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Engineer Software

San Francisco, CA
May 24, 2020

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Al Sary


Summary of Skills:

Strong software development skills in Perl, Python, Javascript, C. Web development in Perl using mod_perl, Apache, mojolicious. Client-side development in HTML, Javascript, jquery, React, React Native, Flutter, and Dart. Reporting and relational database skills using PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS Redshift, SQLite. Experience developing and integrating with REST APIs. Experience with AWS, Redis, Kafka, node.js, PHP, C++, Java, Prolog, Lisp.

Work Experience:

5/2019 - present Tobiko Palo Alto, CA

Software Developer

Software development for a small startup working on a restaurant discovery and recommendation app. Web crawling, data mining and reporting in python; testing, bug fixing, and improving unit test coverage for both python backend (pytest) and Javascript UI (jest/enzyme); mobile app development in Javascript/React Native.

4/2015 - 5/2019 IBM San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Developer

Various tasks related to web crawling, data extraction and delivery, reporting, analytics and monitoring in Perl Implemented a distributed real-time news crawler using Redis for synchronization and state tracking, and Kafka for content delivery

Working with IBM Watson teams to identify requirements, deliver web data, and improve quality of data Unit testing and tools development for crawler infrastructure 7/2008 - 3/2015 Blekko Redwood Shores, CA

Principal Software Engineer

Worked on various components for online search engine written in Perl and C event-driven server development: webserver for HTTP requests, stats server for tracking statistics, and others to interface with various back-end services

reporting and data visualization

UI development in HTML, Template::Toolkit, Javascript, jquery implemented monetization strategies in search using various ad and affiliate networks data ingestion from third party sites related to analytics and revenue A/B testing: worked with data analysts to set up tests and provide results from logs and databases; assisted in interpreting test results to improve user experience and monetization user tracking and fraud detection

developed user account and login system

facebook/twitter integration

implemented hourly log processing and importing stats to Postgres and Redshift databases, and daily/monthly summary reports

7/2007 - 7/2008 Social Concepts Menlo Park, CA

Senior Software Engineer

Development for high traffic social networking websites using PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Apache, and memcache.

Sitemap generation and submission for google and other search engine crawlers; reporting and performance monitoring; click-through tracking of various online components; improving quality of email campaigns with bounce detection and monitoring; user contact management, importing from external sources, and improving user contact quality.

9/2005 - 6/2007 LiveOps Palo Alto, CA

Senior Software Engineer, Callcenter Reporting

Lead engineer for Callcenter reporting: Developed web based callcenter reporting tools in Perl (mod_perl, HTTP::Template, Mason), running on Apache webservers with a replicated MySQL back-end, for both internal and client use; the reporting system is a large SQL generator, requiring SQL and schema optimization, as well as the understanding of MySQL storage engine specifics, such as MyISAM vs. InnoDB locking and transaction processing, indexing, and query optimization Reimplemented a large mod_perl/HTML::Template based reporting engine as OO Perl library; developed monitoring, admin script, test harness, and a web-based report scheduler (HTTP based Perl scheduler daemon, HTML::Mason and AJAX UI)

Other tools written in Perl: MySQL monitoring and configuration tools, test scripts, release scripts 10/2002 - 10/2004 Quintus Corporation and Avaya, Inc. Milpitas, CA Senior Software Engineer, Server Group

Unix development for Avaya's call center product line (primarily AIX, Solaris, and DB2) 5/1989 - 1/2001 Quintus Corporation Palo Alto, Mountain View, Fremont, CA

Senior Software Engineer, Server Group (4/1997 - 1/2001) Prolog and C development for Quintus Prolog development environment; CRM product prototyped in in Prolog and then implemented in C++ supporting various RDBMS back-ends. 10/1987 - 4/1989 Bell-Northern Research, Ltd. Ottawa, Canada Member of Scientific Staff

Parallel simulation in BNR Prolog; developing graphics demos of parallel algorithms (BNR Prolog on Mac IIs)


1987 - M.Math University of Waterloo Waterloo, Canada Master of Mathematics degree in Computer Science

Master's Thesis: A Message-Based Prolog Implementation in a Multi-Process Environment (on Intel's iPSC hypercube)

1984 - B.Sc. University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Areas of interest: compilers, operating systems, logic programming

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