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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
May 30, 2020

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● An accomplished software developer from premier engineering institute with 12+ years of experience in IT industry.

● In-depth knowledge of investment banking, capital markets and trading domain.

● Work experience in Exchange Links, Exchange Matching Engine, High Frequency Trading and Investment Banking.

● Competent in high performance and low latency, multi-threaded, high throughput system development in C/C++ on Linux platform.

● Efficient problem-solving abilities, good command on data structures and algorithms. PROFESSIONAL PROGRESSION

RKSV Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Principal Engineer

1. Upstox Retail Trading Platform Mumbai, Maharashtra Nov 2019 to Present

● Designed and developed NSE Exchange Market data adapter.

● NSE Trade Notis API implementation.

● Omnesys cAPI implementation.

● Matching Engine simulator using liquidbook.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C++17, CMake, Liquidbook, uWebsockets, Kafka, Boost, Linux, OpenOnload, Multi-threading and Data Structures, Shell Scripting. Estee Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Principal Technology

1. Market Data Adapter and Execution Gurugram, Haryana Jan 2019 to Nov 2019

● Developed new communication layer between Market Data Adapter and Execution Strategy.

● Designed and developed MCX Exchange Market data adapter.

● Designed and developed BSE/BSI Exchange Market data adapter.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C++17, ZeroMQ, Boost, Linux, OpenOnload, Multi- threading and Data Structures, Shell Scripting.

Credit Suisse Services India Private Limited


1. Exchange Connectivity XI Pune, Maharashtra Nov 2017 to Dec 2018

● XI-an ultra-fast exchange connectivity application-development and maintenance team member.

● Exchange Specification Change Requests, Bug fixes, Monthly Release Management, L3 Production Support, and Connectivity engine's performance improvement.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C++11, CMake, Boost, Python, Linux, OpenOnload, Oracle, Multi-threading and Data Structures, Shell Scripting. Cognizant Technologies Solution Limited

Senior Associate

1. NSE’s FO and CD Market Matching Engine Mumbai, Maharashtra Feb 2013 to Jun 2017

● NSE's Futures and Options and Currency Derivative Matching Engine's development and maintenance team lead.

● Currency Derivatives Market's Auction Market Development, FO/CD functional changes, FO/CD code unification, Order Number format change, Trade Price Protection change.

● Code fixes for g3 to O2 in production, onload kernel bypass, compiler upgrades, live market data replay parallel run tool development, latency measurement tool.

● Optimized Order Entry, Mod, Multi-leg Order Matching flow, Piggybacking packets, Queue Optimzation

● Process Core binding, Cpu isolation, Numa Memory binding, Hugepages

● Change Requests, Bug fixes, Monthly release management, and trading engine's performance improvements.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C, Linux, LBM/UMS, OpenOnload, Multi-threading and Data Structures, Shell Scripting, Callgrind.

CitiusTech Limited

Senior Software Engineer

1. Fujifilm Synapse Cardiovascular Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Dec 2011 to Feb 2013

● Fujifilm USA's Synapse Cardiovascular Healthcare Information Management Suite of Products in RIS, PACS development and maintenance team member.

● Multithreading Synapse CV DICOM Q/R Service to handle multiple DICOM C-FIND, C-MOVE, C-FIND-CANCEL and C-MOVE-CANCEL.

● Multithreading Synapse CV Archiver Service, Synapse Cardiovascular Report Converter Service development.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C++/CLI, C#, Windows, Multi-threading and Data Structures.

Amdocs DVCI Limited

Subject Matter Expert

1. AT&T Mobility Pune, Maharashtra Aug 2007 to Nov 2010

● Amdocs' Enabler and Ensemble suite of products development and maintenance for client AT&T team member.

● Tier-2 functions such as fixing defects, handling change requests in Enabler CM and of Ensemble CSM, TRB.

● Technologies/concepts used in project C++, SQL, Linux, Multi-threading and Data Structures.


Bachelor of Engineering, [Information Technology] 2003 to 2007

● VJTI – Mumbai University

Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading – EPAT 2016 to 2017

● QuantInsti Quantitative Learning Pvt. Ltd.


● Awarded ‘Pat on the Back’ for contribution towards the development of FO/CD market matching engine by NSE’s Senior Vice President.

● Awarded ‘Star Award’ for improving the process/productivity of FO/CD market development team by Cognizant’s Senior Vice President – BFS. IT SKILLS

Languages Known: C, C++17, Python Platforms: Windows, Linux Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle Tools: GDB, Valgrind, Address Sanitizers ELEMENTARY DETAILS

Languages : English, Hindi, and Marathi

LinkedIn : Date of Birth : 21-Aug-1985

Address : 701, Shilpi, Indraprastha Park, Mulund East 400081

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