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Android Engineering

Los Angeles, CA
May 27, 2020

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Haixin Pan

Email: Cellphone: 323-***-****

Address: **** **** **** ******, *** 5, Los Angeles, California, 90007 EDUCATION

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Master of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering 07/2018-05/2020 Beihang University Beijing, China

Bachelor of Engineering, Automation 09/2013-07/2017 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Summer Exchange), America 07/2014-08/2014 PROJECTS

Personalized event recommendation in Tickets 09/2019-12/2019 s Implemented a web Application for users to search activity and set favorite, and in the backend based on those favorite, used content-based recommendation algorithms based on user’s location, search history and favorite records to realize personalized event recommendation. s In the front-end, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX to design the web external. Created three servlets, SearchItems, SetFavorite and Recommendation with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses and deployed on Tomcat in JavaEE platform.

s Created database by using MAMP and connected MySQL by JDBC to store business data that filtrated from Ticketmaster API and migrated to MongoDB for better scalability. Used builder pattern to construct item class with many parameters. Implemented authorization for users to log in so that the session can maintain the status. Mathematical Pattern Recognition 03/2019-05/2019

s Applied one-hot encoding to deal with the categorical features. Used KNN to calculate means to institute the missing data. Provided PCA to extract feature in higher variance and adjust dimensionality. Fulfilled standard normalization to implement the standardization of data processing.

s Utilized cross validation to train datasets, select and attain the pioneer parameters of models. Chose parameters separately and plotted graph to visualize the tendency to narrow down and result in the best value for this model. s Trained perceptron, KNeighborsClassifier, support vector machine (SVM), bayes classification and achieved the highest evaluation as the final test model based on accuracy score, and f1-score evaluation. Android App: Assist blind people accomplishing daily reading tasks independently 07/2019-09/2019 s Implemented an Android Camera App as client side. Sent images from Android devices to Google OCR engine for recognition and results read back to users. And based on Android accessibility, made the app accessible for blind users. s Optimized Android Development with Android Studio, Gradle, Android SDK and ADB Debugging. Implemented Android Unit Testing with Robolectric and Android Integration Testing with Espresso. Declared camera and photo gallery access in Android Manifest, set up toolbar menu, and implemented user interaction callbacks. Used system intent to start camera and passed image back to main activity. s Created web service in maven project based on Tomcat Server and handled the http request. Connected to Cloud Vision API on Google Compute Engine and integrated Cloud Vision API Client with Annotate Servlet. HTTP data upload operations and response parsing with multithreading on Android and accessible user interface design, testing and implemetation. And deployed the service to the GCE VM with Docker. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Proficient with C, C++, MATLAB, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, React.js, Spring Algorithm: BFS, DFS, greedy algorithms, heaps, MST, shortest path, divide and conquer, dynamic programming Machine learning: SVM, bayes classification, perceptron, ANN, random forest, logistic regression Experience and Prize: Fengru Cup(third Prize), Beihang SMC scholarship, outstanding CLP member, Wushu Associatio of Beihang University, Institute of automation office vice minister, Volunteer in China Open tennis tournament

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