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Safety Officer

Jacksonville, FL
May 29, 2020

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Jesse G. Solano

**** **** *****

Jacksonville, Florida 32244



Professional Summary

Proven ability to execute HSSE compliance initiatives with 10+ years of extensive hands-on experience directing and coaching implementation management requirements of federal & state oversight program development.

Proven expertise in defining organizational structure and industry standards measuring collective change initiatives in turnaround strategy, operational planning, metrics management and controls for multi-site industrial locations.

Solid track record advocating and promoting a strong safety culture within the agency’s HSSE Programs, Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Work Instructions, and Safety Management Systems.

Strategic training and development framework concentration meeting organizational needs, dissemination of best practices, leadership development, operational excellence and outsourcing of product support. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

11/2018- 05/2020.

The TTX Company, Jacksonville, FL

Trailer Train Railroad Car Repair and Maintenance

Environmental Health & Safety Supervisor

Run daily reports as well as responded to escalations via email and responding with a resolution for HSE initiatives across TTX Repair Shop Plant locations “Mira Loma, CA, North Augusta, SC, and Jacksonville, FL. Assist with training as needed. Act as SME (Subject Matter Expert), fill in when manager is not available

Responsible for overseeing environmental compliance, data reporting, and permitting for Jacksonville, FL and North Augusta, SC “SWPPP, SPCC, TIER II, HAZWASTE, Non-HAZWASTE, Universal Waste, Air Permitting, Paint Shop usage, and Raw Metal usage

Manage industrial hygiene controls for personal and stationary air monitoring, hearing conservation noise exposure, respiratory fit testing, paint booth ventilation systems, shop welding and burning ventilation systems, and create or revise standard operating procedures relative to IH controls and methodologies

Actively involved in corporate level EHS initiatives, Sharepoint Training, SDSOnline Safety Data Sheet managing systems, Change Council for review and distribution of SOPs, and other duties as assigned

Travel to Repair Shops and Field Maintenance locations for HSE observations, Job Hazard Analysis on special projects, External/Internal compliance-based audits, training for personnel, investigations, environmental and IH project management

Work closely with Workers Compensation and Claims

Lead Project Manager for HSE and Security special projects or change in work process

Provided quality assurance review and testing on operating key controls. Participated in JHA special projects with significant risk exposure. Complete weekly reporting and update each JHA with department management

Manage, monitor, and follow up on HSE accounts that are showing out of SLA (Service Level of Agreement)

Gather and organize data to issues management. Identify and track risk related issues to management.

Resolve escalations as needed. Resolve escalations on the daily basis. Perform trainings within my team and new associates

11/2015- 11/2018

Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Jacksonville, FL Multimodal Transportation

HSE/ Safety & Emergency Officer


Created and initiated Skyway Operations & Maintenance fatigue Management Program

Created and initiated JTA AED Program

Created and initiated JTA Contractor Prerequisite and Training Program

Created Skyway Track and Trending Matrix for Standard Compliance Audits related to federal, state, and private agencies Jesse Solano • Page 2 •

Created and initiated Skyway Road Worker Protection (RWP) Program

Fixed Route FDOT/District 2 triennial 2017/2018 audit for Safety & Security had no deficiencies Coordinate and monitor safety related functions to ensure compliance safety programs, including system safety, occupational safety and construction safety in the areas of bus, paratransit, rail and ferry boat operations. Typical duties include assisting with safety program development and implementation, safety audits, inspections, and investigations.

Work closely with the operating departments of the Authority to document and track accidents/collisions

Coordinate with the Chief Safety Officer to collect collision/incident grading

Ensure accident/incident/collision investigations involving the Authority vehicles, facilities, construction sites, employees, and or equipment are properly conducted and documented

Work collaboratively with JTA managers and supervisors to identify and mitigate hazards

Project Management role in security, CTV, badging systems

Project HSE management oversight for grass root construction JTA transportation hub

Participate in the review of Safety Personal Protective Equipment as well as other related safety equipment

Assist with data collection and mining of data to identify trends for purpose of developing mitigation strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of occurrences

Prepare periodic reports related to safety and compliance efforts

Participate and lead the Safety & Security Internal Audits in the administration and execution of the Internal Safety & Security Audit Program to ensure adherence to the SSPP, SPP, Federal, State and local regulations, industry standards and published JTA policies and procedures

Ensure that all required documentation and reports are completed accurately and forwarded to the appropriate operating areas including the FDOT and the NTD in accordance with established time frames 02/2017- 04/2017

Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Jacksonville, FL Multimodal Transportation

Interim/ Acting Chief Safety Officer

Under general supervision of the Vice President of Administration, oversees the development and administration of safety & security processes for all JTA services. The position advocates and promotes a strong safety and security culture within the agency regarding transportation services “bus transit/ ferry boat/ monorail/ autonomous vehicles”, capital programs, facility operations, maintenance, worksite procedures, employees, and customers. This position has reporting responsibility to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Conducted Quality Control reviews on appraisals, credit reports, contracts, title, bankruptcies, HUD 1, and various other documents to ensure procedures were being followed before moving the file to the next step of the short sale process within specified timeframes

Oversee the implementation and management of the FTA Safety Management Systems (SMS) guidelines for public transportation safety

Responsible for the continued development and oversight of the System Safety Program Plan and Security Program Plan

Responsible for overseeing all civil, roadway, and commercial construction relative to HSE compliance and standards

Oversees assignment of personnel; provides direction, verbal, or written feedback, and evaluates performance of subordinate personnel; responsible for employee development

Work closely with Workers Compensation and Claims

Ensure compliance with Florida DOT 14-90 regulations for transit bus safety & security

Ensure compliance with DOT CFR 49/1415 regulations for rail fixed guideway systems

Ensure compliance with Coast Guard 33CFR for maritime/ferry systems

Ensure compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910

Ensure compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1929

Ensure compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1915

11/2015- 02/2017

Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Jacksonville, FL Jesse Solano • Page 2 • Multimodal Transportation

Safety & Security Analyst

Coordinate and monitor safety related functions to ensure compliance safety programs, including system safety, occupational safety and construction safety in the areas of bus, paratransit, rail and ferry boat operations. Typical duties include assisting with safety program development and implementation, safety audits, inspections, and investigations.

Point of contact for homeowner, realtors, and attorney to determine eligibility and negotiate sales in FHA Short Sale program

Work closely with the operating departments of the Authority to document and track accidents/collisions

Coordinate with the Chief Safety Officer to collect collision/incident grading

Ensure accident/incident/collision investigations involving the Authority vehicles, facilities, construction sites, employees, and or equipment are properly conducted and documented

Work collaboratively with JTA managers and supervisors to identify and mitigate hazards 03/2014- 10/2015

MEARS/ InfraSource, Florida East Coast

Gas Distribution Electrical Distribution HDD Services HSSE Regional Compliance Coordinator

2014 – 2015 Create and distribute Safety Alert / Lesson’s Learned communications by managing Root Cause Analysis under the company organization’s safety management team to ensure accountability of Lesson’s Learned is communicated

2014 – OSHA 500 Authorized Instructor

2014 – ATSSA Flagger Authorized Instructor

2014 – ARC FA/CPR/AED Authorized Instructor

2014 – Medic FA/CPR/AED Authorized Instructor

2014 – NTS Trench / Excavation Authorized Instructor

2014 – Training Instructor throughout the U.S. when requested by corporate management Responsibilities:

Direct the resources and activities of the south east region division to support HSE / FMCSR / FDOT programs by providing advice and guidance to the company region and senior management

Continually maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge, and preparedness across the south east region to create a culture that prioritizes effective HSE / FMCSR / FDOT operations

Conduct hazard risk assessments utilizing internal procedures against field related projects to ensure field practices are current and appropriate with governing related agencies

Serve as the south east region expert within the field to assist in regulatory agency compliance issues to provide technical and administrative direction which bear critical importance to overall south east region objectives, operations, and profitability

Work closely with Workers Compensation and Claims

Provide regular written reports, as well as other project related results and updates to the senior management team

Manage project team in investigation of all project incidents and ensure proper records are completed and submitted. Assist in implementation of corrective actions with senior and local management as it relates to the incident and ensure “lessons learned” are communicated throughout

the company

Devise supervise and coordinate training programs or media which will increase proficiency in safe practices and promote HSE consciousness

Stay abreast of current and emerging technical and professional aspects of this position

Participate and/or attend industry related conferences when requested to do so 07/2013- 11/2013

AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Axis, Alabama

Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing

Jesse Solano • Page 2 • Health Safety & Security Plant Manager

Create and established cultural change through 1:1 team building with all levels of management by evaluating measurable skill sets to suite department and individual needs

Incident Commander Emergency Response certification

Emergency Response 40 HAZWOPER certification

Direct the organization’s Risk Management H&S Programs to ensure full compliance statuary and common law obligations are integrated

Oversee the duties of Paramedic protocol through confidentiality involving contractor and AMVAC personnel

Analyze risks and direct diverse objectives for the overall reduction of accident & incident measures within the Organization’s Risk Management spectrum

Development of research and writing of new Health, Safety and Security Procedures at a PSM and Manufacturing Level Attaining and maintaining the necessary Security Level calls for rigorous and continuous Security Management process and oversee Homeland Security Initiatives

Lead Investigator into all Root Cause incident/near-miss analysis to define effectiveness of classification schemes and data collection methods

Work closely with Workers Compensation and Claims

Maintain OSHA 300 logging systems and Risk Management Metrics to formulate and prescribe engineering or administrative controls, preferably before exposures, accidents, and loss events occur

Develop and Manage day to day operations of Safety Technician and IH Technician to ensure completeness, accuracy and validity is provided within the organization

Work closely with private contractors Health & Safety Risk Management team in a field and office environment Direct Health, Safety & Security of a 300+ personnel plant location 03/2010- 05/2013

Aquilex Hydrochem, Jacksonville, FL

Chemical Utility Gas Coal Refinery Pulp

Regional HSSE Coordinator

Responsible for managing EHS programs and regulatory compliance with company safety, environmental and operational policies & practices

Proactively organize and conduct deep subject matter/functional expertise in all aspects of new hire, hands-on and annual training while influencing process skills to help internal/external stakeholders by identifying and meeting their high priority needs in a cultural and diverse setting

Interface with internal/external EHS professionals within various customer/client locations to develop and maintain personnel technical disciplines to generate practical, sustainable trends and best practices in a manner that ensures exceptional performance and results

Develop and monitor emergency action plans for assigned personnel within internal/external company locations to ensure the Health, Safety and Security of personnel while managing EPA regulated standards regarding company location RCRA and SPCC phases

Responsible for managing facility industrial hygiene plan with emphasis on compliance with established regulations, corporate standards and internal/external site procedures. Manage occupational health risks (MSDS): hearing conservation, airborne contaminants, HAZCOM, PPE ergonomics, temperature, dust, asbestos, maintain and calibrate instruments, respiratory equipment, assist personnel engaged in field and laboratory verification of compliance with health regulations, etc.

Facilitate workers compensation programs to ensure timely rehabilitation of disabled personnel while serving as the liaison with medical providers/clinic

Manage DOT/FMCHA adherence: pre/post trips, logging systems and administrate Regulated Training per DOT regulations.

Manage Root Cause Analysis & Incident Investigations, near-misses, quality issues, human errors, maintenance concerns, medical factors, productivity concerns, environmental releases/spills and all other types of operational-critical problems 01/2007- 03/2010

Formosa Plastics, Point Comfort, TX

Chemical Manufacturing Grass Root Construction Jesse Solano • Page 2 • Safety Specialist

01/2007 – Created and distributed Formosa Plastics Safety Award “Ball Cap” for a 1000+ employee plant site TRIR 0.54

01/2008 – Successfully excelled in position from Safety Technician to Safety Specialist through rigorous measures, auditing, and evaluating the effectiveness of hazard controls and hazard control programs.

02/2008 – Revised & facilitated company Contractor Training Program (PPT) while working closely with Port Lavaca, TX United Safety Council

OSHA based compliance safety auditor for multiple construction sites, PSM Units and general industry standards

Facilitated occupational health risk as an Industrial Hygienist assistant – airborne contaminants, hearing conservation, HAZCOM, PPE equipment, ergonomics, dust, asbestos, maintain & calibrate multi -gas meters, respiratory equipment and other related duties

Facilitate Root Cause investigations to ensure closure of incidents

Monitor chemical PSM maintenance shutdowns and startups

Conduct new hire, annual and refresher training for FPC -TX personnel

Administrative duties at request – revised company SOP’s, managed OSHA incident documentation for retention, manage Aramark FRC

02/1995- 01/2007

Miken Specialties, Freeport, TX & Baytown, TX

General Construction Scaffolding Insulating Carboline Coatings Insulating Scaffold Builder Assistant Safety Inspector – QA/QC

04/2002 –Successfully completed National Center for Construction Education and Research

(NCCER) Certification

05/2002 –Continued progress in position to Safety Assistant & QA/QC in the development, maintenance, and communication of the organizational culture, i.e. planning, organizing, leading and valued results

Managed quality control of scaffolding while overseeing regulated compliance related to OSHA temporary walking working surfaces

Managed various safety-related functions at the Bayer chemical plant; assisted in plant HSE audits with OSHA-VPP operations

Facilitate in new-hire orientation and employee job-related safety training programs

Manage up to six crews during project operations while establishing customer relationship for continuous work in progress

Managed employee time sheets and cost analysis for projects performed EDUCATION

Ashford University, San Diego, CA

B.A. Organizational Management 2009 – 2012

Minor Specialization - Human Resources Project Management Psychology 2012 – 2013 Dean’s List Summer Fall 2009

Continuing Certifications:

• 07/2019 – American Red Cross First Aid CPR AED Instructor

• 03/2019 – eRailSafe System Badging

• 01/2019 – Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

• 01/2019 – DOT Hazardous Materials

• 01/2019 – Hazardous Waste Management

• 11/2018 – HIPPA

• 03/2018 – Bowen EHS ASP/CSP Online Review Training

• 02/2015 – Previous Trainer ATSSA Flagger Instructor

• 01/2015 – Previous Trainer OSHA #500 Instructor

• 01/2015 – Previous Trainer OSHA #510 Occupational Safety Standards for Construction

• 12/2014 – Previous Trainer ARC FA/CPR/AED Instructor Jesse Solano • Page 2 •

• 12/2014 – Previous Trainer MEDIC First Aid Level 3 Instructor

• 06/2014 – Previous Trainer National Trench Safety (NTS) Instructor

• 06/2014 – Previous Trainer NTS Trench Excavation Safety & Competent Person

• 08/2013 – Incident Command 8-Hour Emergency Response Training (ERT)

• 09/2013 – Hazardous Material 40-Hour Emergency Response Training (ERT)

• 10/2013 – U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chemical-terrorism

• 06/2010 – Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS)

• 06/2010 – OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

• 06/2010 – OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry

• 10/2009 – United Rentals 8-Hour Underground Equipment Specialist Trench Safety

• 02/2009 – MSHA 24-Hour Certification

• 09/2008 – 360 Training/OSHA campuses

• 09/2008 – OSHA 30-Hour Construction Industry

• 06/2008 – Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

• 04/2002 – National Center for Construction Education &Research (NCCER) Historical qualifications can be provided at request.

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