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Manager Engineering

Fremont, CA
August 01, 2020

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Indranil Roy

Fremont, CA *****


Executive Summary

• Innate talent – innovation; Amazon offered an innovation product role for one of its startup groups.

• eCommerce user experience – Walmart, ebay, other colleagues have commended my knowledge with respect to images, home page, search, product detail page, cart page, checkout, etc.

• eCommerce fulfillment – at ebay, wrote a document that was used to onboard new team members.

• Data geek – lead growth-engagement-monetization, experience metrics; funnel / cohort analysis; at Capital One, increased home page’s revenue by $100M; at ebay, built seller activation score.

• Strategy (wow, moat, monetization / margin) with metrics – crafted at startups, large organizations.

• Detail-focused in customer research, business, UX, technology, analytics, e.g., at ebay, caught a NPS bias that was missed by 20+ peers including Directors; at Walmart, corrected survey template.

• Tech-savvy, e.g., solved mobile architecture and numeric-keyboard issues at Walmart.

• Built / launched 3 startup products from scratch; one product was picked up by Forrester. Professional Experience

Lead Product Manager, Capital One, Bay Area Oct 19 – present

• Built strategy for home page revenue optimization using machine learning (ML), content insights, etc.

• Augmenting ML-Bayesian models, multi-armed bandit tests, and A / B tests of key pages like HP.

• Lead personalization of HP with data including demographic, behavioral, product feature usage. Lead Product eCommerce Contractor, Walmart Labs Mexico Grocery, Bay Area May 19 – Sep 19

• Crafted strategic swimlanes for wowing customers while increasing margin; transactions / session .

• Revamped cart / checkout experience including new payment integration; transactions 20% .

• Identified native app’s architectural flaw – optimization for poor network; cart abandonment 5% . Lead Product (Digital / eCom) Contractor, Digital Sales, Bank of the West, Bay Area Mar 18 – Apr 19

• For mobile account opening, built new experience to grow by 3x with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) based on analysis of quantitative / qualitative data, A / B testing, etc.

• Discovered customer churn issues – high churn during the value discovery period – that had been unsolved for a while and predictors of the churn; modified onboarding to reduce churn by 10%. Lead Product Contractor, Virtual Power Systems (ML VC-backed Startup), Bay Area Jul 16 – Feb 18

• As first PM, incorporated predictive analytics; used tertiary data set to test model before deployment.

• Defined product strategy focused on product / market fit; quarterly OKRs, etc. Principal Product Manager, Informatica, Bay Area, CA May 2015 – Jul 2016

• Increased free trial conversion by 30% with better onboarding – Luhn validation, time-to-value, etc.

• To build a new SaaS product, interviewed customers / partners and analyzed present product usage. Sr Product Manager, ebay / PayPal, Bay Area, CA Feb 2012 – Apr 2015

• Analyzed cart / checkout to reduce cart abandonment by ~1% with A / B testing. Key optimizations included placing improving product images in the cart and hiding coupon code behind a link.

• Worked on ebay Now mobile app’s buy online pickup in-store (omni-channel) initiative; optimized native app’s battery / data usage, reduced crash, and increased repeat purchase revenue.

• Used customer research, competitive analysis to build / launch a new SaaS analytics product.

• Improved seller onboarding by 10% MoM utilizing behavioral cohorts. Built seller activation score and a framework to identify causal leading-indicator events for engagement. Sr Manager Technology, Bank of America, Newark, DE Nov 2009 – Feb 2012

• For digital acquisition channel, improved conversion and credit quality of new cardholders.

• Managed budget of $5MM and in-sourced / out-sourced team of 25+ people with zero attrition. Sr Product Strategy Contractor, Greenfield Software (Analytic Startup), India Sep 2008 – Nov 2010

• Built v1 of the first product, identified the target market, and gathered requirements thru market research, competitive analysis, and potential customer interviews. Sr Product Contractor, (eCommerce Startup), Bay Area, CA May 2009 – Oct 2009

• Using GA, heatmap tools, A / B testing, etc. boosted cart / checkout performance through inline validation of fields, replacing “Continue” CTA with contextual copy, limiting drop-downs, etc. Technology Manager, JPMorgan Chase, Bay Area, CA Jul 2006 – May 2009

• Rebuilt a customer-support product; improved key business metrics by at least 10%.

• Defined ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) strategy; executed competitive study of all vendors. Director of Products, SaleMinder (eCommerce / SaaS Startup), Bay Area, CA 1999 – 2006

• Used A / B testing, page / funnel analytics, user interviews, etc. to enhance checkout experience.

• Improved metrics like add-to-cart, NPS by redesigning product page. Showed discounts in format that had larger number, added in-context / different-perspective images, made return policy unambiguous, added product description in both paragraph and bullet format, etc.

• Worked on omni-channel initiative that allowed retailer’s customers to see for a specific store – what was in-stock, what was on sale, when was the next in-store event, etc.

• Structured financial model with CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value), and churn / retention parameters to project future earnings for second round of financing.

• Coached and managed team – least absenteeism and turnover rate amongst all groups. Data Management Specialist, Perot Systems, Dallas, TX 1996 – 1999

• Worked with customers to gather requirements, recommend solution, and drive implementation. Software Engineer, ATC (Advanced Technology Center), Irvine, CA 1992 – 1996

• Designed (low-level) and coded GUI-based products for markup / red-lining of vector / raster images. Product / Technology Skills

• Product: AARRR, customer research, business model, Google Analytics, NPS, leading KPI, Agile

• UX / Front-end: A / B testing, CRO, onboarding, Angular, Ajax, CSS, jQuery, JSON, iOS / Android

• Platform / Back-end: Hadoop, J2EE, ML, Mongo, Perl, REST, Spring, PaaS, SaaS, SQL Professional Development / Education

• MBA courses (Strategy, High-Tech Marketing), Haas School of Business, Univ. of CA, Berkeley

• Master of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Composite Materials, UDEL GPA: 4.0/4.0

• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude, UDEL (University of Delaware) GPA: 3.8/4.0 Professional / Academic Honors

• At Capital One, received special recognition from SVP of Digital Products

• At Walmart, Director of Design escalated my departure to VP of Products

• At Bank of the West, only contractor to be recognized by Head of Digital Products

• At ebay, received special recognition from VP of Product Management

• Recipient of multiple Gold Awards from Business at Bank of America

• Options package at SaleMinder upgraded to VP-level

• Accepted for graduate studies in Engineering at both Stanford and University of California, Berkeley

• National Collegiate Engineering Award

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