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Mechanical Engineer Manufacturing

Frederick, CO
May 22, 2020

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Shawn Stretch

970-***-**** • Frederick, CO •

Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, product support, design and development. With a proven ability to meet project goals, deliver ahead of schedule and under budget. I pride myself in high quality standards that have resulted in increased profits, reduced production costs and higher customer satisfaction rates. I am a result oriented professional with strong technical skills and a solid history of full-cycle manufacturing. I am skilled in Lean Manufacturing and add significant value to the manufacturing teams I have been a part of. I am highly skilled at thinking creatively and acting decisively to get it right the first time. I can lead teams and add significant value by thinking outside the box to solve acute problems quickly. I have a successful track record of communicating with teams and individuals at all levels of the organization. I can provide strong leadership, clear communication, sharp focus and firm discipline to projects large and small. A strategic thinker and a creative problem solver I can work as part of a team or lead it to success. I have spent my 15 years of manufacturing in a high mix low volume manufacturing environment.

- Areas of Expertise Include –

Lean Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Configuration Management

Product Data Management (PDM) Change Control

Continuous Improvement Projects Project Management

Solid Works

Professional Overview

Tomra Food – Englewood, Colorado 2015-2020

Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer

Worked with high profile customers to understand their needs, problems and requested improvements. Being able to design and created custom parts to be installed on the customer machines to solve their unique problems. Created technical documentation according to the Engineering Change Order (ECO) process to document the new solution for use on future machines.

Implemented lean principles and removed waste and inefficiency, by recognizing the 8 types of waste in the production process. I led the team to remove these wastes from the process, resulting in lower inventory and increased profitability.

Instituted product life cycle management (PLM) processes, resulting in faster decision making and reduced cost. This had a significant effect on reducing inventory, increasing cash flow, shortening delivery and increasing customer satisfaction.

Identified 75 percent of the problems by leading full production builds, utilizing my expertise and leadership skills, I led the team and resolved the issues as a team.

Testing is critical in the production environment, when customers are expecting product quickly, I designed, prototyped and 3D printed test fixtures to solve problems on the fly. Creating test fixtures at a moment’s notice and solving problems on the fly requires a great degree creativity, ingenuity and thinking out of the box to accomplish the mission.

Led and mentored a team of 3 engineering interns, teaching and coaching these new engineers into more experienced and well-rounded engineers. I taught them the R&D and manufacturing side of the business. I gave them a project with an overall objective and let them surprise me with their creativity, ingenuity and problem-solving skills. They were able to look at things from a new perspective and create innovative solutions, I was able to mentor and help them when they ran into obstacles. They presented the solutions to the teams as a continuous improvement activity to learn where the design could be improved.

Spirax Sarco, Inc. – Longmont, Colorado 2006-2015

Product Support Engineer

Eliminated problems when releasing new product designs to production by implementing proper procedures and processes, thus allowing a person off the street to build these. I was responsible for working with engineering to lead the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) effort. This allows for faster and more efficient production. Resulting in high quality products that were delivered to the customer ahead of schedule and under budget.

When a product was being built by third party at high cost and low quality, I worked to remedy the issues. I learned how to build the products quickly with no production impacts. This provided a delivered product of superior quality, with lower cost, shorter lead times, and without additional resources. I setup a lean manufacturing production line. This increased quality of parts decreased build times by 15%, and decreased part cost by 10%.

There was too much waste and inefficiency in the processes, I was able to recognize seven types of wastes and led the team to removing them from the process. By removing waste and applying implemented continuous improvement initiatives, waste was eliminated, excess inventory was decreased, and profitability was increased.

Insufficient product life cycle management processes were a problem. I implemented ERP and PDM changes resulting in faster decision making and reduced cost. This had a significant effect on reducing inventory levels and increasing cash flow. Improving delivery and customer satisfaction.

I lead pilot builds before going to full production, which identified 85% of all the problems and allowed for correction prior to full production. By utilizing my expertise and leadership skills, I resolved the issues with the various team members in a coordinated effort. Setting up the production line correctly the first time saves hundreds of hours in the long run. I found that this reduces time by 10% thus reducing cost by 30% which equated to $50,000 over a year when going to full production.

I created test fixtures and understood how to test every aspect of the product. This testing was critical in the production environment when customers are expecting their product quickly. I designed, developed and prototyped test fixtures. I wrote test plans, tested product and resolved production issues in order to ship product and satisfy customer’s needs. Creating test fixtures and solving problems on the fly requires a great degree of creativity and thinking outside the box to get the project over the finish line.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wyoming

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