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Software Developer System

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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May 29, 2020

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Seeking Software Development Projects with a leading organization in IT sector preferably in Mumbai/Pune.

Profile Summary

A focused professional with over 5+ years of Experience as a Software Developer, with technical acumen to handle multiple projects.

Understanding of .Net Framework, Asp.Net (Core Framework), AJAX, WCF, C#.NET, JQuery, Webservices, Angular JS, MVC (Basic knowledge)

An effective communicator with strong analytical, leadership and ills, as well as good technical acumen to understand and comprehend projects.

Core Competencies

Core development of the modules as per the business requirements

Understanding of Microsoft .Net Platform and the best features of DOTNET.

Understanding of Sql server, Stored Procedures

Have worked on multiple projects as per the need and requirement.

Implemented technological changes after understanding the core features of the business.

Have worked on different flavors of .Net with an astute understanding of its features.

Implemented technological changes with respect to a live production Setting, that includes changes to the code during the implementation phases.

Deployment using 3 tier architecture in a live production setting.

Deployment using IIS, Windows Services,Web Services in a live production setting.

Organizational Experience

Company name : Dynpro technologies PVT LTD(working client: VFS GLOBAL (LOWER parel)

20th SEP 2018 To present as Software Developer

Company name : Intelym technologies PVT LTD

23th JAN 2018 To 26th July 2018 present as Software Developer

Company name : Della Stores PVT LTD

15th August 2017 To 28th December 2017 as ERP Developer

Company name : Infinia Solutions and Services PVT LTD ( formerly Commerce Bay PVT LTD)

28th July 2014 To 10 August 2017 as Software Developer

Company name : Conquest Media House PVT LTD

From 1st July 2013 To 25th July 2014 as Software Developer


1st May 2012 To 20th June 2013 as Software Developer

Company name : Saarthi.Net.

1st March 2010 To 30th April 2012 as Junior Programmer

Academic Details

MCA from SMU in 2016

Bsc(IT) from SMU in 2011

Hsc From Pune University


IT Skills

Languages: Microsoft C# .NET,SQL Server 2008 R2

Web based Development: Microsoft ASP .NET, Web Services, AJAX

Java Script, JQuery, SOAP

Other: Window Services, WCF Service

Report Tools: RDLC Report,Telerik Controls

Frameworks: Ajax, .Net 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008 R2

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2012 .

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Working in a TFS


Well versed with:

oJavaScript, JQuery, SOAP, HTML, SQL, ADO. Net, Ajax

oOOP Programming.

oASP.Net, C#, and SQL Server Database Design, Development, and Testing

oDatabase tasks like back-up, SQL Server Logs, Development of Queries, Joins, Store Procedures, Triggers, Function, Http End Point

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 05th November 1985

Address : C1/203, Opp Vitthal Mandir (Kalva) Kharegaon Thane 400605.

Languages Known: English,Hindi,Marathi (Refer to Annexure for Project Details)



Working as Client Side (VFS GLOBAL PVT LTD) in WEB BASED CRM as a APPLICATION SUPPORT ENGINEER IN VFS Global is the world's largest visa outsourcing and technology services

Related Software Managing and ASP C#.Net 2010 and backend SQL Server creating AND convert and maintain backend data

Employer : Intelym Technologies PVT LTD

FNO - FNO future and Options BackOffice(ICICI Security) Trading Related Software Managing and VB6+ version Convert To ASP 2010 and backend PLSQL creating AND convert and maintain backend data

Employer : Della Stores PVT LTD

ERP - ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a business management software. It is a suite of integrated application that helps users to store and manage data of their business.Customer Registrations form,purchase order report,generate requisition number,Vendor report,selection of order and product wise data and there costing

Employer : Infinia Solutions & Services pvt ltd.

LBMS - Loyalty Business Management System is a Product Suite to manage Loyalty Programs, In Very Simple terms LBMS maintains the points,Accruals, Redemptions, Point Expiry, Bookings, Operations(using Ticket Management),Customer Acquisition (using CRM). The Heart

of the System is a core Loyalty Framework that is consumed by all Loyalty programs .This system has various subsystems Merchant Management System,IBE, InfiPay, Utility Bills Platform etc which are Summarized below.

Core Loyalty Framework (Description and Key Features)

Team Members: 7

Core Loyalty Framework is a framework that is consumed by all loyalty programs,This Framework consists of functionality related to managing Loyalty Business. Key Features of this framework are listed below.

Customer/Transaction File Parsing (using File Parsing Robot)

Keeps Track of Accruals, Redemptions, Bonus, Expiry, Transactions

Keeps Track of Member Activities

Member Management

Analytics /Reporting

System Configurations

Data Migration


Integrations with other subsystems

Error Handling and Messaging

Manual Transactions

Master Management

OTP Framework

Communication Engine Framework

Point Gateway (To Manage Accruals, Redemptions, Bonus, Rollback)


Transaction Management

Member Activities Management

Third party integrations.

IBE Framework (Description and Key Features)

IBE is an Integrated Booking Platform that will help the users of the LBMS system to do bookings (FLIGHT,CAR,HOTEL as so on). The System Exposes Web APIs that are consumed by many Loyalty Program Portals.

The System Maintains a track of Bookings (FLIGHT,CAR,HOTEL)

The System can switch between different integrations (ie Different Aggregators for Car, Flight, Hotels)

The System has provision to automate multiple markups and currencies.

The System keeps track of the transactions, Pending Transaction, Failed Transaction.

The System also Exposes Web Api’s for Analytics.

The System can be pluggable with multiple integrations(RentACar Api, ClearTrip API)

The System Handles multiple programs and Suppliers

The System Can Keeps tracks of Flights,Flight Segments,Flight Itenary

The System Captures the Search Details,as well as Booking details for day to day analysis.

The System Keeps track of cash payments,Redemptions,Accurual

Merchant Management System (Description and Key Features)

Merchant Management System is a subsystem that is a part of LBMS,that Manages Merchants, Promotions, Accruals, Pos Redemptions .The Merchants Related to Loyalty Business Management System are configured against each Loyalty program, one Loyalty program can have multiple merchants and each Merchant can have multiple Billers, The Objective of creating this Merchant Management Platform was to collate all the merchant(s) and their configuration to a single centralized location.

The System persists Merchant Related Details (Merchant Definition,City,Country,Merchant Logo,CallBackURL etc).

The System has capabilities for POS Redemptions,Where in the system validates the Merchants and the terminals.

The System Persists a list of Merchant IDs and against which the Terminals are assigned(POS Redemption Terminals).

The System Awards Promotional Offers (eg. 5% on all purchases) for a limited period

The System facilitates third party payment gatway integration facilities.

The System keeps track of a list of transactions that has taken place against Merchant(s).

The System Exposes API's that can be consumed by other systems.

The System also integrates with FileProcessing sub system.

The System has the provision for Miscellenious reports for the operations team.

The System integrates with Point Gateway Subsystem,that is capable of Accurals and Redemptions

The System can also set Velocity Limits for transactions according to the system configurations.

The System provides a good set of UI Screens for Data Capture and processing

The System Can be integrated to any other sub systems.

The System facilitates automated switching between different payment gateways.

The System provides Data Capture for Merchants and POS Terminals using different formats (EXCEL,CSV).

Communication Engine for Email and SMS (Description and Key Features)

A pluggable framework that can be used to send emails and sms using threading and built using WCF. A loosely coupled system that can be exposed as a WINDOWS SERVICE (or hosted on IIS). It can also be integrated as a part of a single product or that interfaces with multiple products,

and does the job of sending emails and sms as per the requirement.

When an Email/SMS is to be sent, the system saves the concerned Email/Sms in table, along with the attachments if any.

Email/SMS has a configuration as well as a category and a subcategory.

The Predefined EMAIL/SMS templates are stored in the database against a category and a configuration.

The Windows Service picks up a batch of Emails/sms's using their current status.

Every single Email or SMS is dynamically allocated the parameters and sent.

The System tries to send an Email or SMS for a predefined number of times,and subsequently updates its status.

The System has a provision to send dynamic Emails and Sms's using Reflection (using Assembly Name and Method Name).

The System keeps track of number of attempts, EmailResponse, whether the Email has been opened.

The System keeps track of Number of Emails Sent,Successful Emails, Unsuccessfull Emails along with concerned Reason.

The System has provision for third party tools to be integrated (Mainly for SMS)

The System allows users to be created for Email/Sms sending with Predescribed rights.

The System can pull out Miscellaneous reports for the operations team.

The System has provisions to edit and update Email/SMS Templates.

The System has provisions mainly built for the operations team to Send Email/SMS Manually.

The System When Exposed as a Service can be used by different products simultaneously.

The System has provisions to prioritize Email/SMS Sending.

The System can also be used to send Email/SMS as per a particular schedule.

The System multiplies as a campaigning tool.

The System capable of integrating to Disparate data sources.

The System can pull data (eg.Users) From different data sources (Using Factory Design Pattern).

Role Based Control Access (Description and Key Features)

Role Based Control Access (RBAC) is a Generic framework that can be used to assign roles and rights to users, that can be integrated to the admin portal irrespective of the applications.

The System has a user table where in the users along with their details persists.

The System has a Task table,where in the specific granular task (for eg. GiveAccessToSave) will be saved.

The System provides multiple Task(s) to be assigned to a role.

The System Assigns Roles to a User.

The System Automates the Roles, Tasks,User Mappings to an absolute granular level.

The System Automates the Menu, Submenu Creation based on Roles.

The System Can be Extended to support Roles based on Location

The System provides a Good User Interface For Managing User Role Rights.

The System provides the Facility of super admin for role right access.

The System Supports Miscellaneous Reports.

- Key Clients handled:

United Arab Bank (UAB Rewards)

Gulf Bank of Kuwait (Gulf Rewards)

Commercial Bank of Qatar (Flymiles)

Dubai First Financial (SkyyMiles)

Majid Al Futtaim Financial (Premium Rewards)

Diners Club (Club Miles)

National Bank of Qatar (QNB)

Afrasia Bank (XtraMiles)

Jet Airways

Ajman Bank(Power Rewards)

Commercial Bank International( CBI Rewards)

Company name : Conquest media House PVT LTD

CMS Websites (Description and Key Features)

We were a development company who worked predominantly in CMS related websites.

Below listed are the websites that we have worked on. My role was to create the front end(using jquery, html,css) as well as coding for all the websites that was built using .Net Framework.

functionally(insert, update,delete) classes as well as business objects.

Implementation using OOP programming model.

Verification, sending Sms, email

validations using Validators

Admin module – reports,user role to various admins of various departments

The application integrates with many applications,such as EasyCrm,Lms(Lead

management system) a system to capture leads and who are the likely to be potentials.

Masterpages, Reporting (Crystal Reports, Telerik Controls)etc

Integration with Youtube API.

LMS (Description and Key Features)

This is an application that shows number of leads assuming the leads can be turned into potential buyers. The application keep tracks of all the information related to the leads as in the name,location, email, mobile number etc.

System keeps track of leads, potentials, data capture from different source systems.

Integration with the systems like pdf generator.

Features like email,sms.

Add on features like

List of client handled for CMS related websites.


We were a CRM based company where in I used to handle the internal CRM for ONIDA.

My roles and responsibilities were, Manage the Entire workflow for CRM, develop crystal reports

Develop user controls, Validations, performance tuning of sql queries,writing stored procedures etc.


Singing, Travelling, Reading,



Strong Interpersonal and Communication skills

Ability to work in team with diverse backgrounds

Strong commitment to Quality

Willing to learn and adapt to new opportunities and challenges

Honest, Sincere, Hardworking and Committed

I hereby declare that the above mentioned particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Thanking You


Place: KALWA Sign/-

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