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Engineer Power Plant

Rolla, MO
May 28, 2020

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Douglas D. Morehouse

***** **. **. ****

St. James, Missouri 65559


Work Experience

Aspeq Holdings Inc. ( Nov. 10 2014 to Jan. 29 2016)

*** *ommerce dr.

Cuba mo. 65453

Supervisor Ray Stark

Position- lead maintenance mechanic / industrial electrician

Repair equipment as needed .install all new equipment. Work on cnc punch machine, 150 ton metal brake,75 ton folder. Equipment made for pacific operations in the manufacturing of electric heaters. Do general maintenance in building. Design and built various items that was requested by plant engineer. Use fork lift to load and unload trucks.

Missouri S&T Rolla Mo (Nov. 18 2013 to Aug.8 2014)

Toomey Hall 400w 13th St.

Rolla mo. 65409 ph. 573-***-****

Supervisor Mitchell Cottrell

Position- Electronic technician/Engineering technician

Do all types of repair on equipment. Install new equipment. Make new equipment as directed by supervisor by plans or verbal. Use milling equipment and lathe as needed to make parts. Solder and fabrication of pcb’s. do all assigned job orders.

Manchester Packaging Company (Mar. 12 2013 to Nov.15 2013)

2000 East James Boulevard

St. James mo. 65559 ph. 573-***-****

Supervisor Eddie Farrar/ John Hunter

Position-Maintenance mechanic

Did repairs and maintenance on all types of equipment used in the making plastic film and plastic bags and printing equipment. Repair of all electronic equipment, calibration of various equipment. Use of milling equipment and lathe, welding and fabrication of parts.

CG Power Systems (Nov.29 2012 to Mar. 1 2013)

Washington Mo.63090

6349 Avantha Dr. ph.636-***-****

Supervisor Brad Gronel

Position-Maintenance mechanic

Did maintenance on various types equipment used in making large high voltage transformers. Made different type of brackets for use with install of new equipment. Did repair of electronic equipment.

LB&B Associates Inc. (Dec.8 2005 to Oct. 11 2011) Maintenance mechanic Fort Leonard Wood Mo. 573-***-**** Salary: union scale Hours per week:40

Oct.2010 – Oct. 2011 GLWCH FLW.MO.

Supervisor: Brian Pennington

Shift work at GLWCH as maintenance mechanic doing pm’s on air handlers, air compressors, water softers, water lines, vacuum systems, general repairs as needed, hvac, kitchen equipment, plumbing, electrical, lights, doors, carpentry, pumps, boilers, painting door repair,

Dec.05-oct. 10

Supervisor: Ken Anderson

Perform routine and preventive maintenance on hvac systems and mechanical equipment. Repairs air handlers, fan coil units, Hydrotherm boilers, Futon boilers, pumps, water heaters, high temp water lines 450deg, air compressors, air driers units. Replace air regulators, filter units, air filters, sump pumps, air compressors, circulating pumps. Install pipes used with air systems and water systems. Check water softeners, mechanical rooms, air handlers. Troubleshoot all types of mechanical equipment. Worked on air compressors from 2hp to 60hp rotary screw units .install new units, run air lines with regulators and filters. Maintain 28 bdgs. In the 1000 area for heat, ac, hot water. 2 bdgs that was chow halls that use steam and high temp.

Brewer Science Inc.( 3/23/1998-6/15/2005) - Maintenance/Equipment Installation tech

Rolla, Missouri United States

Supervisor: Sandy Zinn - 573-***-****

Salary: $14.63 per hour

Hours per week: 40


Worked in all phases of general maintenance, painting, electrical work, carpentry, and plumbing. Installed doors, lock sets, and door closers. Built walls, installed drop ceilings, wall shelves, run gas lines, water lines, DI. Water systems, vent systems, exhaust systems, and moved furniture, set up offices/meetings. Maintained sprinkler system, installed new sprinklers as needed. Worked on HVAC, (i.e. R/R Filters, clean hvac units, troubleshoot units, repaired units as needed.) Repaired and installed equipment in manufacturing as needed.


Installed all new equipment as needed in all areas (i.e. r/d, nbg, cee, and arc.). Worked in clean rooms to install new equipment for all departments. Installed specialty equipment as needed; insured that all requirements were met to manufacture’s specs. Ran precision ultra pure gas lines. Coordinated equipment installation with manufactures to insure all needs were met (i.e., gasses, water, electric, exhaust, vents, chillers, ect .) Installed equipment in labs (i.e. ovens, spinners, chillers, exhaust). Made sure all supplies were in stock or ordered. Did preventive maintenance on all equipment. Assessed needs on equipment before ordering, to allot space and needs. Did general maintenance on all equipment and other maintenance as assigned.

For Your Convenience (7/01/1997-3/22/1998) - Cabinet maker/Installer

St. James, Missouri United States

Supervisor: Steve Inkie: 573-***-****

Salary: $9.50 per hour

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Read blueprints. Cut materials, assemble cabinets,laminate,finish, and install doors and hardware .Installed and repaired cabinets on location. Make cabinets to fit on location. Installed equipment on location (i.e. safes, refrigerators, ovens, soda dispensers). Installed water filter systems on location.

PCRMC (09/01/1987 - 05/11/1997) - Bio- Medical Electronic Engineer/ General Engineer

Rolla, Missouri United States

Supervisor: Gene Deckard - 573-***-****

Salary: $14.77 per hour

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Responsible for repair and calibration of all medical equipment. Test and repair all medical equipment on regular schedule basis per manufacturer specs. Recommend replacement of all old and out dated medical equipment .Run cables for all equipment (i.e. .monitors, tv’s, alarm systems, fire systems, and telemetry systems). Repair of non-medical electronic equipment (i.e. .tv’s, av, fire system, alarm system, automatic doors, telephone system, cctv).

Train all new employees on equipment as needed. Give electrical safety and fire safety training to employees on quarterly basis new and required. Perform other general maintenance duties as time allowed (i.e. hang doors, install lock sets, paint, install new equipment, snow removal).Insure all JCOHA guide lines are met .Follow all FDA rules and requirements.

U.S.Navy (2/10/1983-2/09/1987) - ATAN

Norfolk, Virginia United States

Supervisor: AT1 Gregg - N/A;

Salary: $563.00 per bi-week

Hours per week: 84

Duties: Responsible for calibration of all phases of electronic, physical, mechanical equipment. Test and repair all equip. for shop and others as required on regular basis. Perform all duties as required on ship (i.e. fire watch, repair locker team, quarterdeck watch, john quick team, GQ drills,) and all duties as assigned.

Robert Irsay Co.Calloway Co. Nuclear Power Plant (01/02/1980 - 12/30/1982) - Sheet metal worker

Fulton, Missouri United States

Supervisor: Ken Knichel - N/A

Salary: $14.63 per hour

Hours per week: 40

Duties: lay out work to done at work site. Read blueprints, find location of work to be done .layout exact location of work or welding to be done. Help welder with work performed (i.e. set up equip., clean area, clean welds, paint welds, remove equip.) find Q.C. have work qualified Install duct work on hangers as need on prints


High School John F. Hodge (08/15/1974 - 05/25/1978)

St. James, Missouri 65559

Degree: GED

Description: General courses math, history, woodshop, drafting, english

Additional Information

Specialized Education

Ingersoll – Rand air compressors (12-10-09)

John Henry Foster

15 – 20 – 30 to 60 Hp Screw Compressors

8hrs. Repair & P.M. training

Bauer air compressor (01/13/2009) High pressure breathing air, Industrial air compressors

28hrs training at factory in Norfolk Va.

John Henry Foster air compressors (03/19-21/2008)

Ingersoll-Rand ep15-ep25 rotary screw compressors, I/R model t-25 10hp-25hp 24hrs. Repair & rebuilt training

Honeywell, KMC controls (10/11-12/2007)

Bdg.470, 1607, 5265

8hrs.onsite training

Hydrothem boilers (09/19-20/2007)

Bdg.470.1607, 1608.

Boiler repair model 100,150, 300,kn-5,kn-10.

16hrs training on site

Blackmore-Glunt (09/13-14/2007)

Taco pump systems, Bell-Gossett pump

16hrs. training repair & rebuilding pumps

Certificates of training

Confined spaces 16hrs. (12/2&3/2010)

NFPA 70e arc flash 4hrs.(10/26/2009)

MPGA Missouri propaneasst.8hrs.(12/04/2008)

Competent person, confined spaces training 8hrs.(12/03/2008)

Specialized Education - Essentials of Effective Supervision (03/25/2005)

27hrs. SMSU management development training

Training - Electrical Troubleshooting (01/21/2005)

14 hrs. Electrical troubleshooting and electrical preventive maintenance

Training - Hazardous Waste Training (01/26/2005)

16 hrs. Hazardous waste training


Certification - Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (09/30/2004)

40 hrs. Certification for backflow preventor’s .Repair, maintenance and replacement of backflow preventors

Certification - Mo. Propane Gas training (03/01/1999)

State approved propane gas training

Training - Machine Safeguarding (09/15/1998)

8 hrs.Powermation machine safeguarding electrical training

Certification - Baxter PCA 2 pump #2L3104 (10/03/1995)

24 hrs. Technical training on units. Repair and maintenance on same.

Training - Haemonetics Cell Saver Plus, Cell Saver 3 Plus (06/13/1994)

20 hrs. Training on operation of and basic maintenance of units

Certification - Pfizer Valleylab medical equip. service seminar (08/12/1991)

28 hrs. Service training on SSE2L, Force 1B, Force 2, Force 4, Force 4B, CUSA

Training - Zoll PD 1200 Service Training (06/01/1991)

40 hrs. Service training and repair for the PD 1200 unit

Training - Nikon Kohden (03/22/1991)

40 hrs. Care and maintenance of NK patient monitoring system

Certification - Meridian SL-1 NT Maintenance #211 (02/15/1990)

64 hrs. Maintenance training for Meridian NT SL-1 phone system

Certification - x11 feature administration (02/02/1990)

80 hrs. Feature administration for the Meridian NT phone systems

Specialized Education - basic guest relations (01/14/1988)

16 hrs.basic guest info.


Certificate of Appreciation

U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

554th Engineer Battalion


Certificate of Achievement

Support Person of the Cycle

Presented by Col.Charles A. Tennison

U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

795th M.P.Battalion,14th M.P. Brigade, B- company cycle #07-07


Certificate of Achievement

Support Person of the Cycle

Presented by Major General William H. McCoy

U.S. Army Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

795th M.P.Battalion, 14th M.P. Brigade


Certificate of Achievement

Support Person of the Cycle

Presented by Brigadier General David E. Quantock

U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center

Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


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