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Manager Plant

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
May 27, 2020

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MOHCINE DRIF +212*********

SENIOR BAKERY/BISCUIT MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE P&L Ownership Project Management Business Development Team Chemistry Lean Manufacturing I am Food Manufacturing Professional with Specialist Bakery Expertise, and hands-on leadership experience in production environments requiring high performing teams, exacting project management and a capacity to implement continuous improvement to rigorous corporate governance standards. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

AL-SALEEM TRADING GROUP, Elqassim, Saudi Arabia – Revenues Bakery in excess of US$ 12M. General Manager Manufacturing - JOUNA Bakeries Division, 12/2016–07/2019 Recruited to transform a small-scale bakery operation into a larger plant operation, revamping the managerial mindset and staff, introducing training, plant procedures, budgeting and forecasting, equipment renewal and a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. Authority for 4 bakery plant operations, 150 staff, 7 direct reports and a manufacturing budget of USD$ 7M.

•Gained rapid traction after a comprehensive review, developing detailed tactical plans to achieve strategic objectives, including astutely introducing new products with an improvement in quality, on-time delivery and fleet expansion that provided an 11% increase in sales.

•Provided inspiring leadership that engaged and motivated staff, and initiated weekly sales, labour and production meetings, all of which provided a 14% increase in productivity.

•Attained Corporate Strategic objectives of developing QSR, hypermarket & Private label manufacturing market by revamping the plant layout which greatly enhance operational flexibility, implementing strong plant manufacturing SOP and setting a vast bakery staff training including team leadership training. MODERN FOOD PRODUCTS – a new bakery factory producing shelf-stable baked products for retailers, wholesalers, HoReCa, schools and corporate catering, locally and for export within Africa. 2015 revenue US$5M. Bakery Factory Operations Director, Morocco 2011–2016 Joined to launch this new concept bakery product in Morocco from a Greenfield site, with authority for production, maintenance, quality, logistics, purchasing, and recruitment. Staff of 55 and a US$3.5M budget.

•Prioritized all aspects of tactical implementation to successfully launch the new product under budget and on time, within 51 weeks.

•Negotiated acquisition of bakery equipment from Europe (22% discount) and recruited 4 well ground bakery industry department heads and other staff to populate an organizational structure with skilled operators, supported by effective policies and procedures.

•Provided coaching, training and implemented plant SOP’s and KPI’s as well as a succession plan and provided inspiring leadership that generated a highly effective corporate culture.

•Successfully utilized LEAN operational techniques and was able to achieve agreed KPI’s within 9 months, with only 1.89% waste, a manufacturing margin of 37%, and an order accuracy figure of 93%. SONIAMA – a couscous, pasta and spaghetti manufacturer supplying retailers, wholesalers, school canteens, and exporting within Africa and Southern Europe. Revenue US$10M. Site General Manager, Morocco 2010–2011

Hired to turn around a commercially underperforming food manufacturing facility, experiencing internal conflict between factory operations and sales that was dysfunctionally impacting delivery service quality. Ambit to restore factory performance and improve the brand image, with 125 staff and a budget of US$8M. Mohcine Drif Page 2 +212*********

•Renewed corporate culture to focus on customer service and enhance the value proposition by marketing factory performance as a competitive advantage, using plant and sales managers in initiatives to grow sales.

•Increased revenue by 15% in nine months, supporting Sales and Marketing Department with personal visits to key existing and potential clients which provided valuable marketplace feedback.

•Regained retailer confidence by 18% with improved 33% delivery performance, and 88% order accuracy, as well as saving 6.4% with renegotiated raw materials supplies, and instituting a focus to improve production margins.

•Improved detonator product margins by 11%, and booster margins by 6% in a declining market, with the adept introduction of 70% packaging automation, ERP, and +20% sales fleet expansion. GAUMAR GROUP – a major multisite bakery/biscuit/cakes/confectionery producer in Morocco, with 3 sites and 22 production lines running 24/14 producing >110 products. Revenue US$110M. Head of Manufacturing, Morocco 2008–2009

Given the remit to turn around operations after three years of declining performance associated with poor layout, obsolescence, quality issues, ad hoc production planning, high injury rates, excessive production downtime, and substandard working conditions. >1100 staff, 8 direct reports and a budget of US$65M.

• Rationalized and replaced 63% underperforming management with qualified high potential staff and improved quality (+44%) with upgraded systems, new raw material suppliers (75%), internal controls, and a new in-site quality control laboratory.

• Identified gross deficiency associated with obsolete equipment, securing approval for 1US$M equipment replacement to restore profitability.

• Impressively reduced manufacturing expenses by 29%, working to professional operational budgets with accurate monitoring of overheads, and improved labor productivity by 22% with strategic recruiting and training to clearly defined goals.

• Established reliable forecasting processes, improving 75% delivery and quality of raw material supplies, engaged a Health Security Environment Manager to address safety, training and behavioral shortcomings, including ergonomic improvements that reduced work injury by 15%, and absenteeism by 45%.

• Engaged a professional Hygiene company to augment manufacturing environment standards, supported by staff training, personal hygiene equipment and a regime of production line cleaning. BIMBO QSR EMEA (Ex- East Balt Europe) – the first industrial bakery in Morocco with McDonald’s as the major customer, also supplying QSR, catering, HoReCa, and Hypermarkets. Revenue US$14M. Bakery Plant Manager, Morocco 1995–2008

Selected on merit to initiate production for McDonald’s within six months, delivering to higher client quality standards. 73 staff and a US$3.5M budget with oversight of bakery operations and plant management.

• Efficiently hired and trained all bakery staff to deliver the first production run for McDonald’s within four weeks after starting trials and executed strategic roadmaps to meet agreed milestones associated with this demanding start-up operation.

• Complied with client quality system requirements, also meeting budget figures with a 49% saving in manufacturing costs over a five-year period, delivering staff training and motivation, quality assurance programs, and gaining recognition for consolidating high-level manufacturing standards. PRIOR POSITIONS: Early experience gained at “Biscuits Henry’s” as Senior Production Manager 1986-1995. Since Nov.2019: New bakery startup in Jordan: Budget, KPIs, Reporting, training, plant SOPs, quality SQMS… EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Bachelor of Engineering (Food Science & Technology) – Food Technology College at IAV Hassan II Budgeting & P/L (Cegos, Hbr), Manufacturing Operation Management /Talent Leadership (East Balt Inc.), Food Science/Food Safety & Defense (AIB, CDSE), Corporate Social Responsibility & SQMS (McDonald’s), Crisis Management (Insignia, Preparedex, brygthpath), Business Strategy (LinkedIn, Bluesteps, Coursera…)

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