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HR Specialist

Huntsville, AL
May 28, 2020

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Renee Cunliffe

*** **** *** *****

New Market, AL



Utilize my job related skills and synchronize them with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. I will continue to employ best business practices throughout my assigned task to improve quality and eliminate waste. Focus on accountability and accuracy of data documentation and maintain meticulous records. Maintain an attitude which will foster growth and cooperation in the workplace.


25 Nov, 18 to present 40 hours a week

Human Resources Specialisit GS-7/9/11

Apply a wide range of HR concepts, principle, laws, regulations and practices in the areas of recruitment and placement.

Consult with managers, supervisors, employees, etc. to interpret and apply laws, regulations, policies, etc. on various HR functions. Use of current HR database systems to query, retrieve and analyze information. (Such as DCPDS, BOXI, ASARS, etc.)

Use of HR examining systems for recruitment and placement - USA-Staffing to include wage grade. Studies and advises managers and supervisors on staffing requirements, resources, and problems in assigned offices involving a high degree of complexity.

Advise management on recruitment strategies, sources, special programs, recruitment, relocation, and retention incentive programs.

Develop long and short range staffing plans to meet forecasted mission requirements, human capital losses, changes in critical competencies, availability of candidates, career development patterns, and reorganization proposals.

Provide guidance on merit system principles, prohibited personnel practices and use of valid selection criteria, and other approaches that may help in staffing the organization and in improving employee productivity, morale, and retention.

Execute recruitment, placement, RIF, and related programs for assigned organizations. Takes appropriate steps/actions to appoint, promote, detail, reassign, demote, transfer, RIF, etc., in accordance with established policies, regulations.

Research qualifications/ skills needed to conduct job analyses with subject matter experts to distinguish well qualified applicants, the ability to learn the job in reasonable periods of time. Analyzes and classifies individual position descriptions.

Determine the correct classification by comparison to existing standards related to the work, and prepares necessary evaluation statements.

Determine the responsibilities and extent of authority of the position in relation to other positions, which may seem to overlap.

Explain the standards, classification decisions, impact of designated duties on classification, and complaint and appeal procedures to employees, supervisors, and operating officials or managers

19 Feb, 2017-Nov 18 40 hours/Week

Housing Management (Housing Inspector) (1173) - GS-7

US Department of Defense- 718 CES/CEMPF, Kadena Okinawa Japan

Supervisor: Lavisha Ashford

Performs initial, prefinal, final, sanitation/safety/habitability, and maintenance and repair inspections of family housing to identify scope of maintenance and repair to be accomplished during change of occupancy maintenance (8122 family housing units). Reviews all self-help work requests and recommends approval or disapproval and inspects completed projects to ensure that all work is completed satisfactorily and in accordance with regulations. Received inquiries and /or complaints from customers; investigates the complaint and validates or clarifies the situation explaining the requirements such as timeliness, quality of service and other items affecting the complaint.

Ensures appointments are timely and discrepancies are identified to ensure facilities are maintained to meet a standard. Prepares AF Form 1219 after prefinal and final inspections in an accurate and timely manner.

Bills and collects for lost keys and damages during pre-termination inspections and final inspections.

Performs final inspection in a courteous and professional manner. Promptly investigates occupants’ allegations and successfully mediates disputes and resolves problems In a courteous and timely manner, inspects and approves/disapproves self-help work requests.

Perform occupant surveys to ensure that tenant needs are met and quality of life standards are maintained

Conducts surveys of family housing units, streets, utility systems, roofs, drainage, and other ground conditions for input to housing improvement, maintenance, alterations, modification, and construction programs and projects. Analyzes inspection reports, facility maintenance files, service call logs and facility surveys to ensure the total maintenance repair, alteration and minor construction requirements for family housing are identified and accomplished. Makes recommendations to supervisor for continuing action of the five-year long range plan. Provides input to financial management for budget preparations. Performs special studies as assigned by supervisor. May be required to perform the duties and responsibilities of other positions in the branch during employee’s absence to assist with the work during peak workloads. Performs other related duties as required. Completes planning and initiates work request after special survey project as assigned and reviews to ensure completeness. Identifies requirements, prepares cost estimates, and processes request after assignment so that few corrections are needed. Serves as alternate quality assurance evaluator (QAE) for the Furnishings Management, and small construction contracts for family housing. As QAE, inspects the work of the contractor, notes quality of performance, and records deficiencies and /or deviations in work methods. Verifies workmanship, materials used and all services rendered against contract specifications. Records the cause of work delays such as weather conditions and material shortages. Observes fire, sanitation and safety work practices and, in situations of noncompliance with specifications contained in the contract, refers discrepancy to contract administrator and /or supervisor for further action. Prepares Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans; develops inspection schedules, surveillance checklists, modifications to contracts; approves contractor expenditures and sets performance standards. Ensures all phases of the contracts are being met and the proper statistics, records requirements and documentation are maintained. Monitors the quality control procedures for recurring installed equipm4ent maintenance performed by the contractor. Analyzes findings, which indicate trends or weaknesses in the contractor’s quality control system. Reports any deficiencies to contract administrator for corrective action. Provides estimates, proper documentation and rationale for modifications needed to the contract for requirements not currently covered in the contract. Must review and validate all contractor invoices. Prepares monthly reports and documents problem areas concerning separate bid items and contractor discrepancy reports. Provides financial management with monthly estimates to ensure AF Form 9’s are provided for delivery orders. Ensures the surveillance checklist is accurate and recommends any revisions to supervisor. Continually ensures all phases of the contracts are being met.

Ensures invoices and reports are completed and submitted in a timely manner, and problem areas are documented in a thorough and timely manner. Refers contractor problem areas or discrepancies to contract administrator or supervisor for further action within established time limits. Ensures random sampling is conducted at prescheduled times.

Conducts joint occupant/management inspections of quarters to evaluate appearance, structural stability, maintenance, and habitability of the unit, furnishings, equipment, and facilities. Recommends schedule for and coordinates maintenance, repair, and minor construction. Determine requirements for repair resulting from other than fair wear and tear, and makes recommended cost estimates cost estimates for occupant reimbursement. Promptly coordinates required maintenance, repair, and minor construction work. After identifying damages, prepares cost estimate for occupant reimbursement within established time limits.

.Knowledge of military housing management procedures and general business practices relating to the management and utilization of government owned and leased housing facilities, quarters and ground maintenance. Knowledge of the principles, techniques and methodology of quality assurance evaluation procedures for government owned and leased facilities.

Knowledge of construction, maintenance and repair and improvement practices, as well as, knowledge of methods and procedures involved determining acceptable work performance on trades and crafts associated with maintenance and repair and improvement of housing units, grounds and utility systems.

Ability to use a computerized housing program in order to input data from tracking purposes.

20 Nov 2011 to Feb 2017 40 Hours/Week

Department of the Defense, Precision Fire Rocket Missile Space PFRMS

Logistics Directorate Administrative Assistant GS-7 (303)

Redstone Arsenal, AL

Anthony Saladino 256-***-****

Performs a variety of secretarial duties to support the work of the office. Maintains an automated calendar for the supervisor with complete authority for scheduling appointments, meetings, social events and conferences without prior approval. Independently coordinates travel arrangements, to include: travel plans (both CONUS and OCONUS), country clearances, passport and Visa application when required, agenda times, itineraries and other information with sites being visited. Makes final commitments for the supervisor. Assembles trip books, consisting of agenda items, itineraries, and information papers dealing with personnel, logistics, and mission accomplishment prepared by staff and field elements. Prepares travel orders, obtains security clearances/visit authorization as appropriate, vouchers. Uses judgment to request information from the staff and updates supervisors on a regular basis. Is responsible for all office supplies, office equipment and repairs. Schedules VTCs. Composes upon request, social, personal and professional correspondence. Establishes and maintains supervisor's files consisting of a variety of subject matters related to PEO, Missile managed systems, government and industry presentations, and project studies, summaries of conferences and meetings, and policy material. Reviews travel vouchers for logistics directorate. Prepare and route all correspondence and reports in the correct format.

• Using a computer, prepares charts, graphics, and narrative information for management reports from material provided by higher level employees. Responsible for maintaining electronic and paper files.

Answers telephone calls and screens visitors. Refers visitors/callers not requiring the personal attention of the supervisor to the proper person or staff element. Personally takes care of many matters and questions, including answering substantive questions not requiring technical knowledge. Initiates calls for information pertaining to administrative and management matters without referral to supervisors unless determined to be of sufficient importance to require approval. Prepares correspondence based on known views and desires of supervisor. Types in final form a variety of complex correspondence, memoranda, reports and statistical material which involves material frequently containing highly technical terms and acronyms. Reviews all correspondence to ensure proper format, grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity of text, conformance with general policy, and calls deviations or inadequacies to the attention of the author. Provides advice and assistance to office of origin. Return other documents for rework. Make insertions or deletions or move material from one place to another), store, retrieve, and print a variety of standardized documents using a glossary of preformatted records, form letters, standard paragraphs and mailing lists. Responsible for managing requests for meetings and events to ensure appropriate attendance, schedule conference rooms, and arrange/distribute teleconference information. Knowledge of Passenger Transportation Procedures.

Serves as Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS) coordinator and timekeeper for the Manager/Assistant Program Manager for various elements. Manages ATAAPS input for civilians. Reviews Time and Attendance data on managers in preparation of timecard certification by supervisor. Ensures employee data reflected in ATAAPS is accurate at all times. Coordinates with Resource Management point-of-contact to ensure all transfers, additions, or deletions of employees are accomplished appropriately. Provides procedural advice to organizational/office timekeepers as needed. Maintains accurate T&A records. Accurately prepares T&A data in a timely manner. Ensures T&A data is prepared in accordance with established procedures. Transmits T&A data to payroll in a timely manner.

. Uses office automation skills to help perform management and/or program support assignments. Utilizes a word processor or personal computer to type a variety of material. Responsible for a correct format, spelling, punctuation, grammar and assembly of any supplemental or backup material from files for attachment as enclosures

Makes travel arrangements based on general travel intentions, known preferences of travel and in accordance with appropriate travel regulations. Schedules transportation, hotel/Government quarters reservations in a timely manner. Effectively deals with security issues. Maintains contact with travelers.

Managed all travel authorizations and Vouchers for a total of 52 travelers, I was the only Defense Travel System (DTS) reviewer for the logistics directorate had to make sure all training was completed for travel before this was routed to the approving official (AO) Processed over 500 authorizations and Voucher for several travelers going CONUS/OCONUS travel

Made sure all authorizations were correct, and matched, created authorizations for the logistics directorate. If there were discrepancies the authorization or voucher would be returned to the traveler to correct, after reviewing to make sure it was correct than would review again and submit it to the Approving Official (AO)

Verify the travel used the required lodging, made sure that the lodging amount claimed matched all receipts provided by the travelers. Confirm the correct line of accounting (LOA) was used.

Had to verify claimed mileage expenses are legal, proper, and correct, and not duplicated elsewhere in the local voucher. Verify no claim includes non-reimbursable mileage such as trips to restaurants personal errands.

Had to verify that substantiating records they were for official travel dates. The goods or secures purchased all support official travel

Verify per diem rate was not paid on leave days. Reviewed justifications for all flagged items

Travel Coordinator managing all local, CONUS and OCONUS requirements. Serves as the Project Office's authority on travel matters furnishing advice and providing information to travelers, budget officials and management on regulations and procedures. As necessary provides one-on-one assistance to individual travelers to obtain passports, foreign currency fluctuation determinations, non-availability of government quarters statements and researches discrepancies in voucher submissions vs payments made, assists in reconciling problems with incorrect or incomplete travel vouchers. Submits TAPES for the Directorate.

. Knowledge of the Defense Travel System (DTS) including ability to develop and process travel authorizations and vouchers. Working knowledge of DOD and Army policies, procedures, and security standards.

Performs other duties as assigned

Skill in Using Automated Transportation Systems

Skill in Customer Service

Ability to Interpret and Apply Travel Regulations, Directives and Policies

20 Dec-2009- Nov 2011 40 Hours/Week

Department of Defense Human Resources Assistant/ Recruitment Placement GS-5 (203)

South Central CPOC Redstone Arsenal AL Huntsville

Ms. Eva Anello 256-***-****

Processed official personnel actions for an organizational segment with primarily wage and GS positions in career-conditional, career, temporary, and limited appointments and a few excepted appointments; provided support for recruitment activities. Processed a full range of recurring personnel actions for wage and GS positions that included a variety of appointments, separations, promotions, changes to lower grade, reassignments, transfers, or mass change actions. Reviewed personnel action requests for accuracy of agency code, existence and adequacy of supporting documents, appropriateness of the regulatory authority and the proposed action cited in relation to the intended purpose. Completed missing items such as date for completion of a temporary (NTE) appointment, and resolved discrepancies. Followed up on suspense dates. Coded and inputs personnel data into an automated system. Checked the accuracy of computer generated actions. Answered questions about the status of pending actions. Resolved processing problems such as failure to be promoted on the expected effective date or irregularities in pay. Performed staffing clerical duties for the internal recruitment organization. Processed Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel entitlements for recruitment actions accomplished by the staffing group. Processed requests for extensions of PCS entitlements. Assisted in recruitment activities by preparing/sending employment inquiries to applicants, verifying veteran’s preference, and arranging for EOD dates. Annotated OPM certificates to show actions taken and veteran’s preference requirements were met. Confirmed reporting dates using form letters. Replied to requests for verification of employment and salary. Assembled pre-employment information for employees going to other Federal agencies; forwarded employment records. Used word processing software to produce forms, reports, and correspondence. Transmitted and received documents and messages electronically. Performed other duties as assigned.

Applies technical expertise in reviewing and overseeing the processing of a comprehensive range of personnel actions for a very large customer base. For routine actions through one of a kind/unprecedented situations applies specialized human resources knowledge coupled with knowledge of personnel actions processing to ensure correct nature of action coding, identification of proper appointing authorities, and identification of correct legal authority codes. Makes needed corrections to actions versus sending Requests for Personnel action back to the HR Specialist/Technician by applying knowledge of appointing authority, position type, required remarks, veterans preference laws, Civ Pro coding, general pay setting rules applicable to retained grade or pay, NSPS pay-setting limitations for reassignments, etc. Coordinates as needed with those submitting the actions to ensure changes are communicated and appropriate. Applies comprehensive knowledge of automated personnel actions processing and its interface with the DOD automated payroll system to resolve problems and facilitate workflow and database accuracy. Develops procedures and supplemental guidance by keeping abreast of changes in regulations, policies, and procedures. Researches and interprets guidelines and directives from higher echelons and conducts comprehensive research and applies problem-solving skills to difficult cases. Responds to requests for technical guidance from internal and external sources. Evaluates the potential impact of alternative solutions and takes appropriate action to modify procedures or make recommendations for ways to solve complex processing situations. Coordinates internally as well as with HR Specialists external to the processing center to develop or refine operational procedures and resolve recurring problems. Instructs HR Technicians in specific tasks and job techniques, and provides written instructions and reference guides for facilitate the work. Serves as an action officer for payroll reconciliation projects. Interprets standard automated personnel systems and other DOD, and DA applications requirements. Initiates actions to correct or implement technical applications, and recommends revision of civilian personnel management policies and procedures to accommodate changes. Monitors Defense Civilian Payroll System accuracy through source documents, i.e., W3L reports, payroll reject reports (RIPs), Payroll Systems Advisory Notices (SAN), and deferred and immediate inquiry techniques. Establishes schedules to meet system reconciliation requirements. Analyzes products to ensure they serve the intended purposes. Troubleshoots problems, develops alternative approaches for problem resolution, and coordinates with appropriate human resources specialists to implementing corrective actions. Troubleshoots payroll rejects. Researches and analyzes reject conditions using guides, regulations, documentation in electronic records or in official personnel files. Actively participates in ensuring regulatory compliance established for all functional areas. After determination of corrective action needed, reconstructs actions. Coordinates with Information Services Division staff to discuss problems and craft solutions. Tests solutions to problems and works closely with automation experts, verifies results and documents solutions for use by others when similar problems arise. Applies knowledge of the Business Objects Application too to extract data, verify database accuracy and identify/resolve error conditions. Reviews technical job aids in the (Gippa) and disseminates procedural changes to technical staff. Recommends system changes and logic for new quality control tickets. Serviced Sunny point/ Rock Island. Worked on the special project Pay Recon team. Assists in the administration of the region program on payroll processing to include resolution of employee concerns on pay problems, benefits, entitlements, and allowances. Researches and analyzes reported pay problems through the region payroll problem reporting system and develops guidance on systemic processing issues, training issues, and problem identification. Interacts with CPAC and payroll processing center personnel on the resolution of identified payroll problems. Payroll problem case resolution concerns issues of pay, locality pay, special pay, allowances, hours of work, entitlements, health and life insurance, TSP, SCD calculations, leave, and leave transfer information, etc. Serves as a member of an ad-hoc pay resolution team that provides advice and guidance for resolution of the case; prepares narrative documentation to close a specific case; and recommends specific courses of action when needed. Serves as a focal point of the region payroll problem reporting system that provides an interface/communication line for CPOC, CPAC, CSR, and payroll processing personnel throughout the region. Inputs and retrieves data from DCPDS, assures accuracy of organization and position data, and initiates corrective action when necessary.

26 Oct 2007 to 15 May 2009, 40 Hours/ Week

Housing Management (Housing Inspector) (1173) - GS-7

US Department of Defense- 718 CES/CEMPF, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa Japan

Ms. Mary Ellen Correia 508-***-****

Thoroughly performed initial, pre- inspection and final inspections of housing quarters and annotated discrepancies. Briefed occupants on housing rules, investigated complaints and performed weekly yard inspections. Identified, documented and submitted maintenance repairs inside and surrounding housing area. Informed tenants of relocation or moving clearing requirements when leaving the island. Conducted final inspection to ensure that quarters adhered to housing standards. Diffused occupant issues to ensure harmony within housing area and presented an environment free of discrimination, aggravation or retribution. Managed and oversaw the efficient flow of operation during the absence of manager. Developed inspection and schedules and ensured compliance with cleaning contract. Adhered to the Statement of Work and performed quality assurance inspections on assigned units. Thoroughly and effectively documented contractors’ performance. Facilitated training of co-workers and conducted weekly meetings. Performed a variety of administrative tasks to coordinate operations and ensure the efficient use of government facilities. Analyzed all aspects of housing units to address maintenance issues and safety concerns in accordance with management policies, Monitored service contracts and communicated with providers, applied engineering performance standards to estimate labor and material costs, Determines eligibility for government furnishings (furniture and appliances). Schedules delivery with drayage and appliance contractors. Obtains custody receipts and maintain records concerning inventory, placement, and condition. Prepares statement of charges for damaged or missing articles. Processes and maintains hand receipts and associated documents and files in accordance with established procedures. Knowledge of the functions of Ordering Officer, Was the housing inspector of over 340 units on Kadena and around the whole base.

Maintain precise records and input crucial data into the Automated Civil Engineering Systems database with a 95% accuracy rate

Knowledge of HQ USAF, MAJCOM, and local housing management policies, directives, and procedures related to Government-owned housing facilities.

Knowledge of the basic principles, techniques and methodology of housing management and apply them to scheduling, and coordinating operation and efficient use of government quarters and facilities.

Knowledge of contracting provisions sufficient to ensure proper negotiations or commitment of government funds.

Skill to manipulate computer data through input, retrieval, or storage of data.

Skill in conducting inspections, technical studies, and surveys.Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals, both orally and in writing.

April 2005 to Oct 2007 40 Hours/ Week

Human Resource Assistant GS-4 (203)

US Department of Defense- MCCB Camp Foster CPAC

CWO Salski Number unknown

Provided staff direction, technical/logistics guidance, and assistance to various elements of the command in direct support of management directives, policies, and procedures. I assisted the branch and staffs consolidated justifications for Manpower retention and reimbursable work year execution. Serve as organization's POC on all personnel-related actions, exercises and suspense’s. Coordinated and maintained staffing records for the directorate. Maintained the TDA and assured accurate information is was cited for all personnel actions relating to recruitment, reassignments, promotions, etc. Compiled reports on personnel-related or training issues by analyzing and evaluating statistical information. Served as the branch POC for Training request. Provided information on training matters to supervisory and non-supervisory personnel. Developed, monitored and maintained organizational awards budget program. Ensured awards were maintained properly and in accordance with regulation/policy in preparation of audits. Handled clerical and secretarial tasks to promote fluid office operations while maintaining a Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS). Processed enrollments and reviewed necessary documentation to issue ID cards

Prepared reports and performed regular updates to the database

Interpreted policies and procedures to enforce regulations regarding IDs

Trusted with the upkeep and security of sensitive, confidential information


Defense Commissary – Sales Store Checker GS-3 1995-2003

Minute Man Drive thru Liquors - Assistant Manager 1987-1994


Orting High School, Orting Washington; 1983 High School Diploma


Defense Acquisition: Incentive award Aug 2003CLC 012 Contracting Officers Representative Overview (HCAA) [Official Certificate] HBS 104 HBS - Leading and Motivating [Official Certificate] CLC 006 Contract Terminations [Official Certificate] CLC 102 Administration of Other Transactions [Official Certificate] HBS 241 Hiring [Official Certificate DCPDS Fundamentals Certificate] CLC 047 Contract Negotiation Techniques [Official Certificate] CLC 013 Performance-Based Services Acquisition [Official Certificate]] Official Pass-Port Agent


9 Cash Incentive Awards (1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007)

Cash NSPS Performance Award 2009

Letters of Appreciation (3)

Time off Awards 2011


Army Records Management training 2015

Active Security Clearance 2011

Basic Staffing Certificate 2019


Able to multi-task and work effectively with a high volume of information

Highly organized and capable of prioritizing workloads to meet deadlines

Motivated, attentive, and willing to learn

Amiable and productive in team environments

Possess a thorough knowledge of modern office practices and procedures


Karen Rodgers- 256-***-**** Secretary

Sherry Venable- 256-***-**** Logistics

Sherry Segers- 256-***-**** Launcher Branch Chief Logistics

Randy Feldman- 256-***-**** Munitions Branch Chief Logistics

Fred Wilson- 256-***-**** Fleet Management

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