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CTO, Python, C++, online games, operation backoffice, blockchain devel

Dresden, Saxony, Germany
August 01, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Name / Surname Friedman, Andreas

Address Mall of Asia,

MOA Complex,

100010 Passay, Manila,


Personal Email

Nationality German

Date of birth 1985

Gender male

Skype Hardcore-Programmierer

Occupational field Chief Technology Officer, Technique consultant Self Assessment Over 10 years of experience with diverse technology disciplines including software ar- chitecture design, source code/data security, system integration, kernel development, software protection, cloud computing. I have work experience abroad and know how to set up an IT department and build up a team. I am very responsible and complete all task and resolve all problems as soon as possible and help staff to grow and be part of a result-orientated team. Strong communication ability, especially in Chinese and German language.


Personal skills

and competences

Mother tongue German

Other languages


European level Understanding Speaking Writing

Listening Reading Spoken




Chinese perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect

English good good good good good Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level Technical skills and


Algorithm designing/optimization, system/code optimization, platform independent programming, technical project planning, cross compiling, debugging and fix mali- cious bugs/errors. Process automation and development of cloud computing system based on Openstack.

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Andreas Friedman

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Programming tools

Visual C++ 2003 - 2013, 2019 since 2002

GNU C++ / C++-v11-14 since 2004

Python 2 / Python 3 since 2005 graphene,, django, flask Qt / QtCreator since 2011

Eclipse 2012 - 2015

AWK/GAWK 2011 - 2016

BASH 2002-2019 now i use PyBatch

Maratis 3D 3.21 2014 - 2015

PHP / PHP5 1999 - 20012

QBasic / Visual Basic 1997 - 2000

MASM32/x64 1999 - 2009

AVR-Studio 2000 - 2001

Monotone(mtn) since 2013 distributed source control system LAT

EX document writing since 2005

Experience of operation


Android ARM/X86 since 2010

MacOS since 2003

Linux Debian 4.0 - 10 since 2002 since 10 it’s unstable Linux Ubuntu 8.0 - 14.04 since 2011

Windows/Server 3.1 - 8.1 since 1997

Unix FreeBSD 6.2 & 8.1 2002-2012

Debugging &

Reverse-engineering tools

hexediting(HED, Winhex) since 1996

OllyDBG 1.10 - 2.01 since 2004

IDA Pro 5.3 - 6.5 since 2005

WinDBG since 2004

GDB (GNU Debugger) since 2008

ddd (GDB interface) since 2008

tcpdump/Wireshark(ethereal) since 2003

Most used development


Qt 4.8 - 5.14, QtMobility since 2011

OpenGL, SDL, GLU 2003 - 2012

WinAPI since 2001

MFC 2002 - 2005

WDK (Driver developing kit) since 2008

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Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Opensource software


PyBatch My own opensource project to replace bash, muc more comptabile and easyer to develop automation scripts. Umbrello Improvement of the support of importing/exporting Python code(code generation)

Spyder 3-4 Fixed some bugs, enhnced re-run script beheivour bug fixing, improvement, implementation of database mi- gration. Data verification and automatic convertion. Meld 3 fixing bugs

ssh add command line argument for password

PY to EXE Fixed compatibility problems, fixed many bugs, solved fatal errors causing crashes, speedup, caching

bash2py it’s not a real translator so I wrote my own, called Qt 4.8 - 5.3.2 enhanceing qmake, compiling for Android and MacOS, QtCreator 2/3.1 enhanceing and compiling of QtCreator for Linux PostgreSQL porting to Android ARM

Axel enhanceing and porting to MacOS and Android

OpenSSH/PLINK advancing ssh, and cross compiling to win32 Linux kernel compiling of the Linux kernel

pjsip compiling the SIP client library for Android (2014-12) FFMPEG porting to Android with the best compatibility support libiconv compiling for Android (2014-08)

libicu compiling for Android (2014-08)

sqlite compiling for Android (2013-12)

chromeium compiling of chrome browser for Android (2014-11) chromeium compiling of chrome browser for Windows (2014-11) Maratis 3D 3.21 enhancement and debugging to this high speed 3D engine

, porting to Android

development tools used

Cocos2D-x 2.1

and 3.3

portable game developing library, doing some enhance- ment, especially for mobile games

Unity 3D portable game developing library

Ogre3D portable game developing library

GMP scientific mathemetcal tool for calculation of very big num- bers

TTMATH mathematical tool for calculation of very big numbers FMOD portable Sound engine

BASS Sound engine

DirectX Graphic rendering library

OpenGL Graphic rendering library

CUDA GPU computing library by NVIDIA

boost portable C++ Library

wxWidget portable graphic-user-interface library

GTK portable graphic-user-interface library

richedit 2.0 - 3.0 rich editor interface

Msftedit advanced rich editor interface

libevent compiling and cross compiling for Linux and Windows htdig powerful web crawler

Artistic skills and


Table tennis

Driving licence(s) European Driving license.

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Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Projects experience

Project Name Online gaming operating back office for the unregulated market Dates 2019/03 –

Development Tools Python, Django, Graphene, websocket Software Environment Linux

Hardware Environment x64

Project Description An online gaming operation system for the unregulated market. The platform is de- veloped in Python for the backend API and the front end is developed in React and Reacht Native. The system is highly flexible and adjustable, the operators can adjust all functions and content inlcuding the front end. The system is very easy to main- taince, since the front-end is completelty seperated from the backend it’s very easy and cheap to deploy.

Responsibility Setup an office, hiring staff, setup secure local network, code review, fixing bugs, encrypt python code and deploy automatically.

Project Name Call center, with automatic and artificial intelligent delegation of work and data evaluation

Dates 2016/06 2016/09

Development Tools Python,, Asterisk, twilio, VoIP client Software Environment Linux

Hardware Environment x64

Project Description Call center, that with automatic delegation of work and data crawler Responsibility Call center system for telephone sales, the date comes from the company’s database or from a crawler. Work get delegated automatically, has user group/right manage- ment system, evaluation system to calculate commission and performance. Real-time monitoring of the efficiency of the telephone sales. The system suopports sending SMS messages.

Project Name Star stage - APP for becomming superstars Dates 2015/01 – 2015/02

Development Tools C++, OC, Python, VLC, Openfire

Software Environment Android/Linux/Windows

Hardware Environment x86/x64

Project Description An social APP for talentet artist. Responsibility Developing of the whole video live streaming video player for Android/iOS and PC, management of the whole project and staff.

Project Name event ogranize social APP

Dates 2014/05 – 2014/09

Development Tools C++, Python

Software Environment Android/Linux/Windows

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 5,1490 lines

Project Description A social application for find or organize nearest events. Responsibility Developing of the whole APP and plugin based server was designed/written by my self.

Project Name Online card game plattform

Dates 2012/11 – 2013/03

Development Tools C++, Cocos2D-x, OpenGL ES

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Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Software Environment iOS/Android/Linux/Windows

Hardware Environment x86/x64

Project Description An online card came platform with games like Majong, Poker, etc... Responsibility Designing of the whole platform independent distributed game system. Develop the network server and the structure of the client software with Cocos2d-x(OpenGL ES) Employ staff, observe the development process.

Project Name YQPGGLXT portable camera solution for schools Dates 2012/10 – 2014/05

Development Tools C++, Qt, PHP. ffmpeg, libav, Ollydbg/IDE Software Environment Linux/Windows x86/amd64

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 21,773 lines

Project Description A full camera solution for schools including security monitoring, definable evaluating system, remote education and broadcasting functionality. Responsibility Design the whole software structure of this project. Desinging of the software modules and the Database. Development of all the software parts. Analyze the close source software SDK of the camera’s manufacture to build an own optimized module for my own camera system. - Because the manufacture’s original software SDK is incredible big and have bugs leading to crashes.

One of the main feture is that our system supports different kind of camera vendors. I cracked the protocol of several vendors and impliment the protocol by my own(since the protocol is closed source).

Project Name Distributed computing crawler/scrapper for HTTP/HTTPS sites Dates 2012/9 – 2012/10

Development Tools C++, Qt, PostgreSQL, PHP

Software Environment Linux/Windows x86/amd64

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 2,073 lines

Project Description A decentralized web crawler that can craw the internet through GOOGLE, BAIDU or direct a special target web server. Collected Data are stored will be evaluated and stored to a big database for further used by an PHP back office/website. Responsibility Design the whole software structure of this project. Desinging of the software modules and the Database. Development of all the software parts, including statistic function- ality. Seting up the servers. Controlling and maintaining the servers. The back office and the website was written by the costumers web development team. Project Name High performance HTTPS-PHP server

Dates 2011/11 – 2012/03

Development Tools C++, PHP

Software Environment Linux 64 / Windows x86

Hardware Environment x86/x64

Project Description For increase the performance of the http for the companies php system I build an PHP-server, by merging the source code of php with a web server. Due to this method PHP is part of the HTTPS-server and no complicated installation is need anymore. Responsibility Analyzing the source code PHP and ngix, merge the code and build a configurable cross-platform web server solution stack package.

Project Name file system speed up tool

Dates 2010/1–2010/3

Development Tools WDK(Windows driver development kit), C-language, C++, WinAPI Page 5 / 10 - Curriculum vitæ of

Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Software Environment Windows x86/amd64

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 10,924 lines

Project Description This tool speed up the system through bringing selected parts of the file system in the memory, and redirects all disk operations to the memory. The speed of memory access is as least 1000MB/s, the speed of an hard disk is 100-150MB/s, so using this tool an speed increasement of 10 times can be reach. Responsibility Designing and programming of the kernel driver and the user application. Automatic testing, brenchmarking and quality assurance.

Project Name Transparent file-system encrypting driver Dates 2009/1–2010/1

Development Tools WDK(Windows driver development kit), C-language Software Environment Windows x86/amd64

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 8,924 lines

Project Description The core of this project is a driver(fsfilter using minifilter technique), user inter- face(Winapi GUI) and SDK API interface. Low level interception, while user reads data from the hard disk make on the fly decryption, encryption of the Registry is also supported.

System protection/security research for the product, including system recovery and temp folder encryption. software testing.

Responsibility Designing of a on-the-fly encryption software which don’t restrict users normal habit of using it’s data. And grant of security of it’s data. Encryption programs like Truecrypt is not forensic safe, because it’s don’t encrypt temp files. For example the Office program creates temp files of all documents within the users(or windows temp folder, depending on the windows version) temp folder. That’s the point where almost all other encryption programs fail: it can’t encrypt the temp folders too. Project Name Pirates on the run (economy simulation/strategy game) + 3d game engine based on OpenGL

Dates 2008/8 – 2009/6

Development Tools C++, OpenGL, winsock, Anjuta, FMOD(sound engine) Software Environment Linux/Windows x86/amd64

Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 80,452 lines

Project Description An 2D/3D econmoy simulation and strategy game. With artificial intelligence driven computer enemies.

Responsibility Game design, technical design and programming. Designing and developing of an consistence economy system and fight simulation.

Project Name Development Environment / IDE

Dates 2001/1–2010/1

Development Tools Asssembly / MASM32

Software Environment Windows 2003 till Windows 7

Hardware Environment x86 32 bit

size of source 113,642 lines

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Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Project Description I developed my own programming environment based on neuronal networks, automa- tion, self adjusting techniques. With using my environment you can safe time and in- crease efficiency. It’s supports the Microsoft’s standard protocol richedit20, richedit30 and Msftedit. Because of the compiling interface all common programming languages are supported, like: Microsoft Visual Studio, WDDK, MASM, NASM, FASM, RASM, GCC, Android, MinGW. It’s supported to adding new languages. Special features like recover the code of other executables, analyzing C/C++ code, exporting a special function within all it’s dependency of a source code and controlling some parts of a remote operating system are available.

The source code of the cdevelopment environment’s core already reach the amount of 113,642 lines.

Responsibility The purpose this project was/is to increase the speed of code developing. It includes all functions to fulfill the requirement of a developing environment. Project Name high frequency trading software/strategy/plugin Dates 2000/5–2014/12

Development Tools C++/C#

Software Environment MetaTrader, Forex Trader, NinjaTrader Hardware Environment x86

Project Description Make study and development of high automatic high frequency trading software. Based on my own experience and neuronal networks design my own trading strate- gies.

Responsibility Mastering high frequency trading and the development of neuronal networks to auto- mate the trading.

Project Name Micro controller based HTTP-Server

Dates 2000/2 – 2001/1

Development Tools AVR-Studio

Software Environment arm

Hardware Environment ATmega128 uC and a Realtek RTL8019AS network chip Project Description HTTP-Server for an small micro controller with network controller. Responsibility development and testing of an simple http/html server, written in C and assembly language.

Project Name RedFTP - stable FTP library with compare tool and crawler Dates 2002/5 – 2012/6

Development Tools C++, WinAPI GUI, PHP(for web interface of the crawler) Software Environment Android/MacOS/Linux/Windows x86/amd64 Hardware Environment x86/x64

size of source 7556 lines

Project Description An portable file transfert library with special features with being exceptional in that’s stable(failed actions will be resumed, broken connection will be reopened, [almost] all kinds of FTP server are supported, failed operations will reconstructed and be resumed at the point of failue).

The library was tested with an compare & merge tool and an crawler(scanning all files of a server). The result of the crawler can found under Responsibility Implementation of the FTP protocol as an class, writing documentation.

[Cross-]Compiling and testing for all platforms.

Developing and setting up of an Linux based crawlinig server/service. Developing of an small backoffice to control the crawling server, and a website for searching(the search engine as advanced functions and it’s accurate, so no bad results will shown). Project Name cloud account backup system (codename: netup) Page 7 / 10 - Curriculum vitæ of

Andreas Friedman

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© European Communities, 2003.

Dates 2002/5 – 2006/3

Development Tools MASM32, C++, WinAPI GUI

Software Environment x86

Hardware Environment x86 32 bit

size of source >20,000 lines

Project Description This cloud backup system can backup all data from common accounts like eMail, FTP, network drive, etc...

Responsibility Implementation of several protocols like POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, etc.., designing of the database for the account’s management an statistic. Developing of an graphical user interface(GUI) for management, displaying progress and statistics. Work experience

2014/11 - present Beijing De Zhong investment consulting LTD. Dezhong investment consulting LTD. is an Beijing headquartered technology and management consulting company. Dezhong investment helps customers to make the right choice for their investment and support management and technology support to guarantee your project can go on market on time. We are specialized in mobile applications, high frequency computing, distributed computing, high performance backend development and technical management. Clients bene fit from our experience and get on market in a very short time. Occupation or position held Chief Technology Officer Main activities and


Reporting to the CEO/Director, recruited to evaluate costumers software projects(like stability, product logic), design efficient development plans and manage the R&D and graphic design depatrments.

Manage RMB 2,000,000.00 operating budget and direct activities of 30+ staff. Development of Android/IOS mobile application.

Number of employee 50-150

Type of business or sector investment consulting / managment consulting 2012/08 - 2014/10 Hangzhou DBAPP Security LTD.

DBAPP Security Ltd., is a Leading company focusing on Web Application and database secu- rity technologies. Founded in 2007 in Fremont California, the company now has many branches and strong support team in many cities.

Occupation or position held Chief Technology Officer Main activities and


Management and Design of an cross platform card game collection. While supervising the companies old windows product, I build up a new team and managed them, for development of a new game platform using new technology. The main aim of the new project was the the game product works on Android, Windows, Linux and iPhone, and that the game server can handle 1,000,000 user connection at the same time. Close communication with CEO, sales manager and product manager. Number of employee 150-500

Type of business or sector Network security / network devices / game platform 2010/09 - 2012/07 Hangzhou Maiqi souvenirs LTD.

Maiqi souvenirs manufacturing limited is a leading manufacturer specialized in souvenirs prod- ucts for worldwide tourism destinations. Our main products are amazing products you probably haven’t seen before or are very useful, but also normal products including: souvenir key-chain, dinner bell, plate, pin, badge, ashtray, statues, bottle opener, fridge magnet, spoon, etc. Big costumers like Bank of China and government departments cooperating with us. Occupation or position held Chief Technology Officer Page 8 / 10 - Curriculum vitæ of

Andreas Friedman

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Main activities and


Direction of the whole 2 level office and the management of the development depart- ment with a staff of 20 workers, monitor the human resource department. Close communication with CEO and CMO, sum up, prioritise and regulate all require- ments. Design optimal development plan for a group shopping site with a budget of RMB 500,000.

Set the departments goals direction and control the development process. According to the CEO’s new requirements, changing of the development plan, while making sure the project can go online on time.

Take care to run on other platforms like TMall, and that the costumer service works correctly. This ecommerce platform was developed in PHP/AJAX. Making the SEO of company’s website, including employ workers.

Chinese likes new technology, on this issue I introduced new technology: developing an Android application for presenting the company’s products on mobile devices like IPad and Android pads/phones:

1. development of video streaming software

2. low level programming

3. optimizing decoders (AVI, MPG, RMVB, RM, MKV)

4. optimizing codecs (h284)

5. debug decoders,

6. Linux based ffmpeg redevelopment

7. porting of ffmpeg/Mplayer/VLC to Android

8. low level audio programming on Android System

9. network programming like: multithreading chunk based download system for streaming multimedia files, android web server

10. porting SDL to Android

11. connecting low level code with GUI

12. hardware decoding (h264, mpeg)

developing a tool for convert open source project to an android project. Developing tools used: Eclipse,Java, GCC, Android SDK, Android NDK, eabi, ARM, NEON and Linux system.

Number of employee 150-500

Type of business or sector Souvenir/gifts, eCommerce, international trading 2008/02 -2010/09 Shanghai Jiu Mu Network Technology LTD. Creating games is the passion of Jiu Mu Network Technology LTD. They are specialized and focused on portability while bringing you enjoyment in the form of Mobile and Social Games. Occupation or position held trainee, team leader

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Andreas Friedman

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Main activities and


According to the company’s strategy and requirements I planed, instructed and devel- oped the company’s cloud computing project’s core, realized the computing of scien- tific algorithms, computer clustering, optimizing. With leading and instructing the team of the technical apartment we maintained all software modules and server hardware, internal network, developing of the user software and web page, control an amount of 500 computers. I planed the whole structure of the cloud computing system, including a web control system. The system is platform independent(Linux/Windows) Successfully developed a solution for computing complex algorithm in a very short time(through Nvidia GPU processing/CUDA). Where one normal computer needs 120 Years of computing, our system needs only 3 seconds. technique; Windows/Linux kernel development, Assembly, ATMEL micro controller programming in C, Windows, Linux, C/C++, PHP, Apache, IDA, reverse-engineering, Ollydbg, Visual Basic, IBM Processor, System recovering(software/hardware). Number of employee 50-150

Type of business or sector Mobile games

Additional information

Personal interests

neuronal networks, bionic, stenography, social networking/engineering, education, Chinese philosophy(Sunzi, Laozi, Zhuangzi, Guiguzi) Page 10 / 10 - Curriculum vitæ of

Andreas Friedman

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