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FX Artist

Irvine, CA
August 02, 2020

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Dear sir/madam,

I'm very interested in the FX Artist position at your company.

I graduated in MA Visual Effects at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). My background, I was in 3D animation and changed direction to a new path onto VFX. I started In Maya Character Animation at Gnomon School of Visual Effects and entered my first VFX job as a CG Generalist at ISTV in Los Angeles.

I worked there full time for 2 years then left the company to work as a tracking artist at Digital Domain in Venice, on various high-end feature films and commercials.

Work after graduation in 2019 is on various films such as "Zombieland", "Asteroid Impact", "The Umbrella Academy", and "The Descendants".

Please check out at the links here for all my works:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your consideration.


Pam Wong-Bunten


Pam Wong-Bunten

FX Artist 310-***-****

Work Experience

FX TD/ FX Artist

Spin VFX

March 2019 to August 2019

“Zombieland 2: Double Tap” Grenade firing smoke, fire, and sparks

“Asteroid Impact” Dust "The Umbrella Academy" Tank firing smoke, dust

Disney's "The Descendants" 3 Sparks


A Tale of Love and Darkness" Steam, Smoke, Explosion


Maya FX Artist "Shell V-Power"

Dust, Smoke "Jaguar" Snow, Debris, Explosion "Toyota" Wind Tunnel, Smoke "CA Lottery" Particle Flying Coins

WORLDWIDE EFFECTS Maya FX Artist "Olympus Has Fallen" Smoke, Fire, Debris

SAINTS LA VFX Maya FX Artist "G.I. Joe - Retaliation" nCloth Flag

HAWAII ANIMATION STUDIOS "Dinosaur Revolution" Swarm, Dust, Sand

X1FX Houdini FX Artist "Hancock" Smoke, Glass Debris

DIGITAL DOMAIN Houdini FX Artist & Tracker "Pirates of the Caribbean-At World's End" Snowfall Animation


Master in VFX Savannah College of Art and Design - Savannah, USA

Completed Courses in Character Animation Gnomon School of Visual Effects - Los Angeles, CA

Bachelor's in TV Production Chulalongkorn University

Skills • MAYA (10+ years) • AFTER EFFECTS (5+ years) • PHOTOSHOP (5+ years) • HOUDINI (3 years) • NUKE (1 year) • ARNOLD, RENDERMAN (Less than 1 year)

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