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Design Manager

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
August 02, 2020

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Date of Birth : October 30, 1971

Nationality : Egyptian

Marital Status : Married and have 4 Children

Specialization : Urban Planning, Project management Position in Firm : Project Manager

Mobile No. : 00 9 66 -50 944 7271

Email Address :


2017 Master’s degree in Projects management in Helwan University. 2014 Certificate in Internal Quality Auditing (ISO 9001:2008). 2010 Project Management Professional Certificate "PMP" Awarded 1996 B.Sc. In Regional & Urban Planning 1996 (Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning – Cairo University) SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE IN KEY QUALIFICATION:

Total 17 Years of Experience in the following areas:

Project Management for the urban planning projects which include preparation of design project drawings and presentations.

Study and preparation of Urban & Regional Planning project documents

Worked on Recreation and Tourism Master Planning

Multi-Family/Mixed Use Master Planning, Design and Scrutiny

Technical Planning Reports and Studies relating to Industrial, and Commercial and Community Development

Site Planning and Design for Multifaceted Projects and Scrutiny completion of project documents

Preparation & review of Subdivision and Neighborhood Master Planning includes Design and Scrutiny Software Knowledge:



Microsoft Office


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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER: From 07/2013- to date: SAUDI CONSULTING, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA. Position: Urban Planning Team leader/Projects Coordinator Project: King Faisal Air Academy – Al-Majma’a.

Design and development of King Faisal’s Air Academy’s master plan for the residential areas and the academic areas with a total area of approx. 269 Sq. kilometers. PROJECT: MINISTRY OF HOUSING, STUDIES AND DESIGN CONTRACT OF EASTERN REGION SECTORS.

Reviewing & modifying the master plan along the project phases to ensure it meets the local planning criteria and Standards according to emerging issues such as infrastructure requirements.

Preparing analyses & calculations for providing community facilities such as schools, commercial and Recreation areas, for the project of Study & Design of Housing Projects in Eastern Province.

The project for delivering complete design and supervision services to MOH, starting from preliminary studies phase, Concept Design, developing master plans and detailed design, to preparing of Tender Documents and supervision of construction including Site Analyses, Urban Design, Subdivision, Landscaping, Infrastructure and infrastructure design.

The total development areas of 11 sites about 190 million Meter2 in Eastern Region. 12/2004 - 07/2013: SAUDI CONSULTING, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.

Directorate General for Royal Commission at Yanbu. Master Planning and Design Consultants

Duties: On-site Management for Housing Projects, Subdivision Layout, Waterfront Projects,

Urban Design Solutions for New Town Neighborhoods, Commercial Districts and Public Facilities.

Prepare Planning Solutions for Detailed Site Design and Conceptual Design.

Recommend Master Planning Solutions for Special Service Districts and Sustainability Issues.

Interface with Transportation, Tourism and Development Consultants.

Urban Design Solutions for Neighborhood Parks, Recreation Facilities, Mosques & Commercial

Review current building projects and advise Royal Commission on Strategic Solutions WORKED AS PROJECT MANAGER FOR THE PROJECTS COMPLETED AT ROYAL COMMISSION- YANBU.

"Project Manager"

• Home Ownership Program, Phases 1 to 7 Study.

• Vacant land re-use for best utilization.


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• Scrutiny of the Royal Commission Medical Center Expansion Designs

• Commercial and Business Investment Opportunities Study

• City Character Study for Madinat Yanbu Al-Sinayiah (MYAS).

• Review of Safola Urban Design Master Plan in Haii Al-Aziziah Hara 6.

• Review of Marafiq Urban Design Master Plan in Haii Al-Aziziah Hara 6.

• Urban Design Solution for Haii Al-Meshaeef, Haii Al_Aziziah and Haii Al_Jaar.

• Urban Design Solution for the Physician Housing in MYAS.

• Flowers Festival and Occasional Park Location Study.

• Master Plan study for the Yanbu Industrial College Expansion and Parking Structure.

• Urban Design Solution for the Residential High Density Area 12.00 Ha

• Urban Design Solution for 8 with Juma Mosque & Convenience Commercial Center.

• Urban Design Solution for Expansion of Ladies Club in Movenpick Hotel. 6/2004 - 12/2004: SAUDI CONSULTING SERVICES – SAUD CONSULT, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA. Position: Urban and Regional Planner/Urban Designer/Project Manager Client - Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Yanbu, K.S.A Tasks:

Urban Planning Study and Engineering Coordination for Utilities for MODA Frontage Campground in Yanbu, KSA\

Urban Planning Study and Engineering Coordination for Utilities- Islands, Beaches, etc in Yanbu, KSA 7/2003 -1/2004:

Position: Project Lead

Client - ARAMCO, KSA


Addendum for al-Khafji Joint operation (KJO) Project. Preparation of Urban & Landscape Design for the following items:

Residential Villas of Varying Types.

Bachelor Accommodation Quarters.

School Buildings for Girls & Boys.

Grand and Local Mosques.

Men’s Club House and Other for Women.

Government Office and Culture Complex.

Party Hall and VIP Guest House.

Beach Area with Cornish Development.

The Open Area and Plaza around the Marine.

The Green Areas that are attached to the streets & local roads in the projects. CURRICULUM VITAE

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Tasks: In Egypt

Master Plan and Landscape Design and Executive Plan for el-Rehab City 1500 Feddan.

Master Plan, Urban Design, Working in Al-Quseir City on an Area of about 2200 Feddan.

Master Plan, Urban Design, Working in Touristic Center in al-Quseir City 350 Feddan.

Master Plan and Landscape Design for the Zezenia City 90 Feddan New Cairo.

Urban Design and Landscape - El-Wady Touristic Village in El-Ain El-Sokhna.

Urban Design and Landscape - Elite Touristic Village in Ras Sedr City-Saini.

Urban Design and Landscape - Golf City 90 Feddan on Elobour City-Cairo.

Urban Design and Landscape - Housing District-Masrawia 70 Fed. Elobour City

Urban Design and Landscape - Housing District 88 Fed.on 6th October City - Giza.

Urban Design, and Landscape - Green Palm, 134 Fed 6th October Giza.

Urban Design and Landscape - Center of Green Palm, 5 Fed 6th October Giza.

Urban Design - 2 Touristic Districts Extension (Primary Project) at Hurgada City 1160 Fed.

Urban Design and Landscape - Alreef AlGamel Gardens, 2150 Fed 6th October Giza.

Urban Design and Landscape - Alreef AlGamel Gardens, 8.00 Fed 6th October Giza.

Master Plan, Urban Design, for Failaka Island (Kuwait) on an Area of about 10234 Feddan.

Urban Design for El-Jubail District Expansion (El Fanateer) 60 Feddan (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Participated and won 2nd Prize in the Contest for Planning and Urban Design of the area 30 Feddan. Part -Time Jobs : Urban & Architectural Group Dr/ Hesham Bahgat - Dr/ Ahmed Fahem Position: URBAN PLANNER - URBAN DESIGN


Participated and won 1st Prize in the Contest for Urban and Landscape Design for Housing Area at Cairo-Alex High Road.

Participate in writing the technical report for the new Cairo master plan (Cairo-Egypt).

Languages: Arabic and English

References available upon request.


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