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General manager

Bergamo, Province of Bergamo, Italy
May 24, 2020

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Diego Precorvi

Address: Vicolo G. Venanzi *

Phone: +39-035********


Nationality: Italian

birth date; 22/05/1972


Highly versatile hospitality professional offering over 24 years’ experience in spearheading executive, strategic and commercial management roles within leading 3 Star and 4 Star luxury hotel chains across Spain, France, England and Italy. Expertise in coordinating functions across multiple departments and directing staff towards achievement of corporate goals while meeting sales targets and enhancing gross profit margins. Proactive leader with expertise in public relations, building business level associations and implementing business objectives by collective leadership and resource management. Outstanding track record of executing successful strategies leading to effective operational excellence and improved customer service; defining quality service through innovative change management and inspiring communication.


Strategic Analysis Aircrews Contracts Health and Safety Policies Cost/Stock Control Operations Management Procurement Management and Sourcing Sales and Marketing Business Development Solutions Operational Cost Control Budget Management Cost Control and KPI Measurement Human Resource Management Training and Development Customer Service Management Organisational Policy and Procedure Development Cross-Departmental Development Client Relationship Management Stakeholder Liaison


Strategic Direction – Skilled in conducting and enabling business and operation reviews by analysing data and spot trends as well as undertaking measures for business and operational improvement. Developing and implementing commercial strategy consistent with corporate mission to deliver organisational goals and objectives. Formulating effective action plans and establishing partnership opportunities for an organisation to facilitate enhanced progress and long-term growth.

Hospitality Operations Management – Competent in administering entire management of food and beverages operations; achieving maximum efficiency and profitability while ensuring consistently high levels of quality service and customer satisfaction. Managing all aspects of a facility ranging from logistics, negotiations and documentations. Supervising teams on-site activities, resolving problems and crisis management. Analysing guest feedback and promptly responding to their queries.

Business Development – Exceptional skills in supporting business development of organisation to ensure long-term success. Establishing sales and profit targets, promoting and marketing a business by devising marketing and revenue management strategies. Developing sales/revenue generation team and ensuring consistency in their performance. Assisting in formulating business development plans and strategies while ensuring profitability and business growth. Identifying market opportunities and devising strategies beneficial for an organisation’s growth.

Operations and Administration – Proficient in defining, developing and monitoring service metrics of an organisation’s performance as well as providing regular reports and updates to senior management. Identifying, sourcing and negotiating services and contracts with third party vendors for supporting organisational activities. Supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings while assuming responsibility of supplier management. Monitoring security facilities and inspecting property and services to ensure smooth operations of events and conferences.

Team Management and Training – Expert in staffing, developing training programmes and managing associates. Recruiting, training, developing, supervising and directing efforts of food and beverages staff on an ongoing basis to achieve maximum customer retention. Managing, coaching and providing leadership to internal managers and staff to achieve set goals while emphasising on professional development and driving industry best practices.

Languages – Fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish along with basic knowledge of German.


Worked as Residential Manager at Novotel Campo de las Naciones, Madrid – the 2nd biggest Novotel hotel in Spain with 2nd biggest turnover of Novotel in Spain at around €7,500,000 with Gross Operation Profit (GOI) of 37% amounting to €2,300,000.

Successfully developed an action plan per department wherein analysed all procedures and performance and provided requisite solutions to the management relating to profitability of a new organisation further enabling cost savings of €400,000 in one year and attainment of €300,000 in EBIT.

Worked as General Manager at The Dome Hotel Satu Mare Romania - turnover per year Ron 1,500,000 - 17 rooms Boutique Hotel managed from the opening where I created and developped all departments, all procedures, all informatic programs, all websites


General Manager, The Dome Hotel Satu Mare Romania Oct 2017 – July 2019

I opened a small hotel of 17 rooms with International facilities and I oversaw all investments in cooperation with the Owner and I am in charge of all aspect from the account to the human resources departments

Respoinsable Hotelier, Club Med May 2015 – May 2016

Residential Manager, Novotel Campo de las Naciones Madrid

Feb 2013 – Apr 2014

This establishment has 246 rooms, 58 employees including the housekeeping department with a turnover of 69% amounting to 7,500KE and a GOI of 2,200KE.

Supervised hotel staff while coordinating with all departmental managers.

Developed effective action plans to optimise employees’ job and decreased the prime cost from 80 to 73.

Enable delivery of high quality services to guests and organised jobs to improve profitability and professional work attitude.

Accountable for training, identifying employee competencies and delegating tasks while working towards increasing their skills.

Provided requisite support to employees and customers.

Effectively organised work, steered team to accept a project and made significant decisions, as required.

Enhanced communication between departments by briefing members on daily basis as well as conducting monthly meetings, round table and lunch with employees.

Boosted profit through effective yield management.

Accountable for managing diverse marketing activities including creation of newsletters to advertise the hotel, providing leaflets to people during weddings and at other events, developing client database, organising thematic events such as week of Italian food etc., enabling meetings with company airlines on-site at Madrid’s Barajas airport and arranging inspection site (corporate companies). Evaluated organisational conditions both in the past and present and accordingly implemented requisite measures to resolve issues.

Established necessary tools of daily controls, analysed all costs and prepared statistics, developed budget, managed monthly meetings on City Ledgers (accounts in credit with the hotel), undertook departmental planning and oversaw payroll.

Formulated apposite action plans to reduce staff further achieving cost savings of RAI of 300KE.

Room Division Manager, Novotel Milano Malpensa

Jun 2011 – Jan 2013

This establishment has 208 rooms with 67.34% PM, REV PAR of €78.95, GOP of €53.15 and after fees €1.813K with 34 employees full time equivalent.

Effectively managed entire operations.

Oversaw reception, housekeeping and banqueting areas.

Administered food and beverage operations and restaurant activities.

Room Division Manager, Novotel Roma La Rustica

Oct 2009 – May 2011

This establishment has 149 rooms with 67.95% PM, REV PAR of €93.16, GOP of €63.30 and fees €1150K.

Ascertained execution of all operations as per defined organisational policies and procedures.

Administered revenue of entire hotels.

Reception Manager/Room Division Manager, Novotel Bologna San Lazzaro Italy

May 2005 – Jul 2009

Accountable for new reception and housekeeping organisation, improving revenue, providing requisite training to teams on quality service as well as cost control.

Room Division Manager, Ibis London Excel

Sep 2004 – May 2005

Managed diverse activities such as cost control, training in quality and program Acteur 2003 and new organisation on reception.

Worked as Revenue and Marketing Supervisor and efficiently performed assigned duties.


Reception Manager, Novotel Evry

Sep 1999 – Aug 2004

Team Manager/Receptionist/Night Auditor, Novotel Paris Porte de Bagnolet

Oct 1996 – Aug 1999

Night Auditor, Novotel Brescia Due

Sep 1993 – Sep 1996


Clerk to the Hospitality Kitchen (Institute of Hospitality Member of San. Pellegrino Terme) Hotel and Catering School, Bergamo Italy

Sep 1987 – Jun 1992

Tecnico delle Attivita' Turistiche Alberghiere, (Hospitality Institute of San Stazto. Pellegrino Terme) Hotel and Catering School, San Pellegrino Terme District of Bergamo, Italy

Jul 1990


Trainings before Accor

Chef de Partie to ‘La Torre’ restaurant to Trescore Spa Italy

Sous Chef to ‘La Trattoria Moro’ restaurant to Clanezzo Italy

Cuisine of Comm and Account Department to ‘Hotel San Marco’ Bergamo Italy

Trainings in Accor

Positive Approach to all Situations


You Program

Win Win

Les attitudes du service


Move up



Green Globe e-learning

To be Coach of your Team

RM Dimension

Player 2003 Ibis Tool

How to Examine the Busyness Account

How to Estimate the Progress of an Employee

How to Delegate the Tasks


How to be a Leader

Tars Data – Base and Reservation

The Basis of the Management

How to Form a Person

The Communication (Client and Employees)

Night Auditor to Novotel Milano Est Aeroporto*** 207 rooms


Proficient in MS office applications, Hotix, Tars on Line B light Version, ASA, OUI, FIDELIO, OSA, ARMS, WebResa, Tars Web - FOLS


Date of Birth: 22nd May, 1972

Nationality: Italian

Marital Status: Married

Driver’s Licence: Italian

References available on request

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