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KYC Relationship partner

United Kingdom
May 22, 2020

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Adeola Julius

BTech (Hons), MSc (By Research), PGCert

Mobile 077*-****-*** E-mail Address


Proactive Compliance/KYC analyst possessing strong technical and analytical skills combined with a creative approach to problem solving resulting in a proven track record of successful on-time delivery of projects. Excellent inter-personal skills, comfortable and highly effective working within a team as well as independently to deliver results. Impeccable attention to details with an ability to operate accurately under pressure and with minimal supervision to consistently achieve demanding business targets.


AML (6+ years), Microsoft office (15+ years), Problem Solving (10+ years).

Solid AML experience, with good understanding of KYC & AML.

Wholesale banking KYC experience.

Proficient user of Regulatory DataCorp (RDC) tool, CDD, Colt, iSearch, Party central.

Excellent knowledge of regulatory obligations on KYC/KYB.

Knowledge and understanding of AML laws, rules and regulations in EMEA and some knowledge of the global AML regulatory environment.

Proven ability to work to stringent deadlines, attention to details and multi-tasking skills.

Proficient user of MS office tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Projects and MS SharePoint for online collaboration and configuration management.

Process improvement projects worked on include CASS, KYC/CDD, AML and SharePoint Implementation.

Successfully supported project teams to meet the demands of regulations such as FATCA, Cross-border EFT reporting and FINRA.

Highly knowledgeable on all relevant documentations associated with AML, CIP policies and procedures.

Proficient understanding of AML techniques and customer categorisation into Risk categories (i.e. high risk, medium risk and low risk) using internal Risk Scoring Tools (RST).

EDD Knowledge- The ability to screen PEPS, sanctions, and adverse media across a variety of systems.

Excellent understanding of AML frameworks, specifically Onboarding and Transaction Monitoring.

Conversant with research tools such as World-Check, Company House, Factivia, Lexis-Nexis, Google etc.

Experience in working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Ability to effectively prioritise and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.


KYC Relationship Partner (Custody AP Project) JPMorgan Chase 01/2020 – Till Date

Liaising with client service managers to obtain KYC requirements for KYC case Leads to complete due diligence.

Reviewing KYC requirements provided by Case Leads and client service managers to meet set standards .

Presenting a daily update and assessment on all pending clients and their respective requirements.

Coordinating with case leads and QC to ensure KYC records are promptly reviewed and approved.

Organising meetings with the business, client service managers, relationship partners, case leads and quality control leads.

Analysing KYC/CDD requirements in relation to their client types.

Investigate bottlenecks to completion of Clients' KYC/ CDD and putting in measures to mitigate the impact of these bottlenecks.

Reporting bottlenecks and findings to AML manager and relationship partners.

KYC Case Lead UK LDD (Brexit Project) JPMorgan Chase 01/2019 – 01/2020

Performing KYC UK Local due diligence for all entity types:

Review UK LDD Checklist and requirements.

Identify the missing gaps to complete UK Local Due Diligence and send to front office stakeholder the requirements to complete.

Performing due diligence on client KYC profiles:

Research using public and internal resources.

Update clients’ KYC records to regulatory and internal standards.

Update internal reference data systems.

Ensure no discrepancies exist on client record.

Adhering to KYC/AML policies and procedures.

Investigating AML red flags and escalating as necessary.

Taking responsibility for personal continuing AML/KYC education and learning.

Meeting quality and throughput targets.

Linkage of funds to investment managers.

CDD/ HIGH RISK Analyst Bank of America (BOA) 06/2017 – 11/2018

Determining the risk of each customer file using the relevant search engines and public information available which is linked to the customer.

Perform sanctions and PEPs screening alerts investigation to identify both local and Foreign PEPs within our high net worth client portfolio.

Dealing with Wealth management, HNMI, GHNWI, UHNWI entities, Trusts, Regulated Entities, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, SPV's, Charities, Foundations, Public Sector Bodies, Government Bodies. Conducting KYC refresh tasks and amendments reviewing trusts, unit funds and SPVs.

Remediating corporate customers to the correct standards and processes where the customers' make up and due diligence requirements are complex.

Complying with the banks code and policies delivering against all relevant statutory, regulatory, supervisory and legal obligations.

Ensuring proper CDD is completed during client onboarding stages which include understanding of controls and ultimate ownership of customer's entities and identifying PEPs.

Preparing approval forms for Politically Exposed Persons and also maintained up to date registers for all PEPs and High-Risk Customers.

Completing remediation cases in a timely and accurate manner, through the use of the appropriate systems and engaging with the Customer's/RMs where required and ensuring the file is compliant to the EDD/AML standards which are in place.

Working directly with the Relationship Management and Relationship Enablement teams, as well as Financial Crime, to ensure that all existing client relationships undergo the appropriate levels of client identification and verification, due diligence, sanction screening and documentary approvals, as mandated by SVB's KYC, DD & AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures.

Inputting comprehensive and ordered client information in a timely manner into SVB systems, including CRM, Remedy etc.

Performing Customer Due Diligence on clients by identifying and verifying information provided by the client using approved independent sources.

Establishing source of funds and source of wealth information that need to be assessed as part of conducting customer risk rating and for PEPs involved in transaction.

Determining the level of risk to be applied to clients using the company's risk matrix and investigating complexity of the ownership structure.

Liaising directly with Clients to gather KYC information, maintaining a professional manner and delivering excellent client service while managing potentially sensitive client information.

Maintaining customer and account KYC/AML record; perform periodic review, event driven reviews, EDD monitoring and PEP analysis as required and under the direction and guidance of the team lead.

Conducting investigations on databases such as numerous internal and external sources such as World Check, LEXIS NEXIS, Bankers Almanac, Dun & Bradstreet, Bloomberg, Google etc. to analyse and evaluate the risk posed by the client based upon the client's business functions and its financial activity.

Completing of Periodic and Event Driven (Trigger Reviews) Reviews of the existing Clients and working with the quality checkers/RMs and ensure remediation of gaps identified for completion of due diligence.

AML/KYC (Onboarding) Analyst Barclays Bank 08/2015 to 05/2017

Performing AML/KYC due diligence on a range of new client's types with different structures to support businesses

Onboarding Analyst---Onboarding of new clients as well carrying out periodic reviews of the existing client base.

Carrying out onboarding activities with institutional, corporate clients and internal departments (eg relationship managers) to see new accounts.

Responsible for facilitating the establishment and maintenance of client relationship within the bank.

Ensuring that the KYC review process is operating smoothly, that adequate checks are being conducted on a timely basis, and that records are being recorded and maintained in accordance with relevant EMEA laws, rules and regulations, and firm policies as appropriate.

Investigating ownership and control to identify all ultimate beneficiaries and possible PEPs for KYC and risk management purposes.

Ensuring all client onboarding and account opening processes were carried out effectively and accurately in line with the bank's policies and procedures.

Working closely with the Anti- Money laundering team within client onboarding during the process of obtaining client documentation and ensured strict adherence to all compliance policies, procedures and regulatory obligations.

Ensuring all documentations are completed and records are updated for all high-risk clients in line with Enhanced Due Diligence.

Implementation and maintenance of Anti money laundering policy and procedures.

Performed periodic reviews of existing customers.

Ensuring the development, implementation of KYC checklist for onboarding account activities

Conducting and participating in compliance- related monitoring procedures.

KYC/AML/Sanctions Analyst Western Union 08/2013 to 06/2015

Identifying Senior Public Figure (SPFs)/ PEPs within ownership and carrying out complete Client Due Diligence in accordance to KYC global standards and also updating risk rating where appropriate.

Undertake CDD approval for non-relationship managed customers to ensure high quality KYC/KYB reviews are completed for existing customers.

Carry out Enhanced Due Diligence on high risk clients.

Perform reviews on entities such as private limited companies, public/listed companies, shipping agents, hedge funds, SPVs, and charity/not for profit organizations at onboarding and during Periodic or Event Driven Reviews.

Timely completion of KYC/KYB reviews, ensuring we retain quality customers and exit those outside of risk appetite.

Perform sanctions and PEPs screening alerts investigation to identify both local and Foreign PEPs within our high net worth client portfolio.

Investigate the legal ownership structure to identify the ultimate beneficial owners and screen those identified against the sanctions lists (EU, OFAC, UN) and PEP lists (both local and foreign).

Conduct reviews and assess financial crime risks in line with business procedures.

Review case information provided by KYC Operations and Case Management teams before customer engagement and feedback any issues.

Liaise with other departments to ensure both the business and programme are engaged and well informed.

Interact directly with the customer should the required information be unobtainable or unclear.

Reporting of Suspicious activities and transactions.

Correspond with Client owners, KYC Owners, Parent Account Managers (PAMs), Subsidiaries Account Managers (SAMs) within EMEA region to obtain important information that are not available in public domain when onboarding new clients and KYC record uplifting.

Analyse the materiality of the Hits (screening outcome) and dispositioning where necessary using appropriate parameters.

Client's profile post On-boarding to ensure the client risk rating reflects on their profile.

Submitting clients' KYC profile for business approval following alteration due to material changes to the KYC profile - risk rating.

Identify and analyse clients' source of Fund (SoF) and source of wealth (SoW) as part of review exercise to ensure that both SoF and SoW were legitimate.

Carry out Client Identification Programme (CIP) - evidencing and verifying client legal name, domicile and business address including government ID

Uplift ultimate parent records to allow Deutsche to make appropriate business decision on the subsidiary clients.


University of Gloucestershire 2010

PGCert - Personal and Professional development

Personal and professional development post graduate certificate combined with an industrial placement.

PPD 407 - Placement module: Understanding the Market & Improving Employability.

PPD 405 - Work-related Module: Project Management & Developing a Skills-based Portfolio.

University of Nottingham 2008 to 2009

MSc (By Research) - Petroleum and Environmental Process Engineering (Course average 75%).

Awarded Scholarship: Developing Solutions Scholarship Award (2008).

Academic Research: Assessment of source rock potential of Paleocene coals from Svalbard, Norway.

A novel geochemical process called Catalytic Hydrolysis was applied to analyse and compare biological signatures (biomarkers) from Longyear and Svea coals along with the bitumen generated. Additional confirmation of the source rock potential was achieved by comparing results with two existing petrographic processes (maceral analyses and vitrinite reflectance).

Skills acquired: Technical and analytical skills gained by being versatile and proactive considering the project was novel and unique.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology 2000 to 2005

BTech (Hons) - Chemical Engineering (Second Class-Upper Division)

Academic Research: Bioremediation of crude oil polluted soils.

This research was carried out using two bioremedial processes (bioaugmentation and biostimulation) to effectively treat different samples of crude oil polluted soils. This was a 3-month, 3-city, 3-member, field with laboratory work consisting of testing, culturing, set-up and analysis of these two bioremedial processes.

Skills acquired: Leadership and innovative skills gained from working under very tight deadlines – successfully completing the six-month research project within three months.

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