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Junior Accountant

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
May 22, 2020

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#** ******* **. ******* *******, Lias,

Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines

Mobile Phone No.: +966 053*******

E-mail Address:

Current Location: 7888 Al Amid Street,

Al Aziziyah District,

Jeddah, 23333 2774, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Lyceum of the Philippines University – Intramuros, Manila April 2003

SKILLS: Knowledge and experience in the following software and applications: SAP, Oracle and TAPRO (Seera Group of Companies)

BSPLink by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) RAPID (Revenue Accounting, Proration and Interline Billing Decision System) Oracle and E-Travel (Fayfa Travel and Tours)

Microsoft Office Applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Outlook) Google Applications (Google Sheet, Google Docs, Google Drive) Internet and Windows software programs and applications Language Spoken (English, Tagalog and Basic Arabic) Driving Skills (with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Driver’s License) EMPLOYMENT HISTORY:




Floor Al Tayyar Cargo Office, 3372 Al Nakhil District Jeddah 23242, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

April 05, 2012 – April 30, 2020

Junior Accountant

Responsible for checking and assurance of completion of [a] all tickets issued via Billing Settlement Program (BSP Link) stock inventory has been reported by all booking clerks on all International Air Transport Association (IATA’s) owned by Fayfa Travel and Tours (under Seera Group of Companies); [b] all ticket amounts are reported and tallied on the BSP billings and Non-BSP billings; [c] all tour vouchers issued by booking clerks and managers within company’s suppliers are reported completely; [d] all company’s petty cash expenses are organized, verified, authorized, and accounted on each cost centers; [e] and handling tickets issued by and to be debited to personal and corporate accounts under Seera Group of Companies. Job Functions and Responsibilities in details in SEERA:

Download all the daily sales reports sent by booking clerks then validate and consolidate them in one worksheet.

Check and compare issued tickets from BSP stock per branch from sales reports to ticket stock inventory sheet and look for unreported tickets and discrepancy on amounts.

Check the gross fare and tax amount of all Non-BSP tickets issued by booking clerk on each website and compare them to the sales reports and check if there is/are an unreported ticket and discrepancy on amounts.

Check all tickets sales and refunds if all are encoded into the accounting system (E-TRAVEL / TAPRO) correctly and completely.

Preparation of monthly reports such as: total branch sales and gross margin; total tickets and tour vouchers sales per branch; BSP and Non-BSP airlines sales; BSP IATA charges and other requested reports to assist monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements.

Assists the Accounting Manager, Finance Manager and Operations Manager in the preparation and analysis of financial reports particularly on sales data.

All company’s petty cash expenses are organized per request order; verified with each invoice; checked if authorized by managers; and accounted on each of their cost centers. PHILIPPINE AIRLINES

Sales Processing and Accounting Division

May 05, 2004 – October 30, 2009

Sales Accountant (RAPIDS Accounting System)

Job Functions and Responsibilities in details:

Edit the PAX, EBT Manual Sales and Refunds Reports by checking the completeness of reporting and validating the values remitted for each traffic document.

Perform Level 1 Accounting for Manual Sales/Refunds and Exchanges.

Ensure that data captured in the system is accurate and consistent with IATA Ticketing Rules and Regulations and PAL Revenue Accounting Procedures.

Validate ticketing and sales reporting errors from the Temporary or Interface file for automated transactions.

Investigate reasons for unbalanced batches and issue recovery document whenever necessary.

Prepare Provisional Journal Vouchers (JVs) for received but unprocessed and un-received Sales/Refund Reports before the cut-off.

Prepare recovery documents for unreported, unremitted transactions or missing supporting/accountable documents.

Prepare Irregularity Reports or communicate to different PAL Sales Outlets on ticketing and sales reporting errors.

Validate Philippine travel tax (PH Tax) collection for International Sales in the Philippines.

Perform other tasks that maybe assigned by the Manager and Supervisors-Sales Processing and Accounting Division (SPAD).


Date of Birth: June 05, 1982

Age: 37

Place of Birth: Valenzuela, Metro Manila

Religion: Bible Baptist Christian

Civil Status: Married

Citizenship: Filipino



Accounts Manager – Fayfa Travel & Tourism


Mobile: +966*********


Senior Accountant – Fayfa Travel & Tourism


Mobile: +966*********


Chief Accountant – Jeddah – Seera Group


Mobile: +966*********

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