Project (2 years).

Experience Purview

I have gained proficiency from a feed design to a detailed engineering phase and to providing on-site engineering support during construction & commissioning.

Supervise, assign, train & schedule work for team of Engineers & Designers. Assure that design continuity is maintained throughout the project.

System design conceptualisation for preparation of Design basis, equipment sizing calculations, electrical load list & developing single line diagram.

Preparation & review of project scope of work, design basis, data sheets, design specification, design calculation, material requisition and technical bid evaluation.

Preparation of Cable schedule, Interconnection and Wiring diagrams. Worked on layouts as Equipment, Power, Earthing, Lightning & Illumination.

Well versed in performing electrical system studies reports as load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, motor starting studies, harmonic analysis & relay coordination & setting using system study software-Etap.

Progressively I have had extensive interaction with multiple industrial vendors during my tenure with CPEC, Dodsal, Gulf Spic, Leighton India & Reliance Energy.

I have also been actively involved with site construction & commissioning activities in my professional career thereby gaining depth knowledge & understanding of different aspects of Project Design & Engineering.

Detail Organisational Experience

I.Since July 2019 till date, I am associated with China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering(CPPE), Abu Dhabi as Electrical Engineer (July 2019– till date)

Project detail: The EPC 1.1.2 project of Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park Project OTTCO (Oman). This project includes two no of 33kV substation, one package substation & various Admin and Workshop facilities. It also includes various package equipment as EDGs, Crude Oil Booster pump, Fire water package, Various pump packages, intake well and seawater lift pumps, Emergency firewater supply, Desalination unit, Desalination reject line, portable water system, slops system, recovery oil system, waste water collection and treatment facility. This EPC 1.1.2 project works in coordination with other projects as EPC 1.1.1, EPC 1.1.3, EPC 1.2, EPC 1.3, EPC 1.4 & EPC 1.5.

In addition I have been working on multiple ADNOC Onshore projects as below:

1.EPC for Asaab Phase II stage I project.

2.Bab Amine Regenerator 13-C-102 Upgrade and Replacement.

3.Call Out Works for ASR Project.

In addition I am involved in multiple ongoing Bid Evaluation Works.

Responsible for preparation of Cable schedule, Cable drum schedule, equipment list & Tie-in Schedule.

Responsible for preparation of data sheet for HV & LV cable, MR for LV cables & specification for EDG.

Responsible for performing earthing calculation and review submission of earthing layout & Lightning protection drawings for substations & areas.

Responsible for offer evaluation & TBE for mechanical packages as API-676, API-610, Aeration blower package, Tank mixers, EOT crane & Metering skid.

II.Associated with China Petroleum Engineers(CPE), Dubai as Electrical Engineer (Sept 2018– June 2019)

Project detail: The BIFP project is based in BAB fields of Abu Dhabi. The facilities are to ensure the availability of crude production facilities upto year 2022 & 2025. It involves new facilities interfacing with existing facilities at PSN & SN Substation, various RDS, Well pads, Main Pads & Mini Pads, Well bays etc. My basic work responsibilities are as follows.

Responsible for preparation of SLDs & MR for Safe, Classified & modification Distribution boards.

Responsible for offer evaluation & TBE for Distribution Boards for safe area, classified area & Modifications DBs.

Responsible for offer evaluation & TBE for MTO for Bulk Material, Earthing material, cable termination, Joining kits, Glands & Lugs.

Vendor document review & closure for assigned electrical packages.

III.Associated with Dodsal Engineering & Construction PTE Ltd, Dubai as Senior Electrical Engineer (Jan 2018– Sep 2018)

Projects detail: My work responsibility was to provide engineering support for completion of GC-31 project in North Kuwait. It involves review of vendor drawings through data management software (Wrench) & submission of System Study document as relay setting & coordination report, Load flow & short circuit study, motor starting & acceleration study report.

Additionally I completed TBE evaluation of electrical package equipments (PMS) & LV switchgear for Separation & Gas Centre (CSC) south HGA project, Algeria.

IV.Associated with Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Company Kuwait as Electrical Engineer (June 2015-Dec-2017)

Projects detail: I was responsible as lead electrical engineer for Debottlenecking of GC-17 project. The other project completed in my tenure is Replacement of 12” crude transit line by 16” line from CMM to GC-22 area with necessary pig launching facility. I had also spearheaded technical evaluation of vendor packages for the ‘KOC IT building project’ an EPC project undertaken by the company. In addition I was also responsible for pre-bid evaluation for upcoming projects.

Role Description:

Responsible for developing equipment data sheets & various sizing calculation such as HV & LV cable sizing, transformer sizing, capacitor bank, Load profile for AC ups & DC ups system, earthing calculation, lightning calculation, illumination calculations for substation and field area.

Preparation of plant hazardous area classification layout.

System design & conceptualizing for preparation of Key SLD, switchboard SLDs, substation & control building equipment layout, Layouts for Power & control cable, earthing layout, lightning protection layout, illumination layouts for substation and outdoor facilities.

Preparation of power & control cable schedule & interconnection cable schedule.

Responsible for performing system study for Load Flow analysis, Short circuit analysis, motor starting study, harmonic analysis, relay settings & coordination using system studies software-ETAP.

Performing review in preparation of load list & MTO’s.

Responsible for preparation of technical bid evaluation report & leading vendor meetings.

Detail review of vendor submitted documents like SLD, GA, type test certificates, data sheets, ct/pt sizing calculations & schematics of switchboards & its various interfaces with other equipment packages.

Detail review of Vendor document submittals for 11kV extension panel, 3.3kV swbd, 440V swbd, 440V feeder modification swbd, 5MVA transformer, capacitor bank panel, HV & LV cables, MV & LV motors, lighting & small power distribution boards, AC ups system & DC ups system in compliance to project specification, KOC specification & relevant international standards.

Package review for company supplied packages equipments like effluent water pump, oily water pump, dry crude export oil pump, export oil booster pump, fire water package, air compressor package, desalter package, separators and its interfaces with other equipment packages.

Interdisciplinary coordination, participation in vendor/PMC/Client meeting for acute & superior system design.

Site survey, coordination & support.

V.Associated with Leighton India, Mumbai as Senior Electrical Engineer (August 2012–June 2015)

Project detail: Cairn India Ltd (CIL) in a Joint Venture with ONGC. The crude oil produced from various fields is processed at the central hub Mangala Processing Terminal (MPT). With developments of new well pads EPC-1, EPC-2 and EPC-3 were allocated. Leighton India was awarded the EPC-2 & EPC-3 project in addition to multiple 11kV & 6.6kV AIS switchboard extension work. EPC-3 comprised of integrated balance works including effluent water pumps, booster pumps, heaters, filters & scrubber units & multiple tie-ins work.

Role Description:

Review for vendor packages equipments as injection water main pump, injection water booster pump, injection water filter package, heaters & scrubber unit and its interfaces with other equipment packages.

Responsible & accountable for the engineering for multiple 11kV & 6.6kV AIS switchboard extension work at existing substation, EPC-2 & EPC-3 project.

Responsible for preparation of TBE & leading vendor meetings for Electrical package as 11kV extension panels, 33kV GIS, 11kV AIS, 6.6kV AIS, 440V switchboard, 40/50MVA & 20/26.66MVA power transformer, 2.5 & 2/2.3 MVA distribution transformer & NGR.

Detail review of engineering documents generated by engineering consultant as electrical design basis, load list, hazardous area classification layout, purchase specifications, equipment sizing calculations, Key SLD, switchboard SLD’s & layouts to obtain timely approved from PMC (EIL) & client (CIL) to achieve the project goal.

Package review of vendor submitted documents for 11kV extension panels, 33kV GIS, 11kV AIS, 6.6kV AIS, 440V switchboard, 40/50MVA & 20/26.66MVA power transformer, 2.5 & 2/2.3 MVA distribution transformer, Power Management System, NGR.

Internal coordination with Procurement & Quality team and ensuring inspection & FAT completion of electrical equipment.

Expediting & ensuring timely response from project vendors/Engineering consultant/PMC/Client for acute & superior design and to meet the project timelines.

Perform Vendor factory visits to expedite manufacturing completion of various equipment packages within project timelines.

Coordinated efforts with site team in order to ensure successful Installation & commissioning activities.

VI.Associated with Reliance Energy as Assistant Manager (Aug’2008-Jul’2012)

1.Project Detail : 2400MW combined cycle gas based thermal power project was a fast track, brown field project constituting of 3x2 no. of gas turbines & 3x1 no. of steam turbines and 400kV outdoor GIS for power evacuation. The fuel gas was supplied from nearby ONGC gas station which was interfaced with installation of 3 no of dedicated gas skids for the gas turbines. The other utilities like power & DM water were tapped from the existing running plant which involved detailed engineering & feasibility study.

Role Description:

Engineering feasibility study for installation of common dedicated Gas Skid to receive fuel gas from the ONGC gas station.

Engineering feasibility study for electrical contingency arrangements for Open Cycle Commissioning of the Gas Turbine Generator.

Review of vendor submitted documents like SLD, GA, type test certificates, data sheets, ct/pt sizing calculations & schematics of switchboards & its various interfaces with other equipment packages.

Review of Vendor document submittals for 6.6kV swbd, 440V swbd, lighting & power distribution boards, DC ups system.

Review of package vendor documents for GTG Excitation transformer, GTG start-up transformer, PEEC panel scheme & its interfaces with GIS and supply switchboards.

Interdisciplinary coordination, participation in vendor/PMC/Client meeting for acute & superior system design.

Site survey, coordination & support.

I was also involved in commissioning phase of Generator, PEEC panel, Excitation transformer, start-up transformer, power transformer, 400kV GIS & various equipment during the peak stages of the project.

2.Project detail: 2X300MW Coal based thermal power project was a green field project which was completed in two phases. The first unit was the fastest unit to be commissioned in India.

Role Description:

I was initially responsible for engineering review for documents generated by SEC as a LSTK package for Electrostatic Precipitator system. Vendor document review for ESP package equipments as rectifier transformer, OPEC-II controller, rapping motors, heaters, LV PMCC, control panel.

Detail review of vendor submitted documents like SLD, GA, data sheets, ct/pt sizing calculations, schematics & various interfaces with other equipment packages.

Detail Review of Vendor document submittals for 6.6kV swbd, 440V swbd, 20/25MVA auxiliary transformer, HV & LV busducts, cables, lighting & power distribution boards, DC UPS system.

Site survey, interdisciplinary coordination and dealing with client & vendors for acute & superior system design.

I was also actively involved in construction & commissioning activities at site during the peak stage of the project. I was involved with testing & commissioning for 300MW Generator & its excitation system, 370MVA Generator transformer, 40/50MVA station transformer, 20/25MVA Auxiliary transformer, HV & LV switchboard, HV & LV motors, 220kV switchyard, ESP & various other plant electrical equipment.

Training Attended & Exposure during professional career

Attended E-tap functional training with E-tap Dubai, UAE.

Certified in use of system study software-ETAP.

Attended training over Experion PKS SCADA system at JRD Tata automation training centre, Honeywell Automation India ltd, Pune.

Participated actively in FAT of various electrical equipments of various vendors.

Participated in Power plant familiarization course conducted at NPTI Faridabad.

“I hereby declare that the above information furnished is true to the best of my knowledge”

Mukesh Thakur

Place: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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