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Assistant Software Engineer

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
May 29, 2020

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Rustam Bagh Layout, Bengaluru, KA, 560017 Phone: +919*********

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Professional Summary

Energetic Developer offering a wealth of experience in technical troubleshooting and problem-solving business issues. Hardworking, educated and willing to go the extra mile to complete any task. Team player software engineer with a can-do attitude, phenomenal time management skills, and a strong user focus.


• ReactJs, Redux, Flux, JavaScript,

AWS, NodeJS, Amazon Lex, HTML,


• Database: SQL.

• Testing Framework: Jest.

• Operating System: Linux, Windows.

• Git, Bitbucket, Data Structure,


• Agile, SAFE, Artificial Intelligence,

Machine Learning.

Work History

1) Consultant 08/2017 to 01/2020

Allstate Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru, KA.

• Allstate Advisor Pro (AAPro):

Team Size: 25

Technologies used: ReactJs, Redux, VS code, Intelli J, Soap UI, git, Splunk, Jenkins, Jira. Description: This project is used by the Exclusive agents where they can buy Insurance with Shopping Cart Experience. It provides various Insurance policies for the people of U.S. like Automobiles, Property as in Home, Condominium and life etc., Different discounts are provided based on the customer relation & keeping the record of his/her activities.

• Allstate Virtual Assistant (Amelia):

Team Size: 10

Technologies used: Amelia, Python, Groovy Script, Replay generator, Eddie, Jira. Description: This project is used by the Allstate Customers or Agents who have queries and want answers or related documents. Amelia speaks as humans do, she collaborates with human colleagues, she scales as your business grows. She can do many of the tasks that a live agent can. She can learn using the same information used to train a live agent.

• Allstate Virtual Assistant (Amazon Lex):

Team Size: 5

Technologies used: Amazon Lex, NodeJS, Jenkins, Git, Postman, Jira. Description: Building a Virtual Assistant from scratch using Amazon Lex, designing the Virtual assistant and achieving 98% accuracy. Used by agents or customers who want any information related to Allstate Drivewise and Milewise policies. 2 P a g e

2) Software Engineer 01/2020 to current

22Feet Tribal Worldwide, Bengaluru, KA.

Payroll company: Pattem Digital.

• Royal Enfield Configurator:

Team Size: 5

Technologies used: ReactJS, Flux, HTML, CSS, Bitbucket, AEM, VScode, Jira. Description: This project is an online motorcycle configurator which allows users to customize the company's models online. The configurator also shows buyers how the customized model will end up looking if they chose to equip it with the factory- fitted accessories.


Bachelor of Engineering [Information Science], SJCE, Mysore. 8.9/10 CGPA 2013-2017 Pre- University Education: Vijaya Vitthala PU College, Mysore. 85% 2011-2013 Karnataka Secondary Education: SVEI, Mysore. 97.76% 2010-2011 Course Work

Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Data Structures, Java, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Web programming, C# & .Net, System Software, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big data, Software Testing. Academic Projects

• Encountering Passive attacks in an Encrypted data stream Description: Built a scenario where people chat by sending messages in encrypted form and showing that it is not still protected by attacking and ensuring that such attackers are blocked.

• Encrypted and Non-Encrypted traffic identification using unsupervised learning Description: Comparing clustering algorithms with a new genetic algorithm called MOGA and proving that it is by far a better algorithm than others.

• Grammar Correction of Speech

Description: To facilitate Grammar Corrections and stammering problems on voice input given by the user. The output we get is a perfect sentence without any repetitions and of course correcting it grammatically.

• Tic-Tac-Toe AI – Finding optimal move

Description: Built an evaluation function to write a proper Tic-Tac-Toe AI (Artificial Intelligence) that plays a perfect game. This AI will consider all possible scenarios and makes the most optimal move.

3 P a g e


• Got Recognized for successfully completing a new model of RE in the configurator within a month of joining in 22Feet.

• Promoted from Associate Consultant to Consultant at Allstate within 1.4 years.

• Spotted award for outstanding performance in November 2018 and October 2019, Allstate.

• 50+ Applause awards for technical excellence, leadership qualities, team building, helping peers and for increasing code-coverage by 55%.

• Active member of CSR committee, Allstate India.

• Gold Medalist in State Level Kick Boxing Championship organized by Karnataka State Level Kick Boxing Association.

• Mozilla Firefox Club Lead of the CSI chapter, SJCE.

• Active member of Computer Society of India, SJCE Mysore chapter.

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