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Medical Molecular

United Kingdom
May 28, 2020

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Siavash Khazaipoul

** ********* *****, ********* **** Tyne, NE3 2RD United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0-773*******


Nationality: British


I am a post-doctoral research fellow with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of cell and molecular biology and protein biochemistry. I have more than 6 years of background as a research fellow.


2006-2010 Newcastle University PhD in Applied Molecular Biology

This project was based on the study of targeting signals and regulatory elements (signal peptides and 3’-UTRs) that influence the production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells. This work was achieved via an industrial collaboration with UniTargetingResearch AS, Bergen, (see below for details).

2003-2006 Newcastle University BSc (Hons) Genetics

This included studies of molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, virology, oncology and pharmacology.

Academic Experience

2012-2018 Research Fellow

Employed by the University of St Andrews to examine molecular mechanisms responsible for modulating circulatory zinc dynamics in addition to its roles in controlling histidine-rich glycoprotein complex formation. Day to day work included:

Cell culture including primary and stable cell lines,

Development and characterisation of cell lines,

Molecular cloning, DNA& RNA extraction, PCRs, Transfections, etc,

Protein expression (shake flasks & fermenters) optimisation, purification

Protein biochemistry & Biophysics studies

Supervising project students (3rd year medical students), PhD students and other lab members

Analysing data and manuscript preparations

Maintenance and smooth running of laboratory equipment (AKTA purifiers, ITC, Plate readers, pumps and many more laboratory instruments)

2018-2019 Lecturer - Azad University of Chalus


UniTargeting Research AS Bergen, Norway, 2006-2010

This work was carried out was in collaboration with the university of Newcastle for completion of my PhD project. Experiences include:

Research of a novel strategy towards the optimisation of recombinant protein production

The modification of targeting signals and regulatory elements

The study of RNA trans-acting factors

Developing communication, presentation and team-working skills


General protein purification/biochemistry skills – Affinity chromatography, CEX (cation exchange), AEX (anion exchange), gel filtration chromatography, metal chelate affinity chromatography (AKTA System), filtration (lab scale), circular dichroism, isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), SDS-PAGE, western blotting, spectrophotometry, protein isolation/digestion /characterisation/lyophilisation and determination.

Recombinant protein production: I have extensive experience in the field of recombinant protein production using various strains of yeast (K.lactis, Pichia pastoris), bacterial and mammalian expression systems. I have the practical knowledge and expertise in achieving high yields of various recombinant proteins using large and small fermenters/bioreactors.

General molecular biology skills: These include carrying out luciferase reporter assays, PCR, RT-PCR and real time PCR, DNA preparation, restriction enzyme digestion, DNA ligation, gel extraction, PCR purification, RNA extraction, SDM, phenol-chloroform extraction, molecular cloning, sequence analysis, stable/transient transfection, siRNA transfection, in vitro transcription, ICC, ELISA, electromobility gel shift assay, UV cross-linking, cell fractionation and cell – based assays. I have extensive experience in preparation of cell lysate using either sonication or constant system french press. I have worked with various mammalian cell lines, live Caenorhabditis elegans, bacterial and yeast systems.

Mammalian cell culture (primary/stable): Stable/transient/siRNA/shRNA transfection – I have extensive experience in the culture and maintenance of primary and stable CHO, HUVEC, MGH, HEK293-EBNA cell lines. I have also practical knowledge in generating stable cell lines from primary stocks using viral vectors (Category 2).

Immunofluorescence: I have experience and practical knowledge with fluorescence and light microscopy during my undergraduate, PhD and post-doctoral studies.


Competent user of PC computers

Software includes Microsoft Office, Unicorn, Origin, Endnote and the SPSS statistics software and many others.

Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety

I have excellent communication skills and can work independently or part of a team. I am friendly, approachable and have a strong work ethic.

I have experience in the order and purchasing of laboratory equipment/ materials.


Frontiers in Cardiovascular Biology: Vienna, 20-22 April 2018 – Poster Presentation

Universities of Scotland Inorganic Chemistry Conference: University of St Andrews, 29-30 August 2017- Poster Presentation

Meeting with local politicians (MPs & MSPs) and British Heart Foundation

University of St Andrews, 27 March 2017 – Oral Presentation

Zinc-Net/Zinc-UK: Queen’s University Belfast, 21-22 November 2016 – Poster Presentation

Visit by British Heart Foundation: 11 November 2016 – Oral Presentation

8th Zinc-UK meeting: University of Aberdeen, 4-5 July 2013

6th Zinc-UK meeting: University of Cardiff, 9-10 July 2012

Postgraduate conferences: University of Newcastle 2006-2009 – Oral Presentation


Ackermann K, Khazaipoul S, Sobczak AI, El Mkami H, Stewart AJ, Bode BE. Metal ion binding sites in mammalian histidine-rich glycoprotein: Structural and functional implications from EPR spectroscopy (2020) (in prep)

Khazaipoul S1, Tong T, Powis SJ, Stewart AJ1. Cu2+-induced inhibition of transglutaminase-2: Implications for functional regulation and coeliac disease pathogenesis. (2020) (in prep)

Sobczak AI1, Khazaipoul S1, Katundu KG1,2, Phoenix FA3, Yu R1,4, Lampiao F2, Stefanowicz F5, Blindauer CA6, Pitt SJ1, Smith TK7, Ajjan RA3, Stewart AJ1*. Plasma free fatty acid levels associate with increased coagulability in type-II diabetes: Evidence for a Zn2+-dependent mechanism (bioRxiv) (2019)

Coverdale J, Khazaipoul S, Arya S Stewart AJ, Blindauer CA. Crosstalk between zinc and fatty acids in plasma. Biochimica et Biophysics Acta- Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids. (2018)

Handing KB, Shabalin IG, Kassaar O, Khazaipoul S, Blindauer CA, Stewart AJ, Chruszcz M & Minor W. Circulatory zinc transport is controlled by distinct interdomain sites on mammalian albumins (2016) Chemical Science, 7 (11) 6635-48.

Blindauer CA, Khazaipoul S, Yu R & Stewart AJ. Fatty acid-mediated inhibition of metal binding to the multi-metal site on serum albumin: implications for cardiovascular disease (2016) Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 16 (27) 3021-32.

Barnett JP, Blindauer CA, Kassaar O, Khazaipoul S1, Martin EM, Sadler PJ,Stewart AJ. Allosteric modulation of zinc speciation by fatty acids (2013) Biochem Biophys Acta, 1830 (12) 5456-64.

Khazaipoul S1, Pearson MJ, Pryme IF, Stern B, Hesketh J. CUG binding protein 1 binds to a specific region within the human albumin 3’ untranslated region (2012) Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 426 (4) 539-43.

Pearson M, Khazaipoul S, Asta Optun, Pryme I, Stern B, Hesketh J. Albumin 3 untranslated region facilitates increased recombinant protein production from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells and binds CUGBP-1 (2012) Biotechnol J, 7 (11) 1405-11.

Oláhová M, Taylor SR, Khazaipoul S, Wang J, Morgan BA, Matsumoto K, Blackwell TK, Veal EA. A redox-sensitive peroxiredoxin that is important for longevity has tissue - and stress-specific roles in stress resistance (2008) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 105 (50) 19839-44.


Dr. Alan Stewart


Tel: 013**-******

Address: Medical and Biological Sciences Building, University of St Andrews,

North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9TF, UK

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