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Middle Managment and office assistance

Markham, ON, Canada
May 22, 2020

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Friday, May **, ****

Dear Selection Committee Members:

I have a similar working experience as required for the advertised position and I have attached my Resume for the same.

Currently, I am completing my MS in Statistics. I have completed 7/8 courses (21/24 Cr hours) with a GPA of 3.5/4.

I joined Qatar University (QU) in September 2004 I worked under both capacities, as an Administrator and as an Academician. I first worked as as a Lecturer, then as Lecturer/Events Coordinator then as Lecturer/Coordinator of Research & Graduate Studies. My contract has ended with Qatar University in August 2017. I now have joined Qatar University as a student, since Fall 2017 and am doing my MS in Applied Statistics. This will enhance my data analytical abilities and capabilities and also will make me more qualified to do research and to teach quantitative. As a student employee, I have joined Office of Institutional Planning and Development (OIPD). I have been working on a report on senior students’ feedback where I do some data analysis on the senior students’ responses.

Before joining Qatar University, I have taught as a Lecturer at UAE University (university General requirements Unit), Visiting Instructor at York University (Schulich School of Business), Toronto, ON, Canada, Visiting Instructor Centennial College, Toronto, ON, Canada, Adjunct Faculty member to Assistant Professor at Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan and Lecturer at NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.

I have always been involved in all the community services work assigned to me. Many times I have volunteered my services to the place I have worked.

I am very punctual, honest, ethical, devoted, dedicated, industrious and diligent to my work. I am a computer literate. I have International Computer Driving Li sense (ICDL) and Internet and Core Computing Certificate (IC3) which mainly covers MS-Office suite. I have even taught these courses officially.

I also can use many mathematical and statistical software. I can install, fix, train and operate almost all the office equipment.

I have worked on online software like Doodle, Blackboard, Banner, ORACLE, Skype, Zoom and Cisco WebEx and have Strong written and verbal communication skills

I have always developed a good personal rapport among colleagues and with other office staff and am very professional, friendly, courteous and highly motivated.

I can work under pressure and still can do multitasking. I can work independently and as a team-member with collaboration and cooperation.

On top of everything, I have the ability to maintain a high level of accuracy and confidentiality, meeting time sensitive deadlines.

I am confident that I meet all the requirements required for the advertised position and I will be an asset to your institute. I always believe that I don’t work but own the institute I work for. I believe in the reputation and integrity of the institute I work for because if my institute is well reputed then I am well reputed.

I hope to hearing from you soon regarding the advertised position.

Thanking you and regards,


Muhammad A. Shaikh

*: 2 Gadani Dr., Markham, ON, L3P3J3,, CANADA ( +1-289-***-**** & +1-416-***-****

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*: 2 Gadani Drive, Markham, ON, CANADA L3P3J3

( +1-289-***-**** & +1-416-***-****


Objective : My primary objective is to be a leader in teaching and implementing the course objectives. I would continue to be a teacher not because I enjoy it but also because I feel it is very important for me to stay connected with the future and the process of teaching. I would like to be a part of developing novel ideas pertaining to course development and future planning in imparting higher quality of teaching. I would see myself in a major role, where I would be responsible for designing a course curriculum.

Beyond my school site, I would become a consultant for research institutions. Workshops, and presentations at regional or national conferences, consultations with academic and industry leaders, and creating and developing of follow up material would be some of the activities that I would perform as a consultant.


MS in Statistics, from Qatar University, (Completing Next semester)

[GPA 3.5/4, completed 21 hours out of 24, thesis and a 3-hr course to be completed in December and can be done remotely, online because of COVID-19]

MS in Computer Engineering, from University of Bridgeport, CT, USA, in 1991.

BS in Computer Engineering, from NED University, Karachi, Pakistan in 1989.

B.Sc. with Major in Statistics and Minor in Mathematics, from University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan in 1983.

International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certificate.

Internet and Core Computing Competencies (IC3) certificate.

Cisco networking certificate.

Experience :

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019 Hayat Public School, Qatar.

Feb 201 9- July 2019 AWFAZ Public School, Qatar.

Sep 2019 - Feb 2020 Key of Education School, Qatar.

Secondary Math Teacher


As a course Instructor

Planning, developing and executing lessons that reflect the curriculum and the school’s core educational standards

Adapting mathematics curriculum for individual, small group, and remedial instruction to meet the needs of identified students or subgroups of students

Evaluating the academic and social growth of students

Evaluating student progress and the ability to meet courses standards in mathematical knowledge and skills

Establishing and maintaining standards of student behavior

Planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outlines

Employing a variety of methodologies in teaching and instructing pupils, including demonstrations, discussions, and lectures

Utilizing educational equipment, such as materials, books including eBooks, and other learning aids like online graphing for example to show hands on effects of change also videos either on Youtube or provided by the publishers (if any)

As a Staff

Assisting staffs in need in academic and/or technical issues

Attending parent-teacher meetings and giving feed back

Work as a substitute teacher whenever needed

Office hours for students

Recess/End of School duties, Field/Seminar/Sports Trips with students

Attending and presenting workshops

Aug 2004- Aug 2017 Qatar University, Doha, Qatar

Academic and Administrative Duties Performed:

a.As a Coordinator of Research & Graduate Studies Lecturer / Coordinator of Research and Graduate Studies, College of Engineering (Feb 2013 – Aug 2017)

My prime responsibilities are, but not restricted to the following:

Assisted many professors in their graduate studies courses. My duties included maintaining Blackboard, preparing online Homework, quizzes, and exams. Conducting students’ presentations, grading exams etc.

Coordinate with all the Graduate and Ph.D. students. Facilitate in conducting final year Project or Thesis Exam. Coordinating with Internal/External Examiners, Chair of the Exam Committee, Supervisors, and the Associate Dean. Payment of External examiners. Sending Thank you letters of all the examining committee members

Maintaining database of all the students and the supervisors.

Sending emails to students at risk and advise them.

Facilitate around 162 researchers and coordinate with their respective Principal Investigators.

Maintaining database of all the researchers on a day-to-day basis.

Organize seminars, symposiums, talks, and open days for the office

Coordinating with the various Offices like Associate VP for Research, HR, BOD, ITS, Immigration, and Housing.

b.As a Lecturer / Event and Training Coordinator at OFID (Jul 2012 – Jan 2013)

I worked at Office of Faculty and Instructional Development (OFID) as Lecturer/Events and Training Coordinator. My prime responsibilities are, but not restricted to the following:

Coordinate workshops and meetings organized by OFID.

Preparing attendance sheet, filling in online evaluations that are manually filled in by participants individually

Preparing Certificates of Attendance for the participants

Taking care of catering for events and meetings

Preparing the budget

Prepare payments to the presenters (Internal/External), part-time employees including students

Managing and taking care of any external guest-speakers before they arrive, including taking care, in collaboration with HR, Immigration, and External-Relations departments including their visa, tickets, airport pick/drop, Marhaba facility, hotel and room reservation, transportation, meals, until they depart.

I coordinate with many departments including ITS, HR, External Relation and many colleges and departments.

I am responsible for maintaining of all electrical and electronic equipment, office and furniture fitness, stationary and all office supplies, refreshments for office staff and smaller workshops. I use ORACLE for monthly office supplies.

I have worked voluntarily during the last summer and make the whole office neat and clean by organizing all the furniture, electrical and electronic items and office stationary and supplies. I also was working for the then upcoming Yahala (Academic Orientation). I also was working with the VPCAO in collaboration with HR Team for the new faculty services as I had a very good mentoring experience.

c.As a Lecturer: Foundation Program, Math and Computer Department (Aug 2004 – June 2012)

As a course Instructor

I have taught Mathematics for Arts, Mathematics for Science (pre Calculus), Basic Mathematics and courses on Computing and Information Technology. I had also prepared students for ACT, IC3 and Accuplacer tests.

I was the only teacher in the whole of Foundation Program, who had not only taught all the Math and Computer courses, but also all the courses that are offered by each department with excellent students learning and evaluation .

As a Consultant

I have worked for various academic and non-academic committees.

I had been the coordinator for both the courses that are offered at Computer Department in the Foundation Program. I also coordinated IC3 course.

I worked as a member of the Committee for the implementation of a new Curriculum for Mathematics courses.

I was one of the members for selection of new text-book for computer courses.

I have vetted various exams.

I also was a member of the committee that worked to prepare a pool of online Math mini-exam questions for the Science, Engineering, business and Pharmacy students.

From 2007 to 2012, I also worked as a New Faculty Mentor.

I worked as a member of Math and Computer Program Social Committee for organizing non-academic activities for the department. Later I worked independently for the Computer Program after the increase in size of the faculty in both programs of the department.

I represented as an elected Faculty Senate member.

Aug 2001- Aug 2004 University General Requirements Unit, UAE University, Al-Ain, U.A.E.

Academic and Administrative Duties Performed:

As a course Instructor

I have taught Mathematics for Arts, Mathematics for Science (pre Calculus), Basic Mathematics for both, Level 1 and Level 2, and Information Technology courses.

I also have taught C Language and Operations Research for UGRU Computer Club.

As a Consultant

I helped in revising the LOGIC supplement to be used in the Mathematics for Arts Level 2 course.

I worked as a member of the Committee for the implementation of a new Curriculum for a second level Mathematics course for Business and Arts students.

I was also working as a member of Non-Academic Committee of the UGRU, UAE University.

Mar 2000 - May 2001 Visiting Instructor, Schulich School of Business, YORK University, CANADA

Academic Duties Performed:

As a course Instructor

Conducted Quantitative Analysis classes to Graduate students and Operations Research course to Undergraduate students. The duties as a course Co-ordinator also includes paper setting and grading. I used Solver and Data Analysis of Excel.

Jan 2000 - Jul 2001 Advantage Cars & Truck Rentals ( Car Jockey through to a Floating Manager)

Administrative Duties Performed

Cleaning cars and office and bringing office and cleaning supplied from Head-Office and keeping track of items

Shuttling of customers and cars

Coordinating with cars’ body-shop and maintenance

Writing and closing rental contracts

Selling insurance

Sep 2000 – Dec 2000 Visiting Instructor, Centennial College, Toronto, CANADA

Academic Duties Performed:

As a course Instructor

Taught an Electrical Engineering course. The duties performed as a course instructor also includes conducting labs, quizzes and homework setting and grading.

Aug 1992 – Dec 1999 Assistant Professor: Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Academic and Administrative Duties Performed:

As a course Instructor

Taught courses, to both Undergraduate and Graduate students. The courses taught were Methods in Business Research, Statistical Inferences, Elementary Statistics, Statistics and Mathematics for Management, Business Mathematics, and Mathematics for Computer Science (Pre-Calculus and Calculus), Computers Application to Business, Computer Concepts, Digital Computer Logic and C Programming Language including separate lab-sessions and workshops for some of the courses. The duties as a Course-Co-ordinator also included paper setting and grading.

As a Scholastic / Consultancy Service Provider

Designed and introduced a complete program of Computer Science for both undergraduate and graduate students in Summer 1998 for the Institute.

Paper Setter and Grader for other institutes/banks/organizations.

As a General Administrative Service Provider

Organized different Seminars and Conferences for the Institute.

Conducted and supervised admissions/recruitment aptitude tests for various institutes/banks/organizations.

Member of the Admission Committee to evaluate aptitude and suitability of the candidates seeking admissions to the institute.

Member of the Committee for the award of the Institute's Scholarship.

Student Counselor/Mentor : Responsible for guidance and assistance required to resolve academic/financial problems of the students.

Managed sports activities

Jan 1993 – Dec Lecturer: NED Engineering University, Karachi

Academic Duties Performed:

Taught Computer and Electrical Engineering related courses for example; C-Programming Language, Network Theory, Operating Systems, and Logic Design and Switching Theory.

Memberships :

Life Member: Pakistan Engineering Council

Life Member: Institute of Engineers in Pakistan.

Citizenship : Canadian

Driving Licenses : Canadian, Pakistani, UAE and Qatari driver’s licenses.

References :

Will be provided up on request

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