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Engineer Training

Milan, Province of Milan, Italy
May 26, 2020

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Curriculum Vitae Giuseppe Catanese

Personal details

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: 11/07/1985

Sex: Male

Full Name: Mr. Giuseppe Catanese

Contact no:+39-348*******

Email Id:

Current Location: Rome, Italy

Years Of Exp: 9+

Education and qualification

Date October 2007 - February 2010

Qualification Master Degree in Electronic Engineering (110/110 cum laude) Main themes, competences Antennas, wired and wireless way of transmission, Electromagnetism, GSM-GPRS- UMTS-HSDPA, Wi-MAX, Signal processing, ICT, Multimedia Communications, LTE, LTE Advanced.

Institute “Roma Tre” University - Rome

Date October 2004 - December 2007

Qualification Bachelor Degree in Telecommunication Engineering (110\110) Main themes, competences Wired and wireless way of transmission, Electromagnetism, Networking

(LAN\WAN\MAN, ISDN, ATM, TCP\IP Protocol), Electronics, Signal processing, ICT, UML Language, Java Programming

Institute “Roma Tre” University - Rome

Date September 1999 - July 2004

Qualification High School Qualification in Scientific Lyceum (100/100) Main themes, competences Italian, Latin, Philosophy, Mathematics and Science, English Institute Scientific Lyceum “Aristotele” (RM)

Work Experience

Azienda Alten

Roma, Milano

Work area Information Technology

Job Title: Software Testing QA Senior Consultant

Working in the business unit Outsourcing of Alten, I provide Software development/Testing consulting services to our costumers Actually allocated to the costumer Eurobet. Here a list of my duties at each costumer place.

Customer: Eurobet Italia srl

Mansione: Software Test Automation QA Engineer

With the Betting division, I lead a small team of 3 testers performing Confirmation Testing, Regression Testing on the different software products of the Company

(website, Mobile App, SSBT). My duties and responsibilities are the following:

Maintaining the Test Plans with the test-suites updated on our testing management systems (Testlink and TestRail);

Tracking all the issues on our bug tracking systems: Redmine, Jira CoreOs, Jira Service Desk;

Good knowledge of BDD/TDD techniques and application within a small Agile Team;

Working knowledge of the following testing tool: TestNG, Selenium Webdriver(using Java) and Behave ( Gherkin tool for Cucumber style testing in Python);

Great knowledge of the performance tool Jmeter for stress testing of all the Eurobet online platforms (mobile apps, web, rest services);

Good knowledge and application of both static and dynamic testing techniques. On the dynamic side I have been using mostly the following ones for test design: Boundary Value Analysis,, Equivalence Partitioning, Risk Based Testing, State Transition, Use Case);

Basic knowledge of automated build and continuous integration tools (Maven and Jenkins);

Customer: Tas Group

Mansione: Software Test Automation Engineer

Within the TAS team in charge of testing activities, I perform 'Regression and Validation testcase of the J2EE banking application called "Aquarius", I deal with: I. Design of functional tests for "Regression Validation and Design", to assess the state of both new application modules and also non-existent regression. Type approaches used for testing are: Black Box, White Box, Grey Box and unit testing. II. Test development in order to automate the testing of elements related to the GUI and functional aspects. The tools used are: Sahi Pro (in pages that require Angular.js), Selenium RC, WebDriver, Fitnesse, HP Universal Function Testing (QTP using the module) and Cucumber for testing with behavior-driven development approach.

III. Setup and execution of testing of application performance through Jmeter tool, to assess throughput and application performance

IV. Setup and maintenance of the testing and defect tracking platform. For "Testing management" I have used Testrail and HP UFT, while for Defect tracking I have used the tool Redmine.

V. Development in php language and JavaScript code used to create a testing Framework, to allow functional analysts and developers to automatically create testcase of Testrail, just surfing the Web Application graphical interface VI. Excellent knowledge and daily use for debugging and testing of the Hibernate Development Framework and Application Server Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss. Daily use of relational DB through the Oracle SQL Developer tool and MySQL. Using the versioning tool of Tortoise software. Software development in Java / Js using Netbeans and Eclipse development environments.

VII. Developed a strong knowledge of treasury and trading post concepts necessary for functional tests. Knowledge of messaging of T2S and Target2 circuits for both the Cash Management for the management of securities

Date November 2015 – till September 2016

Company Aeroflex traded as Cobham Wireless

Stevenage, United Kingdom

Work area Telecommunications

Job title Senior Test Engineer

Working in the Regression and Validation (RAV) team, to develop test case and testing the Aeroflex/Cobham TM500 LTE/WCDMA/GERAN test mobile product line using in house test tools.

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Create functional and stress tests.

- Contribute to the design, development and execution of test cases, test plans and test suites

- Develop tools to help in the creation of test cases using Python, Visual Basic 2005 and Matlab.

- Use of version control tools such as ClearCase/git/gerrit and testing in an automated environment

- Report defects into the appropriate bug tracking tool and follow them through to final resolution

-Improve test systems for automation

-Take responsibility of test deliverables Track all aspects on integration, verification and acceptance testing through to product release

- Writing/defining test procedures/documentation and presenting results

- Setup, maintain and management of test platforms

- Definition of test automation process

- Provide assistance to the RAV team lead/manager as required

- Testing against Ericsson/NSN E-node B to validate our codelines and new feature Date June 2013 – November 2015

Company BlackBerry LTD (Research in Motion)

Slough, 200 Bath Road.

Work area Telecommunications

Job title IOT Specialist

Curriculum Vitae Giuseppe Catanese

Testing of the BlackBerry Devices, with responsibility for performing and analyzing protocol and interoperability (IOT) on mobile devices across multiple air interfaces such as LTE, GPRS, UMTS and across the MAC/RLC/RRC/NAS protocols. The main part of the job is performing analysis of logs to find the root cause of any problems and to work to correct handset code for founded issues. In case of minimum modification of the code, I’m required to be able to develop code in QNX or Android environment to test possible bug fixes

(creating of binary/dev load for testing).

- Proficiency to understand the behavior of the device, correlating both the chipset radio logs (acquired with QXDM, TEMS Investigation 14.1, Wireshark) and the proper OS device logs ( in the BlackBerry 10 Environment, acquired with QNX logging tool and BlackBerry Device Toolkit or on Android acquired via ADB logcat).

- Execution of Test Cases, reporting defects uncovered in testing through tracking tools, and verification of defects. Strong use of Jira for Carrier/Design Requirements and Tracking/Solving issues. Execution of Carrier Lab and NV- IOT Testing sessions for Chipset Interoperability and IMS services (VoLTE, RCS-e).

- Test case authoring from various 3GPP specifications and design documents. Strong focusing on both UTRAN/GERAN and LTE features presented in the Qualcomm 8930/8960/8974/8994 Chipset families.

- Participating in the weekly test specification review team meetings to identify test plans that offer best quality of BlackBerry mobile devices. Strong focus on NAS/RRC protocol testing. Good understanding also of Physical Layer and MAC/RLC protocol.

- Basic usage of Perl/Python scripting to automate test cases automation on live air testing and laboratory testing with network simulators (Agilent 8960, Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 protocol testers, Spirent CS8 LTE and IMS call box). Bug fixing on Python/Perl scripts for existing test campaigns and test platform features. Usage of the Ride tool to create and submit campaign.

- Usage of the software versioning tool Perforce and Git/Gerrit in order to track integration of bug fixes for the assigned issues.

- Recent Training made by Claytronics Solutions about the most important features of the LTE, with focus of the aspects of the 3GPP specification more useful in the testing environment. The specification covered are: TS 36.304, TS 36.211, TS 36. 212, TS 36.213, TS 36.322, TS 36.323, TS 36.331, TS 24.301.

Date April 2010 – May 2013

Curriculum Vitae Giuseppe Catanese

Company Sielte s.p.a.


Work area Telecommunications

Job title Support and Development Network Engineer

• Proving technical support for the Railway customers of Sielte server management products. The server could manage VoIP clients (Sielte STSI telephony system), Help Point VoIP clients, Touchscreen management consoles. Managing the tickets and troubleshooting all the issues. Arranging for technical support on site.

3GPP Specification knowledge and application for UMTS & LTE technology in the following aspects: Signaling Protocols, Air Interface, MAC, RLC, PDCP, RRC (Access Stratum & Non Access Stratum protocols in the Control plane & User Plane). Only Foundations on scheduling algorithms. Knowledge of UMTS and LTE Handover technique. With this background:

I. I have analyzed mobile Devices performances making IOT Testing with Qualcomm QXDM, Nemo Analyzer,

Wireshark (content of the log) and other software tool ( in collaboration with Retis S.p.a.).

II. I have designed Test Plant configurations (necessity of automated testing activity for LTE Conformance IOT test) in order to evaluate the performance of the communication between several Base Station Solutions (provided by different Manufacturer) and a mobile devices for LTE.

III. Testing of a demo of a Simulator of the eNode B Software defined Radio architecture, implemented in C++ using a OOD approach, in a Linux environment.

Analysis and Comparison of WiMAX and LTE Radio Base Station Devices

(focus on eNodeB peculiarities ): the objective was to assist the future installations of LTE in Italy (Project Aria and Linkem). Training on Anritsu Master LTE Base Station performance analyzer (Resource Block Analysis, Modulation Analysis, Error Vector Magnitude determination, RSCP).

Date June 2009 – February 2010

Company Linkem S.p.A.


Work area Telecommunications

Job title Testing Engineer (Internship for Master Degree Thesis) Curriculum Vitae Giuseppe Catanese

Activity Drive Test and log analysis of Wimax Site:

Strong knowledge of Network Architecture & Wimax Base Station devices structure (Base Band Unit + Remote Unit) of the most important manufactures:

i) Huawei DBS3900 Wimax Base Station

ii) Alvarion BreezeMax 4 Motion Wimax Base Station iii) ZTE Wimax Base Station

iv) Ericsson RBS6000 series Base Station

Field testing collecting R.S.S.I. and Link quality data.

Log analysis using M2000 Huawei monitoring tool

Analysis of Power consumption relationship to Throughput (Power Quality Disturbs Analysis)

Simulation and analysis of collecting Data using Matlab & Labview Date October 2008 – February 2010


University of Roma Tre

Measurement Lab


Work area Telecommunications

Job title Operator & Researcher ( master thesis assignment) Activity Operator on Power Quality e Radio Measurement :

Creation of an automated Measurement equipment for quality analysis ( using Visual Basic, an A/D Converter and a Rogowski probe)

Analysis of Power quality collecting data using Harmonic Analysis, FFT

Correlation between Power Consumption & Traffic of a Base Station

Basic usage of the Oscilloscope

Basic usage of the Spectrum Analyzer

At command testing of Modem, using a Perl solution Other Competences

Principles/Foundations in Agile/;Scrum101 methodolgy

Great knowledge of the CCNA training notions for Cisco devices to obtain the certification (not certified yet)

Knowledge of TLC Protocols & Standards: TELNET, ISO-OSI Levels, IEEE 802.3 (CSMA), IEEE 802.11 (WI-FI), IEEE 802.16e, GSM, EDGE (basis), UMTS, HSPA (basis), LTE, LTE Advanced.

Writing of Product Documentation (Test Procedure, Test Report, User Manuals). Execution and implementation of a Laboratory Test Plan for automated proves

Designing of TVCC systems & architectures

Costumer assistance after product delivery ( assistance making Training & Maintenance) Logging Tools, Post Processing Tools, Programming and Operating Systems

Proficiency with Microsoft Office Package ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)

Operative Systems: Window

Curriculum Vitae Giuseppe Catanese

M2000 application tool (Management of Huawei devices and diagnostics)

Qualcomm QXDM tool for Chipset testing & analysis (basic usage)

Wireshark tool for packet/protocol analysis

PLC Rockwell Automation Configuration Tool

Belden Hirschmann Devices Configuration Tool (High Discovery)

Matlab, LabView usage for simulation of TLC blocks

AutoCAD 2010 2D Designing of site configurations

Java programming languages used for test plant implementation

Usage of AT Commands for GSM Modem Programming at Measurement Lab

Filezilla usage for FTP testing

Usage of Google Earth for drive test data representation Training and Certification

Training on Wimax Huawei Base Station (not certificated yet)

Training from Claytronics Solutions on LTE for IOT Testers

Training on CCNA notions by Mindlearners

Training on Anritsu LTE Base Station Analyzer

Training on Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer

Training on Microsoft Project 2010

Language skills

Mother tongue Italian

Other languages English

Reading: Fluent

Writing: Fluent

Conversation: Fluent


Reading: Basic

Writing: Basic

Conversation: Basic


Reading: Basic

Writing: Basic

Conversation: Basic

I’m eligible to work in all the country of the European Community.

I agree that my personal data is processed for the needs of the recruitment process as per Protection of Personal Data Act of 29th August 1997

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