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Python Data

Richmond, VA
June 11, 2020

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**** ********** ****, **** *, Richmond, 23227

Mob: +1-804-***-**** • Email:

Masters in Computer Science graduate (DEC. 2019) and an enthusiastic professional offering almost 6 years of IT experience; aspiring to establish a career in a growth oriented organization to utilize acquired skills and knowledge in achieving organizational goals, while attaining personal and professional growth which provides an opportunity for enhancing learning graph and career advancement. SKILLS

Technology Python, Data Science, AWS, NLP, MS access, RDBMS, R, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, ASP.Net, C#, C, C++, Neural Networks, Image processing with Data science

Language Python, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, R, Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, ASP.Net, C#, C, C++, VB 6.0 Database SQL Server 2005, SQL SERVER 2008, Oracle

Tools Visual Studio Code, Jupiter Notebook, PyCharm, Spyder, Anaconda Navigator, SQL SERVER 2008, Oracle, MSBI, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JUnit testing, Net Beans, Ez-Trac, BMC Remedy, Matlab, R Version Control Github, TFS, Ez-Trac, SVN, BMC remedy OS/Environment Microsoft Windows


Data Science Certification at VCU as part of Master’s degree program.

Level-1 certified in iGATE Insurance training.

Level-1 certified in iGATE RDBMS training.

IGATE internal training in PL/SQL and SQL tuning. ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Cloud Computing – Serverless chat application using AWS Fall 2019 o Task : Explore Amazon Web Services

o Amazon web services used: Dynamo DB, Lambda, S3, Cognito, API gateway, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Front.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – SemEval Task 2020: Task3 Fall 2019 o Task : Predicting the (graded) effect of context in word similarity o Model : ELMo, BeRT Word2Vec

o Tools : Python, Visual Studio code and PyCharm

Regularization methods for Machine Learning Fall 2019 o Task : Perform gradient descent, perform experiment with liner classifier on MNIST dataset, train CNN, and estimation of model parameters using Logistic regression and Gaussian prior. o Libraries : Numpy, Tensorflow, Pymc3, PyTorch

o Tools : Python, PyCharm

Data Mining – Detect/Classify the onset of Epileptic Seizures on EEG Data Spring 2019 o Task : Follow KDP steps -preprocess, classification models, validation for detection of Seizures on EEG data. o Classifier : KNN, Decision tree and SVM

o Tools : Python, Visual Studio code

Image Analysis - Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Spring 2019 o Task : Using 500 images from various cervical cancer patients perform task like – noise filtration – salt and pepper and Gaussian Noise, convert to single color spectrum, Histogram, perform Linear and Median filter with user defined mask size, edge detection algorithm, dilation and erosion operation, segmentation, histogram thresholding, clustering, then apply machine learning algorithm like KNN classifier, 10-fold cross validation. o Tools : Matlab

Software Testing – Testing any libraries Spring 2019 o Tools : JUnit testing, maven, Eclipse, IntelliJ


Accenture Services Ltd. Oct 2014 – Dec 2015

Domain – Insurance, Automobile, Healthcare


o Designed, Implemented and tested SSIS packages for loading data from the individual database into the MDS. o Conducted a self-review of the packages.

o Created SSIS packages to automate the Import and Export of data to and from SQL Server 2008 using SSIS tools like Import and Export Wizard, Package Installation and BIDS.

o Created jobs, SQL Mail, Alerts and schedule SSIS Packages using SQL Server Agent. o Execute migration for the region working on and provide the backups of the migrated database to the Client and the team. Tools: SQL Server, Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI), MySQL,, C#, TFS

IGATE Technologies Inc. Jul 2010 – Sept 2014

Domain – Insurance, Automobile, Healthcare


o Solving the Support Request raised by the clients. o Constructing Programs for Change Request based on the technical specifications to add new functionalities or modifying the existing business logic raised by the user.

o Maintaining the defect log for the project.

o Updating the Ez-trac application according to the Service Request/Change Request status. o Monitoring the production running jobs.

o Maintain the updated version of all the documents, which are implemented in the project. o Update all the project related documents in Ez-trac, the request-tracking tool. Tools: MSBI, SQL server, Pl-SQL, MS Access, Appworx, Informatica, Oracle, Visual Studio 6.0, Java, ASP. INNOVATIONS

Six Sigma Green Belt Value Innovation

Successfully completed the Green Belt value innovation of Microsoft Access project for CA Capital Fleet Services, Eden Prairie, Minnesota client.

Six Sigma Lean Value Innovation

Successfully completed the Lean innovation for CA internal process by creating a Macro and automating it. EDUCATION

Master of Computer Science at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Richmond VA - 3.5 GPA. Spring 2019 – Fall 2019

Bachelors of Science in Information Technology (BSc.I.T), Mumbai University, India in 2010.

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