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Santa Paula, CA, 93060
May 25, 2020

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Robert Mumford

**** ********* **, ***** *****, Ca 93060

Phone 949-***-**** * Email May 1, 2020

Oaks Christian

Dear Members of the Search Committee:

I am writing to apply for the full or part time Adjunct Professor position in the history department for Summer and Fall 2020 as well as Spring 2021. I recently received my Masters and am currently looking to pursue my PhD in the area of history with emphasis on Nationalism: The Rise and Fall of 20th Century Dictators. I am extremely interested in a position within the community college as my commitment to undergraduate education, interest and experience with research abroad, and interdisciplinary background in both on campus and online learning make me an exceptional fit.

My primary objective as a teacher is to motivate my students to develop their own learning interest and critical thinking abilities—to establish a “Deep Learning” environment that is primarily based on their passion, interest, importance and intrigue. This approach provides the student with a topic that is learned “Deeply” because they took a deep approach to learn it. During my undergraduate and graduate studies at various community colleges and more recently at Southern New Hampshire University, I was given many opportunities to assist various professors when it came to planning lessons. In the process, I became more aware of the needs and interests of a culturally and ethnically diverse student body. As a result, I prepared lessons and always considered the interconnection between the other student’s own knowledge, culture and learning abilities, the subject matter discussed in class as well as the debates on historical issues. As a teacher, I will promote content and activities that are both significant and challenging for the students as this will stimulate them to think “Deeper” and “Beyond” their comfort zone. I will facilitate and encourage students not to fear the learning process and remove their thoughts of, “I just want to finish the course and get out” mentality. A commitment to teaching my students as well as a commitment by the students to being taught is also central to my teaching philosophy. By allowing my students to become part of my own intellectual journey, they will contribute to their own triumphs, frustrations, failures and ambitions. This approach to teaching removes me from the position of power, and instead provides me the opportunity to express my commitment and investment in the student’s education. From day one, my students will know that their contribution to the class is unique and that there is absolutely no one else in the world that will bring the exact set of experiences to the classroom. Whether I was teaching drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, military history, a lesson on King Tutankhamun or Hatshepsut, my approach to teaching has and will always be based on three elements: the worth I place on my students receiving the best education, and how much they value the worth of an education, continually stressing that education is not about a competition between classmates, but rather like climbing a mountain where each one of us is an active participant ensuring the success of the other, and providing the strongest shoulders for which my students can reach their own bright star in the sky. My commitment and approach to teaching have been rewarded as past students have achieved long careers in the United States Air Force and fellow classmates have gone on to great success.

I believe that a clear and distinct line of communication between teacher and student must always be the number one priority. As I look back on my own educational journey that started in the United States Air Force as well as various community colleges, I valued the dedication and commitment that occurred between the professor and student. In my prospective career as a professor at this institution, it would be my sincere pleasure to work in an environment that promotes an engaging learning atmosphere between both the professor and student, and where I can incorporate my teaching philosophy and research techniques. I am very excited at the prospect of teaching all courses offered at this institution but more specifically those dealing with the Civil War Era, Western Civilization, World and Ancient History as well as Women Studies. My open availability allows me to be called upon to teach in any area needed as well as being accessible to my students twenty four hours a day. Having traveled throughout the world and with numerous trips to Egypt, I firmly believe that bringing diverse history and culture into the classroom is paramount and will allow for my students to become better citizens of the world. Drawing from my own experience while doing research at Deir el-Bahari on the legitimate reign of Hatshepsut, I know the value of “Deep” learning a topic that is both passion filled and captivating. Through my vast travels throughout the world, I am committed to bringing my wonderful experiences into the classroom and taking each of my students on an incredible journey that will add passion to any period of history being discussed and debated.

My research thesis was so rewarding that I plan on pursuing a PhD and continue my study into Nationalism: The Rise and Fall of 20th Century Dictators. My thesis centered on the Westoxication of Iranian Society between 1905 and 1979. I aim to explore how other leaders were influenced by the West and how their use of Nationalism created a foundation for a decline in society.

I am extremely excited about the opportunity of joining Oaks Christian. I am enclosing my curriculum vitae and will gladly provide any other supporting material. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,

Robert Mumford.


Master of Arts - History Highest Distinction March 2020 Southern New Hampshire University

Thesis: The Westoxication of Iranian Society and how it increased periods of secularization, centralization and modernization from 1905-1979. Additional Research:

- Hatshepsut’s legitimate reign in the 18th Dynasty.

- Propaganda during WWI and WWII.

- The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and Cold War Imperialism.

- Women in Post War Conflict and Gendered Infrastructure.

- Women of the North and South during the American Civil War. Bachelor of Arts - History Summa Cum Laude May 2018 Southern New Hampshire University

Capstone: The Islamization of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. United States Air Force Honorable Discharge April 1982 Dec 1990 Experience

Hospitality Management/ Hospitality Liaison July 1992 to May 2017 As part of the management team, I played a pivotal role in the training and development of employees to ensure the overall success of restaurant operations. As the Hospitality Liaison I was responsible for guest relations and the training of service staff in multiple restaurants resulting in one establishment being acquired for $585 million in 2012. Officer Training School Instructor July 1988 to Dec 1990 Instrumental in creating and developing lesson plans pertaining to military history and drill and ceremonies. Played a vital role in training over 500 second lieutenants during the Health Professions Officer Indoctrination courses as well as training commissioned officers going through the Air Force Officer Orientation course.

Basic Military Training Instructor July 1986 to July 1988 Was instrumental in the training of over 2000 trainees during their six weeks of Air Force Basic Military Training. Ensured that the newest enlisted members of the Air Force were trained in confidence, pride, discipline and motivation. Was continually recognized for my ability to effectively communicate and maintain the highest standards needed in order to accomplish the mission and graduate newly enlisted airman into active duty service. United States Air Force Security Police/Special Forces April 1982 to June 1986 Was a key player in the Department of Defense Analysis Branch of the 4392nd Security Police Group. Recognized by the Inspector General for the implementation of new regulation guidelines that streamlined operations. Played a pivotal role in being recognized by the Strategic Air Command’s Management Effectiveness Inspector for an error free analysis of security operations during the Western launch of the Space Shuttle from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Educational References

Dr Stephanie McConnell 303-***-****

Dr Kate Buchanan 575-***-****

Dr Matt Schandler 225-***-****

Dr Allen York 843-***-****

Alison Johnson 603-***-****

Personal References

Mike and Judy McCoy 949-***-****

Chris and Colleen Belt 714-***-****

Junne and Jerry Byrum 805-***-****

Jerry and Devora Byrum 805-***-****

Letters of recommendation will be provided upon request.

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