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Social Media Manager/content editor

Guayaquil, Guayas Province, Ecuador
May 29, 2020

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Daniela Valencia Galarza


Calle 2da 1317 y Costanera – Urdesa central


****-**** ******* ***********(COPOL)

humanística y gestión empresarial (special field). 2004 SECAP Basic Accounting (Trainning/Update mode) 2006-2007 TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) at Universidad Casa Grande.

2005- 2011 Universidad Casa Grande

Facultad de comunicación social Mónica Herrera

Licenciatura en comunicación social con

Mención en relaciones públicas.

2015-2017 Escuela Culinaria de las Americas

Pastry and bakery chef


1999/2004 - Best SLEPT test score (English)

2004 - IB CertificateEnglish B

- IB CertificateGestión y Empresa

- Bilingual student certificate COPOL- High Honors Languages

Spanish Native speaker

English Second language spoken with great fluency, good pronunciation, almost no accent and written correctly with no grammar errors. Social Work

CAS (creatividad acción y servicio) April 2003-February 2004 Social work program in which the students had to teach physical education and hygiene to the children attending public school. During the program, students weresupposed to look up ways to finance everything the children needed for the aforementioned activities (uniforms, props, etc.). Previous Work Experience

Children International Foundation- Sponsorship affairs department Functions:

Translating letters written by the children directed to their sponsors from English to Spanish.

Editing and correcting the letters to avoid including sensitive or inappropriate information.

Participating in all the special events the organization prepares for the children throughout the year (census, celebrations, etc) Time of employment: October 102005-January 2006

United States Consulate General (AMCONGEN) – Public affairs section intern Functions:

Writing internal memos/bulletins for the institution

Planning the anniversary party for Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano

Updating all contacts included in the organization's database (journalists, media, etc)

Planning internal events such as thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Time of employment: November 2007- January 2008

Amsterhome Holiday Apartments –Reservation manager/customer service Functions:

Sorting through all the incoming mail from our possible customers and answering all their questions giving them enough and accurate information about the apartment/house which would fill their needs and requirements and fit their budget.

Contacting our administrators in the Netherlands making sure they have all the information needed about the guests staying at each apartment

(arrival/departure time, how many guests there is, how long are they staying, etc.)

Updating descriptions and general information about the apartments in our webpage. Also creating and updating social media accounts.

Serving as a bridge between the clients and the company through email or even direct calls in case they needed any help finding their apartment or their designated admin when arriving to the Netherlands Time of employment: December 2009- April 2010

Jenny Skincare INC. /Silverland Inc. – Virtual Store and community manager/Customer service.


Answering and filling in all questions, purchase orders, and item lists our customers send through eBay, direct emails or through the webpage messaging system.

Uploading/updating item descriptions and info (pricing, pictures, descriptiondevelopment) on eBay and on the webpage.

Keeping an eye on our store's reputation through the eBay community system and also answering all questions and complaints customers may leave through this portal.

Managing admin work such as reports and documents for my immediate superior.

Uploading tracking numbers and information about the parcels to the eBay platform and also send it directly to our customers.

Creating special sales and events for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Presenting ideas and plans on how to work on social media and developing profiles for the company (still in development phase) Time of employment: May 2010 – November 2018

Ecoventura – Reservations Specialist


Receiving requests from agents / customers about cabin availability and sending quotes and all required information

Confirming and deleting reservation options from the system once we get an answer from the costumers.

Obtaining all necessary information from the costumers, as well as making sure that all their requirements (such as equipment rental, wetsuit sizes, special tours, etc.) are included in the booking system and are correct.

Confirming and adding to the invoice all tours / land services and hotel reservations from the costumers.

Answering all emails and the emergency phone number for Guayaquil and offering assistance if costumers are late for their flight, lost their luggage, etc. As well as helping the airport staff if necessary, during operation day


Alert about any atypical case (passengers arriving or leaving through Baltra, private guide requests, etc.) to human resources and operations personnel.

Coordinating flights to Galapagos with Agensitur / Quito and making sure we have the correct flight routes, names on the E-Tickets and records in our system, even those routes which do not belong to our allotment (arriving or leaving at different times and dates from ours) and notify in case of not being on the situation and penalties (if any).

Keeping an Excel sheet with all the reservations that are not part of our allotment or that have a business class upgrade and for flights pending confirmation with the airline with which the company works.

Preparing the envelopes with the lists of passengers, hotels, cruise tickets for guests arriving early and manifestos to be sent to the cruises each week

(sailing list).

Time of employment: August 2017 – May 2018

Berlitz Corporation – English Instructor


Providing English classes to students of different levels within the academy following the Berlitz teaching method.

Time of employment: December 2018 –January 2019

BioTerapias/Provita Health Store – Costumer service/ administrative assistant Functions:

Handling orders from customers, from the moment they place the order through our stores or by phone / email until the item arrives to its destination.

Processing payments in cash or through credit cards via PayPal, Clover or directly at the Guayaquil office.

Replying to emails from customers and suppliers.

Performing inventory updates and sales records in the company's system.

Translating texts so they can be published in all the webstores.

Writing and editing articles intended for the store’s blog.

Keeping messages and publications on social media up to date. Time of employment: February 2019 to the present day Translation event experience

PAHO Managers' Congress (Serintes and M. Grimmer) - Simultaneous translation.


• Assisting the head of the event in various tasks.

• Checking that the audio equipment is functioning correctly and that all attendees have their respective set of hearing aids.

• Taking charge of the translation booth for at least 4 hours each day of the event

(6 days)

Time of employment: November 9 - November 14 2008

Free Trade Agreement Negotiations between EFTA and Ecuador (HDC Productions) - Consecutive translation.


Consecutively translating both parties’ arguments in a clear and concise manner.

Helping interlocutors to understand what they both want to communicate, either explaining the idea they wish to transmit or helping them to elaborate sentences which are easier for their interlocutor to understand. Time of employment: July 3 - July 6, 2017


Microsoft OfficeProducts

- Writing letters and reports using the appropriate formats and within the assigned timeframe.

- Creating presentations for meetings using the tools provided. EBay

- Uploading, editing and working as an admin for a store in this outlet.

- Correct usage of all the admin tools in the system. Social Media

- Profile management in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

- Content creation according to the company's image.

- Answering questions, comments and receiving suggestions through the platforms. Personal References

Jessica Centeno 2473142 - 098*******

María Villacís 5016873 - 098*******

Victoria De Murrieta 2938234 - 099*******

Work References

Ana Teresa Nohura

Public affairs section

Consulado General de los Estados Unidos 2323570

Edwin Hudepol

Gerente Propietario

Reservation Managers

Amsterhome Holiday Apartments 098******* / 8208333

Gino Silva

Gerente Propietario +1-718-***-****

Silverland Inc.

Rocío Larco 099******* /042839390 ext 103

Gerente de Recursos Humanos


Ing. Jorge Sánchez M

HDC Producciones 046017794 / 098******* /

Director de cuentas 099******* / 099*******

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