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Sales Supply Chain

Alhambra, CA
June 16, 2020

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• Seow Ting,Chew (, +1-818-***-****)


• 23 years of diversified global scale operational management experience with different industries MNC( Sony, Sun Microsystems, Triumph International, Univinson, TCC, Equus Computer Systems) in overseeing Total Value Chain. In-depth and competent strategic management of end-to-end full spectrum of Supply Chain Operations; Sales / Demand management, Purchasing, OEM Contract Manufacturing, Supply Planning, Capacity Planning, Sourcing & Purchasing, Inventory Management, Procure to Pay Procurement Process,P/L, NPI, Business Planning, S/O Fulfilment, Warehousing, Distribution till Delivery.

• My viable Supply Chain Management strategies are always Demand Management oriented, which is uncommon and lacking in most practice. Am equally and shrewdly competent in Demand Management and Planning, an important and pivotal function to achieve optimal Demand/Supply balance to reduce unnecessary inventory risk that is inherent to many of the businesses.

• Organizational and effective situational leadership qualities are demonstrated through large scale chands- on IT/ SAP SCM/ERP (Procure to Pay ) Project Management. Lean 6 sigma black belt certified and coupled with Change Management experience, business process improvement and technology change.

• Inventor – for Portable Inflatable Self Adjusting Cushion. Obtained patents in Singapore/Hong Kong With application in United States: USPTO Applicaton #: #200******** EXPERIENCE

1. June 2016 – Jan 2020: Director of Supply Chain Management, Equus Compute Solutions (United States) Equus Computer Systems, headquartered in Minneapolis, is one of the US 50 leading Computer System Builders delivered more than three million custom-configured computing solutions. ( Notebook, Desktop, Servers, Storage) Accomplishments

• Strategically reduced inventory by 38% from USD 4 millions to 2.5 millions for 2017 to 2019 for Equus Computer Systems,while reduced 25% every year for Rimage business from USD 10 millions to 8 millions to 6 millions( 2017 to 2019) Achieving through well-established Purchasing Strategy, Inventory Management and Planning. Days of Inventory =25 days with 85% of inventory less than 30days old.

• Generated USD 3 millions of cost savings through strategic buying of commodities, negotiated pricing and special rebate program with suppliers

• Orchestrated localization program to generate USD 1.5 millions saving through payment terms, free delivery and reduced logistics expenses


Overseeing 2 business units: Equus Compute Solutions and Rimage (Digital Publishing Solutions). Lead Purchasing team, with yearly purchase of USD 150 millions computer parts such as CPU, Motherboard, RAM, Chassis, Barebone etc…for complete system build

A. Strategic Procurement, Purchasing Planning, Sourcing and Supplier Management

• Managed more than 200 suppliers with yearly procurement of USD 150 million. Built a cost-risk balanced purchasing strategy. Developed strategic purchasing program while managing supplier performances and warranty, return policy, on time delivery and quality.

• Close collaboration with Key Suppliers (Domestic and International), in both direct and indirect procurement to formulate Supply Chain plans, processes and solutions for specific products, and to bid/negotiate on products/services of significant dollar value; planning, developing sourcing and commodity strategies, supplier priorities, and control/execution of Supply Chain activities.

• Developed a system to evaluate vendor quotations that utilizes appropriate negotiation and purchasing techniques to ensure quality, price, delivery, and service. Managed strategic supplier partnerships and creation of long-term supply agreements with key suppliers.

• Developed ongoing business strategy and take a proactive role in collaborating with other departments, external and internal: Engineering, program managers, quality and business developments. B. Optimal Balance of Demand /Supply and Inventory Management/Cost Savings

• Optimal balancing of long term forecast/demand& Supply to ensure continuous supply with JIT delivery for Production. Establishment of quantitative supply chain metrics consistent with optimization of cost, quality, technology, service, and diversity.

• Inventory analysis, categorization of stock, strategic sales plan implementation to reduce aged/non-aged inventory to increase organizational cash flow. While managing sales fluctuations, ensuring healthy working capital flow with no loss of sales and high fulfillment rate

• Transform the Supply Chain from its current procurement/purchasing orientation to a full spectrum, strategically oriented Integrated Product Team that is actively engaged in each business unit goals and objectives. 2. Dec 11 – end Aug 12 : Inventory Planning Manager, The Continuity Company ( Hong Kong) The Continuity Company is the single largest global provider of marketing programs to the grocery retail, fuel, and convenience store sector that are specifically designed to change shopper behavior and increase sales. Global retail clients include: Tesco, Carrefour, Metro, BP, Dairy Farm Group (7-Eleven,Wellcome, Cold Storage), Shell, and etc Accomplishments

• Successful reduction of world-wide inventory level from Euro 2.9 mil to 2 mil in 2012. Developed an optimal and qualitative sourcing and effective supply of both raw materials and finished goods, were able to aptly mobilize inventories from one end to another across the globe while maintaining a healthy inventory level.

• Successfully orchestrated timely product availability process with right balance between customer satisfaction and company from high financial risks that is inherent to the nature of the business, without any sales losses. Responsibilities – Lead end to end value chain multi-countries marketing programs for world-wide retailers Manage a portfolio of products (Knives, Cutlery) of estimated 100M USD in merchandise with provision of 30 million units of product for 3-6 months of 20-30 marketing programs/yearly – Lead 2-3 Supply Chain Managers.

(A) Marketing Program Management

• Project management of sales-increasing-marketing-events of global retailers with team of sales, program managers, supply chain, shipping, warehousing team with main focus on production, inventory planning, inventory management, purchasing, and the customer delivery process.

• Strategic and effective planning to provide timely quantity of continuous supply of right amount of goods from multi-country sourcing of global manufacturers, regional warehousing and distribution centers, to concurrent ongoing multi-countries 20-30 marketing programs with regular performances/KPI tracking.

(B) Supplier, OEM Manufacturer, Warehousing Management

• Procurement of goods from regional suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a well-balanced and targeted level of inventories ( fast moving and time sensitive products) at world-wide warehouses and distribution centers

• Resolution to contingent situations of over-sell, shortages situation, quality issues and production problems. 3. Apr 10 – end Sept 11 - Supply Chain Director, Univinson Cosmetic Company Ltd ( China) Univinson is China local skin care brand with its own retail, manufacturing and distribution. It is in number one position as top sales revenue generator in Watsons nation-wide about 1200 stores with about 3500 employees. Accomplishments

• Implemented strategic collaboration activities with Sales and Marketing team and tactical inventory management policy to achieve substantial improvement of sales loss from RMB30millions to 15millions in 2010 within 6 months while also improved sales order fulfillment rate from 90% to 99%.

• Developed cost effective purchasing program with strategic suppliers to ensure continuous raw materials and finished goods supply that resulted in elimination of customer enormous penalty from RMB5million to RMB 10K within 3-6 months.

• Crafted up viable supply chain finished goods and raw materials coverage strategy with strategic suppliers that dramatically reduced inventory from 250days to 90days and resulted cost savings of RMB 5 millions.

• Tactful negotiation of payment terms with strategic suppliers had also improved company cash flow Responsibilities – Stationed at China: Full Spectrum Supply Chain Operations Management - 25 staffs Oversee 3 Pivotal Functional Teams: - 1) Demand/Supply cum Production Planning Department, 2) Purchasing Department, 3) Logistics/Warehousing Department. Direct sales handling with Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Watson A. Demand Planning /Supply Planning Operations and Management

• Optimal balancing of long term forecast/demand and supply to ensure continuous supply to retailing customers. Manage Capacity, Production Scheduling,OEM Contractor/Manufacturer Management

• Inventory analysis, categorization of stock, strategic sales plan implementation to reduce aged/non-aged inventory to increase organizational cash flow. While managing sales fluctuations, ensuring healthy working capital flow with no loss of sales and high fulfillment rate B. Strategic Procurement, Purchasing Planning and Supplier Management

• Managed more than 100 suppliers with yearly procurement of USD 10 million. Built a cost-risk balanced purchasing strategy. Developed strategic purchasing program while managing supplier performances and JIT policy for OEM plants assembly.

• Raw materials cost reduction and control program, Lead Time Reduction

• Raw Materials inventory management - Raw materials forecast, short-long term requirement planning, C. Warehouse and Logistics Operations and Management

• Managed Sales Order Fulfillment Operations Management – Ensure timely delivery of required quantity of qualified finished products to customers like both local and overseas big retailers Watsons, Walmart, Tesco

• 3PL Management - Warehouse space utilization, and Logistics Operation ( Raw materials and Finished Goods ), Manage transportation service provider, network optimization and performance 4. June 03 – Feb 10 – Manager(Supply Network Planning) - Triumph International Overseas Limited, HK With HQ in Germany and more than 100 years of history, Triumph is one of the leaders in Apparel lingerie Industry with about 37000 employees world-wide


• Exhibited systematic, excellent planning and effective leadership, successfully implemented SAP SCM software at regional manufacturing plants and sales offices resulting in: o Improved accuracy of demand planning and reduced unnecessary changes that affect Sales and Operation Planning; Improved quality of information flow and more effective decision making; Reduced inventory level from 4 to 2 months

• Implemented viable and effective Supply Chain Operating Model and strategy with to increase reliability of supply to market, reducing operating costs- supply cost ( logistics/warehousing) raw materials and finished goods costs, optimal inventory level to support projected sales, timely delivery and high fulfillment rates. o Improved supply chain lead time from 18 to 12 months; Reduced costs by 20% through decrease of raw materials wastage + efficient material sourcing and management o

Responsibilities -: Supply Chain Operations Management and SAP SCM Software project implementation and program management – oversee 15 staffs

(A). Full Spectrum of Global Supply Chain Operations Management

• Managed a team of 15 on: - Long term Forecast & Demand Management/Planning, Sales Order Processing.

• Centralized Factory Management, Regional Capacity Planning, Demands and Supply Short Term and Long Term, Budget Planning for Regional Plants for volume of about 100 million pieces a year.

• Material Management, Allocation, Production planning, scheduling Long term supply planning. Distribution

& Transportation Management, Inventory Management. New Product Launches, Suppliers KPI assessment.

(B). Co-lead global supply chain project & management - Demand & Supply

• Co-lead to develop Global Business Blueprint for Supply Network Planning for worldwide operation

• Build a kernel Demand and Supply Planning solution base on SAP SCM software to manage worldwide demand with integrated supply chain networks

(C). 4 years of on-site Project Implementation of SAP ERP/Supply Chain Management Applications (SAP APO – Demand Planning applications ) & Procure to Pay Procurement Process, at Triumph worldwide sales countries and manufacturing plants

• Successful implementation and roll out of Demand Planning Process, Procure to Pay Procurement Process, and Applications at Asia Pacific Countries – Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland etc

• Execute Change Management during the program implementation to ensure smooth roll out. o Define the possible change and impact to organizations, business and employees with the new system. Analyze type of change/Assess impact / Plan change/Implement the new SAP systems o Plan resources to execute the change – communication/awareness/Educational training and support 5. May 00 - Nov 02 - Solution Architect, Sun Microsystems California Limited, Hong Kong Sun Microsystems was a pioneer in Java technology and one of the key players not only in hardware but also software in provision of powerful infrastructure platform to help Fortune 500 company to their business. Accomplishments

• With sharp business acumen coupled with outstanding ability to comprehend customer needs and provision of right solution, had successfully clinched 5 deals worth USD 3 millions of E-Commerce Solutions in Asia Pacific.

• Introduced enhanced effective collaboration plan with sales field resulting in increased number of customer opportunities (20% increase) for E-Commerce and Portal Solution to meet revenue goals;

• Development of creative solution proposal, shorten sales cycle and increased competitive edge of sales team Responsibilities: Software Sales with Asia Pacific responsibilities, E-Commerce Solution & Portal Solution consulting sales at senior management level

• Senior management level and multi-industries engagement pre-sales activities (Government, Automotive, Banking, Telecommunications, FMCG )

• Build E-Commerce target account plan with sales team and execute to meet Targeted Goals of Revenue.

• Evangelizing and pitching Sun ONE Vision, Architecture, Platform and Services in marketing events

• As a Consultant, analyzing customers business solution needs and dot COM strategies, propose and architect Internet-Technology based solutions, write proposal (Response to RFP and RFI) to meet customer’s dot COM strategies. Drive product and solution awareness strategy. Lead field product management strategy enablement 6.April 91-April 00 - Department Head, Supply Chain Operations, SONY ( Japan/Singapore/Hong Kong) Accomplishments -: Demand Driven Supply Chain Management

• Proposed Business Process Re-Engineering- merged Order Management Team in Singapore and Production Planning Team in HK Office – creating substantial synergy/reduction of Order Processing Lead Time by 30%).

• Developed supply chain re-configuration of deployment through implementation of DIRECT shipment from China ports and Multi-country (Asian) LCL (Loose Container Load) consolidation has resulted in:

Shorten transportation lead time by 40%, ii) Decrease Total Supply Chain cost by 30%, equivalent to about USD 2 million a year iii) Experienced increased in customer satisfaction with reduction in shipment defects caused by LCL cargoes shipment.

• Developed closer relationship and tighter collaboration with the 30 Asian Contract manufacturers through EDI exchanges (production progress data, invoices/orders) improved operational efficiency & automate manual entry.

• Led changes through Vendor Managed Inventory Monitoring System with end customers, improves Order and Forecast Accuracy. Improved productivity by 30% with remarkable decrease in unnecessary and unproductive work of handling changes of order by the multiple departments down the Value Chain. Tangible and Measurable Benefits:

Attained goal of Inventory reduction from 3 months to 1 month at end customers and suppliers for strategic products. Improved P&L with the bottom-line cost savings of Supply Chain

Order to Delivery Lead Time reduction from 5 months to 3 months. Responsibilities: Oversee Supply Chain Management operation consisting of Production Planning Team, Demand/Order Management, Customer Service – 15 Staffs

• Strategic and creative management of B2C (Business to Customers) demand planning of Sony world-wide 66 sales companies and B2B (Business to Business) supply planning directly with 30 Asian Contract Manufacturers. Customers are Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Circuit etc. big Super Stores in U.S

• Business Planning – for OEM business 4. 3PL - Logistics Planning & Distribution Channel Configuration

(A). Plants Management / 3PL - Warehousing Responsibility Proven and effective management of regional Contract Manufacturing operation for 30 OEMs. Major focus on Demand/Supply Balancing, Purchasing Planning, Supply Planning, Production Planning and Distribution, 3PL management, Warehousing Management, fulfilling more than 5 million pieces a year. Initiated and implemented Business Process Re-Engineering Projects

• Rollout of Parts Lead Time Reduction Projects for OEM factories.

• Conceptualized and actualization of new Shipment Route

• Implemented and executed Electronic-Business Solutions with vendors

(B). Demand/Order Management & Customer Servicing Team Responsibilities

• Merchandising Planning, Retail Store Operation Planning /Formulated strategies with sales team to manage New Product Launch / Consolidate/Analyze world-wide sales demand for strategic supply planning

• Retail operations/market analysis to formulate efficient distribution strategy

• Co-managed end customers inventory with sales companies – Implemented with Wal-Mart on VMI

(C). Business Process Improvement Change Management

• Identify the type of change to our business process improvement. Analyze the type of changes, technical feasibility/ costs & benefits and assess the impact of change to relevant internal and external parties

• Create Master Plan to execute the change. Create awareness and communication plan to all affected parties. Execute change, evaluate new business process and control/maintenance 7. Military Police (Corporal ), Singapore Armed Forces EDUCATION - National University of Singapore

1. Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences Degree, Honours Degree in Economics. 2. Bachelor of Science Degree

3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by Six Sigma Institute (HK) Languages

• Proficient in written and spoken

o English/Chinese/Mandarin/Japanese/Cantonese/Hainanese\ Note:

No visa is required to work in Singapore, Hong Kong, United States

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