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Engineer Software

Bellevue, WA
May 29, 2020

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Caskey L.




Software Engineer

Caskey L. Dickson

***** ** **** ** **** 574

Bellevue, WA 98007


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Product developer, team builder, SRE, and system administrator with over 25 years experience building online services from the ground up and transforming large organizations as well as multiple startups with several achieving public offerings.

PhD Candidate, SRE, Cloud, Team Leader and Distributed System Specialist.

Core Competencies

Organizational Development • Site Reliability Engineering • Leadership • Software Engineering • Cloud Computing • Distributed Systems • Architecture • Java • Golang • C/C++ • Python • Shell Scripting • Linux • Release Management • Oncall Operations • Monitoring • Public Speaking • Scalability • Community Development • Recruiting • Media Relations



Capella University / Doctoral Student

August 2019 - Present

Part time program focusing on a PhD in System Administration. Research focus is on fault analysis in distributed and redundant systems.

Microsoft / SRE

August 2015 - May 2020, Bellevue, Washington

Directly recruited as a subject matter expert in SRE and member of the transformative leadership team moving all of Microsoft Azure to SRE based best-principles. Built team from 3 people to a 1,500 person division reinventing operations at Azure while reducing operational costs in the face of a 4x increase in deployed footprint. Responsible for over 40 data centers worldwide and XX million cores. Applied SRE principles to the core products using best practices as well as designed a high capacity hiring pipeline and streamlined data center buildout procedures saving $YY millions in capital losses due to dock time. Stock price rose 200% mostly due to increase in revenues, reliability, and customer retention on the cloud platform. Public speaker on the concepts of how to move an enterprise from a

"sysops”' to a "devops" culture.

Google / SRE/SWE

April 2010 - August 2015, Venice Beach, California I build monitoring systems at scale. Responsible for distributed monitoring in over 130 sites worldwide providing confidence and feedback to thousands of other SREs within the organization. Regular oncall work as well as software engineering, team interaction, and development of staff skills. While here I was also a frequent public speaker on SRE best practices and monitoring. Also the sole inventor in a patent on a unique method for distributed information gathering. LA Makerspace / Advisory Board Member (non-profit) Jan 2014 - Jan 2016 (2 years 1 month), Los Angeles, California Symantec / Senior Principal Software Engineer

September 2008 - April 2010 (1 year 8 months), Culver City, California Norton Online Family Symantec's first foray into cloud protection of end users. Developed and patented system for defending against malware on Facebook feeds. Lead engineer and principal architect of the backend and production environment for it as well as a dedicated child firewall product launched live on the Today show. Specified and provisioned redundant serving arrays in multiple colocation sites and interfaced with Oracle on high speed message based architecture. Loyola Marymount University / Lecturer & Manager, Computer Science Laboratory Facilities

2003 - September 2008 (5 years 9 months), Los Angeles, California Developed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses on Internet Systems, Software Engineering Principles, and Operating Systems. Fully automated lab operations, trained, supervised, and managed approximately twenty student workers to provide day to day operations of computer labs in 24/7 use.

National Football League / Consultant

2007 - 2007 (1 year), Los Angeles, California

Consulted on production management and launch issues for a critical Super Bowl XLI product tie-in. Recruited to build a team to recover a behind-schedule project previously outsourced to a different vendor. Delivered project on-time for critical Super Bowl weekend launch. Sony Pictures Entertainment / Consultant

2007 (3 months), Culver City, California

Engaged to review and design strategy to reduce fragmentation and standardize practices within the blu-ray development group. LiquidWit / Co-Founder & CTO

2000 - 2006 (7 years), San Francisco, California

Designed and built a complex reverse auction system for the creation and refinement of creative content. Integrated with payment processors and created an accounting system capable of tracking balances simultaneously in multiple currencies to a global market. Received patent on reverse auction system that guaranteed the best candidates were matched with the customer’s design requests at the customer specified price point.

The Wedding Channel / Director of Programming

1997 - 1998 (2 years), Pasadena, California

Interfaced major retailer’s mainframe based back office system (IBM, Macy’s and May company) to the web, enabling bi-directional synchronization of product catalog, wedding registry purchases, and credit card processing of sales.

CarsDirect / Co-Founder & CTO

1997 - 1997 (1 year), Pasadena, California

Developed the first system to sell a car directly to a consumer over the internet. Less than three weeks from conception to launch and set an incubator record for first round funding on the strength of the initial effort. Built an engineering team and recruited executive leaders to take the product forward.

PeopleLink / Consultant

1997 - 1997 (6 months), Pasadena, California

Architecture review and product design consultant for service similar to what LinkedIn ultimately became.

Idealab / Outside Developer

1995 - 1997 (3 years), Pasadena, California

Consulted on strategy and technical feasibility of pre-founding startups for what is now the longest lived startup incubator. / Co-Founder & Director of Programming 1995 - 1996 (2 years), Pasadena, California

Developed online city guide with business listings, rich websites, and services for local businesses. Multiple internet firsts including online mapping, Oracle integration to the web, geographic search, and merging of GIS data with the internet.

Knowledge Adventure / Lead Programmer

1993 - 1995, La Crescenta, California

Developed several multimedia edutainment titles as well as built distributed build system for pipelining assembly of media assets for CD-ROM mastering. Produced several performance enhancing techniques to improve interactivity of video and images as well as produced 3D environments for immersive experiences. ㅡ


Loyola Marymount University / MS, Systems Engineering 2006 - 2007 (1 year 6 months), Los Angeles, California Intense focus on lean methods and agile systems. Completed program at top of class.

Loyola Marymount University / MBA, Business

2006 - 2007 (1 year 6 months), Los Angeles, California Graduated top 10% (Beta Gamma Sigma) and completed the program faster than any prior student.

Loyola Marymount University / BS, Computer Science September 1994 - May 2003 (4 years), Los Angeles, California Intense focus on lean methods and agile systems.

California Institute of Emergency Medical Training / EMT-B, Emergency Medicine

2005 - 2005 (3 months), Signal Hill, California

Certified by Los Angeles County and the National Registry as an EMT-B, learned triage, incident management, and life saving skills. ㅡ


Combining multiple signals to determine global system state Issued Mar 1, 2016, US9276826

Methods and systems are provided for monitoring the health of a service by using a comprehensive collection of analytical values derived from data obtained from a plurality of sensors. Many simultaneous data points are gathered by sensors monitoring a service, which then send the raw data to a collection of analyzers (e.g., servers) running in one or more centralized data centers for examination. Collected data is analyzed to generate various metrics (e.g., analytical values) that can be combined with other data and analysis results to provide indications about the overall health of the service.

Norton Safe Web for Facebook application

Issued Feb 3, 2015, US 13/036,439

Techniques for providing protection against unsafe links on a social networking website are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a method for providing protection against unsafe links on a social networking website comprising: receiving, from the social networking website, user profile data associated with a user of the social networking website, scanning, from the user profile data, a plurality of links, accessing a safety rating for each of the plurality of links, and outputting, to a client device associated with the user, a link analysis report that indicates the safety rating of one or more of the plurality of links.

System and method for exchanging creative content

Issued Nov 15, 2001, US 09/987,690

System and method for exchanging intellectual capital. The present invention provides an exchange that matches buyers and sellers of knowledge and ideas. A reputation rating system is provided so that buyers (i.e., clients) can obtain the highest average quality of response at a given price. When a job is posted by a client, it is first shown to the highest rated sellers (members of the exchange). As time passes, lower rated members are shown the job until the quota of responses or the deadline is reached.

Publications and Key


An open source software culture in the undergraduate computer science curriculum

June 2007, ACM SIGCSE Bulletin

Open source software has made inroads into mainstream computing where it was once the territory of software altruists, and the open source culture of technological collegiality and accountability may benefit education as well as industry. This paper describes the Recourse project, which seeks to transform the computer science undergraduate curriculum through teaching methods based on open source principles, values, ethics, and tools. Recourse differs from similar projects by bringing the open source culture into the curriculum comprehensively, systematically, and institutionally. The current state of the project is described, and initial results from a pilot exercise are presented. ㅡ

Awards & Organizations

ACM • IEEE • Computer Society Beta Gamma Sigma • Top 100 SREs to follow on Twitter

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